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WWE Wrestler Rhyno Wins Republican Primary for Michigan House Seat

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WWE Wrestler Rhyno Wins Republican Primary for Michigan House Seat
WWE wrestler Rhyno could be laying the smackdown on the jabronis in the statehouse before you know it. Rhyno, whose real name is Terrance Gerin, won the Republican primary for the Michigan House of Representatives 15th District seat by just 56 votes, according to MLive. He will now face off against Democrat Abdullah Hammoud in the general election come November. “I understand some people might be hesitant thinking it’s a gimmick, but my friends and family know my love for this country, my passion for politics and my love for helping people out,” Gerin said. “If elected, that becomes my number one priority.
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Tna Teases Surprises For Upcoming NYC Tapings

Tna Wrestling is currently without a new deal for their flagship Impact program, but that isn’t stopping them from hyping their next set of tapings from the Manhattan Center next week.

The company has said there will be a major announcement regarding the tapings, which will be the second set in which Tna has done from the arena, which hosted Monday Night Raw during its early years.

Tna has already announced that former Ecw and WWE superstar Yoshihiro Tajiri will be present at the show, continuing the trend of former Ecw stars appearing on the program. Recently both Rhino and Tommy Dreamer have been brought in to participate in a high-profile program with surging star Ethan Carter III and Bully Ray. Ray’s longtime tag team partner Devon Dudley also made his return to the show during the last set of tapings, which has received positive reviews from fans.
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Inside 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' -- And Sony's strategy to supersize its franchise

Inside 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' -- And Sony's strategy to supersize its franchise
This appeared in the April 4 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

With Great Marketing comes great responsibility. In December, Sony released its first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — the idea, as always, being to spill exactly the right number of secrets and not half a secret more. “I was nervous about it,” says director Marc Webb. “But we wanted to raise the stakes. We want people to appreciate the scope of what’s to come both in this movie and in subsequent films.” So fans saw their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) swinging exuberantly between the gleaming skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan.
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WWE: 10 Most Underrated Wrestlers Of All Time

Every wrestler in the world thinks they’re ‘The Guy” but there’s only so many spots at the top. Most of the guys on this list are not only underrated and under appreciated but they are/were under utilized as well. All of these guys held a title at one time or another but did they ever hold The title? No. Not one man on this list ever became the WWE or WCW World Heavyweight Champion and that’s a damn shame.

All of the wrestlers on this list display one or more of the main characteristics that make up an elite superstar. Whether it be power, charisma, ring presence or just being a great worker, all of these guys had/have it and then some. Limiting this list to just 10 was an impossible feat but these are the guys I feel deserve it the most.

Without further ado,

Insane Championship Wrestling: Welcome To The Insane Asylum

“There are two major wrestling magazines in the UK, both of which have called us the closest experience you can get to the old live Ecw events. Icw present a progressive, aggressive story filled with engaging characters in a adult environment, going head-to-head in smash mouth professional wrestling. It all could really be summed up as the ‘Attitude Era’ meets Memphis wrestling” – Mark Dallas, Owner, Insane Championship Wrestling.

It’s true that in 2013, professional wrestling companies are ten a penny, a dime a dozen and in plentiful supply. In the United States, on any given night, there will be any number of small wrestling leagues putting on a show, often using stars from a bygone era as a focal point. Similarly, in Europe and the United Kingdom, there are literally hundreds of promotions holding events each week. With WWE dominating the industry and holding the vast majority of the market share,

WWE, WCW & Tna’s 12 Strangest Wrestling Gimmick Matches

WWE Extreme Rules is the time of year where stipulation matches take centre stage, so what better time to look back at some of the strangest gimmick matches in wrestling history.

Kennel from Hell

Watch It Here

So a retired prison guard steals your dog, invites you over and tricks you into eating him. How do you get revenge? Challenge them to a, “Kennel from Hell” that’s how! On paper it sounded intimidating. A cage surrounding the ring, a hell in the cell surrounding that and in between those rabid dogs. The only way to win was to escape both cages and outrun those angry dogs. Sounds exciting. Unfortunately it wasn’t.

The first (and last) “Kennel from Hell,“ took place at WWF Unforgiven 1999, between Al Snow and the Big Bossman. Unforgiven was already an odd event before the Kennel even came out. The first match of the evening
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Wrestlemania 28 Countdown: Top 10 Wrestlemania Matches of All-Time

Just making the card of wrestlemania is enough to fulfil the dreams of some of the members of the wwe roster but then there are others who aim a little higher to pursue a coveted wrestlemania moment and to steal the show with their match on the grandest stage of them all. It is the grandstand wrestling event where the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock watched childhood heroes such as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage engage in combat and where today’s main eventers such as Cm Punk and The Miz were captivated in turn by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

With so much desire in the air it is perhaps not surprising to discover that Wrestlemania has been responsible for numerous great matches, many of which had to be sacrificed for this elite list but what follows is simply my
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Party Favors: Hufn Pufnstuf

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Lidsville -Sid Krofft talked to me over the phone. That’s almost as wild and weird as the shows he created with his brother Marty that dominated the ’70s. Their live action Saturday morning series mixed puppets and people went perfect with the sugar rush from a fresh bowl of Count Chocula. This was like a weird childhood dream as I had so many questions that had puzzled me since childhood. Krofft was eager to give answers.

He was excited about Vivendi Entertainment’s recent release of H.R. Pufnstuf: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition. There’s also a normal H.R. Pufnstuf: The Complete Series. What’s the difference? A cool bobblehead of H.R. Pufnstuf. I’ve had little contact with the bobblehead since my two year-old has turned it into her new best friend. I told Sid Krofft how another generation has embraced the lizard hero of my youth.
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