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Disney Developing New Live-Action Inspector Gadget Movie

Go-go Gadget reboot! It’s been announced that Disney is working on a new live-action movie based on the beloved Inspector Gadget animated franchise, which is currently moving forward under the simplified title Gadget.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news this evening, telling us that Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Dave and Streeter Seidell are penning the script, which makes two Disney reboots they’re currently working on, as the pair are also writing the new Home Alone film coming to Disney Plus. Aladdin producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich are likewise attached and the project is yet to snag a director, though the hunt is on.

You’re most likely already familiar with the premise, but just in case you’re not, Inspector Gadget (initially voiced by Get Smart‘s Don Adams) is a clumsy cyborg detective recognizable for his hat and trench coat who has an endless array
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Live-Action ‘Inspector Gadget’ Movie in Development at Disney

  • Variety
Disney is in early development on a live-action “Inspector Gadget” movie and has set up the project with “Aladdin” producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich at their Rideback banner.

Disney has hired Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, best known as “Saturday Night Live” writers, to work on the script.

“Inspector Gadget” originated in 1983 as an animated science-fiction comedy co-created by Bruno Bianchi, Andy Heyward and Jean Chalopin. It was originally syndicated by Dic Entertainment and Lexington Broadcasting Service.

Don Adams, best known for starring in “Get Smart,” supplied the voice of the title character who had his body equipped with an array of devices to battled with his enemy, Dr. Claw, leader of an organization named M.A.D. Gadget’s niece Penny and her dog Brain turned out to have the smarts to stop Dr. Claw.

Disney made a live-action movie in 1999 with Matthew Broderick as the titular character,
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Ted Danson is aiming to achieve an incredibly rare feat in the Best Comedy Actor Emmy category

Ted Danson is aiming to achieve an incredibly rare feat in the Best Comedy Actor Emmy category
Ted Danson is in a league of his own in the Best Comedy Actor Emmy category, having extended his own record to 13 nominations this year with a second straight bid for “The Good Place.” If he manages to take home the prize, he’d join even more rarified air as one of three men to have won the award for multiple shows.

The only two men to have to have been honored here for different shows are Richard Mulligan, who triumphed for “Soap” in 1980 and “Empty Nest” in 1989, and Michael J. Fox, who three-peated for “Family Ties” from 1986-88 and scored a record-tying fourth win for “Spin City” in 2000. All of the other 13 multiple Best Comedy Actor champs prevailed for one respective show, including Danson. He has two Emmys for “Cheers,” winning in 1990 and ’93, and was nominated for the entirety of the sitcom’s 11-season run. He returned to the
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Fork yes! Ted Danson extends his own Emmy record with his lucky 13th Best Comedy Actor nomination

Fork yes! Ted Danson extends his own Emmy record with his lucky 13th Best Comedy Actor nomination
Ted Danson nabbed his lucky 13th Emmy nomination in Best Comedy Actor on Tuesday and second in a row for “The Good Place.” But even more good news? He’s now extended his own record for most nominations in the category.

Danson set the record himself last year when he pulled ahead with his 12th bid. He was previously tied at 11 with Alan Alda and Kelsey Grammer for 14 years. Alda achieved 11th heaven first, getting shortlisted for all 11 seasons of “M*A*S*H,” winning in 1974 and 1982. Danson then went 11 for 11 for playing our favorite bartender Sam Malone, on “Cheers,” taking home the award in 1990 and ’93.

See 2019 Emmy nominations: Here’s the complete list of nominees

Grammer also received 11 nominations for playing one character, Dr. Frasier Crane, but only 10 of them were for “Frasier,” as he was snubbed in 2003. His 11th bid was for his guest appearance as Frasier in
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Ted Danson is in a ‘Good Place’ to extend his own Emmy record that he just set last year

Ted Danson is in a ‘Good Place’ to extend his own Emmy record that he just set last year
Ted Danson made Emmy history last year when he set a record for the most Best Comedy Actor nominations with his 12th bid in the category, for “The Good Place.” And now he can put even more distance between himself and the also-rans with his lucky 13th nomination.

