50 Essential Foreign Films 2000-2008 (Part 3) - Spotlight on German Films

After a brief respite, we're back with Part 3 of tMF's Top 50 Essential Foreign Films. This time the spotlight is on German cinema.

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- - - As in Part 1 - French cinema and Part 2 - Movies from the UK, the scope remains the same:

Content-wise, the 50 movies feature stories about war and peace, love and romance, family affairs, coming-of-age tales, cultural and religious diversity, social issues (including prostitution and abortion) and personal - celebrating life or facing death with dignity. Coverage-wise, tMF list down many of the best foreign films from 2000 until last year from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and about 15 other countries in Europe, North and Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

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1. Das Experiment - 2001 - Featuring the amazing performance of Moritz Bleibtreu and Christian Berkel, from the direction of Oliver Hirschbiegel.

About the Movie: Inspired by a famous 1971 psychological experiment, Oliver Hirschbiegel's
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