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‘Deutschland 83’ Star Jonas Nay on Period Drama ‘The Master Butcher’

  • Variety
‘Deutschland 83’ Star Jonas Nay on Period Drama ‘The Master Butcher’
Jonas Nay, best known as the star of “Deutschland 83” and its sequels, sees his upcoming period drama “The Master Butcher,” which follows a young German migrant to the U.S. in the 1920s, as having contemporary resonance at a time when so many people are geographically displaced.

“For me the transition into the present day was immediate. I read [the screenplay] and thought that helps me understand how you’d feel if you left your home,” he says, during a visit to Cannes for MipTV, where Global Screen is selling the show.

“It’s a timeless story because it is about this question of what is home? What does home mean when you go somewhere else? Is it possible to find a new home … to find a new family and friends somewhere else? Or are you always bound to the place where you were born?” he says.

His character, Fidelis, is
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The Ritual Director Takes on The Mist Inspired Thriller Out There

The Ritual Director Takes on The Mist Inspired Thriller Out There
One of my favorite up-and-coming horror directors out there is David Bruckner, and today we have word that he is attached to helm Entertainment One's high concept sci-fi flick Out There. Details are scarce on just what the project is about, but sources say the thriller centers on a family struggling to survive following a mysterious event that changes the course of the world. Sounds like fun to this guy! Even better still is that we hear the movie follows in the vein of Stephen King's classic novella The Mist.

Stephen King's The Mist, for those who somehow might not know, was adapted into a film starring Tom Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, and Laurie Holden back in 2007 from The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile writer-director Frank Darabont. Not to compare apples to soul-devastating oranges, but let me just put out there that if this Out There motion
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Listen: Timothée Chalamet on ‘Beautiful Boy’ and His Generation’s Response to the #MeToo Movement

  • Variety
Listen: Timothée Chalamet on ‘Beautiful Boy’ and His Generation’s Response to the #MeToo Movement
Playback is a Variety / iHeartRadio podcast bringing you conversations with the talents behind many of today’s hottest films. New episodes air every Thursday.

At just 22 years old, actor Timothée Chalamet has skyrocketed quickly as one of the most popular and in-demand performers of his generation. On the heels of a whirlwind year that included an Oscar nomination for “Call Me by Your Name,” he’s following things up with a dive into real-life addiction drama “Beautiful Boy.” Starring as Nic Sheff, whose memoir “Tweak” formed one half of the script’s inspiration along with father David’s “Beautiful Boy,” Chalamet says the ambition wasn’t to top the rawness of films like Uli Edel’s “Christiane F.” or the Safdie brothers’ “Heaven Knows What,” but to bring the matter-of-fact authenticity of the situation to the fore. A huge part of unlocking things, he says, was of course meeting Nic himself.
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Horror Highlights: Splathouse Podcast, The Abduction Of Jennifer Grayson, Atomic Blonde, The Mason Brothers, Fashionista Q&A, Nightmare

Featured in today's Horror Highlights, we have Splathouse podcast's discussion of the 2001 movie The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, DVD release details for The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson, the SXSW Film Festival poster for Atomic Blonde, details on The Mason Brothers' upcoming theatrical run, a Q&A with Fashionista director Simon Rumley, and a look at the short film Nightmare.

Splathouse Podcast Discusses The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: From Splathouse: "Sleepy skeletons, spirited space aliens, and super-scientists are the focus of this week's show! That's right, we're profiling Larry Blamire's excellent comedy "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra".

Two of the film's featured performers, Brian Howe ("Westworld") and Fay Masterson ("50 Shades Darker"), stop by to talk about their careers and their work on "Lost Skeleton..."

Our good friend Sarah Jane (aka @fookthis on Twitter and Letterboxed, and she of the Talk Film Society) stops by with her cinematic picks for fans of “Lost Skeleton.
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Glasgow Frightfest 2017: Simon Rumley Interview

  • Nerdly
Ahead of the UK premiere of his latest film Fashionista at Horror Channel FrightFest Glasgow, Simon Rumley reveals why he’s a fan of drugs in film and his planned foray into London gangster land…

Fashionista finds you back in Austin after Red White and Blue. What excites you about Austin so much? Could Fashionista have been set anywhere else?

