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Justin Kurzel to direct TV drama series for Apple

Justin Kurzel is set to direct the first two episodes of Shantaram, the TV adaptation of Gregory David Roberts’ Australian novel.

Published in 2003, the novel follows Lindsay, a bank robber and heroin addict who escapes from Melbourne’s Pentridge jail and flees to India, which mirrors the author’s experience.

Landing in Bombay, he is forced to live in the slums, which shelters him from the authorities. He sets up a free health clinic as a way to contribute to the community, learns about the local culture and customs and becomes fluent in Marathi, the local language.

He also witnesses and battles outbreaks of cholera and firestorms and becomes involved in trading with the lepers.

Apple has commissioned the series which will be produced by Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin and Nicole Clemens and Paramount Television.

The screenplay is by Eric Warren Singer, whose credits include American Hustle, The International,
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‘Dare Me’: Adrian Walters & Amanda Brugel To Recur In USA Network Series

  • Deadline
‘Dare Me’: Adrian Walters & Amanda Brugel To Recur In USA Network Series
Exclusive: Adrian Walters and Amanda Brugel are set for recurring roles opposite Willa Fitzgerald, Herizen Guardiola and Marlo Kelly on USA drama series Dare Me, from Ucp and Peter Berg and Michael Lombardo’s Film 44.

Based on the novel by Megan Abbott, who serves as writer and executive producer along with Gina Fattore, Dare Me is described as an unflinching exploration of teen angst, jealousy, loyalty and the dynamics of power in a small Midwestern town.

Peering behind the all-American facade, Dare Me dives into the cutthroat world of competitive high school cheerleading. It follows the fraught relationship between two best friends (Guardiola and Kelly) after a new coach (Fitzgerald) arrives to bring their team to prominence. While the girls’ friendship is put to the test, their young lives are changed forever when a shocking crime rocks their quiet suburban world. Part coming-of-age story, part small-town drama, part murder mystery,
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Next ‘Purge’ Installment Finds Director in ‘Mars’ Helmer (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Everardo Gout, who recently helmed several episodes of Nat Geo’s “Mars” series, has come on board to direct Blumhouse Productions, Platinum Dunes and Universal Pictures’ next installment in “The Purge” franchise.

Following the success of 2018’s “The First Purge,” which became the highest-grossing film in the horror series, franchise creator James DeMonaco, who penned the first three “Purge” pics, will return to write the latest movie.

The series centers on the 12 hours per year in which all crime is legal. The new movie will focus on that same 12 hours of chaos; other plot details are being kept under wraps.

Jason Blum, Man in a Tree duo DeMonaco and Sébastien K. Lemercier and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are all on board to produce.

The franchise also extends to television, where “The Purge” Season 2 will launch on the USA Network later this fall. Universal will
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Kelly McGillis Wasn’t Invited Back For Top Gun: Maverick

Since Tom Cruise took San Diego Comic-Con (and not the mention the world) by storm with the first trailer of Top Gun: Maverick, not a whole lot’s been said about the highly-anticipated sequel. However, we can add the absence of one of the series’ most central characters to the tiny list of things we do know about the film.

Kerry McGillis, who played Charlie Blackwood, one of the Top Gun instructors and main love interest to Cruise’s Pete Mitchell, has revealed that she wasn’t asked to return for the sequel.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight whether or not she’ll be attending any of the film’s promotional events, she had this to say:

“You know what, I don’t know how to answer that because one, it hasn’t happened. Two, if and when it did happen, I would have to assess where I am, what I’m doing,
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Rosa Salazar wants to continue playing Alita

Now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital, Alita: Battle Angel was one of the final 20th Century Fox’s theatrical releases before the Disney-Fox merger. Making over $400 million worldwide, the film was far from a box office disaster given the film’s $200 million budget, and even though, the director Robert Rodriquez left the ending open to a sequel, whether Disney goes ahead with Alita 2 is up in the air.

However, the one person hoping for a sequel is Alita: Battle Angel’s Rosa Salazar who has shared her enthusiasm for portraying the cyborg warrior until her “last breath”.

Salazar told Slash Film that, “I would play Alita ‘til my last breath. I would, and thanks to the performance capture technology, I probably could.”

