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  • (1909) Stage Play: The Girl and the Wizard. Musical/romance. Music by Julian Edwards. Book by J. Hartley Manners. Lyrics by Robert B. Smith and Edward Madden. Additional lyrics by Melville Gideon, Will A. Heelan, Ned Wayburn and Percival Knight. Additional music by Louis A. Hirsch, George Dougherty, Seymour Furth and Jerome Kern. Musical Director: Cassius Freeborn. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Casino Theatre (moved to The West End Theatre from 27 Dec 1909- close): 27 Sep 1909- Jan 1910 (closing date unknown/104 performances). Cast: Frances Alain (as "Chorus"), Gladys Alexander (as "Chorus"), Daisy Anderson (as "Chorus"), Sam Bernard (as "Herman Scholz"), Blanche Brayton (as "Chorus"), Donald Buchanan (as "Carl Behrend"), Charles K. Burrows (as "Jake Juggers"), Sadie Carr (as "Chorus"), Harry Corson Clarke (as "Count Hochstetter"), Aimee Dalmores (as "Chorus"), Vinnie Danvers (as "Chorus"), Berna DeVore (as "Chorus"), Helen Edwards (as "Chorus"), Marguerite Faulkner (as "Chorus"), Estelle Francesca (as "Chorus"), Anita Francesca (as "Chorus"), Nedra Gage (as "Chorus"), Louise Gale (as "Chorus"), L. Garvey (as "Chorus"), Kitty Gordon (as "Murietta"), Percy Hammond (as "Captain of the Troop"), Henry Holt (as "Burgomaster/Chorus"), May Hopkins [credited as May Hopkins] (as "Chorus"), Olin Howland (as "Chorus"), Gertrude Jenkins (as "Chorus"), Samuel Keene (as "Chorus/Steiffel"), Ethel Kelly (as "Chorus"), Arline LaCrosse (as "Chorus"), Harry Law (as "Chorus"), Bert Lawrence (as "The Baron/Chorus"), Hattie Lorraine (as "Chorus/Gretchen"), Violet Marsden (as "Chorus"), Rita Mason (as "Chorus"), Gracie McMean (as "Chorus"), F.H. Meirose (as "Chorus"), Bertha Montague (as "Chorus"), Ray Mordecai (as "Chorus"), Audrey Munson (as "Chorus"), Blixie Murrie (as "Chorus"), Nellie Neil (as "Chorus"), Olive Norman (as "Chorus"), Flora Parker (as "Felicitas"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Sergeant/Chorus"), Max Robertson (as "Kurt/Chorus"), William Roselle (as "Paul"), Charles P. Scales (as "Chorus/Raoul"), Dorothy Scherer (as "Chorus"), Oscar Schwartz (as "Max Andressen/Chorus"), Cissie Shotten (as "Chorus"), Bessie Shrednecky (as "Mina/Chorus"), Edith Shrednecky (as "Chorus"), Harriet Stanton (as "Frantzi"), Oliver Sterling (as "Schwendemann/Chorus"), Anna Stone (as "Chorus"), Gladys Taylor (as "Chorus"), F. Trebbie (as "Chorus"), Harry Truelson (as "Chorus"), W. Ward (as "Chorus"), Sallie Webb (as "Chorus"), Dora West (as "Chorus"). Produced by Sam S. and Lee Shubert Inc.
  • (1911) Stage: Appeared (as "Chorus") in "The Balkan Princess" on Broadway. Musical. Music by Paul Rubens. Book by Frederick Lonsdale and Frank Curzon. Lyrics by Paul Rubens and Arthur Wimperis. Musical Director: John McGhie. Directed by W.J. Wilson. Herald Square Theatre (moved to The Casino Theatre from 27 Feb 1911 to close): 9 Feb 1911-13 May 1911 (108 performances). Cast: Percy Ames, May Boley (as "Magda"), Alice Brady (as "Olga"; Broadway debut), Millie Bright, W.T. Carleton, Sylvia Clark, Herbert Corthell, Harold De Becker (as "Lounger at the Bohemian Restaurant" / "Chorus"), Mabel Ferry, Irving Finn, Rose Firestone, Louise Gunning, Fred Hudler, Kenneth Hunter, Daisy James, Samuel Keene, Grace Kimball, Harry Lewellyn, Len Litchfield, Fritz Macklyn, Peggy Merritt, Robert Milliken, Bobby B. Nichols, Christine Nielson, John H. Pratt, Carmen Romero, Marie Rose, Robert Warwick (as "The Grand Duke Sergius"), Teddy Webb, Nanon Welsh (as "Chorus"), Vida Whitmore. Produced by Sam Shubert and Lee Shubert. Produced by arrangement with William A. Brady.
