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  • (1900 - 1920) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1900) Stage Play: Little Red Riding Hood. Musical. Music by Edward E. Rice, F.J. Eustis and Charles Dennee. Lyrics by Harrison Ward. Book by George T. Richardson. Musical Director: F.J. Eustis. Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles Emerson Cook and B. Gilbert. Featuring songs by T.W. Connor, Frank Perlet and B. Gilbert. Musical Staging by Marquette. Directed by William Seymour. Casino Theatre: 8 Jan 1900- 20 Jan 1900 (24 performances). Produced by Edward E. Rice.
  • (1902) Stage Play: A Chinese Honeymoon. Musical comedy. Music by Howard Talbot and George Dee. Book by George Dance. Lyrics by George Dance. Additional music by Jean Schwartz and Ernie Woodville. Additional numbers by William Jerome. Musical Director: Gustav Kerker. Music orchestrated by Gustav Kerker. Additional lyrics by H. Adams. Directed by Gerald Coventry. Casino Theatre: 2 Jun 1902- 25 Apr 1903 (364 performances). Cast: Aimee Angeles (as "Mi Mi"), Edith Barr (as "Sing Sing"), Katie Barry (as "Fi Fi"), William Burgess (as "Chippie Chop"), Helen Dixey (as "Beatrice"), Nonie Dore (as "Gwendolin"), Pauline Elliott (as "Millie"), Mae Fellon (as "Margaret"), Mabel Gribbon (as "Genevieve"), Sylvia Lisle (as "Frances"), Adelaide Phillips (as "Nettie"), Aline Potter (as "Violet"), William Pruette (as "Hi Lung"), Aline Redmond (as "Florrie"), Adele Ritchie (as "Mrs. Pineapple"), Thomas Q. Seabrooke (as "Mr. Samuel Pineapple"), Edwin Stevens (as "Hang Chow"), Amelia Stone (as "Soo Soo"), Nella Webb (as "Yen Yen"), Van Rensselaer Wheeler (as "Tom Hatherton"), Genevieve Whitlock (as "Gertie"), Annie Yeamans (as "Mrs. Brown"). Produced by Sam S. Shubert, Sam Nixon and J. Fred Zimmerman.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Bird Center. Comedy. Written by Glen MacDonough. Based on the cartoons of John T. McCutcheon. Directed by Julian Mitchell. Majestic Theatre: 3 Nov 1904- Nov 1904 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Will Archie, Catherine Black, William Burgess, Blanche Chapman, Edward J. Connelly, Rosa Cooke, Ipha Dahl, Sue Kelleher, Clayton Legge, George E. Mack, Helen Nelson, George Ober, Louis Payne, George Richards, Virginia Ross, Mabel Strickland, Frank Tannehill, Frank Todd. Produced by Fred R. Hamlin, Julian Mitchell and Hamlin, Mitchell and Fields.
