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  • (1999) Book (w/Max Wilk): "Overture and Finale: Rodgers & Hammerstein and the Creation of Their Two Greatest Hits".
  • "Richard Rodgers' Jubilee Show" (4 March 1951), as Guest
  • (160s/'70s) Stage: Starred in a US tour of "Mame". Musical.
  • (1943) Stage: Appeared (as "Ado Annie") in "Oklahoma!" on Broadway.
  • (2001) Radio: PSA for New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care.
  • (1958) Unsold pilot: Starred in a pilot for a show to be called "The Celeste Holm Show". Her character, a reporter was based on the book by Art Cohn called, 'No Facilities for Women'.
  • (1941) Stage: Appeared (as "Lady Keith-Oldyn") in "My Fair Ladies" on Broadway. Written by Arthur L. Jarrett and Marcy Klauber. Directed by Lewis Albert. Hudson Theatre: 23 Mar 1941-19 Apr 1941 (32 performances). Cast: Tom Coley, Vincent J. Donehue, Alfred Etcheverry, Charles Furcolowe, Betty Furness (as "Lady Palfrey-Stuart"), Toni Gilman, Russell Hardie (as "Richard Tolliver"), Otto Hulett, Lionel Ince, Ethel Morrison, Randolph Preston, Mary Sargent, Jacqueline Susann (as "Miss Grumley"), Henry Vincent, Barry O'Moore (as "Henry Gage"). Produced by Albert Lewis and Max Siegel.
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared (as Mary L.") in "The Time of Your Life" on Broadway. Comedy. Written / co-directed by William Saroyan. Choreographed by Gene Kelly. Co-directed by Eddie Dowling. Booth Theatre: 23 Sep 1940-19 Oct 1940 (32 performances). Cast: William Bendix (as "Krupp"), Eddie Dowling (as "Joe"), Gene Kelly (as "Harry"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors). Produced in association with Eddie Dowling.
  • (1960) Stage: Appeared (as "Camilla Jablonski") in "Invitation to a March" on Broadway. Comedy. Written / directed by Arthur Laurents. Incidental music by Stephen Sondheim. Music Box Theatre: 29 Oct 1960-4 Feb 1961 (113 performances + 1 preview). Cast: Richard Derr (as "Tucker Groagan"), Jane Fonda (as "Norma Brown"), Tom Hatcher, Eileen Heckart, James MacArthur (as "Aaron Jablonski"), Jeffrey Rowland, Madeleine Sherwood. Understudies: Kendall Clark (as "Tucker Grogan"; final Broadway role), Arthur Garrison (as "Cary Brown"), Barbara Hayes (as "Deedee Grogan"), John Karlen (as "Aaron Jablonski" / "Schuyler Grogan"), Louise Latham (as "Camilla Jablonski" / "Lily Brown"), Phyllis Wynn (as "Norma Brown"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1943) Stage: Appeared (as "Ado Annie Carnes") in "Oklahoma!" on Broadway. Musical. Music by Richard Rodgers. Book / lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Based on the play "Green Grow The Lilacs" by Lynn Riggs. Musical Director: Jacob Schwartzdorf. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Theatre Guild Administrative Assistant: Armina Marshall. Choreography by Agnes de Mille. Scenic Design by Lemuel Ayers. Costume Design by Miles White. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. St. James Theatre: 31 Mar 1943-29 May 1948 (2212 performances). Cast: 'Alfred Drake (I)' (as "Curly"), Joan Roberts, Joseph Buloff, Howard Da Silva (as "Jud Fry"), Lee Dixon, Betty Garde, Diana Adams, Remo Arlotta, Elsie Arnold, Bobby Barrentine, John Baum, Harvey Brown, Kenneth Buffett, George Church, Edwin Clay, Joseph Cunneff, Margit De Kova, Jack Dunphy, Nona Feid, Gary Fleming, Kate Friedlich, Hayes Gordon, June Graham, Ray Harrison, Maria Harriton, Jack Harwood, Rhoda Hoffman, Edmund Howland, George Irving, Barry Kelley, Eric Kristen, Jane Lawrence, Bambi Linn, Suzanne Lloyd, Ellen Love, Owen Martin (as "Cord Elam"), Joan McCracken, Dorothea McFarland, Pat Meany, May Muth, Carl Nelson, Virginia Oswald, Robert Penn, Marc Platt, Ralph Riggs (as "Andrew Carnes"), Herbert Rissman, Rosemary Schaefer, Katharine Sergava, Paul Shiers, Vivienne Simon, Faye Smith, Gary Smith Jr., Vivian Smith, Arthur Ulisse, Billie Zay. Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors). NOTE: (1) There were numerous replacement actors during the show's remarkable production run; these included: Florenz Ames (as "Andrew" / "Carnes") [from 31 Mar 1943], Howard Keel (as "Curly") [from 31 Mar 1943], Paul Crabtree (as "Will Parker") [from 31 Mar 1943], Ruth Weston (as "Aunt Eller") [from 31 Mar 1943], Shelley Winters (as "Ado Annie Carnes") [from 31 Mar 1943]. (2) Historically significant as the longest-running Broadway production to that time. (3) Filmed as Oklahoma! (1955).
