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  • Wrote a number of novels featuring the character Sherlock Holmes, including: Sherlock Holmes And The Golden Bird (Pinnacle, CA, 1979) paperback original. Sherlock Holmes And The Sacred Sword (Pinnacle, CA, 1980) paperback original. Secret Cases Of Sherlock Holmes (?, 1984) paperback original. Sherlock Holmes And The Treasure Train (Pinnacle, CA, 1985) paperback original. Sherlock Holmes And The Masquerade Murders (Medallion, 1986, Otto Penzler, NY, 1996) paperback original followed a decade later by hardback. Sherlock Holmes And The Bizarre Alibis (?, 1989) paperback original. Sherlock Holmes And The Panamanian Girls (Author22, NV, 2000) trade paperback Sherlock Holmes Mystery Tales (Gryphon, NY, 2001) trade paperback; short stories Secret Files Of Sherlock Holmes ( Xlibris, NY, 2002) various formats; short stories
  • (1932 - 1941) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1932) Stage Play: Carry Nation. Written by Frank McGrath [only Broadway credit]. Directed by Blanche Yurka. Biltmore Theatre: 29 Oct 1932- Nov 1932 (closing date unknown/30 performances). Cast: Leslie Adams, Minna Adams, Robert Allen, Frieda Altman [Broadway debut], Charles Arnt (as "O.L. Day"), Bela Axman, Harry Bellaver (as "Landlord"), Daisy Belmore (as "Mrs. Cain"), Kenneth Berry, Esther Dale (as "Carry Nation"), Alfred Dalrymple, Fannie Belle De Knight, Buddy De Loach, Katherine Emery, Walter Eviston, Donald Foster, Gertrude Garstin, Roberta Hoskins, Helen Huberth, Miss Sheriff Leslie Hunt, Mary Jeffery, Frederick Kemp, Joshua Logan (as "Mart Strong") [Broadway debut], Myron McCormick, Byron McGrath, Arthur C. Morris, John F. Morrissey, Mildred Natwick (as "Mrs. Noble")[Broadway debut], Lillian Okun, Barbara O'Neil, John Parrish, Rufus Peabody, Ernest Pollock, Clarence E. Smith, James Stewart (as "Constable Gano"), Karl Swenson, Frankie Thomas (as "Kiowan Youth") [Broadway debut], Nina Varesi, Luther Williams. Produced by Arthur J. Beckhard.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Little Ol' Boy. Drama. Written by Albert Bein. Directed by Joseph Losey. Playhouse Theatre: 24 Apr 1933- May 1933 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Lew Amster (as "Boy"), Warren Bryan (as "Johnny Hamilton"), John Drew Colt (as "Roy Wells"), Edward Craven (as "Pieface"), Leo Curley (as "Mr. Leach"), Henry De Koven (as "Boy"), Muni Diamond (as "Ed Sweet"), Randolph Echols (as "Wagon-Driver"), Tom Fadden (as "Dewey Hunter"), Jimmy Fallon (as "Enoch Bryant"), Alex Ferency (as "Boy"), Thomas Fischer (as "Horsethief"), Otto Frederick (as "Smithy"), Saul Gellis (as "Boy"), Ara Gerald (as "Hyacinth"), Harold Grau (as "Carrol"), Jack Howard (as "Penitentiary Guard"), Garson Kanin [Broadway debut] (as "Tommy Deal"), Fred Kaufman (as "Boy"), Josef Lazarovici (as "Ossie Prater"), Roy Le May (as "Little Deadman"), George Leland (as "Boy"), William Lynn (as "Mr. Sanger"), Joseph McGarrity (as "Jimmy Green"), Burgess Meredith (as "Red Barry"), Coleman Norton (as "Tall Boy"), Edwin Philips (as "Robert Lockert"), Charles Powers (as "Brownie"), Richard Segal (as "Pee Wee"), Lionel Stander (as "Chock"), Frankie Thomas (as "Possum"), Boris Vodeski (as "Boy"), Crane Whitley [credited as Clem Wilenchick] (as "Monitor"), Joe Zito (as "Boy"). Produced by Henry Hammond Inc.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Thunder on the Left. Fantasy. Written by Jean Ferguson Black. Based on the novel by Christopher Morley. Directed by Anton Bundsmann. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 31 Oct 1933- Nov 1933 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Hortense Alden (as "Joyce Clyde"), Eleanor Audley (as "Ruth Brook"), Charita Bauer, James Bell, Jeanne Dante, Ethel Delveccio, Patricia Goodwin, Edna Hagan, Louis Jean Heydt (as "George Granville"), Otto Hulett (as "Ben Brook"), Eugene Low, Cele McLaughlin, Mary McQuade, Frankie Thomas (as "Martin in Play"), Katherine Warren. Produced by Henry B. Forbes.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Wednesday's Child. Drama. Written by Leopold Atlas. Directed by H.C. Potter. Longacre Theatre: 16 Jan 1934- Mar 1934 closing date unnown/56 performances). Cast: Leonard M. Barker (as "Clerk"), Stanton Bier (as "Herbert"), Wyrley Birch (as "Dr. Stirling"), Joie Brown (as "Georgie"), Mona Bruns (as "Miss Chapman"), Harry Clancy (as "Joie"), Alfred Dalrymple (as "Mr. Keyes"), Walter Gilbert (as "Howard Benton"), Walter Greaza (as "Ray Phillips"), Harry Hanlon (as "Judge"), Sally Hodges (as "Carrie"), Richard Jack (as "Chic Nevins"), Lester Lonergan III (as "Alfred"), Robert Mayors (as "Lenny"), Cele McLaughlin (as "Louise"), George Pembroke (as "Mr. Proctor"), Frankie Thomas (as "Bobby Phillips"), Katherine Warren (as "Kathryn Phillips"). Produced by H.C. Potter and George Haight.