  • (1904) Stage Play: It Happened in Nordland. Musical comedy. Music by Victor Herbert. Book and lyrics by Glen MacDonough. Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld. Directed by Julian Mitchell. Lew M. Fields Theatre (from 5 Dec 1904- 29 Apr 1905, then went on hiatus until resuming there from 31 Aug 1905- close): 5 Dec 1904- 25 Nov 1905 (254 performances). Cast: Indiola Arnold (as "Ethylle"), Maida Athens (as "Vyvienne"), Georgia Baron (as "Colonel of the Army of Nordland" / "Chorus"), Edna Birch, Alfred Borneman (as "King Leopold of Belgium"), William Burgess (as "Dr. Popoff" / "Capt. Gatling"), Marie Cahill (as "Katherine Peepfogle"), Josephine Carlin (as "Gladys"), Adah Carlyle, Joseph Carroll (as "Capt. Slivowitz"), Mattie Chapin, May Chapin, Bessie Clayton (as "Parthenia Schmitt"), Jeanne Crane, Jessie Crane, Jean d'Albert (as "Boris"), Harry Davenport (as "Prince George of Nebula"), Franklin Deland (as "Cook's Tourist Conductor"), Paula Desmond, George V. Dill (as "Corporal"), Fanny Dupre, Frederick Fair (as "King Edward of England"), Barbara Farres, Grace Field (as "Chorus"), Ruthita Field, Lew Fields (as "Hubert"), Harry Fisher (as "Baron Sparta"), Harriet Forsythe (as "Sylvia"), Carolyn Fostelle, Pauline Frederick (as "Miss Hicks" / "Countess Pokota"), Emily Fulton, Ethel Gilmore, Mabel Gilmore, Ray Gilmore, Rosemary Glosz, Charles Gotthold (as "Hugo von Armin"), Gertrude Grant, Jack Hall (as "Fauncey Betrue"), Joseph Herbert (as "The Duke of Toxen"), May Hickey, Katherine Howland (as "General of the Army of Nordland" / "Chorus"), Amalie Karle, Elba Kenny, Frankie Lee, May Leslie, Walter Lindberg, Hattie Lorraine, Loretta MacDonald, Diva Marolda, Maud Mills, Edmund Mortimer, May Naudain, Herman Noble, Billie Norton, Frank O'Neill, Charlotte Palmer, Susanne Parker, Clara Pitt, Harriet Raymond, Jessie Richmond, May Robson (as "Princess Aline"), R.W. Rosemire, Julius Steger, Marie Troy, W.C. Van Brunt, Dorothy Watson, Parvin White, Minnie Whitmore, Ocie Williams, Elizabeth Young. Produced by Hamlin, Mitchell and Fields.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Land of Nod and The Song Birds. Musical. Music by Joseph E. Howard. Book by Frank Adams and William M. Hough. Lyrics by Frank Adams and William M. Hough. Music for Act II by Victor Herbert. Music arranged by George V. Hobart. Featuring songs by Joseph Hart [final Broadway credit]. New York Theatre: 1 Apr 1907- 15 Apr 1907 (17 performances). Cast: Frank Adams (as "Makea Damash"), John T. Barrett (as "Pat McGuire"), Mabel Barrison (as "Bonnie"), Louis Berri (as "Gesund Heit"), Helen Bertram (as "The Jack of Hearts/Madame Yellba"), George Blair (as "Dubist Fericht"), Walter Blair (as "The Hair Tonic"), William Burgess (as "The Sandman/Oscar Hammerstein"), Laura Castle (as "Mucha Dayell"), Henry Clair (as "Auf Wiedersehn"), Carrie De Mar (as "The Chorus Girl/Emma Screams"), Frank Demers (as "Fatta Daslob"), Henry Gibson (as "The Telephone"), John Harper (as "Louda Dascream"), Emily Hoff (as "Bonnie's Mother"), Joseph E. Howard (as "The Man in the Moon"), Notty Lyberopoulo (as "Robinson Caruso"), Fred McGurk (as "Diewacht Amrhine"), Neil McNeil (as "Wright Rong/The Welsh Rarebit"), Grace Millard (as "Sweeta Dapeach"), Powdy Moran (as "Bigga Dashine"), Peggy O'Neil (as "Sella Banan"), Molly Prince (as "Wasist Los"), Mary Rhodes (as "Achdu Liebe"), William Sellery (as "The Weather Man/A. La Monday"), Percy Smith (as "Peter Pantson"), Hazel Templeton (as "Aus Gespiel"), Gus C. Weinburg (as "The Joker/Con"), Know Wilson (as "The April Fool"), Arthur Wright (as "Raus Mittim"), Charles Wright (as "Alessandro Bouncey"), Lona Zytell (as "Giva Dakiss"). Produced by Will J. Block Amusement Co.