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It’s In The Bag

A former vaudevillian, the great comedian Fred Allen found his fame in radio but was unable to navigate a suitable transition to TV (“Television is a medium,” he once observed, “because it is neither rare nor well done.”). He made a few casual appearances in movies but only once, in 1945, did he take full advantage of that particular medium.

That film, one of the “lost” trailers featured in our Great Global Trailer Search, was, until its recent home video revival, very nearly a lost film in itself. More’s the pity because It’s in the Bag, Allen’s sole starring vehicle, is an overlooked comic gem.

A surreal-screwball farce fueled by Allen’s perpetually perplexed sad sack persona and out-of-left-field set pieces (like a nightmarish trip to the movies that predicts the vertiginous pitfalls of a crowded Imax theater), It’s in the Bag recalls the anything goes Paramount
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Disney 54 – Week 8: Make Mine Music

Each week, Thn takes a look back at one of the Walt Disney Animated Classics. The ones that the Walt Disney Company showed in cinemas, the ones they’re most proud of, the ones that still cost a bloody fortune no matter how old they are. The really good ones get through more re-editions than a Spielberg movie, and that’s saying something.

And now for something slightly different. Make Mine Music.

Directed by Jack Kinney, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Joshua Meador, Robert Cormack.

1945/ 76 Minutes*

During the Second World War, the Disney Studios were effectively carved up. A lot of the staff were drafted into the Army, and the ones left were called on to make training and propaganda films for the government. Shorts like The New Spirit (1942), Der Fuehrer’S Face (1943) Education For Death and Commando Duck (1944), and the “unofficial” Disney movie, Victory Through Air Power, many of which
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Exclusive: Kathryn Beaumont Talks Alice in Wonderland

Exclusive: Kathryn Beaumont Talks Alice in Wonderland
I can't tell you what I was doing when I was 10 years old with any certainty, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with swapping baseball cards with my friends. When Kathryn Beaumont was 10 years old, she signed on to portray the voice of Disney's animated adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Not only did she provide the voice for this iconic character, but Walt Disney himself was so impressed with her acting ability, Kathryn Beaumont became the live-action model for Alice as well, performing scenes for the animators to base their work on.

The original animated Alice in Wonderland is celebrating its 60th Annviersary this year and Disney is releasing this classic in a new Blu-ray edition, which hits the shelves on February 1. I had the chance to speak with Kathryn Beaumont over the phone about her experiences on Alice in Wonderland and here's what she
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