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BBC Buys ‘Vienna Blood’ Crime Thriller Series from ‘Sherlock’ Writer (Exclusive)

  • Variety
“Vienna Blood” is set to spill on the BBC after the U.K. pubcaster picked up the Austrian-set crime thriller, which is based on the best-selling Liebermann novels by Frank Tallis. Steve Thompson, whose writing credits include the BBC’s “Sherlock” and Fox’s international thriller “Deep State,” penned the series.

Starring Matthew Beard (“The Imitation Game”), and Juergen Maurer (“Tatort”), “Vienna Blood” is set in 1900s Vienna, a hot bed of philosophy, science and art.

Max Liebermann (Beard) is a brilliant young English doctor, studying under psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. He meets Oskar Rheinhardt (Maurer), an Austrian detective and the pair go on to tackle some of Vienna’s most mysterious and deadly cases.

The series was filmed on location in the Austrian capital. Conleth Hill (“Game of Thrones”), Charlene McKenna (“Ripper Street”), Amelia Bullmore (“Gentleman Jack”), Jessica De Gouw (“Dracula”), and Luise Von Finckh also all appear. It is produced by the U.
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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Who's da New King of Hell?

On the Lucifer season finale, the Devil and the detective finally acknowledge their true feelings for each other.



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This Lucifer review contains spoilers.

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 10

“I love you. Please don’t leave.”

From their first meeting at a crime scene outside of Lux in the series premiere, it seemed only a matter of time before the detective and the Devil became more than just partners. Fans of the show have weathered a number of close calls along the way, but the Lucifer season four finale “Who’s da New King of Hell?” concludes with Chloe admitting to Lucifer that she loves him. But this is a new Lucifer, and for all of the hedonistic behavior and self-aggrandizement, in the end, the Devil willingly accepts the role of mankind’s savior and sacrifices the one thing in the world he truly loves. Detective Chloe Decker.

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Jessica Hausner’s Fifth Festival Film ‘Little Joe’ Is An Homage To Frankenstein — Cannes

Jessica Hausner’s Fifth Festival Film ‘Little Joe’ Is An Homage To Frankenstein — Cannes
It’s fifth time lucky for Austria’s Jessica Hausner, who has had a strong Cannes presence since her unsettling debut Lovely Rita premiered there in 2001. After returning with the Lynchian 2004 thriller Hotel, Hausner took 2009’s provocative French religious drama Lourdes to compete in Venice before coming back to the Croisette in 2014 with the literary romance Amour Fou. Now she follows Austrian stalwarts Michael Haneke and Ulrich Seidl into the major league with a cautionary British-set sci-fi called Little Joe, in which Emily Beecham stars as Alice, a single mother and plant breeder who has created a flower remarkable for both its beauty and its therapeutic properties.

What’s Little Joe about?

I would say that, at the center of the film, is the idea of Frankenstein. Frankenstein invented a monster and lost control over it. And, in my film, Alice is a scientist who invents a monster and she also loses control over it.
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George Clooney's Response to Whether He'll Be Baby Archie's Godfather Was, Um, Unexpected!

George Clooney's Response to Whether He'll Be Baby Archie's Godfather Was, Um, Unexpected!
Well, it looks like George Clooney won't be selected as a godparent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's newborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. However, we still don't know if he was actually asked! The actor - who is the father of 2-year-old twins Alexander and Ella - recently offered his hilarious explanation in an interview with Extra at the Catch-22 premiere on May 7.

"You don't want me to be a godparent of anybody."

Since royals don't choose immediate family to serve as godparents, many of Harry and Meghan's famous friends were rumored to be shortlisted as candidates. George and Amal were apparently on that list, and the human rights lawyer even attended Meghan's intimate baby shower back in February after attending the royal wedding last year. But alas, it was just a rumor. "Everybody loves their rumors," George said. "It's not true. You don't want me to be a godparent of anybody.
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George Clooney Addresses Rumors He's the Godfather of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Son Archie

George Clooney Addresses Rumors He's the Godfather of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Son Archie
George Clooney is setting the record straight on his status as royal godfather.

The 58-year-old actor opened up about whether he is the godfather of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie Harrison.

“Everybody loves their rumors,” Clooney told Extra on Wednesday. “It’s not true. You don’t want me to be a godparent of anybody.”

