Who needs a script when you have zombies? Review of Virus Undead

Year: 2008

Release date: Unknown

Director: Wolf Wolff & Ohmuthi

Writer: Wolf Jahnke

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: oblivion

Rating: 2 out of 10

Virus Undead is, quite possibly, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. With the exception of some solid cinematography and interesting shots, the film is lackluster in every way. It fails to deliver on anything but exposition, which is only done well in the opening 10 minutes. After that, the plot kicks in and ruins any hope of redeeming value. Even the zombies are unimpressive, though the make-up artists did a fair job with them. Any thrill we'd get from seeing the walking dead (that should, ultimately, be a focus of this genre) fails after waiting through 50 monotonous minutes for a mere glimpse. What action we do see is short and stale, and any tension is lost in how utterly obvious everything is. After the opening narrative and montage,
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