Film Review: Chinatown-The Three Shelters (2018) by Aliki Danezi-Knutsen

It is not every day that I watch a Greek (Cypriot) film dealing with martial arts (I am Greek btw), so I was really excited to see Aliki Danezi-Knutsen’s effort, even more so because a true Hk veteran, Richard Ng, had a protagonist role in the film. Let us take things from the beginning though.

The story revolves around Cleo, a Greek-Chinese girl who lives an uneventful life in Cyprus, at least until her 18th birthday, when she finds out that her long-deceased father was actually murdered by the Chinese Mafia in Athens. The messenger of this shuttering piece of news is Cook Lin, an old friend of her family who comes to Cyprus to pay his respects to Cleo’s father, and the girl soon finds herself in his company in the Chinatown of Athens, learning about Chinese cooking and martial arts, along with the secrets of her true origin.
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