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Girl from Rector's. Written by Paul M. Potter. From the French of Pierre Veber. Weber's Music Hall: 1 Feb 1909- Jul 1909 (closing date unknown/184 performances). Cast: J.W. Ashley, Nena Blake, William Burgess, Herbert Carr, Florence M. Constantine, Helena H. Constantine, Violet Dale, Max Freeman, Mildred McNeill, John Daly Murphy, Isabel O'Madigan, Elita Proctor Otis, Nella Webb, Dallas Welford, Van Rensselaer Wheeler.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Summer Widowers. Musical. Written by Glen MacDonough. Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Musical Director: George Purdy. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Broadway Theatre: 4 Jun 1910- 1 Oct 1910 (140 performances). Cast: Harry Acheson (as "Ensemble"), Helen Adair (as "Ensemble"), Will Archie (as "Pinkie Doolittle"), Fred Bates (as "Ensemble"), Inez Borrero (as "Ensemble"), William Burgess (as "Capt. Kodak, Photographer"), Vernon Castle (as "Oxford Tighe, American Agent for "Eyzzzsst" the new Hungarian Co"), John F. Cook (as "Ensemble"), Jean Crane (as "Ensemble"), Jessie Crane (as "Ensemble"), Billee Cuppia (as "Winnie Wildwaves/Ensemble"), Minna Davenport (as "Ensemble"), Maitland Davies (as "Sammy Square, Manger of Folderol Gardens"), Mabel Delamar (as "Ensemble"), Henry Detloff (as "Ensemble"), Libbian Diamond (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Delamar (as "Ensemble"), Henry Detloff (as "Ensemble"), Libbian Diamond (as "Ensemble"), Alice Dovey (as "Celia Carew, Otto Ott's prospective daughter-in-law"), Ninon DuBal (as "Ensemble"), Fred DuBall (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Everett (as "Ensemble"), Lew M. Fields (as "Otto Ott, a retired German Druggist"), Lew Finnerty (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Fleming (as "Ensemble"), Frances Folsom (as "Ensemble"), Irene Franklin (as "Claribel Clews, A perfect lady detective"), Louise Gale (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Godfrey (as "Ensemble"), Wood Goebel (as "Ensemble"), Burt Green (as "Tom Noyes, A pianist"), Arthur Gros Ensemble"), Jane Grover (as "Mrs. Conwell Swift"), Frances Harris (as "Ensemble"), Helen Hayes (as "Psyche Finnegan, Pinkie's Playmate"), Fred Hazelwood (as "Ensemble"), Jack Henderson (as "Hunter Lamb, a broker"), Martin Hickey (as "Ensemble"), Isabelle Jason (as "Ensemble"), Charles Judels (as "Salve Di Mora, Otto's most intimate friend"), Mazie Kimball (as "Ensemble"), Maude Lambert (as "Fritzi Fluff, An absent minded Prima Donna"), Jeanne Lansford (as "Mrs. Hunter Lamb"), Adele LaPierre (as "Ensemble"), Frances Leslie (as "Ensemble"), Stacia Leslie (as "Ensemble"), Adah Baker Lewis [credited as Adah Lewis] (as "Mrs. Guinivere McGuirk, Celia Carew's older sister, once widowed, twice divorced"), Clarence Lutz (as "Ensemble"), George Lynch (as "Ensemble"), Morrie Madison (as "Ensemble"), Joe Mariott (as "Ensemble"), Adelaide Mason (as "Ensemble"), Edward McNulty (as "Ensemble"), William Meyer (as "Ensemble"), Minnie Monroe (as "Ensemble"), Rose Monroe (as "Ensemble"), Emily Monte (as "Ensemble"), William Nan (as "Ensemble"), Marise Naughton (as "Ensemble"), Harry Neimann (as "Ensemble"), Harry Nelson (as "Ensemble"), Paul Nicholson (as "Conwell