Danson is in third place in our Best Comedy Actor odds, trailing defending champ Bill Hader (“Barry”) and Golden Globe champ Michael Douglas (“The Kominsky Method”). He’s ahead of Don Cheadle (“Black Monday”), Jim Carrey (“Kidding”) and Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish”). Danson’s nomination last year was a surprise, as he was in eighth place in our odds after the Emmys completely snubbed “The Good Place” the year prior, but his and Maya Rudolph‘s guest bid helped the beloved afterlife comedy break through in a major way. (“The Good Place” is currently in fifth place in our Best Comedy Series predictions.
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Bradley Bolke, Chumley the Walrus on 'Tennessee Tuxedo' Cartoons, Dies at 93

Bradley Bolke, who provided the voice of Chumley the walrus opposite Don Adams on the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons of the 1960s, has died. He was 93.

Bolke died Tuesday in Dobbs Ferry, New York, Rick Goldschmidt, the official historian and biographer for Rankin/Bass Productions, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Bolke played the dimwitted Chumley, the South Pole sidekick to Adams' wise-cracking penguin, on Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, which aired on CBS from 1963-66 and then for years afterward in reruns. The duo resided in the Megapolis Zoo, and when they had a problem, they consulted with their friend Phineas J. Whoopee, the "...
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‘NYPD Blue’ at 25: Dennis Franz, Amy Brenneman, Gordon Clapp Reflect on Legacy

  • Variety
‘NYPD Blue’ at 25: Dennis Franz, Amy Brenneman, Gordon Clapp Reflect on Legacy
Twenty-five years ago, audiences were captivated by a most arresting and original spin on a TV staple — the police drama. Steven Bochco, who was already well-known as one of television’s chief innovators and reinventors thanks to high-quality series like “Paris,” “L.A. Law” and “Doogie Howser, M.D.”, co-created “NYPD Blue.” This was his second reinvention of the genre (he was also responsible for “Hill Street Blues”), but in teaming up with David Milch the envelope was pushed even farther.

Not only would “NYPD Blue” pioneer a grittier, more frenetic storytelling style with the use of regularly jerky and very verite handheld camera, it would challenge long-established broadcast network limits regarding violence, nudity and four-letter words. Of course, the road for such a disruptive new approach would not be an easy one, with high drama playing out both among the opposition to the game-changing series and within its own ranks before
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‘Will & Grace’ Star Eric McCormack Reflects on Road to Walk of Fame

  • Variety
‘Will & Grace’ Star Eric McCormack Reflects on Road to Walk of Fame
Canadian kid Eric McCormack kept his youthful acting dreams local because he was too ignorant and afraid to figure out how to get to Los Angeles or New York, where he could go for bigger roles. The theater-trained thespian began his career with Canada’s Stratford Festival and traveled to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, paying his dues after the festival closed at the end of each year. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that he moved further west, to Vancouver, to begin his television career in earnest. It all paid off, and McCormack now stars in two series — the “Will & Grace” revival on NBC and “Travelers” on Netflix — and will receive his star Sept. 13 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“I was doing plays in first grade, so for me, it was always that or nothing. I had no fallback position,” McCormack admits.

It was McCormack’s
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17 Most Memorable TV Opening Sequences

TV opening sequences are the lifeblood of television shows -- they can be short or long, but no matter what, they set the mood for a series. Dramas often use more symbolic sequences, while comedies typically utilize humorous material from the show itself to engage viewers.

Opening sequences may be right at the beginning of the episode, right after the cold open, or not present at all for narrative purposes. Shows may also utilize variations of opening sequences in order to best facilitate the storytelling of a show.

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The best of them are pliable and moldable while still servicing the show it's for, and they not only deliver crucial information about a show but also convey important narrative and aesthetic information. If you have the urge to skip them, don't!

There are hundreds of incredible sequences out there.
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Holy mother forking shirt balls! Ted Danson now has the most Best Comedy Actor Emmy nominations

Holy mother forking shirt balls! Ted Danson now has the most Best Comedy Actor Emmy nominations
Good news for Ted Danson: Not only did he receive a Best Comedy Actor nomination for “The Good Place,” but he is now the most nominated performer in the category. Thursday’s nomination marks Danson’s 12th bid in the category, which he has won twice, for “Cheers” in 1990 and 1993.

Danson, who was last Emmy-nominated for his guest turn on “Damages” in 2010, was in a long-standing tie at 11 Best Comedy Actor nominations with Alan Alda and Kelsey Grammer. Alda was the first to hit 11, getting shortlisted every year for playing Hawkeye on “M*A*S*H,” winning in 1974 and 1982. Danson then pulled off the “11 nominations for 11 years” feat for everyone’s favorite bartender Sam Malone.

