Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies

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Brace yourselves. This list of the Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies is probably going to generate some howls of protest thanks to a rather major upset in the rankings. Frankly, one that surprised the hell out of us here at AfterElton.

But before we get to that, an introduction. A few weeks ago we asked AfterElton readers to submit up to ten of their favorite films by write-in vote. We conducted a similar poll several years ago, but a lot has happened culturally since then, and a number of worthy movies of gay interest have been released. We wanted to see how your list of favorites had changed.

We also wanted to expand our list to 100 from the top 50 we had done previously. We figured there were finally enough quality gay films to justify the expansion. And we wanted to break out gay documentaries onto their own list (You'll find the
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Ryan Carnes to play "the ghost who walks" in new TV version of "The Phantom"

From the "whatever happened to?" department comes word that actor Ryan Carnes has been cast in a new version of the classic comic book hero The Phantom.

It will be a four-hour TV movie for the Sci-Fi, excuse me, Sy-Fy Channel (rolls eyes) that will also serve as a pilot for a potential new series. If it sounds familiar, you may remember that Billy Zane starred in an ill-received theatrical version back in the 90's.

Ryan Carnes is probably best known for playing Justin, the boyfriend of Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) on the early days of Desperate Housewives, and for famously showing his doodle in the queer indie hit Eating Out.

With Scott Lunsford in Eating Out and Shawn Pyfrom in Desperate Housewives

The pilot looks like a must-see, as it also stars Cameron Goodman (who played Kitty Cutie in the movie Succubus) and Sandrine Holt (from The L Word and
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