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October Horrors 2017 Day 2 – The Beyond (1981)

The Beyond, 1981.

Directed by Lucio Fulci.

Starring Catriona McCall, David Warbeck, Ciniza Monreale and Antoine St John.


In New Orleans in the 1920s, an artist is gruesomely killed by an angry mob who believe he is a warlock. Several decades later, a young woman named Liza acquires the hotel where the artist was killed hoping to reopen it, unaware of its gruesome past. After a series of horrific deaths at the hotel, Liza soon discovers that her hotel actually sits upon one of the seven gates of hell and that its opening has allowed the living dead to spill out and terrorise the living.

Horror nerds need no introduction to horror maestro Lucio Fulci, the cult Italian director whose gory specialities in films such as the gloriously daft Romero cash-in Zombie Flesh Eaters (aka Zombie vs Shark aka Shard vs Eyeball) and the intestine spewing oddity City of the Living Dead
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The Old Gun

Robert Enrico's literally searing terror tale from the French occupation is not for the faint of heart. Fearing reprisals, surgeon Philippe Noiret sends his wife Romy Schneider out of harm's way of the retreating Germans -- but things go horribly wrong. What follows is an ordeal of vengeance even more brutal than Straw Dogs, fought to the finish in a medieval castle. The Old Gun MGM Limited Edition Collection DVD-r 1975 / Color / 1:78 enhanced widescreen / 102 87 min. / Le vieux fusil / Street Date September 8, 2015 / available through Screen Archives Entertainment / 19.95 Starring Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider, Jean Bouise, Joachim Hansen, Robert Hoffmann, Karl Michael Vogler, Madeleine Ozeray, Caroline Bonhomme, Catherine Delaporte, Daniel Breton, Jean-Paul Cisife, Antoine Saint-John. Cinematography Étienne Becker Film Editor Ava Zora Original Music François de Roubaix Written by Robert Enrico, Pascal Jardin, Claude Veillot Produced by Pierre Caro Directed by Robert Enrico

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Some of us can remember
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Giallo Fever: 'The Killer Must Kill Again' [Nsfw]

  • FEARnet
Giallo Fever: 'The Killer Must Kill Again' [Nsfw]
Fans of Italian horror and sci-fi will no doubt recognize the name of director Luigi Cozzi, a genre journeyman who dabbled in just about everything and clearly had fun doing it – including flamboyant space opera like the amazingly bizarre Starcrash, starring the spectacular Caroline Munro and David Hasselhoff shooting laser beams out of his eyes; matinee fantasies like Hercules, with original Hulk Lou Ferrigno battling stop-motion robots; and the splattery Alien cash-in Contamination, which climaxed with a giant one-eyed vacuum cleaner popping off a guy's head. Cozzi is also a long-time colleague of horror legend Dario Argento; he has directed multiple documentaries about Argento's films, and runs the shop Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) in Rome, which was founded by Argento in 1989 and features a museum of props from the director's classics. Like his friend and mentor, Cozzi also ventured into the giallo domain, with the 1975 thriller The Killer Must Kill Again.
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Retro Review: The Killer Must Kill Again

  • DailyDead
Fresh off of directing The Neighbor episode of Dario Argento’s Door Into Darkness, Luigi Cozzi co-wrote and directed, The Killer Must Kill Again. The film was shot in 1973 but released theatrically two years later in 1975.

George Hilton stars as Giorgio Mainardi, the husband of a wealthy socialite (Tere Velasquez) in an unhappy marriage. One night he comes across a man (Michel Antoine), pushing a car with a dead body into a canal.

Seizing upon the opportunity to solve his problem, and inherit a ton of cash in the doing, he blackmails the murderer to murder his wife or else he will go to the police with what he knows. This setup echoes Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, and the killer even has a distinctive lighter, as does Robert Walker’s character in Hitchcock’s film. In this case the lighter is emblazoned with the initials “D.A.” a
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'The Beyond' (1981) Review

by Chris Wright,

"And you will face the sea of darkness, and all therein may be explored.” Lucio Fulci certainly does not fail to be epic in this masterpiece called “The Beyond.” Granted I have not seen every Fulci movie but he has not failed to impress with the horror movies I have seen so far. I have yet to see any of his earlier Giallo movies. To many, “The Beyond” is part of Fulci’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy along with “City of the Living Dead” and “House by the Cemetery.” Out of the three, “The Beyond” I found to be the scariest with a solid story to back it up. You don’t see much of this movie as far as being released on formats. It was released by Anchor Bay in Widescreen 2:35:1 about a decade ago. It received a DVD release much later.
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