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Movie Review – Bad Frank (2017)

Bad Frank, 2017.

Directed by Tony Germinario.

Starring Kevin Interdonato, Amanda Clayton, Tom Sizemore, Brian O’Halloran, Russ Russo, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Brandon Heitkamp, and Lynn Mancinelli.


Construction worker Frank Pierce, formerly a baseball player and a Marine, goes on a brutal path of righteous vengeance after a scummy crime boss kidnaps his wife.

Bad Frank, the debut feature of co-writer/director Tony Germinario, is the kind of testosterone-fueled kidnapping drama that you’d expect to stumble onto on late night television. While the story is relatively generic, it is elevated by a fine performance by Kevin Interdonato as the titular Frank, some great cinematography, and by a gross, bonkers conclusion.

The film introduces Frank and his wife Gina (Amanda Clayton, appealing but underused) as a happy couple with some obvious darkness in their past. Frank is sober, but has apparently burned a lot of bridges, as his mother
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London Iff ’17: ‘Bad Frank’ Review

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Stars: Kevin Interdonato, Amanda Clayton, Tom Sizemore, Brian O’Halloran, Brandon Heitkamp, Russ Russo, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini, Lynn Mancinelli, Paola Grande | Written and Directed by Tony Germinario

I love it when a movie can come completely out of nowhere and surprise this humble reviewer. Bad Frank is exactly that, a movie that on paper looks and sounds like most other kidnap/revenge thrillers you may have seen over the years. But let me tell you that Bad Frank is Far from some of the copy and paste garbage out there.

I was instantly drawn to this flick after stumbling upon its Twitter page and hey full disclosure I saw Tom Sizemore and Brian O’Halloran and thought ‘Okay, Im in’. Little did I know that I was about to watch a somewhat by the numbers movie that takes all of the numbers and turns them on there head with a great,
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Indie Short ‘Heat Wave’ with Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon and Catch Hell’s Russ Russo, Photos

Film Picks: Just released today (January 26, 2015) is the independent short film Heat Wave with Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon and Catch Hell’s Russ Russo (making his directorial debut). The film has been released digitally on VHXKiowa Gordon (Twilight Saga’s Embry Call, SundanceTV’s The Red Road) stars in this tale of four friends who awaken to find that their reality may not be what they expected in the midst of a 2015 heat wave in La. Also starring Aaron Jaeger (TV’s Youthful Daze), Wolfgang Weber (The Magician’s Son), Jessica Andres (TV’s The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) & Russ Russo (An Act of […]
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Indie Spotlight: The Projectionist Starring Russ Russo and Doug E. Doug

On this holiday weekend edition of Indie Spotlight, I'm happy to bring you The Projectionist.  From writer-director Ryan M. Kennedy and producer Atit Shah comes this look at the effects of Ptsd and how war veterans afflicted with this disorder often go untreated and overlooked.  Described as "a warrior reduced to a shadow," The Projectionist follows Jacob Nicks (Russ Russo), a former solider attempting to cope with his undiagnosed Ptsd.  The film also features Natasha Alam (True Blood), Doug E. Doug (Cool Runnings), Kiowa Gordon (The Twilight Saga), Joseph R. Gannascoli (Sopranos), Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco), Dominik Tiefenthaler (Maybe Tomorrow) and Chris Lapanta (The Blacklist). Hit the jump for more. While previous Kickstarter projects have overwhelmingly been looking to crowdsource funds for production purposes, The Projectionist is already a completed film.  Instead, the filmmakers and production company Create Entertainment are looking to use Kickstarter in order to increase their distribution potential.
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Ryan Phillippe Talks Directorial Debut In ‘Shreveport’

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Ryan Phillippe Talks Directorial Debut In ‘Shreveport’
After starring in a slew of films such as ‘Cruel Intentions’, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and more, Ryan Phillippe has decided to take on a new role as director. Set to helm the 2013 movie ‘Shreveport’. Phillippe also co-wrote the script with Joe Gossett and will appear in the lead role. The plot follows a washed up movie star who is kidnapped and held hostage by an enemy who tortures him while shooting a low-budget film in a Louisiana city. The 38-year old stars alongside Russ Russo, Joyful Drake, Tig Notaro, Skipper Landry and James DuMont. Talking with Entertainment Tonight, Phillippe weighed in on how he felt about working behind the [ Read More ]

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Horror's Littlest Star Joins The 'Sunday Night Slaughters' Production Team

By David Harkness,

Edward Payson’s Sunday Night Slaughters has announced the addition of Chalet Lizette Brannan, one of today’s fastest rising young stars, to its ranks.

Brannan, although only seven years old, is already making major waves in the acting community and has joined the Sns team as Associate Producer for the series. She is welcomed into the producing ranks by Payson himself, Antonino Buzzone of the smash-hit webseries, A Guy Walks Into A Bar, the Angel Corbin (DisOrientation) / Maria Olsen (Vile) team of MOnsterworks66 and, Seth Metoyer (MoreHorror Media).