  • The Beggar Student (1913). Musical/operetta.
  • (1913) Stage: Appeared in "All Aboard" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by Mark Swan. Music by E. Ray Goetz and Malvin M. Franklin. Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz. Musical Director: DeWitt C. Coolman. Featuring songs by Irving Berlin, Jack Glogau and Joaquin Valverde. Featuring songs with lyrics by Irving Berlin and Earl Carroll. Musical Staging by William J. Wilson. Costume Design by Melville Ellis. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Lighting Design by David Atchison. Directed by William J. Wilson and William H. Post. Lew Fields' 44th Street Roof Garden: 5 Jun 1913-6 Sep 1913 (108 performances). Produced by Lew Fields.
  • (1917) Stage: Appeared (as "Harold Bub Hicks") in "Leave It to Jane" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse. Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse from "The College Widow" by George Ade. Musical Director: John McGhie. Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Choreographed by David Bennett. Directed by Edward Royce. Longacre Theatre: 28 Aug 1917-19 Jan 1918 (167 performances). Cast: Frances Burns (as "Josephine Barclay"), Jane Carroll (as "Sally Cameron"), D.E. Charles (as "Dick McAllister"), Arline Chase (as "Louella Banks"), Dan Collyer (as "Matty McGowan"), Will C. Crimans (as "Hiram Bolton"), Lillian Cullen (as "Bertha Tyson"), Rudolf Cutten (as "Ollie Mitchell"), Thomas Delmar (as "Silent Murphy"), Harry Forbes (as "Jimsey Hopper"), Frederic Graham (as "Peter Witherspoon"), Algernon Grieg (as "Howard Talbot"), Edith Hallor (as "Jane Witherspoon"), Allan Kelly (as "Honorable Elam Hicks"), Marie King (as "Martha Abbott"), Catherine Mack (as "Cora Jenks"), Tess Mayer (as "Cissie Summers"), Georgia O'Ramey (as "Flora Wiggins"), Anna Orr (as "Bessie Tanner"), Robert G. Pitkin (as "Billy Bolton"), Helen Rich (as "Marion Mooney"), Oscar Shaw (as "Stub Talmadge"). Produced by William Elliott, F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest.
  • (1919) Stage: Appeared (as "Chester Pollard") in "She's a Good Fellow" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Book by Anne Caldwell. Music and lyric of "Jubilo" founded on "Kingdom Comin'" by Henry Clay Work. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell. Directed by Fred G. Latham and Edward Royce. Globe Theatre: 5 May 1919-16 Aug 1919 (120 performances). Cast: Helen Allen, Marie Ayres, Florence Bruce, Martine Burnley, Arline Chase, Alexander Clark, Lucille Darling (as "Ensemble"), Rosetta Duncan (as "Mazie Moore"), Vivian Duncan (as "Betty Blair"), Alice Earle (as "Ensemble"), Florence Edney (as "Miss Busby"), Nellie Fillmore, Pauline Hall (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Hollis (as "Ensemble"), Beatrice Hughes (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Lawson (as "Zizi Sumarez"), Helen Lovett (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Maitland (as "Mrs. Franklin"), James C. Marlowe (as "Adm. Franklin"), Florence Martin (as "Ensemble"), Eleanor Mathison (as "Ensemble"), Phyllis Munday (as "Ensemble"), Grace O'Connor (as "Ensemble"), Anna Orr (as "Lavinia Lee"), Hildah Reeder (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Santley (as "Robert McLane"), Ivy Sawyer (as "Jacqueline Fay"), Scott Welsh (as "Billy Hopkins"), Lillian White (as "Ensemble"), Genevieve Willment (as "Ensemble"), Irene Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Jay Wilson (as "McVey"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Linger Longer Letty. Musical comedy. Music by Alfred Goodman. Book by Anne Nichols. Lyrics by Bernard Grosman. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Featuring songs with lyrics by Oliver Morosco and George Yoerger. Featuring songs by W. FrischMusical Staging by William H. Smith. Production Supervised and Directed by Oliver MoroscoFulton Theatre: 20 Nov 1919- 21 Jan 1920 (69 performances). Cast: Harold Abbey (as "Ensemble"), Faith Belmont (as "Ensemble"), France Bendsten (as "Lazelle"), Vera Bradley (as "Ensemble"), Frank Brooks (as "Ensemble"), Halcyon Chambers (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Clements (as "Ensemble"), Robert Cowles (as "Ensemble"), Dora Duby (as "Ensemble"), Oscar Brimberton Figman (as "Father"), Ann Greenway (as "Ensemble"), Charlotte Greenwood (as "Letty"), Jack Grieves (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Hartley (as "Walter"), Eleanor Henry (as "Nancy"), Bernice Hirsch (as "Ethelmay"), Ethel Hobart (as "Ensemble"), Sadie Howe (as "Ensemble"), Olin Howland (as "Jim"), Margaret Kearns (as "Ensemble"), Alice Knowlton (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Lancier (as "Ensemble"), Myra Lane (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie McClintock (as "Juliet"), Louise Mink (as "Mrs. Brewster"), Edna Renard (as "Ensemble"), Cyril Ring (as "Colonel"), Olga Roller (as "Mayme"), Boris Scott (as "Ensemble"), Margaret Severn (as "Specialty Dancer"), Mary Shepard (as "Ensemble"), Helen Trainer (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Travares (as "Marie"), Frances Victory (as "Roberta"), Marjorie Wall (as "Ensemble"), Eva Warrington (as "Ensemble"), Polly Watkins (as "Ensemble"), Roule Wilder (as "Ensemble"), Harold Williams (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Oliver Morosco.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Two Little Girls in Blue. Musical comedy. Music by Paul Lannin and Vincent Youmans. Lyrics by Arthur Francis. Book by Fred Jackson. Musical Director: Charles Previn. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones and Paul Lannin. Directed by Ned Wayburn. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 3 May 1921- 27 Aug 1921 (135 performances). Cast: Patricia Clarke, Daisy Daniels, Edith Decker, Carolyn Erwin, Madeline Fairbanks, Marion Fairbanks, Helen Gates, Etienne Girardot (as "Dudley La Fleur"), Ellwood Gray, Frank Hall, Fred Hall, Otis Harper, Dorothy Harrison, Kay Harrison, Vanda Hoff, Olin Howland, Jacquelyn Hunter, Emma Janvier, Stanley Jessup (as "Captain Morrow"), Julie Kelety, Edith Kessler, Evelyn Law, Muriel Lodge, Leonora Lukens, George Mack, Gayle Mays, Beulah McFarland, Margery Morrison, Paul Porter, Jobyna Ralston (as "Ensemble") [only Broadway appearance], Fred Rogers, Fred Santley, Oscar Shaw, Rosemary Sill, Taylor, Harold Thompson, Jack Tomson, Tommy Tomson, Peggy Underwood, Fay West. Produced by Abraham L. Erlanger.
  • Just Because (1922). Musical comedy.
  • Our Nell (1922). Musical melodrama.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared (as "Gabrielle") in "Wildflower" on Broadway. Musical. Music by Herbert Stothart (also Music Director) and Vincent Youmans. Book / lyrics by Otto A. Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Gowns and Costumes Designed by Charles Le Maire. Scenic Design by Gates & Morange. Choreographed by David Bennett. Directed by Oscar Eagle. Casino Theatre: 7 Feb 1923-29 Mar 1924 (477 performances). Cast: Edith Day (as "Nina Benedetto"), Florence Ashton, Evelyn Cavanaugh, Viola Clarens, Elizabeth Coyle, Jerome Daley, James Doyle, Charles Froom, Frank Grinell, Muriel Harrison, Adele Hart, Agnes Horter, Esther Howard (as "Lucrezia La Roche"), Robert Hurst, Charles Judels (as "Gaston La Roche"), Al Kinley, Louis Laub, Helen Lewis, Ursula Mack, Genevieve Markham, Beverly Maude, William McGurn, Myrtle Miller, Margaret Morris, Verona Oakley, Marie Otto, Marion Phillips, Paul Porter, Marion Randall, Martinez Randall, Guy Robertson, Kenneth Smith, Sybil Steward, Peggy Stohl, Emmy Tattersall, Marjorie Wood. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "Golden Dawn" on Broadway. Musical. Written by Otto A. Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. Directed by Reginald R. Hammerstein. Hammerstein's Theatre: 30 Nov 1927-5 May 1928 (184 performances).

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