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Sony’s Tom McCarthy Elected President Of Motion Picture Sound Editors

Oscar- and BAFTA-winning sound supervisor and longtime industry exec Tom McCarthy has been elected President of the Motion Picture Sound Editors. McCarthy, who is Sony Pictures Studios’ Evp Post Production Facilities, succeeds Frank Morrone. Supervising sound editor Glenn T. Morgan was elected Secretary, succeeding Chris Reeves. McCarthy and Morgan join three continuing officers: VP Mark Lanza, Treasurer Paul Rodriguez and Sergeant at Arms Jeremy J. Gordon. In addition to…
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Intruders Trailer: New BBC America Drama Looks For Life After Death

Intruders Trailer: New BBC America Drama Looks For Life After Death
What if dying didn’t have to be the end? What if you could return — but in someone else’s body?

That’s what BBC America’s newest drama, Intruders, is looking to explore when it debuts on Aug. 23rd at 10/9c — following the premiere of Doctor Who.

Related Doctor Who Trailer: Peter Capaldi Faces Aliens, Dinosaurs and More in Season 8

Based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel of the same name and produced by Glenn Morgan (The X-Files), the series focuses on a secret society devoted to pursuing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. “Welcome back,
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TV News: Pines, Girls, Kill, Family, Arrow

Wayward Pines

The first photo of Matt Dillon on the set of Fox's new event drama series "Wayward Pines" has emerged. M. Night Shyamalan produces the series which also stars Melissa Leo, Carla Gugino, Terrence Howard, Juliette Lewis and Toby Jones.

Dillon plays a Secret Service agent Ethan Burke as he travels to Wayward Pines, Idaho on a mission to find two missing federal agents. [Source: EW]


HBO has confirmed that it has renewed its hit comedy "Girls" for a fourth season, three days before the premiere of its third season this Sunday.

The fourth season will film this Spring ahead of an airing in 2015. [Source: The Live Feed]

Those Who Kill

A March 3rd premiere date has been announced for A&E's serial killer drama series "Those Who Kill". The story follows a profiler who gets inside the mind of killers (James D'Arcy) and an emotionally closed-off female detective (Chloe Sevigny) who teams up with him.
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Dead By Dawn: Thn’s Top Ten Horror Remakes

To celebrate Friday’s Us release of Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead, the remake of Sam Raimi’s notorious 1981 gore-filled effort, we’ve decided to put together a list of our top favourite horror remakes. We’ve included genre offerings that gave a refreshing spin to their respective source material, some going on to match, and even surpass the originals. Read on to see if any of your favourites made the list…

10. Willard (2003)

The excellent and underrated Crispin Glover puts his heart and (demented) soul into this fascinating take on 1971s Willard, to play the social outcast-turned-sociopathic title character. A film I first caught at an empty cinema in Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Willard tells the story of a young man with the capability to control an army of rats, after suffering years of mental abuse from his domineering mother and boss. Final Destination creator Glenn Morgan made his
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Thn’s Top Ten Horror Remakes Part 1

Being Thn’s resident gore and horror hound brings an added amount of pressure on myself. Unlike a lot of genre fans, I’m not adverse to seeing some of the films of my youth being remade, rebooted or re-imagined. I know I’ll always have those classics to look back on, and as long as a filmmaker can bring something special, unique and bold to the table, I’m willing to pay to see a scary story played out once again, or an iconic boogeyman back, hacking and slashing with a customary weapon of choice.

This year, like many others, will see a slew of genre remakes brought to the big screen. Most notable is a new take on William Lustig’s 1981 controversial serial-killer thriller, Maniac (released 15th March), followed by a redo of Sam Raimi’s blood-soaked cult classic, Evil Dead (due 12th April). There are also Kimberly Peirce
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