  • (1950) Stage: Appeared (as "Irene Elliott") in "Affairs of State" on Broadway. Comedy. Written / directed by Louis Verneuil. Royale Theatre (moved to The Music Box Theatre from 6 Nov 1950-close): (25 Sep 1950-8 Mar 1952 (610 performances). Cast: Harry Bannister (as "Byron Winkler"), Elmer Brown (as "Lawrence"), Barbara O'Neil (as "Constance Russell"), Reginald Owen (as "Philip Russell"), Shepperd Strudwick (as "George Henderson"). Produced by Richard W. Krakauer and Fred F. Finklehoffe. NOTE: Music Box Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin, who had no direct involvement in production.
  • (1942) Stage: Appeared in "All the Comforts of Home" on Broadway. Farce. Written by William Gillette. Directed by Arthur Sircom. Longacre Theatre: 25 May 1942-30 May 1942 (8 performances). Cast: Wallace Acton (as "Christopher Dabney"), William David, Percy Helton (as "Augustus McSnath"; final Broadway role) Celeste Holm (as "Fifi Oritanski"), Gene Jerrold, Nicholas Joy, Stuart Lancaster, Jordie McLean, Grace McTarnahan, Olive Prickett, John Regan, Virginia Runyon, Dorothy Sands, Guy Spaull, Richard Stevens, Peggy Van Fleet, Florence Williams. Produced by Edith C. Ringling and Mollie B. Steinberg.
  • (1985) Stage: Narrated (w/Helen Hayes) Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", at the Symphony Space in New York. Cast: Len Cariou, MacIntyre Dixon, Raul Julia, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Harold Scott, Bille Brown, and Carole Shelley.
  • (1980) Stage: Appeared (as "Mrs. Grant") in Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's "The Front Page" at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts, with Christopher Reeve, Edward Herrmann, Kate Burton, Zeljko Ivanek and David Hyde Pierce in the cast. Robert Allan Ackerman was the director.
  • Stage: Appeared in a production of "Hamlet" (stage debut). Also in cast: Leslie Howard.
  • (1944) Stage Play: Bloomer Girl [A Modern Musical Comedy With Old Fashioned Charm]. Musical comedy. Music by Harold Arlen. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Book by Sig Herzig and Fred Saidy [earliest Broadway credit]. Based on the play by Dan James and Lilith James. Musical Director: Leon Leonardi. Music orchestrated by Russell Bennett. Book Directed by William Schorr. Choreographed by Agnes de Mille. Staged by E.Y. Harburg. Shubert Theatre: 4 Oct 1944- 27 Apr 1946 (654 performances). Cast: Celeste Holm (as "Evalina"), Arlene Anderson (as "Hetty"), Lee Barrie (as "Paula"), Dorothy Baxter (as "Vocal Ensemble"), William Bender (as "Herman Brasher"), Cecile Bergman (as "Dancer"), Florence Berline (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Matt Briggs (as "Horatio"), David Brooks (as "Jeff Calhoun"), John Byrd (as "1st Deputy/State Official"), John Call (as "Gus"), Blaine Cordner (as "Hamilton Calhoun"), Hubert Dilworth (as "Augustus"), Margaret Douglass (as "Dolly"), Nancy Douglass (as "Delia"), John Duane (as "Dancer"), Jean Faust (as "Dancer"), Joseph Florestano (as "2nd Deputy/Vocal Ensemble"), Lidija Franklin (as "Dancer"), Dan Gallagher (as "Hiram Crump"), Phyllis Gehrig (as "Dancer"), Arthur Grahl (as "Dancer"), Harriet Hall (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Toni Hart (as "Julia"), Dorothy Hill (as "Dancer"), Butler Hixon (as "Governor Newton"), Jean Houloose (as "Dancer"), Lucas Hoving (as "Dancer"), Charles Howard (as "Sheriff Quimby"), Richard Huey (as "Alexander"), Eleanor Jones (as "Prudence"), Claudia Jordan (as "Lydia"), Elena Karina (as "Dancer"), Carmelita Lanza (as "Dancer"), Betty Low (as "Dancer"), Adele Lulince (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Robert Lyon (as "Joshua Dingle"), Carol MacFarlane (as "Phoebe"), Joe E. Marks (as "Ebenezer Mimms"), Joan McCracken (as "Daisy"), Byron Milligan (as "Vocal Ensemble"), James Mitchell (as "Dancer"), Kathleen O'Brien (as "Dancer"), Paul Olsen (as "Dancer"), Brian Otis (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Pamela Randell (as "Octavia"), David Reher (as "Dancer"), Henry Roberts (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Jimmy Russell (as "Dancer"), Ralph Sassano (as "3rd Deputy/Vocal Ensemble"), Carlos Sherman (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Emy St. Just (as "Dancer"), Claire Stevens (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Mabel Taliaferro (as "Serena"), Vaughn Trinnier (as "Wilfred Thrush"), Gloria Tromara (as "Vocal Ensemble"), John Ward (as "Dancer"), Dooley Wilson (as "Pompey"), Eleanor Winter (as "Betty"). Replacement actors: Arlene