Exclusive Gila! Clip Stomps In

Time to add some giant beastie action to your Hump Day! On tap right now is an exclusive clip from the remake of the '50s film The Giant Gila Monster, known simply as Gila! Check it out.

From the Press Release

"Rock 'n roll is here to stay" despite the best efforts of a giant gila monster in Polyscope's sci-fi comedy movie Gila!, scheduled for release on DVD this April 22nd.

Based loosely on the 1959 sci-fi classic Giant Gila Monster, the revived Gila! features a ferocious, rampaging giant gila monster, classy hot rods, vintage 50's rock 'n roll music, cute co-eds, fist fights, drag racing, and an all-star cast who rally to defend their small town.

"A perfect 'date night' drive-in movie," says producer Bill Dever. "Family fun with music, action, a very scary monster, and a terrific cast. Inspirational sci-fi horror."

It's not all the monster's fault since
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The Gila Monster Has Been Released in This New Trailer

Gila will be released to DVD o April 22 2014. The film is loosely on the 1959 scifi classic Giant Gila Monster the revived Gila features a ferocious rampaging giant gila monster classy hot rods vintage 50s rock n roll music cute coeds fist fights drag racing and an allstar cast who rally to defend their small town. Gila stars Terence Knox Brian Gross Madeline Voges Jesse Janzen Christina DeRosa Gerard Pauwels Kelli Maroney Rich Komenich Ellen Kingston Jenna Ruiz and a special appearance by Don Sullivan
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Two New Trailers and a Poster Stomp Around for Gila!

Time to add some giant beastie action to your Monday as two new trailers and a new one-sheet have arrived for the remake of the '50s film The Giant Gila Monster known simply as Gila! Check 'em out.

The flick, directed by Jim Wynorski, features the star of the original film, Don Sullivan, who with this project is making his return to acting after a 50-year absence. He stars alongside Brian J. Gross, Terence Knox, Madeline Voges, Jesse Janzen, Christina DeRosa, Rich Komenich, Kelli Maroney, Gerard Pauwels, Ellen Kingston, Jenna Ruiz and James Wolford Hardin.

Supposedly this flick is actually gonna have a limited theatrical run which will include drive-in theatres nationwide. More on that soon enough. In the interim check out the goods below.


A giant lizard terrorizes a rural Midwest community with a group of heroic young people led by Chase Winstead attempting to destroy the creature.
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