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Geordie Racer: revisiting an 80s Look And Read classic




Den Of Geek wheels in the big telly for a fond look back at pigeon crime Look And Read schools series, Geordie Racer…

“Spuggy and Plod weren’t runners. They just didn’t see the point”. And thus the hero of the BBC's Geordie Racer and his dog were endeared to a generation of biscuit-eating 1980s schoolchildren.

Part of the long-running Look And Read series of television programming for schools, Geordie Racer was written by The Bill’s Christopher Russell and first aired in 1988. Its ten episodes told a continuing crime story interspersed with factual spots about the North-East and appearances by Wordy, a floating Henry Hoover/Scrabble set who played songs about gerunds. Wordy was just part of Geordie Racer’s educational framing narrative though, Spuggy was its star.

Richard “Spuggy” Hilton was my kind of people. He wore a Star Trek: ToS t-shirt, had neat
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