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David Koechner, Julian Richings Starring in Horror Thriller 'Vicious Fun'

David Koechner, Julian Richings Starring in Horror Thriller 'Vicious Fun'
David Koechner and Julian Richings are starring in the indie horror thriller Vicious Fun from director Cody Calahan and Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment.

The pic, also featuring Evan Marsh, Amber Goldfarb, Robert Maillet and Orphan Black star Ari Millen, is currently shooting in Hamilton, Ontario. Chad Archibald is producing.

Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment earlier partnered on such indie genre films as I’ll Take Your Dead, Let Her Out, Bite and Antisocial.

Koechner's credits include Talladega Nights, Thank You for Smoking and the Anchorman franchise. He is repped by UTA and Brillstein.

Richings' credits include Supernatural, The Patriot, 12 Monkeys and ...
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‘Riot Girls’ Review: A New Generation Takes the Reins in Post-Apocalyptic Actioner

Following her success helming a segment in the well-received, woman-directed horror anthology Xx, former Rue Morgue editor Jovanka Vuckovic delivers her feature film debut with the high concept, post-apocalyptic teen actioner Riot Girls. Obviously borrowing from the underground feminist punk movement Riot grrrl for its title (with an appropriate aesthetic and love for Joan Jett), screenwriter Katherine Collins’ tale of rival gangs also takes many cues from “The Walking Dead” by applying that 90s-era subculture to its social commentary separating humans into two categories: those who kill to survive and those who kill for power. In a world where adulthood spells death via an unexplained gut rot, teenagers are forced to take control. And if the microcosm of Potter’s Bluff is any indication, youthful exuberance divides on the poverty line.

On one side of the bridge reside rich kids who’ve transformed their high school into a fortress run
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Fantasia 2019: ‘Harpoon’ & ‘Riot Girls’ Review

  • Nerdly
As our Fantasia Fest coverage winds down, here’s a double-bill of two new films from actor Munro Chambers, who came to prominence back in 2015 with a little film called Turbo Kid. His latest films see the actor embrace both ends of the character spectrum: hero and villain. Or do they?


Stars: Munro Chambers, Christopher Gray, Emily Tyra | Written and Directed by Rob Grant

Wealthy Richard (Christopher Gray) is prone to fits of violent anger, particularly when he believes his girlfriend Sasha (Emily Tyra) is cheating on him with his best friend Jonah (Munro Chambers) — who’s been having worse luck than even his Biblical namesake. Once they reassure him that his fears are unfounded, Richard invites Sasha and Jonah on an excursion aboard his yacht The Naughty Buoy to make amends. What starts out as a pleasure cruise becomes a fateful trip when festering suspicions and resentments bubble to the surface,
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Tiff Review: ‘Giant Little Ones’ Explores the Damage of Homophobia and Toxic Masculinity

Writer/director Keith Behrman knows exactly what he’s doing when introducing a variety of people along the sexuality spectrum in his latest film Giant Little Ones. He’s intentionally flooding his canvas so that we have no choice but to accept them all rather than turn our focus onto just one. There’s no room for token characters anymore, the real-life disparity between heterosexuals and homosexuals closing as each year passes. So Behrman looks to represent that change on the big screen by giving his lead (Josh Wiggins’ Franky Winter) a trans friend (Niamh Wilson’s Mouse), a gay father (Kyle MacLachlan’s Ray), and a gay teammate on the swim team (Carson MacCormac’s Michael). He surrounds Franky with non-cisgender characters to love, resent, and accept each for different reasons that transcend compassion.

All the while he clouds this boy’s own sexuality with a girlfriend (Hailey Kittle
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