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Deep Blue Sea 3 Is Happening, May Swim Straight to Netflix

Get ready for more smart shark action, as Deep Blue Sea 3 is happening. Some might not even be aware that Deep Blue Sea 2 exists, but it did indeed find its way to release last year as a direct-to-video, low-budget sequel to the 1999 cult classic. Unfortunately, the sequel didn't manage to live up to its predecessor, so it didn't gain all that much buzz upon release. Though, it did apparently generate just enough revenue and interest to warrant a third installment, which may be making its way to Netflix in the future.

Here's what we know for sure. Details are slim, but a production listing does reveal that Deep Blue Sea 3 is in early development. It's early stages, so there is no indication as to who is going to be writing/directing, the sequel, nor is it clear if any of the cast members who made it out of the last movie alive,
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Film Review: The Lion Standing in The Wind (2015) by Takashi Miike

The Japanese actor Takao Osawa was so moved by Masashi Sada’s popular song “The Lion Standing in The Wind”, that he approached the songwriter with a suggestion of adapting it into a novel. Not only that Sada made Osawa’s wish come true, but he also wrote the movie script based on the novel inspired by the song, thus, one would believe – completing the circle. “The Lion Standing Still” – all forms of it – is based on a true story about Koichiro Shimada (Takao Osawa), a Japanese doctor who in 1987, motivated by a long-time medical missionary in Africa Albert Schweizer, left the university hospital in Nagoya to join the research team of The Institute of Tropical medicine in Kenya, the country where he found his tragic end. It is indeed a story of big importance that deserves to be told, and yet it is difficult to comprehend what made Takashi Miike
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China Box Office: New Animations No Match For ‘Nezha’ Domination

  • Variety
Chinese animation “Nezha” continued its run as China’s biggest hit of the summer, maintaining its top spot at the box office even 25 days into its run with a weekend gross of $41.2 million. The tally made it this weekend’s fourth highest grossing film worldwide.

Meanwhile, two other new animated titles performed unremarkably. The flop of Tencent spinoff company China Literature Media’s new animation “The King’s Avatar: For the Glory” on its debut made it clear that just trotting out any old locally-made cartoon based on a well-known IP isn’t enough to spark “Nezha”-style box office domination. It grossed just $9.3 million, according to data from the Artisan Gateway consultancy, despite being an adaptation of a very popular online novel about an professional e-sports player that has top ratings for fan engagement. This made it fifth at the China box office and fourteenth globally.

Rovio Entertainment’s
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China Box Office: 'Ne Zha' Hurtles Toward $600M, Renny Harlin's 'Bodies at Rest' Opens With $18M

China's animated blockbuster Ne Zha continues to steamroll the competition — after 22 days on release.

During a fourth consecutive weekend of dominance at China's theatrical box office, the film earned $41.2 million, according to Artisan Gateway. With a running cumulative gross of $587.1 million, Ne Zha is not only China's biggest animated blockbuster ever — it has earned more than double the total of the market's second-biggest animated hit, Disney's Zootopia, which topped out at $236 million in 2016.

Online ticketing service Maoyan currently projects Ne Zha to finish its run at $663 million ...
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Samuel L. Jackson hated his big Deep Blue Sea speech, which was originally 7 pages

  • The AV Club
“Deep Blue Sea? They ate me! A fuckin’ shark ate me!” shouts Dave Chappelle as Samuel L. Jackson the Chappelle’s Show’s“Samuel L. Jackson Beer” sketch. Two decades later, Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea, by all means a mediocre shark flick, endures in the minds of many for that exact reason: a fuckin’ shark ate Samuel L.…
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Cliffhanger Reboot Will Feature Female-Led Cast, Lily Amirpour To Direct

Out of the copious amounts of popcorn flicks that I experienced in my youth, Cliffhanger manages to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack for several reasons. Firstly, it never gets old watching an at-his-peak Sylvester Stallone kick ass and take names. Secondly, you can always count on John Lithgow to play an amazing bad guy (see also: 1991’s Ricochet as proof of this). And last but not least, the perilous setting of the Colorado Rockies wilderness is equally memorable as it is bone-chilling.