See Ready the trolley! Ted Danson and Maya Rudolph put ‘The Good Place’ on the map with two Emmy nominations

Though “Frasier” also ran for 11 seasons, Grammer was only nominated 10 times, missing in 2003. He got his first
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Eric McCormack (‘Will and Grace’): ‘I feel very strong’ in playing Will Truman [Complete Interview Transcript]

Eric McCormack (‘Will and Grace’): ‘I feel very strong’ in playing Will Truman [Complete Interview Transcript]
Eric McCormack returned to “Will and Grace” 11 years later in 2017 without missing a step as uptight gay lawyer Will Truman. An Emmy winner for the show in 2001, McCormack reunited with fellow Emmy winners Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally for a highly successful 16-episode revival season that is now eligible for this year’s Emmys.

McCormack recently chatted with Gold Derby contributor Tony Ruiz about stepping into Will’s shoes again a decade later, his highlights from this revival season and what it was like to win an Emmy. Watch the exclusive video chat above and read the complete interview transcript below.

SEEDebra Messing Interview: ‘Will and Grace’

Gold Derby: Eric McCormack, coming back to “Will & Grace” after 11 years, did you have any hesitation or was it at all different the second time around, or did it just feel exactly like no time had passed?

Eric McCormack: We
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Anne Hathaway movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Les Miserables,’ ‘The Princess Diaries,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain’

  • Gold Derby
Anne Hathaway movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Les Miserables,’ ‘The Princess Diaries,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain’
Anne Hathaway stars in the 2018 film “Ocean’s 8,” a female reboot of the “Ocean’s 11” films with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The new version includes an all-star cast featuring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling and Rihanna.

Stardom came quickly for Hathaway when she first began her career. After one season on an unsuccessful sitcom, Hathaway found herself cast as the star of Garry Marshall’s film “The Princess Diaries.” It was kind of a case of art imitating life since in the film a young high school girl finds out she is really a princess and is launched into the public eye. The same thing pretty much happened to Hathaway. The acting bug though wesent in her system since after all she was named after the wife of William Shakespeare and her mother was a former actress who gave up her career to raise a family.
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Sorry About That, Chief: Revisiting the Secret World of 'Get Smart'

The Classic TV series Get Smart introduced the world to Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, secret agent 86, and Barbara Feldon as Agent 99, both working for the secret government agency Control and taking on the world-threatening Kaos. The show itself is a full-blown parody of the spymania boom created by the James Bond films throughout the 1960s, though what's interesting is that a spoof usually comes at the end of a creative cycle, many of them signaling a last gasp of sorts from whatever subject is being parodied. Get Smart, on the other hand, came three years into the boom. When the show premiered in the fall of 1965, there had only been three 007 movies, with things really exploding at the end of that year with the release of the fourth, Thunderball. Donna McChrohan Rosenthal, author of the non-fiction exploration of the show The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart, explains in an exclusive interview,
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Hugh Hefner, Playboy Founder, Dies at 91

  • MovieWeb
Hugh Hefner, Playboy Founder, Dies at 91
Hugh Hefner, publishing legend and iconic founder of Playboy magazine, has passed away at the age of 91. Hefner died of natural causes at his Playboy Mansion home, surrounded by his loved ones. Hefner had not been seen in public for quite some time as rumors of declining health began to spring up over a year ago. The robed Romeo truly lived a fairy tale life, one that Kiss' Gene Simmons summed up perfectly in the 2009 documentary, Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel when he said, "Show me any guy of any age anywhere in the world. . . that wouldn't give his left nut to be Hugh Hefner at 20, at 50, at 80."

Hefner borrowed $8,000 dollars (including $1,000 from his mother) in 1953 to create Playboy while he was working for Esquire as a copy editor. The world-famous magazine that placed naked women and intelligent interviews right next to each other, and changed the world. While most famous for Playboy,
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The Best of Don Rickles: Inside His Most Memorable Comedic Moments

For over six decades, Don Rickles was a living comedy highlight reel. Whether he was roasting his own audience during a stand-up routine, bringing talk-show-host veterans to tears with laughter or acting alongside the biggest movie stars in the world, all of Rickles’ performances were one of a kind.

The legendary insult comic died on Thursday at the age of 90. His longtime representative Paul Shefrin told People in a statement: “Emmy-Award winning iconic comedian Don Rickles passed away at his home Los Angeles this morning (Thursday) as a result of kidney failure.”

