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Fox News Channel Keeps Counting on ‘The Five’

  • Variety
Fox News Channel is known best for primetime hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, but its top executive is also enthusiastic about “The Five,” a panel show that airs each day at 5 p.m.

“No matter where it went, it was the best decision I ever made as a programming executive,” says Suzanne Scott, Fox News’ chief executive, in an interview. These days, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams and Jesse Watters host the show with a guest sitting in each day.

Originally conceived in 2011 as a program that would give more air time to a bevy of Fox News contributors who did not have their own roost on the schedule, “The Five” has delivered for Fox News in times both easy and difficult. It usually airs each afternoon, but for a period of a few months in 2017, it moved to primetime as Fox News dealt with the one-two
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Gavin McInnes Says He ‘Regrets’ Past Remarks After Social Media Bans: ‘I’m Not Guilt Free’ (Video)

  • The Wrap
Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes said he regrets many of his past remarks and accepts at least some amount of responsibility after being banned by multiple social media platforms in recent months.

“I do bear … responsibility,” McInnes told ABC reporter Paula Faris during an interview with “Nightline.” “I’m not guilt free in this. There’s culpability there. I shouldn’t have said, you know, violence solves everything or something like that without making the context clear and I regret saying things like that.”

McInnes made clear that he was not apologizing, but punted on whether he would take back any of his past rhetoric if he could.

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On Monday, YouTube banned McInnes, who is also a co-founder of Vice Media. He has also been booted from Facebook and Twitter for terms-of-service violations
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BlazeTV Hosts Michelle Malkin, Gavin McInnes Out After Crtv Merger

  • The Wrap
BlazeTV Hosts Michelle Malkin, Gavin McInnes Out After Crtv Merger
BlazeTV has dropped a number of their most explosive hosts after the company was formed last week by a merger between Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze and Mark Levin’s Crtv.

Since the unification of the media properties, far-right commentator and Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes and conservative publisher Michelle Malkin have both severed tied with the company — with very little explanation.

“Blaze Media no longer has a relationship with Gavin McInnes, and per company policy, cannot comment on personnel matters,” the company announced in a weekend tweet. Only days before, Malkin herself also made it official, saying she wished the company well.

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“I am so proud of the investigative journalism I did for #Crtv — so many heroes, so many compelling stories. I will not be continuing with the company, but wish my colleagues all the best,” she
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Move over, Peter Parker – the new Spider-Man ushers in a bold superhero era

Throughout film history, superheroes have been white and male. But after the success of Wonder Woman and Black Panther, all that is changing – and fast

‘Really? We now have a half-black, half-Hispanic, gay Spider-Man?” This was the reaction of conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck in 2011, upon learning that Marvel was introducing a new Spider-Man named Miles Morales, who was not white. Morales wasn’t gay, it turned out, but still, the move was seen by some critics as a publicity stunt, or pandering to political correctness. Beck blamed the Obamas, which was actually not far off the mark. The new Spider-Man represented “the diversity, in background and experience, of the 21st century”, explained the Marvel editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso, including its “president of mixed heritage”. But Beck also linked the news to a speech by Michelle Obama in which she declared that Americans were “gonna have to change their traditions”, implying that
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TheBlaze And Crtv Merge To Create Blaze Media, Uniting Glenn Beck With Fox News Host Mark Levin

  • Deadline
Conservative media companies TheBlaze and Crtv are merging to create a new right-leaning entity called Blaze Media, which says it will reach 165 million people across platforms.

Glenn Beck founded TheBlaze in 2011 after high-profile runs on Fox News and CNN. The company’s main network has secured distribution on traditional pay-tv systems and also gotten streaming subscribers via an Ott app. As headwinds on the digital advertising front hit a range of outlets in recent years, TheBlaze laid off several dozen workers in 2016.

Blaze Media did not break out pay-tv numbers but said it will have carriage on Dish Network, Verizon and other systems, the company said.

Crtv launched in 2014 and has featured hosts including Mark Levin, who is also on Fox News. The roster of personalities in the combined company will include Steven Crowder, Eric Bolling, Michelle Malkin and Phil Robertson.

