The Devil Dared Me To Get FrightFest Features Release

Source: FilmShaft - The Devil Dared Me To Get FrightFest Features Release

Last month we reported on an exciting new distribution adventure between the amazing chaps at FrightFest, eOne and Wild Bunch.

The first flick they released under the FrightFest Features banner was an Italian chiller called Shadow and now they've announced the next title!

It sounds really mental and great fun. It's called The Devil Dared Me To and directed by New Zealand filmmaker Chris Stapp. Below is the press release, some quotes on and DVD artwork.

From the press release:

"Chris Stapp’s gasoline-fuelled, turbo-charged story of vodka-swilling Randy Campbell and his dream of becoming New Zealand’s greatest living stuntman is set for a UK DVD release on May 23 through FrightFest Features.

The Devil Dared Me To, which screened at FrightFest, is the second title to be released through the recently created joint venture between Wild Bunch and FrightFest which will,
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