Swift, a press agent"), Angie Norton (as "Virginia Ham, Fritzi's loyal but candid chorus-girl friend"), Robert O'Neill (as "Ensemble"), Ralph O'Reilly (as "Ensemble"), Eugene O'Rourke (as "Sandy Beach, bathing master"), Walter Percival (as "Max Ott, his romantic son"), Cecelia Pink (as "Ensemble"), Beatrice Priest (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Ensemble"), Estelle Richmond (as "Ensemble"), Fred Roberts (as "Ensemble"), Duke Rogers (as "Ensemble"), Vivian Rogers (as "Ensemble"), Ralph Rose (as "Ensemble"), Frances Shannon (as "Ensemble"), Eddie Simms (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Sinclair (as " Ensemble"), Edna Snyder (as "Ensemble"), Frank Sterling (as "Ensemble"), Russell Summerville (as "Ensemble"), Willis P. Sweatnam (as "William Alfred Henry George, colored janitor of St. Vitus Court"), Mae Taylor (as "Ensemble"), Caroline Wade (as "Ensemble"), Robert Waite (as "Ensemble"), Ella Warner (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Weeks (as "Mrs. Guy Stringer"), Edward Weinberg (as "Ensemble"), Lillian West (as "Ensemble"), Ralph Whiting (as "Ensemble"), Marion Whitney (as "Gertie Gherkin/Ensemble"), May Willard (as "Ensemble"), Douglass Williams (as "Ensemble"), Fritz Williams (as "Guy Stringer, automobile agent"). Produced by Lew Fields.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Con & Co. Written by Oliver Herford. Based on the French of Paul Armont, Nacey and Paul Gavault. Nazimova's 39th Street Theatre: 20 Sep 1910- Oct 1910 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: William Burgess, Grace Franklyn, Suzette Gordon, Gustav Hartheim, Ben Hendricks, Charles F. McCarthy, James H. Morrison, Maude Odell, Nelly Roland, Harry Stone, Tom Walsh [credited as Tom H. Walsh] (Broadway debut). Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Spring Maid. Musical/operetta. Music by Heinrich Reinhardt. Book by Harry B. Smith and Robert B. Smith. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith and Robert B. Smith. Musical Direction by Max Bendix. Based on the German of Julius Wilhelm and Dr. A.M. Willner. Directed by George F. Marion. Liberty Theatre (moved to The New Amsterdam Theatre from 20 Jan 1913- close): 26 Dec 1910- 1 Feb 1910 (208 performances). Cast [all below not credited with a role were credited as "Chorus"]: E.H. Barlab (as "Toni"), Joseph Barlow (as "Niki"), Elizabeth Bell (as "Sophie"), Leonie Benzinger (as "Elsie"), Bertha Blake, George Bobbe, Elgie Bowen (as "Annamirl"), Florence Bowers, Jessie Bradbury (as "Ursula"), William Burgess (as "Prince Nepomuk"), Mae Carlisle (as "Hanni"), Pet Childress, Paul J. Chute, Laura Colfax, Maude Connor, Billie Coviere, Dorothy Daniel, Ida Doerge, Ralph Errolle (as "Baron Rudi"), Jack Gibson, Greta Gleason, Earl Glenn, Phoebe Hines, Otto F. Hoffman (as "Mr. Skinner"), Fred C. Jones, William J. Kline (as "Franz"), Karl Knight (as "Leo"), Margaret Langdon (as "Fritzi"), Jane Lovell, Christie MacDonald (as "Princess Bozena"), E.B. MacDonald (as "Fritz"), Violet Mack, Anitra Mactavish (as "Barbara"), Beatrice McKay (as "Josie"), Tom McNaughton (as "Roland"), Lexie Mero (as "Mazie"), Edward Metcalf (as "Colonel Boone"), Charles W. Meyers (as "Spaetling"), Charles A. Minton (as "Louis"), Irene O'Donnell (as "Gretel"), Jean Pierson, Lawrence Rea (as "Prince Aladar"), Blanche Sherwood (as "Evakatl"), Joseph H. Smith (as "Vladimir"), R. St. John, Alice Tallant, Arthur Thalasso (as "Mr. Lomax"), Albert Van Sand (as "Eugene"), Ethel West, Mary Whitehurst. Produced by Louis F. Werba and Mark A. Luescher. Note: One of the biggest hits of pre-WW1 Broadway.