Blaze Media described itself as a “digital-first, multiplatform media
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‘Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes’: The political ‘genius’ and ‘paranoid’ monster enters whole new campaign [Watch]

  • Gold Derby
‘Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes’: The political ‘genius’ and ‘paranoid’ monster enters whole new campaign [Watch]
Roger Ailes was the chairman and CEO of Fox News from 1996 until stepping down in 2016 amid sexual harassment scandals. As the man behind TV’s Republican messaging machine and behind many Republican politicians themselves, he reshaped American politics throughout the last half-century. Now he’s entering a whole other kind of campaign: “Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes,” the documentary that examines his life’s work, is a contender for an Oscar during a politically fraught year were he may actually end up facing an ideological opponent, the notorious “Rbg.” Watch the trailer for the film above.

Ailes died in May 2017 at age 77 after having advised Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump. The film explores that legacy in addition to his paranoia, his manipulation and his predatory treatment of women — according to Kellie Boyle, former Republican National Committee adviser, “He said, ‘If
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Liberal Watchdog Group Condemns Protest Outside Tucker Carlson’s Home

  • The Wrap
Liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America denounced a protest that took place outside the home of Tucker Carlson, telling TheWrap on Thursday that the use of “abusive” intimidation tactics were unacceptable.

“Attempts to intimidate and other abusive conduct is not acceptable. It’s not acceptable when Tucker Carlson and others on Fox News do it — and what happened at Carlson’s home and to his family is not acceptable. Period,” said the media watchdog organization.

“If you are interested in holding Tucker Carlson accountable and reducing his influence, start by first holding yourself to a higher standard and then by contacting Fox News’ advertisers and urging them to stop financially supporting racism.”

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The condemnation is notable, as Media Matters has been among the strongest and most persistent critics of Fox News for years. The organization has
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Roger Ailes Painted as Genius and Monster in ‘Divide and Conquer’ Trailer (Video)

  • The Wrap
Was former Fox News chief Roger Ailes a genius, a monster or both? That’s a question posed by the new documentary “Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes.”

“It’s easy to make somebody into a monster. It’s hard to see that you’re on that path too,” says former Fox News personality Glenn Beck in the first trailer for the film.

Directed by Alexis Bloom and executive produced by Alex Gibney, the doc tells the life story of Ailes, from coaching Richard Nixon as a media advisor to his sexual harassment scandal at Fox News prior to his death. The film describes him as a Shakespearean figure who was “more important than America,” who “was profoundly paranoid” and who used power and manipulation as tools to build his media empire and shape a nation.

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Samantha Bee on Anti-Semitism: ‘Trump Has Whipped Up a Xenophobic Mob’

Samantha Bee on Anti-Semitism: ‘Trump Has Whipped Up a Xenophobic Mob’
In the wake of the horrific Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, Samantha Bee devoted a segment of Wednesday’s Full Frontal to a recent wave of anti-Semitism in the U.S. She argued that President Trump and the Republican party are partially to blame for fostering that hateful climate. “Trump has whipped up a xenophobic mob,” the comedian said. “And xenophobic mobs don’t traditionally make exceptions for Jewish people.”

The host opened by touching on the Trump team’s response to the October 27th shooting, which killed 11 and injured several others
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After Megyn Kelly’s Abrupt ‘Today’ Exit, Where Does She Go From Here?

  • The Wrap
After Megyn Kelly’s Abrupt ‘Today’ Exit, Where Does She Go From Here?
Now that Megyn Kelly is on her way out from “Today,” where does she go from here?

Multiple crisis PR and media experts agree that Kelly’s ouster involved her disappointing ratings, not just her defense of blackface at Halloween. While her refusal to be politically correct could make her a conservative martyr, her lack of an audience complicates any potential comeback.

As of Friday afternoon, Kelly was still employed by NBC News, which only announced that she wouldn’t return to her year-old morning show, “Megyn Kelly Today.” NBC News did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for clarification on her status with the network. Reps for Kelly did not immediately respond, either.

