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  • (2000) TV commercial: City of Philadelphia.
  • (early 1980s) TV commercial: Texas Instruments .
  • (1998) TV commercial: School to Work.
  • (1980s) TV commercial: Coca-Cola.
  • One of the voices that intones the name "Viacom" over the Viacom logo.
  • (1889-92) TV commercial: Kodak film.
  • (2000) Book: "Kids Say the Darndest Things",
  • (8/8/04-8/8/04) Stand-up show at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, MA.
  • TV commercial: UMass-Boston.
  • (8/8/04) Stand-up show at the North Shore Music Circus in Beverly, MA.
  • (1968) Album: "200 MPH" (Warner Bros.). NOTE: Remastered in 1995.
  • (1963) Album: "Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow . . . Right!" (Warner Bros.). NOTE: Remastered in 1995.
  • (1973) Album: "Fat Albert" (album: MCA; CD: Uni).
  • (1971) Album: "For Adults Only, (MCA).
  • (1982) Album: "Himself" (Motown/PolyGram; CD: Uni).
  • (1964) Album: "I Started Out as a Child" (Warner Bros.; remastered 1995).
  • (1972) Album: "Inside the Mind of Bill Cosby" (MCA; CD--Uni).
  • (1977) Album: "My Father Confused Me...What Must I Do? What Must I Do?" (Capitol/EMI).
  • (1991) Album: "OH, Baby" (Geffen/MCA).
  • (1967) Album: "Revenge" (Warner Bros.). NOTE: Remastered in 1998.
  • (1987) Album: "Those of You With or Without Children, You'll Understand" (Geffen/Warner Bros.).
  • (1968) Album: "To Russel, My Brother, Whom I Slept With" (Warner Bros.). 27171, 1968 (1995 remaster).
  • (1971) Album: "When I Was a Kid" (MCA). NOITE: CD was on Uni.
  • (1965) Album: "Why Is There Air?" (Warner Bros.). NOTE: Remastered in 1998.
  • (1966) Album: "Wonderfulness" 0Warner Bros.). NOTE: Remastered in 1995.
  • (1968) Album: "Hooray For The Salvation Army Band" (Warner Bros.).
  • (2005) TV commercial: TV Land.
  • TV commercials: Turner Classic Movies (TCM).
  • CD: "At His Best" (Columbia)
  • (1973) Spokesperson for Jello.
  • (7/28/75) Appeared on ABC's "Good Morning!".
  • (1967) Album: "Silver Throat: Bill Cosby Sings".
  • (1978) TV commercial: Del Monte Corn (voiceover).
  • (1990s) Books, "Little Bill for Beginning Readers" series. NOTE: Varnette Patricia Honeywood was illustrator.
  • (early 70s) Anti-drug PSA TV spot for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
  • (2011) Book: "I Didn't Ask to be Born, But I'm Glad I Was".
  • (2007) Book (w/Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D.): "Come on, People: On the Path from Victims to Victors". Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. ISBN: 1595550925
  • (1987-88) Print ads: Kodak and its Colorwatch System.
  • (1970s - 2010s) Huge, varied, and long running series of TV commercials, print ads, and personal appearances for and promoting Jell-O products, including: Jell-O pudding; Jell-O gelatin desert; frozen Jell-O Pops (in gelatin and pudding varieties); the new Sugar-Free Jell-O (which replaced D-Zerta in 1984 and was sweetened with NutraSweet); Jell-O Jigglers concentrated gummi snacks; and Sparkling Jell-O, a carbonated version of the dessert touted as the "Champagne of Jell-O," and a few other Jell-O products. Although he was the commercial spokesperson for Jell-O for well over 30 years, there was a 6-7 year break in the 2000s, before returning to the airwaves in 2010. This representation spanned both General Mills and Kraft corporate parental eras.
  • (1971) Album: "Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs" (Uni Records).
  • (2000) TV commercial: Del Monte canned corn.
  • (1989) TV commercial: Coca-Cola with Betty Carter.

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