Brannan is no stranger to a life in the entertainment industry and has, in fact, been modeling since she was 6 years old. She recently decided to try her hand at acting, and, so far, she’s had unprecedented success as she’s found herself cast in a slew of feature films, short films and commercials.

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Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon Trying to Make ‘Heat Wave’ Happen

Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon Trying to Make ‘Heat Wave’ Happen
Two members of the wolf pack, Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon, are trying to get a little film called Heat Wave off the ground. The movie is a dark indie road comedy about two friends taking a cross country trip to go to a Bon Jovi Concert, and all the folks that them meet on their way. Currently the project has raised $2000 of the $20000 that the movie needs for a budget. Check out more below:

Heat Wave is a Dark Indie Road Comedy written by Russ Russo (The Projectionist, Donner Pass) to be directed by Will Lamborn (Award Winning SXSW and Sundance Director) and features an All-Star cast that includes Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon, True Blood’s Natasha Alam, John Carter’s Amanda Clayton, Machete’s Mayra Leal, Broadway’s Olja Hrustic, Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier and more. Heat Wave follows two guys from New Jersey running amok in Hollywood when it’s time to get out of Dodge, a Road Trip comes about due to the fact that Bon Jovi is giving a Farewell Concert in New Jersey in 3 days. It’s about life , friendship, the winding roads, discoveries of self and all the people you meet along the way with a twist.

The film is a collaborative effort stewarded by The Projectionist producer Atit Shah as a response to the changing landscape of the film industry. Russo and Gordon are partly financing the film themselves through Shah’s new company Create Entertainment in order to maintain complete creative control of the source material. We all experienced the frustrations of financing and institutional censorship as artists even when making dark comedy. But now, with advances in digital photography and distribution, we can tell a story in the manner we choose. Movies are changing and we’re changing with it.

The Heat Wave team has realized that Kickstarter is indeed a part of this new independent change, and is seeking to connect with our fan base even further with this campaign. Raising money will assist us in the production of our film in addition to increasing awareness of it. There is a distinct value in having an intimate relationship to those who care most about our work, and we are thankful to Kickstarter for helping foster these relationships.

Find out more about Heat Wave here.
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Here is a Look Ahead to 2011 and Over Thirty-Five Upcoming Horror Films!

There are lots of films to get excited about, if you are horror fan in 2011. There will surely be hundreds of horror and thriller releases in 2011, with several more planned for 2012 and 2013. Here on 28Dla, we offer a solid intro' on what to expect from the coming year, as directors Eli Roth, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, J.J. Abrams bring new films, including Scream 4, Fangland, Thanksgiving, and Super 8. Also, the After Dark Originals will release early in the New Year and fans of horror sequels e.g. Hostel III, Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral will be able to whet their appetites with several follow ups to successful film franchises, here.

So, step inside this huge list of horror films, which focuses on over thirty of the biggest productions and a few indies, as well. Let us begin with this horror list for 2011 (titles listed alphabetically)!

51 by Jason Connery.

Status: Completed.
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Pre-production of Deep Woods announced

Gear Stone Pictures presents Deep Woods. Deep Woods will star Russ Russo, Lloyd Kaufman, Johnny Lechner and Chantel Giacalone. David Hewitt is the film's director and editor. Ewan Bourne wrote and will also serve as the film's cinematographer.

The vague plot synopsis for Deep Wood's states that when five college students go missing in the woods, they're friends take it upon themselves to go looking. Little do they know the haunting rumors of the woods.

Additional credits include:

Ewan Bourne - Executive producer

Geralyn Clark - Consulting producer

D. Alan Cooksey - Consulting producer

Donald L. Gotfryd - Consulting producer

David Hewitt - Co-producer

Russ Russo - Associate producer 

That is all that is pretty much known of Deep Woods currently. Stay tuned for additional details which we will report on as they come in.

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Death and Cremation Los Angeles Premiere Pictures

Kate Maher attending the "Death and Cremation" Los Angeles premiere.Photo copyright by Keadrick D. Washington / PR Photos. Angela Rawna attending the "Death and Cremation" Los Angeles premiere.Photo copyright by Keadrick D. Washington / PR Photos. The "Death and Cremation" Los Angeles premiere.Photo copyright by Keadrick D. Washington / PR Photos. Kevin Elms attending the "Death and Cremation" Los Angeles premiere.Photo copyright by Keadrick D. Washington / PR Photos. Russ Russo attending the "Death and Cremation" Los Angeles premiere.Photo copyright by Keadrick D. Washington / PR Photos. 08/26/2010 - Scott Elrod - "Death and Cremation" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - Fox Studios - Los Angeles, CA, USA © Keadrick D. Washington / PR Photos
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Exclusive: Dread Central Visits the Set of Donner Pass

It's Saturday, March 13, 2010, when Dread arrives to the snowy set of director Elise Robertson's horror feature Donner Pass. Penned by Scott Adams and executive produced by Mouncey Ferguson, who financed the film, the independent feature tells the story of an unlucky group of teens who, while on a ski trip in the mountains around Lake Tahoe, encounter George Donner, an entity with a taste for human flesh, and unfortunately for the group, it's for their own.