As is the case with a lot of successful and nostalgic movies from the last few decades, Hollywood has deemed it necessary to move forward with a reboot of Renny Harlin’s 1993 classic. Specifically, critically acclaimed director Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) has recently been confirmed to helm the upcoming project.

The Cliffhanger reboot will be produced by
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Shark Attack: A Deep Dive Into Cinema’s Sinister Obsession

Sarah Myles has a close encounter with the shark movie genre…

Movie trends ebb and flow, with thematically similar stories washing through our cinemas at regular intervals. War films, biopics, westerns, slasher movies, ghost stories – each has its season, and they return again and again in cyclical fashion. One trend that seems to be a constant, however, is the shark movie. Indeed, hardly a year goes by without some filmmaker or other telling a tale featuring these mythic marine villains.

It makes sense, because sharks make for excellent villains. Their almost prehistoric nature taps into our most primal fears, and these are then enhanced by the fact that these creatures lurk silently in the depths that represent a territory other than our own. Any encounter with a shark means that we, as humans, are literally and figuratively out of our depth. The water is their space, and we are the invaders.
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Shanghai: China’s Once-Mighty Wanda Casts Itself in Role of Survivor

  • Variety
The soundtrack for the introductory showreel at Wednesday evening’s Shanghai press event announcing Wanda Pictures’ annual line-up was aspirational and strangely defiant.

It began with Nina Simone crooning, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good,” and then continued with “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. “You thought that I’d be weak without you, but I’m stronger… I’m a survivor, I’m not going to give up, I’m not going to stop, I’m going to work harder.”

The corporate parent, Dalian Wanda, whose entertainment empire straddled theme parks and cinema, film production and distribution, fell out of government favor and was put on a watch list in 2017. It also struggled with high levels of debt that forced a dramatic retrenchment. The company’s balance sheet has shrunk by more than $25 billion
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Shanghai: Chinese Movies Dominate Aacta Asian Film Award Nominations

  • Variety
Shanghai: Chinese Movies Dominate Aacta Asian Film Award Nominations
Chinese sci-fi hit “The Wandering Earth,” China’s Cannes competition film “Wild Goose Lake,” and Korea’s Palme d’Or-winning “Parasite” are among the nominees for the Aacta Award for best Asian film.

The nominees were announced on the margins of the Shanghai International Film Festival. The winners will be announced Dec. 4 at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards ceremony in Sydney.

Other Chinese films in the running include “Pegasus”; Chinese-Hong Kong comedy-drama “The New King of Comedy”; animated fantasy film “White Snake”; Renny Harlin-directed “Bodies at Rest”; “Hidden Man”; Zhang Yimou’s “Shadow”; Hong Kong Film Award-winning action movie “Project Gutenberg”; dark comedy “A Cool Fish”; and mystery drama “Headlines.” Also included is the yet-to-be-released Australia-China co-production “The Whistleblower.”

From elsewhere in Asia, competing tiles include Indian action film “Uri: The Surgical Strike”; India’s foreign-language Oscar contender, “Village Rockstars”; Indian action comedy “The Man
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Aacta unveils films in competition for the Best Asian Film Award

Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ is among the films in competition for the Aacta Best Asian Film Award.

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (Aacta) has unveiled some of the films that will compete for a nomination for the 2019 Best Asian Film award.

The selected films were announced at a gala dinner in Shanghai, where Aacta is also hosting an China | Australia film forum and panel discussion as part of its ongoing Asia International Engagement Program.

The Best Asian Film award is designed to honour the finest films of the past year from 19 Asian regions, reflecting the popularity and importance of Asian films in Australia.

Among the Chinese-language films in competition is Australian-Chinese co-production The Whistleblower, which shot in Victoria late last year.

It will go up against the second highest-grossing film of all time in China, Frant Gwo sci-fi The Wandering Earth, as well as three of the
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Netflix hires 'creative architect' for 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' series

Streamer signed multi-year deal with The C S Lewis Company last year to adapt fantasy novels.

