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Opinionated: Tna Has All the Impact It Needs

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Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling was originally named Tits and Ass Wrestling. You might already know that but, for those of you who are still in the dark, Tna Wrestling was never meant to be any-thing more than a fun lark for Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo. Based on pushing the WWE’s Attitude Era to its limit, Tna was going to be chaos for the sake of chaos, with every ridiculous idea that would have been repressed any-where else be given the spot-light. How-ever, a call from the remnants of the once great National Wrestling Alliance changed the plans at the last minute, because the Nwa wanted to offer its title belts, especially the greatest and most important wrestling title in the sport’s history, the Nwa World Heavyweight Championship, for its roster to wrestle for. At that moment, Jeff Jarrett made a deal with the Nwa that would turn Vince Russo’s wet-dream into,
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – 205 Gm Revealed, WWE Sign Former Impact Talent, Where Was Ronda Rousey on Monday Night?

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

205 Live Gm Announced

Last night’s edition of 205 Live opened with Daniel Bryan unveiling the new Gm for the brand – Rockstar Spud, or as he is going to be known in the WWE, Drake Maverick. Maverick cut his first promo as Gm and revealed that a 16 man tournament would be held to crown the new Cruiserweight champion and that the final would take place at Wrestlemania 34.

For those who don’t know, Maverick is an English wrestler who formerly wrestled for Impact wrestling.

WWE Signs Former Impact Talent

Speaking of Impact, long-time impact personality, Jeremy Borash, has apparently left the company and signed with the WWE, according to PWInsider. While it is not yet clear what Borash will be doing in the WWE, many fans are presuming that he will somehow be involved in the Woken/Broken Matt Hardy gimmick
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Impact Wrestling launch 24-hour Twitch channel

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Impact Wrestling have, this week, launched their official Twitch channel at, which will feature a 24-hour live stream and exclusive weekly programming. Launched yesterday, the Impact Wrestling Channel will feature a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week stream of content that leads up to the debut of Barbed Wire Massacre III on Thursday January 18th at 10:00pm Et immediately following the weekly premiere of Impact! on Pop.

From the press release:

The Impact Wrestling Channel on Twitch will feature exclusive content, including monthly live events and house shows featuring top stars in professional wrestling. The channel will also feature lifestyle programming showcasing Impact Wrestling stars outside of the ring – from diets and workouts to relationships and travel. Twitch will also air Impact Wrestling’s live event at WrestleCon in New Orleans, La. on Friday, April 6 at 9:00 p.m. Ct. Other exclusive shows on the channel include:

Monday nights:
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WWE Summerslam main event changed, Scott Steiner shoots on Triple H – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

When Satire Becomes Real

On this week’s Smackdown, Jinder Mahal revealed the stipulation for his third WWE Championship match against Randy Orton: the dreaded Punjabi Prison. ‘Dreaded’ because the matches in it are usually pretty rubbish.

While a Steel Cage stipulation only has one layer of entrapment, the Punjabi Prison surrounds its competitors with two – an inner cage of bamboo, with an octagonal structure topped with ‘razor-sharp bamboo spikes’. It’s so successful, there’s only been two Punjabi Prison matches in WWE history, and the stipulation hasn’t been used in over a decade.

But according to satirical wrestling website KayFabe News – who publish humorously fake articles – this has been the plan all along.

Reddit user GeePrimus has unearthed a 2012 article from the site entitled: ‘Jinder Mahal only hired so WWE can use
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Big Tna Impact Wrestling mistake, why Rusev hasn’t been on WWE – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Memorial Day won’t just be blamed for Monday Night Raw’s inevitably low ratings, it’s also now the reason behind some fan’s anger towards R-Truth.

In honor of the armed forces, Goldust broke his heel character to tweet:


Dustin Rhodes (@Goldust) May 29, 2017

Presumably still enraged by his Golden Truth tag team partner turning on him, R-Truth replied to the non-kayfabe tweet very much in fake pro wrestling mode:

@Goldust Remember I'm gone getcha

— WWE R-Truth (@RonKillings) May 29, 2017

A few fans on Twitter found the message disrespectful, but nobody complained about Braun Strowman’s Us army-mocking Instagram post yesterday!

