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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • Camelot (1960). Musical. Book by Alan Jay Lerner. Based on "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White. Music by Frederick Loewe. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Musical Director: Franz Allers. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett and Philip J. Lang. Dance and choral arrangements by Trude Rittman. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Adrian [worked on the designs for 3 months before he died in September 1959] and Tony Duquette. Lighting Design by Feder. Hair Design by Ernest Adler. Sound Design by Jack Mitnick. Assistant to Mr. Smith: Bill Pitkin and Jack Brown. Assistant to Mr. Duquette: Stanley Simmons. Choreographed by Hanya Holm. Directed by Moss Hart [final Broadway credit; died during production run]. Majestic Theatre: 3 Dec 1960- 5 Jan 1963 (873 performances + 2 previews that began on 1 Dec 1960). Cast: Julie Andrews (as "Guenevere"), Richard Burton (as "Arthur"), Robert Coote (as "King Pellinore"), John Cullum (as "Sir Dinadan") [Broadway debut], Virginia Allen (as "Lady Catherin"), M'el Dowd (as "Morgan Le Fey"), Robert Goulet (as "Lancelot Du Lac"), Roddy McDowall (as "Mordred"), Virginia Allen (as "Lady Catherine/Dancer"), Judi Allinson (as "Dancer"), Laurie Archer (as "Dancer"), Joan August (as "Singer"), Mary Sue Berry (as "Singer"), Frank Bouley (as "Singer"), Jerry Bowers (as "Dancer"), Marnell Bruce (as "Singer"), Carlene Carroll (as "Dancer"), Michael Clarke-Laurence (as "Dap"), Joan Coddington (as "Dancer"), Jack Dabdoub (as "Sir Gwilliam/Singer"), Peter De Visé (as "A Page"), Peter Deign (as "Dancer"), Randy Doney (as "Dancer"), Richard Englund (as "Dancer"), James Fox (as "Singer"), Richard Gain (as "Dancer"), James Gannon (as "Sir Sagramore/Singer"), Gene GeBauer (as "Dancer"), Katia Geleznova (as "Dancer"), Christina Gillespie (as "Lady Anne"), Murray Goldkind (as "Singer"), Judy Hastings (as "Singer"), Warren Hays (as "Singer"), Paul Huddleston (as "Singer"), David Hurst (as "Merlyn"), Benita James (as "Singer"), Adriana Keathley (as "Dancer"), Michael Kermoyan (as "Sir Ozanna/Singer"), James Kirby (as "Dancer"), Richard Kuch (as "Clarius/Dancer"), Donald Maloof (as "Singer"), Leland Mayforth (as "A Page"), Dawn Mitchell (as "Dancer"), Larry Mitchell (as "Singer"), Joe Nelson (as "Dancer"), Paul Richards (as "Singer"), Claudia Schroeder (as "Dancer"), Beti Seay (as "Dancer"), Marjorie Smith (as "Nimue/Singer"), John Starkweather (as "Herald/Dancer"), Robin Stewart (as "Tom of Warwick"), Shelia Swenson (as "Singer"), John Taliaferro (as "Singer"), Jimmy Tarbutton (as "Dancer"), Leesa Troy (as "A Lady/Singer"), Dorothy White (as "Singer"), Bruce Yarnell (as "Sir Lionel"). Standby: Inga Swenson (as "Guenevere"). Understudies: Mary Sue Berry (Nimue), Frank Bouley (Dap), Michael Clarke-Laurence (as "King Pellinore/Merlyn"), John Cullum (as "Arthur/Mordred), Peter De Visé (as "Tom of Warwick"), James Gannon (as "Lancelot Du Lac"), Donald Maloof (as "Sir Lionel"), Larry Mitchell (as "Sir Dinadan"), Paul Richards (as "Mordred"), Leesa Troy (as Guenevere/Morgan Le Fey"). Replacement actors during long production run: Christian Alderson (as "Dancer"), Mary Sue Berry (as "Nimue"), Frank Bouley (as "Sir Castor of Cornwall"), Jerry Bowers (as "Herald/Horse"), Patricia Bredin (as "Guenevere") [from 16 Apr 1962- ?], Christopher Cary (as "Mordred"), John Cullum (as "Mordred"), Steve Curry (as "Tom of Warwick"), Jack Dabdoub (as "Sir Lionel"), Kathie Dalton (as "Dancer"), Peter Deign (as "Sir Sagramore"), Jack Eddleman (as "Singer"), Janet Frank (as "Singer"), Gene GeBauer (as "Clarius"), Kathryn Grayson (as "Guenevere") [from 22 Oct 1962- ?], Daniel P. Hannafin (as "Singer"), Judith Hastings (as "Lady Anne"), Janet Hays (as "Singer"), Tom Head (as "Singer"), Loren Hightower (as "Dancer"), Paul Huddleston (as "Scottish Knight"), Jack Irwin (as "Singer"), Jeremy Ives (as "Dancer"). Howard Kahl (as "Singer"), Adriana Keathley (as Lady Anne"), Edward Kerrigan (as "Dancer"), Glenn Kezer (as "Singer"), Elizabeth Lamkin (as "Singer"), Phyllis Lear (as "Dancer"), Tommy Long (as "A Page"), Richard Lyle (as "Dancer"), Robert Mackie (as "Singer"), Donald Maloof (as "Sir Colgrevance"), Janet McCall (as "Singer"), Jack McMinn (as "Singer"), Richard Mills (as "A Page"), Robert Neukum Singer/Sir Sagramore"), Paul Olson (as "Dancer"), Janet Pavek (as "Guenevere") [from 9 Jul 1962- ?], Robert Peterson (as "Singer/Sir Dinadan/Sir Gwilliam/Sir Ozanna/Lancelot Du Lac") [from 8 Oct 1962- ?], Frank Piper (as "Dancer"), Lowell Purvis (as "Dancer"), Philip Rash (as "Singer"), George Ritner (as "Singer"), Tani Seitz (as "Morgan Le Fey"), William Squire (as "Arthur") [from 25 Sep 1961 - ?], Robert St. Clair (as "Dancer"), John Starkweather (as "Sir Gwilliam"), Don Stewart (as "Singer/Sir Colgrevance/Sir Dinadan"), Don Strong (as "Clarius/Dancer/Horse"), Evelyn Taylor (as "Dancer"), Royston Thomas (as "Tom of Warwick"), Arthur Treacher (as "King Pellinore") [from 8 Oct 1962 - ?], Leesa Troy (as "Lady Sybil"), Louis Turenne (as "Merlyn"), Joan Volkman (as "Dancer"), Byron Webster (as "Dap/King Pellinore"), Toodie Wittmer (as "Dancer"), Chester Wolenski (as "Dancer"). Standbys: Jan Moody (as "Guenevere"), Janet Pavek (as "Guenevere"). Understudies: Jack Dabdoub (as "Merlyn"), Jack Eddleman (as "Mordred"), Judith Hastings (as "Nimue"), Howard Kahl (as "Herald"), Glenn Kezer (as "Sir Lionel"), Tommy Long (as "Tom of Warwick"), Richard Mills (as "Tom of Warwick"), Robert Peterson (as "Lancelot Du Lac/Sir Lionel"), George Ritner (as "Dap/Herald/Sir Dinadan"), John Starkweather (as "Sir Dinadan"), Don Stewart (as "Lancelot Du Lac/Sir Lionel"), Louis Turenne (as "Arthur"), Byron Webster (as "King Pellinore"). Produced by Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe and Moss Hart.

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