Netflix has named Matthew Aldrich, co-writer of Disney-Pixar’s animated hit Coco, to oversee the streamer’s live-action adaptations of C S Lewis’ The Chronicles Of Narnia books.

Aldrich will lead development and creative work and act as what Netflix called “a creative architect” on film and TV projects based on the Narnia tales.

Last October, Netflix signed a multi-year deal with The C S Lewis Company to make film and TV projects based on Lewis’ seven fantasy novels.

The books, about
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Nightmare on Elm Street Fan Theory Attempts to Explain Freddy's Dream Powers

Well, this is interesting. Looks like someone on Reddit "just" posted a new theory surrounding how Robert Englund's Freddy Kruger achieved his dream powers in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street series. While I've seen more than a few people mention that this is a "new" theory regarding Freddy and his dream powers, to be thorough here, the Reddit post where this comes from is two years old. That said, it just recently resurfaced and has become a thing in the horror community so let's get into it here.

The theory states that this.

"In the original Noes Freddy is not quite as powerful as he would seem to be in later films, this is probably meta, due to the budget and special effects limitations of the time, yet we may have a better answer.

A deleted scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street states that Nancy
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Ana Lily Amirpour to direct female-fronted Cliffhanger remake

Deadline is reporting that producer Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious) is teaming with director Ana Lily Amirpour for a female-led remake of the 1993 Sylvester Stallone action adventure film Cliffhanger.

Directed by Renny Harlin, the original movie saw Sly playing a haunted mountaineer and rescue ranger who finds himself pitted against a gang of thieves who are looking to recover their $100 million stash from the U.S. Treasury after a plane crash in the Rocky Mountains.

“I instantly knew the elements of the story I wanted to tell,” said Amirpour, who has already spent twelve months planning the movie. “There’s a special place in my heart for an action-survival movie. I’ve always been attracted to the theme of mountain climbers who, like filmmakers, have a certain madness to them. I love genre and fantasy and in this type of survival film you’re playing with real fear.”

The new Cliffhanger
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Cliffhanger Female-Led Reboot of Stallone Movie in the Works

Joseph Baxter May 8, 2019

Sylvester Stallone’s 1993 actioner, Cliffhanger, is getting a female-fronted reboot, with a key Fast & Furious franchise producer onboard.

Cliffhanger may not be widely seen as an iconic Sylvester Stallone actioner, but the high-altitude intensity of the Renny Harlin-directed 1993 blockbuster reaped respectable box office rewards, banking $255 million worldwide off a $70 million budget – more than the $189 million made from Sly's then-recent franchise mainstay in 1988’s Rambo III, and certainly more than the $119.9 million earned by 1990 dud Rocky V. Indeed, Cliffhanger has its fans, notably Fast & Furious film franchise producer Neal Moritz, who’s now spearheading a female-fronted reboot effort.

Yes, Hollywood’s insatiable reboot rampage has placed its grip on Cliffhanger, which Moritz is bringing to the table with a gender-swapped twist in the protagonist department, according to Deadline. Set to occupy the director’s chair will be Ana Lily Amirpour, who, working off a script
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Ana Lily Amirpour to Direct Female-Led 'Cliffhanger' Reboot

Ana Lily Amirpour to Direct Female-Led 'Cliffhanger' Reboot
Bad Batch director Ana Lily Amirpour is set to helm a female-led reboot of the 1993 classic Cliffhanger action thriller by Renny Harlin, with Jason Momoa in talks to perform a cameo role.

Casting is underway for a female lead after Rocket Science acquired the reboot rights to Cliffhanger from StudioCanal, and will produce alongside Neal Moritz’s Original Film, while handling foreign sales starting in Cannes.

Amirpour, who also helmed A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, will direct from a script by Sascha Penn.