  • (1934) Stage Play: The First Legion. Drama. Written by Emmett Lavery. Directed by Anthony Brown. 46th Street Theatre: 1 Oct 1934- Jan 1935 (closing date unknown/112 performances). Cast: Lester Atwell, Robert Barrett, Charles Coburn, Charles Danforth, Pedro de Cordoba, Thomas Ewell, Thomas Findlay, Joe Fitzmaurice, John Foster, William Ingersoll, Whitford Kane, Harry Kane, John Litel (as "Rev. Thomas Rawleigh"), Bert Lytell, Joseph Mitchell, Tom Monahan, Harold Moulton, Wayne Nelson, Bruce Parish, Robert Payson, Frank Ray, Jules Schmidt, Frankie Thomas, Jerome Thor, Harland Tucker, John J. Williams, Donald Wilson, Raymond Wolber, Philip Wood, Rob Wood, Arthur Zwerling. Produced by Bert Lytell and Phil Green.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Remember the Day.Written by Philip Dunning and Philo Higley. Scenic Design by S. Syrjala. Directed by Melville Burke. National Theatre: 25 Sep 1935- Jan 1936 (closing date unknown/122 performances). Cast: Charita Bauer (as "Ellen Talbot"), Katherine Bauer, Joe Brown Jr. (as "Steve Hill"), Francesca Bruning (as "Nora Trinell"), J. Hammond Dailey (as "Mr. Steel"), John Drew Devereaux (as "1st Bellboy"), Virginia Dunning, Edna Hagan, Russell Hardie (as "Dan Hopkins"), Martha Hodge (as "Edith Phelps"), Peter Johnston (as "2nd Bellboy"), Kathleen Kidder (as "Miss Price"), Robert Mayors (as "Tom"), Mary McQuade (as "Kate Hill"), Grant Mills (as "D.R. Roberts"), Jessamine Newcombe (as "Anna"), Jane Seymour (as "Mrs. Roberts"), Clifford Stallings (as "Charlie"), Frank M. Thomas, Frankie Thomas (as "Dewey Roberts"), Charles Walton (as "Mr. Phelps"), Keenan Wynn (as "Reporter") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Philip Dunning.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Seen But Not Heard. Comedy. Written by Marie Baumer and Martin Berkeley. Directed by Arthur Sircom. Henry Miller's Theatre: 17 Sep 1936- Nov 1936 (closing date unknown/60 performances).
  • (1941) Stage Play: Your Loving Son. Written by Abby Merchant. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Directed by Arthur Sircom. Little Theatre: 4 Apr 1941- 5 Apr 1941 (3 performances). Cast: Charita Bauer (as "Rosamond Payne"), Julann Coffrey (as "Maid"), Jay Fassett (as "Joshua Winslow"), Edwin Gordon (as "Keith Evans"), Raymond Greenleaf (as "Horace Payne"), Jessie Royce Landis (as "Dorcas Winslow"), Ruth Lee Muriel (as "Payne"), Edward J. Nugent (as "William Hollinger"), Rachel Sewall (as "Lulu"), Frankie Thomas (as "Joshua Winslow, Jr.") [final Broadway role], Kate Warriner (as "Caroline Bradley"). Produced by Jay Richard Kennedy. Produced in association with Alfred Bloomingdale and Joseph F. Loewl.
  • (1934) Stage Play: The First Legion. Drama. Written by Emmett Lavery. Directed by Anthony Brown. 46th Street Theatre: 1 Oct 1934- Jan 1935 (closing date unknown/112 performances). Cast: Lester Atwell (as "Novices and Choir"), Robert Barrett (as "Novices and Choir"), Charles Coburn (as "Rev. Edward Quarterman, S.J."), Charles Danforth (as "Novices and Choir"), Pedro de Cordoba (as "Rev. José Maria Sierra, S.J") [final Broadway role], Tom Ewell [credited as Thomas Ewell] (as "Novices and Choir"), Thomas Findlay, Joe Fitzmaurice (as "Novices and Choir"), John Foster (as "Novices and Choir"), William Ingersoll (as "Rev. Paul Duquesne, S.J."), Whitford Kane (as "Rt. Rev. Monsignor Michael Curry"), Harry Lane (as "Novices and Choir"), John Litel (as "Rev. Thomas Rawleigh"), Bert Lytell (as "Rev. Mark Ahern, S.J."), Joseph Mitchell (as "Novices and Choir"), Tom Monahan (as "Novices and Choir"), Harold Moulton (as "Rev. John Fulton, S.J."), Wayne Nelson (as "Novices and Choir"), Bruce Parish (as "Novices and Choir"), Robert Payson (as "Novices and Choir"), Frank Ray (as "Novices and Choir"), Jules Schmidt, Frankie Thomas, Jerome Thor(as "Novices and Choir") [Broadway debut], Harland Tucker (as "Dr. Peter Morell"), John J. Williams (as "Novices and Choir"), Donald Wilson (as "Novices and Choir"), Raymond Wolber (as "Novices and Choir"), Philip Wood (as "Rev. Charles I. Keene, S.J."), Rob Wood (as "Novices and Choir"), Arthur Zwerling (as "Novices and Choir"). Produced by Bert Lytell and Phil Green. Note: Filmed as The First Legion (1951).
  • (1955) He acted in Joseph Stein's musical, "King of Hearts," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Ailsa Dawson in the cast. Frank Carrington and Agnes Morgan were directors.

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