But that’s probably because we’re all terrified of him.

Rusev was last seen in a WWE ring on the 5th March at the Raw-exclusive pay-per-view Fastlane, where he was written off TV to undergo surgery.
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Charlotte Flair responds to nude image leaks, Hardys to WWE details – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Both the Raw and Smackdown rosters are currently on one of WWE’s most gruelling schedules of the year: the European tour. You’d think travelling between countries and staying in different hotels would hinder a wrestler’s strict diet. But not for ‘No Carbs’ Jinder Mahal, who has not only shared his European tour schedule in text-form on Instagram, but also the actual road map route using the veins on his body.

Jinder is currently negative percent body fat.

Titus O’Neil might have put himself in hot water on Wednesday when he tweeted an image of Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns hanging out together in Rome on the first day of the European tour – the two men currently engaged in Raw’s top blood feud.

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Mauro Ranallo officially leaves WWE, huge Tna shock return! | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Tna Impact Wrestling have been taping their TV for May over the last several days, and they’ve seen their fair share of shock returns, debuts and title changes. As these happen in not-yet-aired episodes of Impact Wrestling, skip the next few paragraphs if you don’t want to read them.

Spoilers coming in 3…2…

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner showed up at the final night of Impact Wrestling’s TV tapings on Sunday 23rd April. Steiner has been a main eventer in WCW, WWE and Tna throughout his career, but has been locked in a legal battle with the latter since he was released in 2012, claiming he was owed royalties from the promotion, and that he was injured because Tna officials allowed Jeff Hardy to wrestle him while Hardy was intoxicated.

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More shocking WWE backstage bullying stories exposed, big Tna returns | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Despite his team losing to Jeremy Borash’s last week, Josh Mathews is still commentating for Impact Wrestling, coming out to announce on last night’s Bobby Lashley vs James Storm main event.

Just when I thought I was out…

I won’t go too much into spoilers, as Tna, Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Bonanza – whatever you want to call it – returns to UK television tonight. After finishing up with Challenge late last year, Impact will now be airing on Spike UK every Friday at 9pm.

To make the time continuities even more confusing, though, the latest batch of Tna tapings started last night, and will run nightly until Sunday for their TV in May. And it was during those tapings where two big Tna returns happened. The next part contains spoilers for
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Why WWE released Simon Gotch revealed? WWE Raw debut delayed | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

The greatest wrestling commentator of all time – his words, not mine – has sadly lost a match which means he’ll no longer be the announcer for Tna Impact Wrestling

Team Jeremy Borash Beat Team Josh Mathews. No More Josh Mathews On Commentary! No More Josh Mathews!

After six weeks of on-air bickering, it appears Jb and D’Angelo Dinero will be the two-man commentary booth for Impact Wrestling going forwards, with Mathews’ on-screen future uncertain – although he’d make a great heel manager for someone.

In even more positive wrestling announcing news, David Otunga won’t be making his Raw commentary debut for at least six weeks! He was traded to Monday nights in exchange for Byron Saxton to Smackdown in this week’s Superstar Shake-Up, but have revealed Otunga “has been cast in
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WWE Superstar Shake Up trades leaked? Major Tna stars return!

Despite the returns of Lax and the debut of Alberto El Patron, the top story in Impact Wrestling right now is the feud between announcers Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews.

The two will captain sides for a match next week to find out “who knows everything” – which I assume means, ‘the loser no longer does commentary’. We’re rooting for ya, Jb! And on last night’s episode, they both picked their teams.

Mathews ended up with Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake and Tyrus, while Borash got all the pops – announcing top babyface Alberto El Patron along with returning Tna stars Chris Adonis (who wrestled as Chris Masters in WWE), Matt Morgan and…go to Impact’s website to find out the final explosive member.

Yeah. That’s right. They ended the big show with a cliffhanger…to their website.