"We are setting out to create a thrill-ride on the mountain which taps into the ...
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Neil Mortiz's female-fronted Cliffhanger reboot is headed to Cannes Marché

  • JoBlo
According to some internet sleuthing on my behalf, fans of director Renny Harlin's Cliffhanger starring Sylvester Stallone have been hanging in for news about a long-gestating reboot of the action-adventure thriller for upward of nineteen years. The wait has been an arduous one indeed, kind of like waiting for Tool to announce the release date of their upcoming album - which by the way lands…
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Hold On, Cannes! Female-Fronted ‘Cliffhanger’ Reboot Climbs With Ana Lily Amirpour

  • Deadline
Hold On, Cannes! Female-Fronted ‘Cliffhanger’ Reboot Climbs With Ana Lily Amirpour
Exclusive: Twenty six years after the iconic original debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, Neal Moritz’s (The Fast And The Furious) awaited reboot of hit action-thriller Cliffhanger is heading to the Cannes Marché where it will be among the buzziest projects on sale.

In a zeitgeisty twist, the reimagined, big-canvas package will have a female lead — casting is underway — and a female director in the shape of Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night). Aquaman star Jason Momoa is talks for a key cameo.

Rocket Science will launch international sales on the hot prospect in Cannes after prizing rights away from StudioCanal in a competitive situation. The latter had tried to mount a remake a couple of times with Moritz in the past decade and it was a long negotiation to convince the French studio to part with the property given its strong box office potential.
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Udine Far East Film Festival Reveals the Complete Line-up

76 titles (of which 51 in competition) from 12 countries, a retrospective, a monograph, a tribute to new independent Korean cinema, 2 “strange couples”, the world-premier of a restored film and more than 100 themed events organized in the heart of Udine. This is the immense itinerary of which, from an artistic and cultural perspective, the Feff is the most important European outpost.

A bona fide “cinematic island” where cinema is not just celebrated – with 3 world premieres, 12 international premieres and 18 European premieres and 14 debut films – but also looks to the future: this year, 15 projects have been chosen for Focus Asia, the Festival’s market, and 10 for Ties That Bind, the international Asia/Europe workshop.

The journey to the Far East begins on the 26th of April with the moving Korean film “Birthday” directed by Lee Jong-un and produced by Lee Chang-dong. Based on the 2014 Sewol Ferry disaster, it is an anatomy of pain and experience of public and private mourning.
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Udine Film Festival Hosts Asia’s Surprise Hits

  • Variety
Udine Film Festival Hosts Asia’s Surprise Hits
This year’s line-up for the Far East Film Festival in Udine includes numerous surprise hits, as well as a diverse selection that mixes the best of Asian commercial cinema with accessible Asian art house.

Among the surprise hits are “A Cool Fish” and “Dying to Survive” from mainland China, and “Project Gutenberg,” the Hong Kong counterfeiting thriller which topped the Chinese box office. From Taiwan, “More Than Blue” was another title that took China’s box office crown.

The mainland Chinese selection also includes Han Han’s “Pegasus”, Zhang Wei’s transgender drama “The Rib,” and coming of age drama “The Crossing,” which premiered in Toronto.

Labelled as a Hong Kong production, Renny Harlin’s “Bodies at Rest,” and Yuen Woo-ping’s “Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy” also find festival berths.

The festival’s nine titles from Japan include comedy “Fly Me To Saitama,” Sabu’s absurdist “Jam
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Filmart: Renny Harlin on His Festival Opener 'Bodies at Rest,' Plans for a 'Long Kiss Goodnight' Sequel

Filmart: Renny Harlin on His Festival Opener 'Bodies at Rest,' Plans for a 'Long Kiss Goodnight' Sequel
Renny Harlin's love affair with Asia continued on Monday as Bodies at Rest, his high-octane actioner starring Nick Cheung and Richie Jen, had its world premiere as the opening film of the Hong Kong International Film Festival. 

Best known for Hollywood action classics such as Die Hard 2Cliffhanger and The Long Kiss GoodnightBodies at Rest is the Finnish director's ode to Hong Kong cinema. The Hollywood Reporter's review noted that the pic has "the kind of polished, Ott energy Hong Kong was once the standard bearer for in unchallenging, purely entertaining crime thrillers....
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