He jokingly added, “I’m barely a parent at this point. It’s frightening.”

Clooney celebrated his birthday on Monday, the same day the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their baby boy.

“It’s kind of irritating if you think about it,
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Media Giant Zdf Enterprises Sees Opportunity in TV Market Changes

While the international media industry grapples with the tectonic shifts triggered by the growing proliferation of streaming services, Zdf Enterprises is riding the wave of change by seizing opportunities, creating new business models and forging partnerships with the likes of Netflix and other digital players.

As the world sales, licensing and co-production arm of German broadcaster Zdf, Zdfe has long established itself as an independent player in both domestic and global markets and it is quickly adapting to the sector’s new reality.

The company has also expanded its sales and production operations through key acquisitions as part of its overall growth strategy.

“We have tried to embrace the changes, the disruption that these platforms have brought to the market through digitization and streaming possibilities, to recognize the opportunities rather than the threat,” Zdfe President and CEO Fred Burcksen tells Variety. “We have so far been able to profit from that.
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Uncanny ‘Us’: How Jordan Peele Uses Philosophy to Scare You

Uncanny ‘Us’: How Jordan Peele Uses Philosophy to Scare You
[Editor’s note: The following articles contains spoilers.]

When two people bear a striking resemblance to one another, we often call those similarities uncanny. The word is so rarely used outside that context, in fact, that we may forget its most basic definition: “seeming to have a supernatural character or origin.” For two things to have a truly uncanny resemblance, simply looking alike isn’t enough — they have to arouse discomfort for being nearly, but not entirely, identical. The more alike they are, the more unsettling their small differences become.

Jordan Peele understands that distinction, and he puts it to effective use in his second film, “Us.” A horror-thriller about a family of four confronted by their ill-intentioned doppelgängers, it brings to mind not only such genre influences as “The Twilight Zone” but also this passage from Sigmund Freud’ 1919 essay “The Uncanny”:

“The subject of the ‘uncanny’ is a province of this kind. It is undoubtedly related
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Flashback: Bill and Ted’s Historical Friends Trash the San Dimas Mall

Flashback: Bill and Ted’s Historical Friends Trash the San Dimas Mall
After years of rumors and false starts, word finally came down yesterday that a third Bill & Ted movie is officially happening. “Production is set to begin this summer on Bill & Ted Face The Music with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles as the eponymous duo,” reads a press release. “Orion Pictures will release the highly anticipated film through United Artists Releasing banner in theaters nationwide on August 21st, 2020.”

Reeves and Winter have been aggressively pushing for this for several years and have revealed that the plot involves an
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Who is the Rabbi on Young Sheldon? The talented John Rubinstein has over 200 credits to his name

When watching Young Sheldon this week, did you find yourself thinking, “That Rabbi looks awfully familiar?” Well, there might be a solid explanation for this. Who is the Rabbi in Young Sheldon? In the episode, young Sheldon Cooper begins to contemplate whether his choice of religion factors into being a great scientist. For example, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud are among the long line of great Jewish scientist in history. For this reason, Sheldon believes that converting might bring him closer to being Einstein himself. This leads him to call a local synagogue and ask how to become a member […]

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The 25 Best Venture Bros. Episodes

Daniel Kurland Mar 15, 2019

The Venture Bros. has seven seasons under its belt and the writing and comedy is still as fresh as ever.

The Venture Bros. has been quietly plugging away on Adult Swim for over 15 years. The brilliant animated series has become a staple of the network, but with the show’s minimalist staff, it often takes years for a new season of episodes to hit. In spite of these lengthy waits, the show’s fanbase remains stronger than ever and new seasons of the show are treated like reasons for celebration.