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Million. Written by Leo Ditrichstein. From the French of Georges Berr. Based on Marcel Guillemaud. Directed by Richard Pittman and T. Daniel Frawley. 39th Street Theatre (moved to The Herald Square Theatre from 8 Jan 1912- close): 23 Oct 1911- Feb 1912 (closing date unknown/126 performances). Cast: George Bates, William Burgess, John A. Butler, Irene Fenwick, Bert Grant [Broadway debut], Gustave Hartzheim, Taylor Holmes, Eulalie Jenson, Paul Ker, Robert Webb Lawrence, William J. Mahoney, Charles McCarthy, John Needham, Eugene O'Brien, Fred Osborn, Fred Sears. Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Dancing Duchess. Musical comedy. Book by C.V. Kerr and R.H. Burnside. Music by Milton Lusk. Lyrics by C.V. Kerr and R.H. Burnside. Choreographed by Vera Maxwell and Wallace McCutcheon. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Casino Theatre: 19 Aug 1914- 29 Aug 1914 (13 performances). Cast: Ella Alexander, Helen Ames, Rose Baraban, Bertha Bemidette, Patricia Berrian, Grace Bird, Dane Bogart, Lorraine Bright, William Burgess (as "Adolphus Spiggott"), Poney Cantor, Nellie Castleman, Marjorie Cook, Harry Davenport (as "Max Tokay"), Florence Dean, Jack Dillon, R.M. Dolliver, Manny Duprez, James Egan, Eugene Elliott, T. Fast, Irving Finn, Goldie Foley, Elaine French, Iris Gilbert, John Heath Goldsworthy, Betty Grant, Helen Guarino, Nella Hadley, G. Hall, Laura Hamilton, Eva Hanthorpe, Otis Harlan (as "Richter"), Mabel Hill, John Hyams, Dorothy Jardon, H. Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Fannie Kidston, I. Lavitt, Adah Lewis, H. Lind, Helen Longfellow, Leila McIntyre, Evelyn Mitchell, Helen Mordecai, Helen O'Dea, Dixie O'Neil, Peter O'Neill, Fred Osborn, Mary Peyton, Lee Phelps, Carl Porter, Clarence Rockwell, Harry Rose, Fred Russell, Frances Sherman, Bertha Siple, Mark Smith, Jack Story, Harry Sulken. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1915) Stage Play: The Hyphen. Written by Justus Miles Forman. Directed by Fred G. Latham. Knickerbocker Theatre: 19 Apr 1915- May 1915 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Ruth Ashmead, William Burgess, Robert Haines, Gail Kane, Bertram Marburgh, David Powell, Grant Stewart, Louise Sydmeth, William H. Thompson, John N. Wheeler. Produced by Charles Frohman. Note: This was the final production supervised by Mr. Frohman ("A Celebrated Case" was also in production on Broadway at the time) during his lifetime. He would die (along with Charles Klein and Justus Miles Forman in the sinking of the Lusitania on 7 May 1915.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Miss Millions. Comedy. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Written by R.H. Burnside. Lyrics by R.H. Burnside. Musical Director: Victor Baravalle. Music orchestrated by Frank Sadler. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Punch and Judy Theatre: 9 Dec 1919- 21 Jan 1920 (47 performances). Cast: Nan Ashe (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Ashforth (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Barkman (as "Ensemble"), Sophie Brenner (as "Sophie"), Joan Broadhurst (as "Ensemble"), William Burgess (as "Ephraim Tutt"), Marie Clifford (as "Ensemble"), Walter Coupe (as "Waiter"), W. Douglas (as "Ensemble"), Stewart Duane (as "Ensemble"), William Duane (as "Hiram Jones"), Gertrude