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“Bottom line, it’s a business decision. She’s very expensive without the following,” Richard Levick, chairman of crisis management firm Levick,
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Ben Shapiro Accuses Alyssa Milano of ‘Sexism': ‘White Men Are Presumed Guilty’

  • The Wrap
Ben Shapiro went after Alyssa Milano on Wednesday, criticizing the actress and accusing her of “sexism” over remarks she made earlier that day.

“It’s kind of shocking to suggest that due process shouldn’t apply to men. That is the essence of sexism. The idea that certain rules should not apply to people on the basis of their genetics. That’s obviously discrimination of the highest order,” Shapiro said during an appearance on Fox News.

“But this is the world in which we now live, in which white men are presumed guilty because they are white men … because they are supposedly in a position of privilege,” he added.

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In the moments before Shapiro spoke, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum played footage of an interview Milano gave on MSNBC earlier that day in which
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Camden Review: ‘Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes’ Shows the Pitiful Side of Republican Kingpins

It’s always frustrating when a documentary is so intent on one story that it plainly misses a more interesting one that’s, just… right there. Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes is both a biography of the late founder of Fox News and a missive on how he supposedly destroyed American politics. Along the way, though, it touches on one aspect of Ailes’ life that’s both gone overlooked in many discussions of him before now and which sheds more light on his character than any of the highly conventional techniques the doc employs to tell his story.

Besides being a fascist paranoiac, media mogul, Republican campaign whisperer, and chronic sexual predator (the cause of his eventual downfall in 2016), it transpires that Roger Ailes also attempted to become petty tyrant of his own little fiefdom. He spent big money to buy a local newspaper and support handpicked political candidates in Cold Spring,
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Magnolia Pictures Snaps Up Doc ‘Divide And Conquer: The Story Of Roger Ailes’ – Toronto

  • Deadline
A&E IndieFilms announced today that Magnolia Pictures has acquired domestic rights to Alexis Bloom’s documentary Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes about the late Fox News Chairman and CEO. Magnolia will open the movie on Dec. 7 after a fall festival run. A&E Network has television rights to the film.

Take a look at a clip from the film above featuring former Fox News show host Glenn Beck reflecting on his emotional departure from the network, and his sitdown with Ailes.

Divide and Conquer sheds light on the current moment in American political life by following the arc of Ailes, the long-time Republican svengali and controversial founder of Fox News. He coached an unrivaled stable of politicians over the course of 50 years, greatly impacting Republican politics, and steering the conservative movement from Nixon, to the Tea Party, to Trump. Under his tutelage, anger and fear became the coin of the realm,
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Fox News Unveils Tomi Lahren’s New Role On ‘Fox Nation’ Streaming Service

  • Deadline
Fox News this morning unveiled plans for Tomi Lahren on Fox Nation, its subscription streaming service debuting in Q4.

Lahren will deliver a First Thoughts segment at 9:30 Am Et and a Final Thoughts segment at 5 Pm Et, zeroing in on “top issues driving the daily news cycle,” Fox News said.

Fox News Channel signed the conservative media host in August of ’17, saying she would contribute political commentary to the cable network’s opinion programming, especially Hannity, and would have a signature role on the network’s upcoming digital service.

Lahren gained fame as a show host on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, when she was suspended following an appearance on ABC News’s The View in which she supported women’s reproductive rights.
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Trump Is Melting Down Over Omarosa’s Racial Allegations

Update: The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that the Trump campaign is filing arbitration action against Omarosa for breaching a confidentiality agreement signed prior to joining the campaign in 2016.

Breaking: AP source says Trump campaign files arbitration action against Omarosa Manigault Newman alleging breach of secrecy agreement.

— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) August 14, 2018

Though she signed a confidentiality agreement covering her time on the campaign, she did not sign one prior to joining the administration. When she was fired in December 2017, the administration offered her a $15,000-per-month job on the team
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NY Times Stands by New Editorial Board Hire Despite ‘Not Acceptable’ Tweets About ‘White People’

The New York Times is facing backlash about its latest hire to its editorial board, Sarah Jeong, after multiple old tweets about “white people” resurfaced within hours of her hiring on Wednesday.

