Doesn't Everyone Like Creepy Cat Videos? People Respond to the Cats Trailer

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Doesn't Everyone Like Creepy Cat Videos? People Respond to the Cats Trailer
The Cats trailer is here and people don't really know what to make of it. Obviously, there are more than a few who love everything about it. What's not to like? It's an iconic musical and it has an all-star cast with Taylor Swift on board, so naturally, people are going to love it. However, there are also those who find the actual look of Tom Hooper's upcoming movie to be horrifying. Sonic the Hedgehog cries are being ignored and suddenly everybody forgets Will Smith even played the Genie in the Aladdin reboot.

Seeing these human A-list actors as naked CGI cats is something original, that's for sure. One person on social media simply said, "what the actual f*ck," after seeing the Cats trailer for the first time. That one simple thought seems to echo those of many on social media. The realistic digital fur technology is on
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Rachel Talalay & The Long Way 'Round

Kayti Burt Mar 27, 2019

From Tank Girl to Doctor Who, Sherlock to The Flash, Doom Patrol to American Gods, Rachel Talalay has made her mark on genre storytelling.

If you’re a fan of genre television, you’re almost certainly a fan of Rachel Talalay’s work. In the almost 30 years since Talalay first stepped behind the camera for her feature film debut, the veteran director has worked on dozens of TV dramas, from Sherlock and Doctor Who to The Flash and American Gods.

If Talalay were a character actor, she would be Allison Janney before Hollywood got its act together and started giving her the meatiest of roles, and the recognition to go along with them: a skilled veteran in her field turning in consistently stellar work in an industry that creates opportunities for cisgender white men disproportionately more than anyone else. Hollywood gave Janney I, Tonya and an Oscar
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Everything L.A. Comedians Need to Know, May 2018

Comedians of L.A.! Don’t sleep on this month’s offerings. Get out and perform, take in, or audition. Performances Inclusive, feminist theater school The Ruby L.A. will play home to a stand-up show at 10 p.m. on May 5. Hosted by “Gaysian Queen of Comedy” Varut Chee, the show will feature Bendan Scannell (“Heathers”), Aidan Park (“Tosh.0”), Riley Silverman (“Not Safe With Nikki Glaser”), and more. (Tickets: $5) Brett Gelman, an actor and comedian who has been in numerous TV shows and movies, is hosting a night of comedy at the Dynasty Typewriter at the Haysworth Theater on May 6. (Tickets: $10) Comedian and writer James Veitch has performed at three Ted Talk events, one of which became the most viewed video of all time on their YouTube channel, and has sold out shows in Europe and Australia. He’ll be performing stand-up at the Hollywood Improv on May 10, so better grab tickets now.
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