Early (as "Rosie"), Frank Farrington (as "Bates"), Edna Fenton (as "Edna"), Vinton Freedley (as "Jack Honeydew"), Bobby Galvin (as "Ensemble"), Harold Goulden (as "Ensemble"), Otto Graf (as "Ensemble"), Frances Halliday (as "Ensemble"), John Hendricks (as "John J. Hawkins"), Harry Hermsen (as "Mr. Sharpe"), Rapley Holmes (as "Horace Honeydew"), Georgie Kay (as "Ensemble"), Thelma Keough (as "Ensemble"), Louise MacKintosh (as "Mrs. Honeydew"), Eleanor Masters (as "Eleanor"), Grady Miller (as "Ensemble"), LeRoy Montesanto (as "Ensemble"), Marie Moore (as "Ensemble"), Bonnie Murray (as "Cynthia"), Mrs. William Pruette (as "Tabitha Tutt"), William Quimby (as "Ensemble"), Carrie Reynolds (as "Mamie"), Ione Richie (as "Ensemble"), Vera Rosander (as "Ethel Bradley Smith"), Amy Scott, Cissie Sewell (as "Peggy"), Marie Sewell (as "Marie"), Alfred Siegler (as "Reggie"), Frank Slater (as "Percy"), Lewis Sloden (as "Willie Lightfoot"), Harry Smith (as "Tobias Wilkins"), Jessie Standish (as "Julia Joyce"), George Stuart, B.J. Tieman (as "Silas Dingley"), Genevieve Tucker (as "Aunt Miranda"), Vallie Valli (as "Mary Hope"), Belle Waters (as "Ensemble"), Clayton White, Gladys White, Kathryn Yates. Produced by R.H. Burnside.
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Girl from Home. Musical/farce. Music by Silvio Hein. Book by Frank Craven. Lyrics by Frank Craven. Musicalized from a farce by Richard Harding Davis [final Broadway credit]. Musical Director: Anton Heindl. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Globe Theatre: 3 May 1920- 22 May 1920 (24 performances). Cast: John Allan (as "Ensemble"), William Boren (as "Ensemble"), Alma Braham (as "Ensemble"), Sophie Brenner (as "Sister May"), Jessica Brown (as "Dance Specialty"), Sam Burbank (as "Lieut. Victor"), William Burgess (as "General Santos Campos") [final Broadway role], Gladys Caldwell (as "Lucy Sheridan"), Eduardo Cansino (as "Dance Specialty"), Elsa Cansino (as "Dance Specialty"), Mary Ellen Capers (as "Ensemble"), Clara Carroll (as "Sister Clara"), Jean Carroll (as "Ensemble"), Walter Coupe (as "Rev. Arthur Bostick"), Frank Craven (as "Brook Travers, alias "Steve Hill"), Peggy Dana (as "Ensemble"), Margarita Flora DeMayo (as "Dance Specialty"), Edna Fenton (as "Sister Isabelle"), Marie Fredericks (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Grace (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Haighton (as "Ensemble"), John Hendricks (as "Jose Dravo"), Harry King (as "Ensemble"), Charles Kirby (as "Ensemble"), Doris Landy (as "Ensemble"), Estelle MacIntosh (as "Ensemble"), George E. Mack (as "Dr. Vasquez"), Russell Mack (as "Charles Hyne"), Arline Mason (as "Ensemble"), Eleanor Masters (as "Sister Eleanor"), Thomas Maynard (as "Ensemble"), Janet Megrew (as "Sister Mabel"), Charles Mitchell (as "Duffy"), Mayre Morris (as "Ensemble"), Bonnie Murray (as "Ensemble"), Robert Norman (as "Ensemble"), John Parks (as "Col. John T. Bowie"), Harry Pierce (as "Ensemble"), Ann Poulson (as "Ensemble"), Jed Prouty (as "Simpson, alias "Jim Dodd"), Joe Qualters (as "Ensemble"), Elizabeth Reed (as "Ensemble"), Ione Ritchie (as "Ensemble"), Marie Sewell (as "Sister Marie"), Virginia Shelby (as "Sister Agnes"), Marion Sunshine (as "Merci Hope"), Jose Vallhonrat (as "Senor Hoakumo"), Hazel Webb (as "Ensemble"), Kathryn Yates (as "Sister Helen"), Flora Zabelle (as "Senora Juanita Arguilla"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.

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