Anderson (as "Phoebe"), Nanette Fabray (as "Evalina"), Frances Gayer (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Alan Gilbert (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Harriet Hall (as "Paula"), Holly Harris (as "Octavia"), Marcella Howard (as "Octavia"), Janie Janvier (as "Julia"), Dorothy Jarnac (as "Daisy"), Eleanor Jones (as "Octavia"), Evelyn Keller (as "Vocal Ensemble"), David Lober (as "Dancer") [Broadway debut], Ben Murphy (as "Joshua Dingle"), Olive Reeves-Smith (as "Dolly"), Terry Saunders (as "Delia"), Dick Smart (as "Jeff Calhoun"), Claire Stevens (as "Prudence/Hetty"), Matilda Strazza (as "Paula/Vocal Ensemble"), Feodore Tedick (as "Herman Brasher"), Gloria Tromara (as "Hetty"). Produced by John C. Wilson. Produced in association with Nat Goldstone. Note: Adapted for TV on Producers' Showcase [Season 2, Episode 10], telecast 28 Feb 1956, starring Keith Andes as "Jefferson Calhoun."
  • (1971) Musical-Play: The Grass Harp. Opening production at the University of Michigan's (new state of the art) Arthur Miller Professional Theatre (program). Music by Claibe Richardson. Lyrics by Kenward Elmslie. Book by Kenward Elmslie. Based on the novel by Truman Capote. Music arranged by J. (Billy) Ver Planck. Additional orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick and Robert Russell Bennett. Dance & incidental music by John Berkman. Directed by Ellis Rabb and Rhoda Levine. Scenic design and lighting by James Tilton. Costumes by Nancy Potts. Cast: Carol Brice (as "Catherine Creek"), Barbara Cook (as "Dolly Talbo"), Ruth Ford (as "Verena Talbo"), Celeste Holm (as "Babylove"), Max Showalter (as "Dr. Morris Ritz"), Russ Thacker (as "Collin Talbo"), John Baragrey (as "Judge Cool"). Produced by Richard Barr, Charles Woodward and Michael Harvey. Associate Producer: Michael Kasdan.
  • (1973) She acted in Hugh Williams and Margaret Williams' play, "The Irregular Verb to Love," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Christopher Reeve in the cast.
  • (1958) She acted in Eleanor Perry and Leo Bayer's play, "Third Best Sport," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Andrew Duggan in the cast.
  • (1959) She acted in Manya Starr's musical, "What a Day," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Ronny Graham in the cast.
  • (1965) She acted in the play, "Not Even in Spring," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Maurice Evans in the cast.
  • (December 13, 1937) She acted in Clare Boothe Luce's play, "The Women," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (Early 1947) She played Ado Annie Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's musical, "Bloomer Girl," was performed for two weeks at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Agnes DeMille was choreographer.
  • (1941) She acted in the play, "U.S. 90," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Gloria Stuart, Warren Hull and E.J. Ballantine in the cast. Frank Carrington and Agnes Morgan were directors.
  • (1960) She acted in Kieran Tunney's play, "Royal Enclosure," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Cathleen Nesbitt and Sandor Szabo in the cast. Romney Brent was director.
  • (1961) She acted in Arthur Laurents' play, "Invitation to a March," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Wesley Addy in the cast. Arthur Laurents was also director.
  • (1975) She acted in Moss Hart's play, "Light Up the Sky," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Sam Levene, Kay Medford, Vivian Blaine and Wesley Addy in the cast. Harold J. Kennedy was director.
  • (August 1956) She acted in Halstead Welles' play, "A Sudden Spring," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.
  • (July 1958) She acted in Eleanor and Leo Bayer's play, "The Third Best Sport," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.
  • (July 1961) She acted in Arthur Laurents' play, "Invitation to a March," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.
  • (August 3 to 8, 1959) She acted in the musical, "What A Day!," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine in a John Lane Presentation with Ronny Graham in the cast.
  • (February 12 to April 9, 1983) She acted in Noel Coward's play, "Hay Fever," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Tom Moore was director.
  • (April 26 to May 27, 1967) She directed Louis Verneuil's play, "Affairs of State," at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California. Albert McCleery was artistic director.

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