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The Independent (GB) February 22 2007, by: Miles Kington, "A White Knight of many talents and a gift to inspire"
The Independent (GB) February 21 2007, by: Miles Kington, "Never mind the truth, Sheridan had some great stories"
The New York Times (US) February 19 2007, by: Benedict Nightingale, "Sheridan Morley, British Theater Critic and Biographer, Dies at 65"
The Independent (GB) February 19 2007, by: Alan Strachan, "Sheridan Morley: Drama-critic son of Robert Morley, biographer of Noël Coward and prodigious writer and broadcaster"
The Guardian (GB) February 19 2007, by: Stanley Reynolds, "Sheridan Morley"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) February 18 2007, by: Anonymous, "Radio presenter Sheridan Morley dies"
The Observer (GB) February 18 2007, by: Vanessa Thorpe, "Sheridan Morley, giant of the theatre, dies at 65"
The Times (GB) February 17 2007, by: Anonymous, "Sheridan Morley"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) February 17 2007, by: Anonymous, "Sheridan Morley"

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