It’s incredible to see how the show—both in its storytelling and its animation—have grown and become more advanced over the years. The Venture Bros. Season 7 wrapped up last year and it in many ways was the most rewarding and full season of the show since its inception. The Venture Bros. continues to evolve over time,
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Movie Poster of the Week: The Illustrated Bruno Ganz

  • MUBI
Bruno Ganz, who died last week at the age of 77, had 121 acting credits to his name, from his debut as a hotel page in the 1960 comedy The Man in the Black Derby to his final role as a judge in Terrence Malick’s yet to be released Radegund. His underworld guide in Lars von Trier’s The House that Jack Built would have been at the very least a fitting send-off, but since that film premiered in Cannes last year he has also played Sigmund Freud in The Tobacconist and starred in a Macedonian war crimes drama, I Witness. Born in Zurich, to Swiss and Italian parents, Ganz was a truly international star, working with Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, and Volker Schlöndorff in Germany, but also Eric Rohmer, Jerzy Skolimowski, Alain Tanner, Gillian Armstrong, Jonathan Demme, Theo Angelopoulos, Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott, Atom Egoyan, Barbet Schroeder, Bille August, Sally Potter,
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Viggo Mortensen Reflects On The Twists & Turns Of His ‘Green Book’ Journey As He Preps His Directorial Debut

  • Deadline
Viggo Mortensen Reflects On The Twists & Turns Of His ‘Green Book’ Journey As He Preps His Directorial Debut
Exclusive: “I didn’t sleep much last night,” Viggo Mortensen admits. “The building I’m in, the pipes burst on the top floor, and it was like a river of water coming down the stairways. It was insane, so we all had to leave the building, and I spent part of the night outside.”

Out in cold, snowy Toronto, Mortensen managed to get a few hours of rest before returning to work. Currently in pre-production on Falling—his feature directing debut, which will go before cameras by the first week of March—Morten’s morning was brightened by the news of his latest Oscar nomination for Green Book, and the overall success of the film.

Directed by Peter Farrelly from a script written with Nick Vallelonga and Brian Hayes Currie, the Universal release tells the poignant and pertinent true story of the unlikeliest of friendships. When Vallelonga’s father, Italian-American bouncer Tony Lip,
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Daniel Bruhl (‘The Alienist’): Golden Globe nominee chats TNT limited series [Complete Interview Transcript]

Daniel Bruhl just received his second career Golden Globe nomination, this time for his television work on the TNT limited series “The Alienist.” It’s about a team of investigators exploring a string of child prostitute murders in the late 1800s in New York. Bruhl plays Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist at a time when such a field of study was often dismissed. While this is his first TV series role in English, he is well known in the world of film, collecting prior Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, BAFTA and Critics’ Choice Award nominations for the 2013 film “Rush.”

Bruhl recently spoke with Gold Derby contributing editor Zach Laws in a video interview about playing the titular role in “The Alienist” and working with actors like Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning. Watch the full exclusive video above and read the entire interview transcript below.

SEELuke Evans Interview: ‘The
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‘Michael,’ ‘Angelo’ Director Markus Schleinzer on Next Project ‘Rose’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
‘Michael,’ ‘Angelo’ Director Markus Schleinzer on Next Project ‘Rose’ (Exclusive)
An acting coach, casting director and performer himself, Markus Schleinzer has been a fixture of the Austrian film industry for over two decades. In 2011, he became an internationally renowned director in his own right once his feature debut “Michael,” about a pedophile who holds a child captive, premiered in Competition in Cannes.

Now he’s back on the festival circuit with his long-awaited follow-up, “Angelo,” which played in competition at San Sebastian and at Toronto. Loosely inspired by an enigmatic historical figure, the incendiary film follows an African boy sold to a 17th-century countess and raised as a curio in the Viennese court.

On hand this week to present the film at the Marrakech Film Festival, the well-connected director spoke to Variety about his work and career, including his next project, and about some of the idiosyncrasies of the Austrian film scene.

Could you tell us about the project you’re developing?
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Why Viggo Mortensen Wasn’t Sure About Starring in Green Book

Don Kaye Nov 15, 2018

The celebrated actor didn’t think he was the best guy to play an Italian-American bouncer in Green Book.

“I had a lot of misgivings about it,” says Viggo Mortensen, seated in a room at the London Hotel in Los Angeles where he is spending the day talking about his new movie Green Book. The “it” in question is the role of Frank Anthony “Tony Lip” Vallelonga, an Italian-American bouncer and raconteur who was hired as a driver for famed African-American pianist Don Shirley (played in the film by Mahershala Ali) when the latter toured the Jim Crow South in 1962.

In the movie, the two men -- who couldn’t be farther apart in their manner and cultural background -- find common ground in challenging the ugly racism of the region and era.