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Tna is dead, now ‘Impact Wrestling’! Paige backstage at Tna tapings…

Yesterday’s episode of Impact Wrestling had Bobby Lashley defeat Josh Barnett to retain his World Heavyweight Championship, and we saw the last Tna appearances for The Broken Hardys, Drew Galloway and Jade. But the real news was happening in the non pre-taped version of the Impact Zone. i.e. the live, real-time version.

The episode broadcast last night was the final instalment from Tna’s January tapings. From next Thursday onwards, Jeff Jarrett’s new regime – and by ‘new’, I mean, the regime from about five years ago being brought back – will kickstart their era on television. An era that started filming last night.

Because this is about yet-to-be broadcast footage, spoiler warning for the next month-or-so of Impact Wrestling.

First up, the biggest one – former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio made his Tna debut at the TV Tapings, going by his non-WWE name Alberto El Patron. Mr
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Backstage heat on Tna star, Big WWE Wrestlemania 33 match cancelled?

Ever since his racist comments were leaked as part of the Gawker sex tape lawsuit in 2015, Hulk Hogan has mostly vanished from WWE. His Hall of Fame profile has been removed from their website, you can’t find any Hulkster merchandise on their shop, and his WWE contract was terminated.

Well, call of the search, guys. I’ve found him.

In Holland.

The Real American’s latest appearance is in a commercial for Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer, where he stops a thief from stealing a woman’s handbag. He then delivers a series of very well-protected wrestling moves: a tombstone piledriver, a leg drop, a flurry of fists and a splash off the top of a gate – none of them ever connecting with the villain. Way to expose the business, Hulk.

The concept is that the insurance company can provide actual protection from theft, rather than the pretend version Hulkster offers.
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Matt Hardy wants to buy Tna! Is this the beginning of the end of the beginning?

A new name has joined the list of Tna’s potential buyers: Broken Matt Hardy.

Last night he tweeted:

I am interested in purchasing @Impactwrestling if the owners will sell to me. I would inject my #BROKENBrilliance into every iota of it.

If I buy, 1st move is to Delete the Obsolete Tna acronym. The poor play on words retards the brand from reaching its full potential.

In isolation, this just seems like Broken Matt Hardy being Broken Matt Hardy. But taken alongside PWInsider’s report on Impact Wrestling’s end-of-year plans, it might be part of a bigger storyline.

They claim that Tna’s final episode of 2016 will be filmed entirely at the Hardy compound in Cameron, North Carolina, just like the ‘Final Deletion’ and ‘Delete or Decay’ matches. The episode would be called ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’ and will involve Matt Hardy inviting tag teams from around time and
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WWE Raw Ratings Crisis! Tna Final Deletion Fallout Continues! | WrestleTalk News

The following is a guest post from WrestleTalk. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for new videos every day.

In today’s WrestleTalk News, WWE’s Monday Night Raw gets its lowest rating since 1997 – what could this mean for the company going forward? – and the fallout and online reaction continues for Tna’s Final Deletion match between Matt and Jeff Hardy – this time from Lucha Underground’s executive producer and The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson.

Tna’S Final Deletion Fallout

Our top story today is the latest low point in Raw’s ratings crisis, but first, the fallout from Tna’s very divisive ‘Final Deletion’ match between Matt and Jeff Hardy on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

If you haven’t yet seen the gifs and screenshots of drones being taken down with a guitar, Matt Hardy appearing via hologram and what happens when you let Jeff loose with
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35 Wtf Moments From Tna One Night Only: Live!

Looking to maintain some momentum from 2016’s first episode of Impact Wrestling, which saw EC3 cleanly regain his Tna World Heavyweight Title, Tna’s One Night Only: Live! is the company’s first live pay-per-view since October’s Bound for Glory.

Though not a particularly impactful or memorable show in terms of title defenses or storylines, it was nevertheless an entertaining three hours, in large part due to the usual bickering between Pope and Josh, the inevitable botches, a number of unexpected debuts, and a shocking amount of strange moments featuring J.B., Jeremy Borash.