In a litany of tweets dating from around 2014, some of which have been deleted, Jeong made a number of comments that critics said were racist and disparaging. “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” she said in one tweet — now deleted — but archived here.

“Dumbass f–ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” she in another.

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At least a dozen more were flying around Twitter by Thursday morning.

In a statement on Thursday, the Times defended Jeong’s hiring and said
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Media Veterans Betsy Morgan, Brett Bouttier and Jeff Berman Form Venture To Acquire Consumer Businesses

  • Deadline
Betsy Morgan, Brett Bouttier and Jeff Berman, three executives with experience in media and technology, launched a private equity-backed holding company to acquire and grow consumer businesses.

Magnet Companies will look to acquire and build disruptive companies in the consumer demand space. They also will look for existing brands that can be modernized to better address contemporary consumer behaviors and unlock upside value.

The holding company structure will allow Magnet Companies to share resources and operating expertise across its subsidiaries, providing its portfolio companies with the kinds of capabilities usually unavailable to early stage businesses.

Magnet Companies will be co-located in Los Angeles and New York.

Morgan has most recently been with LionTree, an advisory and merchant bank firm focused on technology and media. She is the former CEO of Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, and, before that, was the first CEO of The Huffington Post, which was successfully sold to
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Media Veterans Brett Bouttier, Betsy Morgan, Jeff Berman Form Venture Targeting Consumer Brands (Exclusive)

  • Variety
A trio of seasoned media and tech execs — Betsy Morgan, Brett Bouttier and Jeff Berman — has teamed up to form Magnet Companies, a holding company looking to buy and build direct-to-consumer companies and maximize their reach, engagement and revenue.

Magnet Companies has secured “significant backing” from a multibillion-dollar private-equity fund based in New York, according to Bouttier, who most recently was president of AwesomenessTV. He declined to say how much money Magnet has at its disposal, nor would he reveal the name of the Pe fund.

So what is Magnet’s play, exactly? The partners say they’re focused on the intersection of “content, community and commerce”: The idea is to assemble and operate a portfolio of consumer-oriented properties that generate multiple streams of revenue.

“We’re not running around town as investors,” Bouttier told Variety. “We are looking at it as an operating fund. We’re looking to
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Mark Duplass Rescinds Ben Shapiro Recommendation; James Gunn, Glenn Beck & Twitterverse Answer The Call

Mark Duplass Rescinds Ben Shapiro Recommendation; James Gunn, Glenn Beck & Twitterverse Answer The Call
Today’s Twitter brouhaha over Mark Duplass’ apology for suggesting liberals interested in “crossing the aisle” might consider following the right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro is still going strong. Glenn Beck has just weighed in, if you were waiting (he thinks it’s “sad” that Duplass was “swayed by the mob”).

Last night, Duplass, actor and co-creator (with brother Jay Duplass) of, among other credits, HBO’s Togetherness, in a since-deleted tweet, wrote, “Fellow liberal: If you are interested at all in ‘crossing the aisle’ you should consider following @BenShapiro. I don’t agree with him on much but he’s a genuine person who once helped me for no other reason than to be nice. He doesn’t bend the truth. His intentions are good.”

The anti-Shapiro response was swift, as Twitterdom exploded with some of Shapiro’s greatest crummy hits. “In a free country, if you fail, it’s probably your own fault.
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CNN Blasts Fox News Over Piece on Reporter’s Old Tweets: ‘This Is a Nothing Story’

CNN hit back on Friday after Fox News published a piece mocking one of their reporters, Oliver Darcy, over past statements he made that were critical of the cable news channel before he was hired there.

“Oliver was critical of CNN before, just as he is now. CNN is a place where opinions and ideas are valued. And we encourage staff to share their thoughts about the organization — both positive and critical,” CNN said in a statement obtained by TheWrap. “While this might seem like an exotic concept to you, we’d headline it ‘Media Reporter Does Job.’ This is a nothing story.”

The piece, by Fox News reporter Brian Flood, a former writer for TheWrap, took Darcy to task for some tweets, which, in isolation, appeared highly critical of the channel. Some were more nuanced, when considered in the context of the full thread.

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