I had such a great experience on Red White & Blue for so many different reasons that it was only natural that, at some point, I’d return to Austin. With Tim League (exec producer), Paul Knauss (co-producer) and Karen Hallford (casting director) I’ve got a great bunch of friends who also happen to be great collaborators and they form the core of both films’ Austin based crew and most probably without them neither films would have happened. Beyond that, I love the unique style of Austin, the food, the music,
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The Erotic Thrillers That Followed Basic Instinct’s Success

Simon Brew Mar 20, 2019

When Basic Instinct hit big, Hollywood went hunting for erotic thrillers, and it found some that kept the romance flowing.

When a movie hits big out of the blue, it’s unwritten Hollywood law that the imitators aren’t too far behind. That’s why when after American Pie brought raunchy teen comedies back to prominence in 1999, the box office was flooded with similar fare for years. The Blair Witch Project, meanwhile, hit out of nowhere, and found footage horror didn't really taper off until 15 years later. The late Wes Craven even wryly noted just how quickly Hollywood had cashed in on the success of 1996’s Scream when the spoof Scary Movie popped out the year after.

Going back to 1992, though, and it was the turn of the erotic thriller to enjoy its resurgence. Paul Verhoeven’s controversial Basic Instinct, off the back of a $3 million budgeted Joe Eszterhas screenplay,
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The erotic thrillers that followed Basic Instinct’s success

Simon Brew Feb 3, 2017

When Basic Instinct hit big, Hollywood went hunting for more erotic thrillers. Er, it found some. Includes Kevin Spacey with odd hair.

When a movie hits big out of the blue, it’s unwritten Hollywood law that the imitators aren’t too far behind. That’s why, after American Pie brought Porky’s-esque sex-tinged (late) teen comedies back to prominence in 1999, the box office was flooded with similar fare for years after. The Blair Witch Project, meanwhile, hit out of nowhere, and found footage horror is only now dying away. The late Wes Craven, meanwhile, wryly noted just how quickly Hollywood had cashed in on the success of 1996’s Scream, when spoof Scary Movie popped out the year after.

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Going back to 1992, though, and it was the turn of the erotic thriller to enjoy its resurgence.
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Twin Peaks: The Original Series, Fire Walk with Me & The Missing Pieces

David Lynch and Mark Frost's 1990 TV series looks better than ever, while the 1992 feature prequel digs deeper in Laura Palmer's unpleasant final days without as many rewards. CBS's 9-disc retrospective is a setup for the highly awaited series continuation -- delayed by 25 years. Twin Peaks: The Original Series, Fire Walk with Me & The Missing Pieces Blu-ray CBS / Paramount 1990 & 1992 / Color / 1:37 flat full frame & 1:78 widescreen / 25 hours + 134 min. / Street Date September 20, 2016 / 72,99 Starring (series) Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Richard Beymer, Warren Frost, Peggy Lipton, James Marshall, Everett McGill, Jack Nance, Joan Chen, Piper Laurie, Kimmy Robertson, Eric Da Re, Harry Goaz, Michael Horse,Russ Tamblyn, Kenneth Welsh, Wendy Robie, Miguel Ferrer, David Lynch, Heather Graham, Dan O'Herlihy, Billy Zane, James Booth, Michael Parks, Lenny von Dohlen, Hank Worden, David Duchovny, Walter Olkewicz, Jane Greer, David L. Lander,
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"A Commercial Piece of Shit": Madonna on Film

  • MUBI
In his elephantine sixth edition of The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (2014), critic David Thomson reserves his most scathing, uncharitable critique for Madonna. To him, her mere existence on film is an affront to the medium itself. He finds that she is incapable of understanding the art of acting, and spends the space of nine paragraphs belaboring the point. “There is nothing in Madonna to be advertised,”he writes, “except for her ironic, deflecting contempt. She is an ad for advertising.”It is a curiously mean-spirited entry in a book filled with thoughtful, sympathetic reconsiderations of women whom critics wrote off in their time. Thomson’s entries on Tippi Hedren and Kim Novak are among his most articulate and impassioned. Yet Thomson is utterly heartless when it comes to Madonna, suspecting that “[s]he is disappointed about something, and hugely driven by resentment.” Thomson wasn’t exactly staking out a contrarian position.
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Nicolas Cage: examining his straight-to-dvd movies

Kirsten Howard Feb 24, 2017

Last year we watched ten of the recent straight-to-dvd films of Mr Nicolas Cage. Since then, he's made six more...

This article has been updated to include six new films: Dog Eat Dog, The Trust, USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage, Southern Fury, Army Of One and Vengeance: A Love Story.

