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The Master of...Class Consciousness? Close-Up on 3 from Hitchcock

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Close-Up is a feature that spotlights films now playing on Mubi. The retrospective Early Hitchcock is showing August 11 - September 12, 2017 in the United States.ChampagneAround the time of his dazzling expressionistic breakthrough The Lodger (1927), and Blackmail (1929), his innovative foray into sound—and England’s first talkie—Alfred Hitchcock was testing the narrative waters of his potential filmic output. It was a terrifically productive period for the promising London-born auteur, with nearly 20 features in ten years, and looking back at these early works, the tendency is often to pinpoint instances of his trademark aesthetic to come (easy to do with something like The Lodger; less so with something like The Ring, also 1927). However, when sampling these titles, and keeping in mind the most popular Hitchcockian characteristics had yet to be regularly implemented, new and uncommon propensities emerge. Such is the case with a trilogy of films to be shown as part
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Clip and Images from the new Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Vol 1: Cheer Up!

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Looking back at the early days of cinema allows us not only the opportunity to see the development of our favourite medium but also discover the hidden gems which may have been forgotten.

Network Releasing are shining their own particular light on some of the lesser-known films from one of the most important studios in British cinema history. The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Vol. 1 (out on the 8th of April) contains early works from directors such as Carol Reed and Basil Dean and we’ve got a clip and a couple of rare production images from the wonderfully named Cheer Up! for you today.

A struggling playwright hopes to market a musical comedy that he has written in collaboration with another equally penurious composer. Anxious to secure the backing of a millionaire, the two composers only succeed in making him angry — until, following a chain of misunderstandings, they finally emerge triumphant.
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Movies... For Free! The Ring (1927)

Showcasing classic movies that have fallen out of copyright and are available freely from the public domain...

The Ring, 1927

Written and Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Starring Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis, Ian Hunter, Forrester Harvey, Harry Terry and Gordon Harker

The Ring centres on a love triangle between a young woman called Mabel (Lillian Hall-Davis, who would also star in Hitchcock's next production The Farmer's Wife), her prize-fighter fiancé 'One-Round' Jack Saunders (Carl Brisson) and rival boxer and champion Bob Corby (Ian Hunter). After defeating Jack in a fairground contest, Bob enlists him as a sparring partner in order to get close to Mabel, and when the pair run away together Jack must challenge his rival in the ring for both the championship and the love of his woman.

The only film from Hitchcock's extensive body of work where he was to receive the sole writing credit, The Ring was the
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