Though the One Night Only name doesn’t really have much meaning anymore, especially with so many matches that could take place on any given episode of Impact, it was still solid enough, and showed how much wrestling you can actually cram into 3 hours if you cut all the garbage down.

Here are
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13 Wtf Moments From Tna Impact (Oct 21)

Tna Impact Wrestling plumbed new, soul-destroying depths this week, as the show wasn’t merely low-effort but very nearly no-effort, serving up one particular segment that’s a testament to how little thought is really being put into these tapings. Sure, Tna are backed into a corner somewhat with this pre-taped World Title tournament, but the company’s still making ridiculous mistakes and basically suggesting they don’t much care.

EC3’s mic skills are still terrifically entertaining and there were some amusing moments of fan interaction, but this week’s show only cements the feeling that we’re watching an agonisingly drawn-out slow death. Hopefully things will pick up a little with the upcoming shows in India and the UK, but if it’s all just possibly leading to Mahabali Shera capturing the Tna World Title in India (a rare market where Tna does insanely well), is it really worth it?
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Tna Slammiversary Report – Jeff Jarrett is the King of the Mountain, James Storm vs. Magnus and more

It’s technically in the past because Tna have taped the five weeks of TV following this event before it even aired, but it’s Tna’s 13th birthday and their Slammiversary PPV…

Tna Slammiversary opens with a video package of previous Tna stars and events set to classical music. It was meant to come off as epic, but actually just feels sad as the majority of the people in the video are no longer with the company. And following the mass exodus over the last day or so, many of the people on the card are no longer with the company.

1. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Manik in an elimination match for the X-Division Title

Close your eyes and picture every X-Division match you’ve ever seen over the last 13 years. This was that match. Everyone tried hard, but these matches are now incredibly stale. Tigre Uno came
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Christy Hemme Quits Tna Wrestling


Christy Hemme has quit Tna and the sport of professional wrestling, reports PWInsider.

She has been with the company since 2006 in a number of different roles but reports say she’s leaving because of an incredible job opportunity outside of the wrestling business.

Hemme joined Tna when she was fresh off winning the WWE Divas Search in 2004, after a noteworthy stint with WWE that lasted less than two years. She found a home in Tna first as a manager and then as a regular wrestler. A neck injury sidelined her, though, so she transitioned to being a backstage interviewer in 2009 and later, ring announcer. Hemme gave birth to her first child (a daughter) in January, so she’s heading on a different path in her life.

In addition to those on screen roles, Hemme also worked with the creative team, going over the looks of certain wrestlers and in
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WWE And Tna: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Jan 18)

This week Nxt moved to Wednesdays, Impact moved to Fridays, and Raw and SmackDown’s ratings moved up a notch. That’s a sign that all you need to do to increase interest is finally induct one of the most popular wrestlers into the hall, or air wacky psychiatrist skits. I’m not sure which one brought in more fans.

I like to pick on Tna most weeks, but this week Impact was pretty decent again. The company is even doing a better job of pushing Jeremy Borash as a babyface than WWE is with every babyface on their roster. I don’t see Jb backing down to Ethan Carter like Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback did to The Authority! As for the fan sign of the week? Let’s go with “Roman Lames.” Simple, but effective. It also works on multiple levels!

This week we were
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How Tna Impact Wrestling Can Stand Out From WWE in 2012

Since the WWE began to focus toward a different demographic and went to a PG rating for its programming in 2008, older wrestling fans have been looking for an alternative, more matured product for their sports entertainment needs. Many fans turned to Ufc, which has a lot of the qualities a more seasoned viewer of the WWE product may look for – violence, adrenaline, excitement, feuds and characters. However, with Ufc fighters only fighting 2/3 events a year (particularly for the big names) these characters are hard for a viewer to invest in when compared to a wrestling show which gets the chance to establish their characters on a weekly basis.

This is where an alternative wrestling product is needed. One which can give the fans all of the above that Ufc offers with the addition of characters that can be seen on regular occasion. This is where Impact Wrestling should be aiming its product.
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