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It Came From The Tube: A Little Game (1971)

Creepy kids, am I right? The horror landscape has been littered with them as far back as The Bad Seed (1956). Every once in awhile TV too would trot out the killer tots in hopes of alluring viewers with no-good imps and smiling, murderous waifs. One such early effort is A Little Game (1971), an ABC Movie of the Week thriller that leans heavily on the psychology behind stepparent-child relations.

Originally broadcast on Saturday, October 30th, A Little Game faced off against the Top Ten rated The Mary Tyler Moore Show on CBS and the NBC Saturday Night at the Movies, but held its own due to the already strong ABC brand. The TV movie at this point was a staple of their network, and A Little Game adds the luster it was accumulating.

Let’s open our faux TV Guide and see what mischief the little brat is up to:

A Little Game (Sat,
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The 10 Best Halloween Episodes On Comedy Television

By Rachel Bennett

Television Editor & Columnist


Happy Halloween, readers!

It’s my favorite day of the year, so I couldn’t neglect it in this week’s list. Because All Hallows Eve is so fun, below are the top 10 best Halloween comedy episodes.

Sadly, dramas are not on this list (I never would’ve been able to cut it to 10 if there had been), but feel free to leave your picks in the comments —”Home” from Fox’s The X-Files, anyone?

For me, though, I’ll leave it to laughs. So put on your best TV-themed costume, grab that bowl of fun-sized candy and check out my choices!

10. ABC’s Boy Meets World, “And Then There Was Shawn” (Season 5, Episode 17)

Fun fact: This episode aired Feb. 27, 1998. Nevertheless, I consider it one of the best Halloween episodes because “And Then There Was Shawn” left quite an impression on me as a
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Does a New Classical Music Album Exploit 9/11?

Nonesuch The cover of Steve Reich’s “Wtc 9/11,” performed by Kronos Quartet.

The Nonesuch record label is releasing a recording of Steve Reich’s commemorative piece “Wtc 9/11″ on September 6, 2011. The piece is written for three string quartets, and is performed on the recording by the Kronos Quartet (making use of multiple tracking). It also features recorded voices—of air-traffic controllers, witnesses, mourners, and others.

But what’s making waves in the classical community is the album’s cover art, which
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25 Days of Geek TV Christmas: Day 18 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is once again upon us. The Christmas season is here and with that comes Christmas TV episodes!

For the 25 days leading up til Christmas Day this month, we’ll be spotlighting some of the best Christmas-themed episodes from some of Geek culture’s greatest shows. Each day we’ll cover different shows and episodes and encourage you to watch along with us. So come one, come all, to the 25 Days of Geek TV Christmas!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 - Day 18: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Directed by: Bill Melendez

Written by: Charles M. Schulz

Starring: Ann Altieri, Chris Doran, Sally Dryer, Bill Melendez, Karen Mendelson, Peter Robbins, Christopher Shea, Kathy Steinberg, and Tracy Stratford

Original Air Date: December 9, 1965

You can stream the episode over at Hulu or watch it right here below! You can also purchase a copy of the episode at Amazon or
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[DVD Review] A Charlie Brown Christmas

Of all the Christmas specials produced in the 1960s that have gone on to become part of the national vernacular, A Charlie Brown Christmas probably holds up the best. It’s about as much fun to watch parodies of those Rankin-Bass Christmas specials (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming To Town) as it is to actually watch them, and the Grinch, however awesome it remains, will forever be somewhat tainted by the awful film version. In stark contrast, Brown seems in almost pristine condition, untouched by the technological and cultural shifts that have taken place in the forty years since it was first aired. Some of that can be attributed to how well crafted it is (it doesn’t waste a second of its exceedingly short running time), but more specifically, it remains one of the only pieces of modern media to impart a ‘very important message
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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe EdItion)

Release Date: Sept. 2

Director: Bill Melendez

Writer: Charles M. Schulz

Starring: Peter Robbins, Christopher Shea, Sally Dryer

Studio/Run Time: Warner Home Video, 25 mins.

It’s the best Halloween cartoon ever, Charlie Brown!

CBS demanded another blockbuster Peanuts cartoon following the success of A Charlie Brown Christmas in 1965, so Charles M. Schulz, director Bill Melendez and executive producer Lee Mendelson came up with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, in which Linus and Sally spend Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown gets nothing but rocks while trick-or-treating, and Snoopy’s Wwi flying ace is shot down behind enemy lines. Even four decades after its original airing, Great Pumpkin feels as ageless as the Peanuts kids, thanks to Melendez’s inventive art work, Vince Guaraldi’s evocative score, the use of child actors to voice the characters, and some surprisingly sophisticated punchlines: When Linus defends the Great Pumpkin,
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