Anime Review: Gunjou no Magmell (2019) by Hayato Date

Gunjou no Magmell aired during the Spring 2019 anime season. Based on the homotitled Chinese manga of Dainenbyo and directed by Hayato Date, it started off with a very promising pilot episode, tricking us into thinking that something highly interesting is on the way. It consists of thirteen episodes and is created by legendary Studio Pierrot, so it seemed like it was gonna hit the right spots. Exploration, morals and humor managed to win its audience, but everything was about to change! Yet, allow me to elaborate.

The story of Magmell begins when a new continent appears out of nowhere. This mysterious place is full of unknown species, new energy forms and astonishing landscapes. So, the era of exploration commenced once again and everyone wants to take advantage of it. However, Magmell is full of dangers and that’s when Inyou appears. Inyou, the main character, alongside with his little Loli,
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