“The last thing I wanted to do was a caricature and (director) Pete Farrelly felt the same,
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German Sales Agents Surf on Title Wave

  • Variety
German Sales Agents Surf on Title Wave
Germany’s leading sales companies have descended on the American Film Market with a wide range of titles that span horror and historical fare to arthouse, animation and family pics.

Supernatural thrillers look to be especially prevalent this year, with such chilling titles as “The Sonata,” “Hanna’s Homecoming” and “Party Hard, Die Young” — all from Arri Media Intl.

Directed by Andrew Desmond and starring Freya Tingley, Simon Abkarian and Rutger Hauer, “The Sonata” follows a young violinist who inadvertently triggers dark forces after discovering a mysterious music score composed by her late father. The film world premiered at Afm.

Esther Bialas’ “Hanna’s Homecoming,” likewise having its market premiere, centers on a teen girl who is shunned in her village because her mother was widely believed to be a witch and responsible for the deaths of several men. The pic premiered in October at the Hof Film Festival.

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Mipcom News Roundup: Viacom Sales, Germany’s ‘Survivor,’ Scandi Noir and More

  • Variety
In today’s Mipcom roundup, reflecting a jam-packed day of announcements, Viacom boasts big sales, Germany’s a ‘Survivor,’ Nordics plot murder, Fremantle sells to Saudi Arabia and Vienna gets bloody.

Viacom Intl. Announces Wave of Mipcom Sales

Announced on Monday, Viacom International Studios (Vis) has signed sales deals for three titles before the French market. Nickelodeon’s “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” an updated animated version of the IP, has sold to China, the Middle East and Albania. The series is currently rolling out in more than 170 countries on Nickelodeon’s networks. The “Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis,” a ratings hit for the network in the U.S., has been acquired by broadcasters in Russia, Australia, Israel and Finland. And finally, MTV’s new reality gameshow format “True Love or True Lies?” which launched with great success in the U.K. has been picked up by
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‘The Imitation Game’s Matthew Beard To Star In Adaptation Of ‘Vienna Blood’ From ‘Deep State’ Producer Endor – Mipcom

  • Deadline
‘The Imitation Game’s Matthew Beard To Star In Adaptation Of ‘Vienna Blood’ From ‘Deep State’ Producer Endor – Mipcom
Exclusive: The Imitation Game’s Matthew Beard is to front a European remake of Frank Tallis novels Vienna Blood, produced by Endor Productions, the company behind Mark Strong-fronted drama Deep State.

Endor has partnered with Mr Film and Red Arrow Studios International on the three-part series, which has been commissioned by Germany’s Zdf and Austria’s Orf.

Jericho and Sherlock writer Steve Thompson is adapting the series into three feature-length episodes with Robert Dornhelm (Anne Frank: The Whole Story) and Umut Dag (Cracks in Concrete) directing.

Bear plays central character Max Liebermann, the protégé of Sigmund Freud, and set in 1900s Vienna. When Liebermann comes into contact with Oskar Rheinhardt, played by Tatort’s Juergen Maurer, a detective struggling with a strange murder case, he is called to help him solve the investigation.

The three features will be based on Tallis’ first three books in the Liebermann Papers series of novels,
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Todd Haynes to Direct ‘Dry Run’ with Mark Ruffalo Being Eyed to Star

It’s no secret to any film buff that Todd Haynes can do just about anything. From lush period pieces to family films (Wonderstruck) to an experimental retelling of the life of Bob Dylan (I’m Not There), the director has truly proven himself to be a master of any genre or story he feels like telling. Lucky for us, Haynes is slated to make his return behind the camera with the upcoming drama Dry Run.

It is reported by Variety that it will be based on The New York Times article about Rob Bilott, an Ohio lawyer who uncovered how the chemical company DuPont had polluted drinking water in the region, which opened up a bigger investigation regarding chemicals that were used in everyday productions for decades. Mark Ruffalo will be co-producing Dry Run with Haynes and is considering the lead role in the film.

Dry Run will likely
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Sigmund Freud Hunts Serial Killer in New Netflix Series Freud

THR just passed along news that Netflix has just given the green light to a new thriller featuring a young Sigmund Freud. And how do you feel about that? Kidding. The upcoming thriller series Freud will be Netflix’s first original drama out of Austria and imagines the young psychoanalyst using his groundbreaking techniques and teaming […]

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