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‘The Politician’ Could Put Vince Vaughn In the Running For His Very Own McConaissance

It’s time you asked yourself a tough question: when was the last time you had a genuine interest in seeing a Vince Vaughn movie? I’ll go ahead and start things off myself. Wedding Crashers. And Wedding Crashers was released 10 years ago. At first glance, Vaughn’s newly announced film The Politician looks to continue the trend of Vince Vaughn films the general public has no vested interest in. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will star as a holder of elected office who’s caught in the act with a couple prostitutes. Rather than stand up and face his own failings, this politician gives a collective “ehhhh, the hell with this” to the nation and goes on the lam. At which point the FBI, the Us Marshals and a drug gang all tear after him. But when the news broke, something curious bubbled up around it, just barely noticeable from our current position of general
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Quick Clicks: ‘Compulsions’ Finale, FEARnet’s Evil Clowns, ‘Tiki Bar TV’ is Zaboo’d

Tiki Bar TV is back from hiatus and out with a new episode today (above) featuring The Guild's Sandeep Parikh (aka Zaboo) as "The Commodore." And just in time for the holidays (but not in time for out Holiday Gift Guide) the consummate merchandisers are out with a new line of t-shirts, many of which look like "Tiki Bart V." [Tiki Bar TV] Compulsions concluded its eight episode first season today with the release of Episode 8 "Promise Kept" today on Dailymotion. The dark thriller cruised past 118,000 views so far during its exclusive run on the video site, averaging around 14k per episode. Creator Bernie Su and the cast and crew were live last night on A Fangirl's Guide with host Cricket Lee. [Compulsions] SyFy Network may have ripped off the web series ClipCritics from creator Chad Sahley with its new series Outer Space Astronauts. The whole thing reminds Nalts, and us, of The
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