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Film Review: ‘Bloodline’

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Film Review: ‘Bloodline’
The manic, filter-free, all-id persona Seann William Scott embodied in the roles that first brought him to attention nearly a couple decades ago — notably teen comedies “Road Trip,” “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and the “American Pie” series — did something inspired with a familiar type. The alpha frat-bro character is usually a villain, or at least a tool. But this actor lent polo-collar-up dudedom in shark-like search of sex or any other stimulus an absurdist, howling-at-the-moon zest.

He could play hyper (as in “American Pie’s” Stifler) or dirt-dumb (“Goon” and its sequel) with equal aplomb. Yet somehow the industry couldn’t quite figure out what to do with him, resulting in too many misfired comedies and an eventual general sense of “Whatever happened to Seann William Scott?” Sure, he filled Clayne Crawford’s vacancy on TV’s “Lethal Weapon,” and still lends voice to “Ice Age” sequels. But somehow
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Frightfest 2019: ‘Bloodline’ Review

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Stars: Seann William Scott, Mariela Garriga, Dale Dickey, Kevin Carroll, Christie Herring, Raymond Alexander Cham Jr., Leith M. Burke, Nick Boraine, Dusty Sorg, Sean H. Scully, Larsen Thompson | Written by Henry Jacobson, Avra Fox-Lerner, Will Honley | Directed by Henry Jacobson

Sean William Scott as a serial killer. As soon as I read that I knew Bloodline was a movie and role that I never knew I wanted to see but now had to. I was very much looking forward to see if it worked out at all like I hoped it would.

Scott plays Evan, father of a newborn son with his wife Lauren (Mariela Garriga) and we see the stress of a new baby effects both of them in very different ways. Evan has a tendency to kill people and now he has a son to look after and protect. While Lauen is struggling with breast feeding and a very limited amount of sleep,
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