See related Grimm to end after season 6 Grimm season 6 episode 7 review: Blind Love Grimm season 6 episode 6 review: Breakfast In Bed Grimm season 6 episode 5 review: The Seven Year Itch

The first Nicolas Cage movie I saw wasn’t one of the cool ones. It wasn’t Wild At Heart, Raising Arizona or even Valley Girl. It was the Cher rom-com, Moonstruck.

My mum, having just gone through an acrimonious divorce, was trying to drum up the optimism to find love again, and apparently that involved watching a lot of rom-coms where an idealised – or at least intrinsically whimsical
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Gaga moves into animation, unveils 2016 slate

  • ScreenDaily
Gaga moves into animation, unveils 2016 slate
The Japanese distributor will release Gods Of Egypt and Pride And Prejudice And Zombies in September.

Japanese distributor Gaga has unveiled its 2016 line-up, including Gods Of Egypt and Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, along with a move into the animation business.

One of Japan’s most active buyers, Gaga will release both titles in September, along with Giuseppe Tornatore’s Correspondence.

Before then, it will release David Wnendt’s Hitler satire Look Who’s Back in June; John Carney’s Sing Street and Margarethe von Trotta’s The Misplaced World in July; and Sérgio Machado’s The Violin Teacher in August (see full line-up below).

The company’s alternative label Gaga + has a line-up of six films – including Laura Poitras’s documentary Citizenfour and Uli Edel’s Pay The Ghost – while its GagaX label will release Michel Franco’s Chronic and Hong Kong director Dante Lam’s To The Fore.

On the animation
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Rickman Dies: Harry Potter Actor Won Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA

Alan Rickman. Alan Rickman dead at 69: Professor Snape in 'Harry Potter' movies Alan Rickman, best known for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies, died of cancer on Jan. 14, '16. Rickman (born on Feb. 21, 1946, in London) was 69. Rickman first played Professor Severus Snape – who looks like a villain, walks like a villain, and talks like a villain, but who turns out to be anything but – in Chris Columbus' Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001). One of many British stage and screen stars featured in the franchise toplining Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, Rickman would remain part of the Harry Potter gang until the final installment, David Yates' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011). Alan Rickman movies Beginning with the Bruce Willis actioner Die Hard (1988), in which he plays the leader of a criminal gang, Alan Rickman was featured in nearly 50 movies.
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Iconic Rock/Pop Singer Bowie Dead: His Most Notable Movies (Updated/Expanded)

David Bowie in 'The Hunger' with Catherine Deneuve. David Bowie movies: Iconic singer memorable as fast-aging vampire in 'The Hunger,' Nikola Tesla in 'The Prestige' Singer and sometime actor David Bowie, one of the iconic figures of the English-language music scene of the second half of the 20th century, died of cancer yesterday, Jan. 10, '16. Bowie (born David Robert Jones in the London suburb of Brixton) had turned 69 on Jan. 8. His son, filmmaker Duncan Jones (Moon), has confirmed Bowie's death on Twitter. Bowie was seen in only a couple of dozen movies during his four-decade show business career. Among his most memorable film roles were those in the titles listed below. The Man Who Fell to Earth Directed by Nicolas Roeg (Walkabout, Don't Look Now) from a screenplay by Paul Mayersberg (based on a novel by Walter Tevis), The Man Who Fell to Earth
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‘Pay the Ghost’ Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jack Fulton, Lyriq Bent, Lauren Beatty, Stephen McHattie, Veronica Ferres | Written by Dan Kay | Directed by Uli Edel

You can’t say Nicolas Cage rests on his laurels. After previously going all religious with Left Behind, the rapture-based movie from last year, he heads to the dark side of life for the supernatural thriller Pay the Ghost. Although caution is needed… Previously Cage took on the horror genre with a remake of The Wicker Man and we all now how that turned out!

Almost a year after his young son disappeared by his side on Halloween night in New York City, Mike (Cage) is alone and haunted by terrifying visions of his son. Desperate but determined not to let go he researches all the cases of missing children in the city and comes to a horrifying conclusion. After bombarding the detective in charge of
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Pay the Ghost DVD review

Director: Uli Edel

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Wayne Callies

Certificate: 15

Running Time: 94 minutes

Nicolas Cage is an odd one. His career is littered with extreme highs and lows, and a lot of fake hair. His latest venture is Pay the Ghost and given its lacklustre title, it’s pretty easy to see where this is going.

