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  • His one-hour stand-up special "David Cross: The Pride Is Back" aired on HBO in September 1999.
  • Album: "Shut Up You Fucking Baby!" 2002
  • Appeared in Chapel Hill band Superchunk's video for song "Watery Hands" with Janeane Garofalo.
  • CD of stand up comedy entitled "It's Not Funny" (2004)
  • Appeared in a web short called "Tom Goes to the Mayor Returns" as David, the Mayor's Nephew.
  • Appeared in the band Yo la Tengo's "Sugarcube" video, playing a teacher at a Rock Star Academy.
  • (2006) Appeared in The Strokes music video for "Juicebox" as a radio DJ.
  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • The 24 Hour Plays 2006 (2006). Special/benefit.
  • The 24 Hour Plays 2007 (2007). Special/benefit. Written by Eisa Davis ("Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Theresa Rebeck ("Open House"), David Lindsay-Abaire ("Wakey Wakey"), Julia Jordan ("A Bus Stop Play"), Warren Leight ("I.P") and Michael Lew ("Tenure"). Assistant Director: James Dacre ("Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Amanda White ("Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Ryan Mekenian ("Open House"), Collette Robert ("Open House"), Sherri Barber ("Wakey Wakey"), Moira Boag ("Wakey Wakey"), Diana Basmajian ("A Bus Stop Play"), David Ruttura ("A Bus Stop Play"), David T. Little ("I.P"), Margaret McCloskey ("I.P"), Alli Maxwell ("Tenure") and James Stover ("Tenure"). Directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah ("Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Ari Edelson ("Open House"), Christian Parker ("Wakey Wakey"), Thomas Kail ("A Bus Stop Play"), Josie Rourke ("I.P") and Peter Ellenstein ("Tenure"). American Airlines Theatre: 22 Oct 2007 (1 performance). Cast: Andre Royo (as "Andre/Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Mamie Gummer (as "Mamie/Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Ramon Rodriguez (as "Ramon/Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Lynn Whitfield (as "Lynn/Dave Chappelle Is Not Crazy"), Kristen Johnston (as "Kristen/Open House"), Gaby Hoffmann (as "Gaby/Open House"), Jeremy Sisto (as "Jeremy/Open House"), Diane Neal (as "Diane/Open House"), Craig Grant (as "Craig/Open House"), Tracie Thoms (as "Maggie/Wakey Wakey"), Peter Hermann (as "Zeke/Wakey Wakey"), Alicia Witt (as "Gemma/Wakey Wakey"), Dan Fogler (as "Andrew/Wakey Wakey"), Michael Kenneth Williams (as "Gehring/Wakey Wakey"), Rosie Perez (as "Cammy/Wakey Wakey"), Nellie McKay (as "Singer/Musical Interludes"), Lili Taylor (as "Lili/A Bus Stop Play"), Hope Davis (as "Hope/A Bus Stop Play"), Hugh Dancy (as "Hugh/A Bus Stop Play"), Marlo Thomas (as "Noah/I.P."), Chris Rock (as "Terry/I.P."), Ben Shenkman (as "Marsha/I.P."), Aasif Mandvi (as "Aasif/Tenure"), David Cross (as "David/Tenure"), Elizabeth Banks (as "David/Tenure"). Produced by 24 Hour Company, Working Playground, Freestyle, The Joyful Heart Foundation, Lindsay Bowen, Francesca Silvestri, Kevin Chinoy, Tina Fallon and Kurt Gardner. Associate Producer: Sarah Bisman and Philip Naudé. Benefit Director: Anna Strout.
  • The 24 Hour Plays 2008 (2008). Special/benefit.
  • The 24 Hour Plays 2009 (2009). Special/benefit.
  • (2017) Voice of Caramel in M&M's commercial.

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