While younger generations will remember him as the
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Second Life: Old Kids' Shows That Are Making a Comeback

Love them or hate them, reboots are here to stay -- until they get remade once again. And while some franchises are better left alone (cough, cough, "Fuller House"), others are even stronger the second time around, especially when you're not old enough to remember the original. Here's a look at the best and worst kids' shows making comebacks faster than you can say "cannibalizing my childhood."

'The Powerpuff Girls' (1998 - 2005)

Way back in 1998, Cartoon Network did something amazing and produced a cartoon that was equal parts "Spider-Man," "My Little Pony," and Ms. Magazine: "The Powerpuff Girls." Audiences eager to see that girls could kick butt too responded strongly, keeping the show on the air for seven years. The carefully crafted blend of silliness, standard villain plots, and adorable sisters charmed kids all over the world, spawning merchandise, cosplay, and even a full-length feature film. So naturally, a reboot was inevitable,
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Janis: Little Girl Blue

An amazing talent gone way too soon, Janis Joplin is more than her boozy, brash public image. This bio docu has the personal background and the insights of those her knew, plus the Texas and San Francisco context in the Rock breakout of the late 1960s. Janis: Little Girl Blue DVD Filmrise / Mvd 2015 / Color / 1:78 widescreen / 105 min. / Street Date May 6, 2016 / 19.95 Starring Janis Joplin, Cat Power (voice), Peter Albin, Melissa Etheridge, Clive Davis, Laura Joplin, Michael Joplin, D.A. Pennebaker, Kris Kristofferson, Country Joe McDonald, Dick Cavett.. Cinematography Francesco Carrozzini, Jenna Rosher Film Editors Mark Harrison, Maya Hawke, Billy McMillin, Garret Price, Brendan Walsh Produced by Amy J. Berg, Alex Gibney, Katherine LeBlond, Jeff Jampol Directed by Amy J. Berg

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Janis: Little Girl Blue is an entertaining and emotionally affecting bio-film about the noted singer and songwriter, whose rise to fame in the San Francisco scene of the
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Celebrating TV's evil twins and oddball doubles




Evil goatees, facial ticks and eyepatches… Remember these classic takes on TV’s ‘evil twin’ trope?

Warning: contains spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who series 6, Knightrider, and a 1969 episode of Star Trek.

When it comes to shenanigans and shock value, it’s hard to go past the trope of the evil twin on television. It’s so much fun seeing old-school split-screen on the small screen, where the same actor plays two (or more) parts. It ramps up the fun and fantasy, or delivers a fabulous freak-out moment.

Science fiction feels like the natural habitat of doubles. The audience is already suspending their disbelief, so what’s one more?

Hands-down one of the best uses of twins (or multiples) is from the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Cylon hybrids were flawless versions of humans who looked, sounded, acted and believed they were just like you and me. It
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Before Entourage: Charlie's Angels, Star Trek and More TV Series on the Big Screen

Before Entourage: Charlie's Angels, Star Trek and More TV Series on the Big Screen
This week, Entourage fans get to watch the boys bring their brand of Hollywood bro-ishness to the big screen, nearly four years after the TV series aired its final episode. Of course, it's far from the first cinematic adaptation of a TV series, but in this age of reboot upon reboot, it's notable that this one has migrated to the silver screen intact – it's a movie "sequel" featuring the same actors and characters as the original TV show.

Here's a short history of the many other TV shows that have continued their stories in the form of theatrical films.

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Wait, Why Are the Emmys on a Monday This Year?

  • Vulture
Wait, Why Are the Emmys on a Monday This Year?
The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t the only thing arriving early this year: The Emmy Awards ceremony is taking place in the heat of the summer — and on a Monday to boot. If you’re thinking to yourself, That’s odd!, well, your puzzlement is not misplaced. August Emmys are exceedingly rare in the show’s history, and a non-Sunday telecast is even more uncommon. In fact, since the TV Academy made the show an autumn event back in 1977 — statuettes had previously been given out in the spring — the ceremony has always fallen on a Sunday. So what’s behind Emmys' kinda-sorta demotion this year to a seemingly random Monday in August? To paraphrase Emmy-winning TV legend Don Adams's alter ego, “Would you believe … football?”To be more precise, this year’s super-freaky Emmys scheduling is the result of a perfect storm of factors, with football being the
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