Cage plays Mike Lawford, a book-smart lecturer who’s hard-working ethic has left him estranged from his young son. Hoping to mend the gap that is appearing between them he treats his son to a trip to the fare on Halloween night. Whilst buying an ice-cream his son vanishes, his last words being – ‘can we pay the ghost?’ Flash forward to almost a year later and Mike starts to receive visions of his missing child after which he starts to uncover the legend of ‘paying the ghost’.

It isn’t that Pay the Ghost is bad,
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Pay the Ghost Movie Review

  • ShockYa
Pay the Ghost Movie Review
Title: Pay the Ghost Rlj Entertainment Director: Uli Edel Writer: Dan Kay Cast: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jack Fulton Running time: 94 minutes, Unrated (mild gore) In theaters, VOD and iTunes September 25, 2015 Professor Mike Lawford (Nicolas Cage) has a habit of disappointing his young son Charlie (Jack Fulton) by missing important events. His estranged wife Kristen (Sarah Wayne Callies) is usually the one to save the day and still make Mike look like a good dad. It’s Halloween and Charlie really wants to go to the street fair with his father. His mom takes him out so that he won’t miss much, and then Mike finally comes [ Read More ]

The post Pay the Ghost Movie Review appeared first on Shockya.com.
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Pay the Ghost | Review

All Sallow’s Eve: Edel Gets Stuck in the Cage

For those who had a modicum of hope that German director’s Uli Edel‘s Canadian production of Nicolas Cage horror thriller Pay the Ghost would be more serviceable than its inane title would suggest, abandon hope all ye who enter here. Based on a novella by Tim Lebbon and adapted by Dan Kay (who last penned the 2007 indie yokel horror film Timber Falls), it’s one of those unfortunate genre cheapies that takes itself too seriously to be appreciated even for a bit of camp value—a missed opportunity considering Cage is headlining.

A supernatural thriller whose title actually succinctly implies everything the next ninety minutes will be devoted to explaining, a hungry entity wreaks havoc on New York City and its outlying regions on an annual basis, choosing everyone’s favorite pagan holiday, Halloween, to snatch innocent tots
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Movie Review – Pay the Ghost (2015)

Pay the Ghost, 2015.

Directed by Uli Edel.

Starring Nicolas Cage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jack Fulton, Lyriq Bent, Lauren Beatty, Stephen McHattie and Veronica Ferres.


A professor frantically searches for his son who was abducted during a Halloween parade.

At first glance, a film starring Nicolas Cage titled Pay the Ghost screams absurdity too good to be true. Will Nicolas Cage be in debt to an army of comically blue, gun-toting ghosts threatening harm on the rest of his family? Will he then battle those ghosts with a proton pack? Unfortunately no, but let me tell you something, that little synopsis I put very little effort and thought into would have been far more entertaining than what actually happens in Pay the Ghost.

Let’s face it, in the year 2015, when people hear Nicolas Cage and ghosts in the same sentence, they’re probably expecting B-movie shenanigans that allow the
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Review: Pay The Ghost Is Average, But Nicolas Cage Does Great Work

I don't think I have to be the one that reminds you about the certain infamous recognition that Oscar-winner actor Nicolas Cage has nowadays. We all know about his projects, why he chooses them, how he fares in them, and what he brings to the plate. Personally, I'm a fan, not in a "haha, let's laugh at how he acts" kinda way, but as someone who is genuinely curious about what he can do, especially when he is directed by people that have demonstrated some sort of talent at some point, like this time with German director Uli Edel. And, to my surprise, his performance in Pay the Ghost might be among his best acting in the last five years.Cage plays a literature professor, who lectures about...

[Read the whole post on twitchfilm.com...]
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Game of Thrones sets a record at the Emmy Awards, full list of winners here

It was a big night for HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones last night at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, with the show enjoying a record-breaking haul of 12 awards, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor, Drama (Peter Dinklage).

In total, HBO pulled in 43 Emmys, winning Outstanding Comedy Series (Veep) and Outstanding Miniseries (Olive Kitteridge), while Viola Davis became the first African American woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress, Drama (How to Get Away with Murder) and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm finally received the award for Outstanding Lead Actor, Drama at the eighth time of asking.

Check out a full list of the winners here…

See Also: List of winners from the 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Outstanding Drama Series

Game of Thrones” (Winner)

“Better Call Saul”

Downton Abbey


House of Cards

Mad Men

Orange is the New Black

Outstanding Comedy Series

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