Setting foot into the remote mountain cabin that production has secured, and at present is being utilized as base-camp, I meet associate producer Duncan Ferguson, who fills us in on the status of Donner Pass, starring John (the voice of the Crypt Keeper) Kassir as 'Epstein', Adelaide (Power Rangers R.P.M.) Kane as 'Nicole', Desiree Hall as 'Kayley', and Antonio Trischitta as 'Brody', with the cast rounded out by up-and-comers Erik Stocklin
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Exclusive: Producer Jude Walko Talks Donner Pass

Dread Central recently caught up with producer Jude S. Walko, who tipped us off to his upcoming horror feature Donner Pass, which is set to shoot in Los Angeles and its surrounding environs next month.

Directed by Elise Robertson from a script by Scott Adams, Donner Pass is set to star John (the voice of the Crypt Keeper) Kassir as ‘Epstein’, Adelaide (Power Rangers R.P.M.) Kane as ‘Nicole’, and Desiree Hall as ‘Kayley’, with the cast rounded out by up-and-comers Erik Stocklin and Colley Bailey and seasoned vets Thomas Kopache, Eric Pierpoint, Joel Stoffer, Russ Russo, and Kevin Kearns. Mouncey Ferguson III, who independently financed the film, serves as executive producer with Walko on board in the capacity of producer.

The story? “Over a long weekend,” Walko informed us of the flick’s narrative, “a group of angst-ridden teens are invited up to their friend's parents' remote cabin in Donner Pass,
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'New Moon' star Kiowa Gordon to star in 'Murder for Dummys'

Having made a rather large name for himself as Embry Call in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Kiowa Gordon has a pretty full roster for 2010. You've already heard a great deal about Gordon's forthcoming work Into The Darkness (which shoots in April or May), but now, it has been revealed that Gordon will also be filming Murder For Dummys. Murder is written by Emerson Bixby and will be directed by David Capurso. According to Shock Till You Drop, the film's synopsis is as follows: The story takes place on Halloween night and involves a couple and their friend accidentally killing a costumed trick or treater in a hit and run, then trying to cover up the murder. Once the friend starts to develop a taste for murder, comic and grisly twists and turns ensue. The picture is set for filming in January, 2010. The kick of it?
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Exclusive: First trailer for Kiowa Gordon's 'Into The Darkness'

Into The Darkness (2011) will star The Twilight Saga: New Moon star star Kiowa Gordon as "Brad," Louis Mandylor as "Mel," Dalal Bruchmann as "Katelyn," Wolfgang J. Weber as "Ridge," Russ Russo as "Wes," Brad Thornton as "Lucas," Anna Enger as "Allie," and Darian O'Rear as "Mary Ann." So far, several still-frame images from this film have been seen as well as character images. Into The Darkness is expected to begin filming in April 2010, but the cast worked together on this exclusive trailer for the film earlier this year. The movie was co-written by Jade Moser and Paul Moser, and it will be directed by Joel Bender. The film focuses on the story o ...
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Into the Darkness Exclusive Poster and Stills

Total Videos: (1)

Total Images: (4)');">Into the Darkness is the story of a group of friends descend upon a remote wilderness area in celebration of Ridge and Allie's return after a year spent out West. Their decision to embark on a short exploration of a nearby cave turns into a horrific struggle for survival. Can they find the light before the darkness finds them?Starring Kiowa Gordon (

Total Videos: (43)

Total Images: (57)');">The Twilight Saga: New Moon), Louis Mandylor (

Total Videos: (2)

Total Images: (5)');">My Big Fat Greek Wedding) , Wolfgang Weber (Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami), and Austrian actress Dalal Bruchmann. Also Anna Enger, rising star Russ Russo, Darian O'Rear, and Ronnie Patel are performing. The film was written by Jade Moser (

Total Videos: (25)

Total Images: (10)');">Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself,

Total Videos: (12)

Total Images: (1)');">Get Low). It is being produced by Moser Productions LLC
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Exclusive “Into the Darkness” Poster

Exclusive poster for indie horror/thriller “Into the Darkness” has just been released featuring the four leads Dalal Bruchmann, Kiowa Gordon, Anna Enger and Wolfgang Weber. Film poster art was created by our Ford Fairchild.

The story follows a group of friends descend upon a remote wilderness area to camp and party reuniting after a year apart. Their decision to embark on a short exploration of an unknown cave system turns into a horrific struggle for survival. Can they find the light before the darkness finds them?

Into the Darkness” stars Kiowa Gordon (Twilight Saga: New Moon), Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Wolfgang Weber (Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami), Austrian actress Dalal Bruchmann, Anna Enger (Drop Dead Diva), Film Threat Magazine’s “Indie Actor to Watch” Russ Russo, Darian O’Rear and Ronnie Patel.

The horror/thriller is directed by Clint Brandel and Dustin Masters from the script written by Paul and Jade Moser.
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