Unfortunately, Salazar claimed she has not heard anything about a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel yet, but encourages fans to “buy those Blu-rays” to show the studio they want a sequel.
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Review: Alita: Battle Angel

  • Comicmix
I’m not a major Manga fan but am certainly aware of the most popular and enduring properties, such as Gunnm, a.k.a. Battle Angel Alita, which ran from 1990-1995 and was adapted into two-part anime. By 2000, James Cameron had been made aware of the series and immediately wanted to bring it to the big screen. He allowed himself to get repeatedly distracted so he eventually handed off the directing chores to Robert Rodriguez, who took the mammoth script Cameron and Laeta Kalogridis, and honed it down to something 20th Century Fox could afford.

After all that build up, several other Japanese stories had made it to American audiences, with few making a positive splash. So, when Alita: Battle Angel finally arrived this year, audiences were primed to be awed or disappointed. Had the film arrived two decades ago, it would have been a far more interesting and arresting story,
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Top Gun's Kelly McGillis Wasn't Asked to Return for the Sequel: 'My Priorities in Life Changed'

Top Gun's Kelly McGillis Wasn't Asked to Return for the Sequel: 'My Priorities in Life Changed'
Don’t look for Kelly McGillis in Top Gun: Maverick.

The actress, 62, originally played Tom Cruise‘s love interest Charlie in the 1986 film, but she was noticeably missing in the trailer for the upcoming sequel which dropped earlier this month.

McGillis opened up about why she won’t be in the film in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in which she said she wasn’t asked to return.

“I’m old and I’m fat and I look age appropriate for what my age is and that is not what that whole scene is about,” McGillis said. “To me, I
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Review: Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Battle damaged cyborg Alita (Rosa Salazar) is rescued from Iron city’s junkyard by Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) who brings her back to life in the cybernetic body made for his murdered daughter, catching the eye of his ex-wife Chiren (Jennifer Connelly) who sees Alita as a prize prospect in the future sport of Motorball – but a much darker fate awaits the young cyborg…

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) is the film adaptation of 1990s manga Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm) by artist Yukito Kishiro, which captured the imagination of director James Cameron back in the early 2000s, keeping up so far? Well, Cameron and co-writer Laeta Kalogridis penned a huge 180 page screenplay with a billion dollar budget and it was going to be Cameron’s follow-up film to Titanic (1997). The anticipation for the live-action Battle Angel Alita film around the time of the millennium was beyond huge, a cyberpunk action film
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Top Gun: Maverick Team Never Invited Kelly McGillis to Return

  • MovieWeb
Top Gun: Maverick Team Never Invited Kelly McGillis to Return
Kelly McGillis reveals she was not asked to return for Top Gun: Maverick. When Tom Cruise first announced the sequel was going to officially happen, it was unclear who would be back with him on the big screen. Val Kilmer was revealed to be returning pretty early on in the process, while many fans wondered if McGillis would be back as Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood. Now that the trailer has dropped, interest has grown in the upcoming sequel and fans are curious to know more about what they'll see in theaters next summer.

Kelly McGillis has been out of the spotlight for a number of years, but did express interest in returning for Top Gun: Maverick last year. McGillis played Charlie in the movie, a character based on real-life person Christine Fox who worked at the Miramar Naval Air Station. However, McGillis was not asked to return. She had this to
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Snowpiercer Cast and Ep Talk Class Warfare, 'Bug Bars' and Apocalypse Golfing in TBS' Series Adaptation

When Snowpiercer premieres on TBS, pay close attention to the accommodations in the back of the titular, globe-circumnavigating train, says star Daveed Diggs: Things aren’t necessarily what they seem.

“The tail end is essentially stowaways. There’s not much there. So they make a lot out of a little,” he says in the video above. “All the beds are made out of, like, discarded golf clubs that I assume they stole from all the rich people’s luggage?” He laughs incredulously. “Because they thought they were going to play golf in the apocalypse?”

More from TVLineSnowpiercer Trailer: Things
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Gemini Man Trailer #2: Which Will Smith Is the Real Bad Guy?

Gemini Man Trailer #2: Which Will Smith Is the Real Bad Guy?
This October we will see Will Smith go head-to-head and toe-to-toe with his greatest adversary yet: Will Smith. This is not going to be an epic rap battle between two alternate universe Big Willies (although that would be great). No, this is a new sci-fi action movie from the director of Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee called Gemini Man. The film stars Will Smith as an aging hitman who is targeted by a younger clone of himself. And today we have the movie's new trailer to share with you guys.

Now even though I poked a bit of fun at director Ang Lee above by mentioning his non-action movies, you need not worry, the man has the chops to take the helm of an over-the-top action extravaganza. And the man sure as hell knows his way around a set-piece. After all, he is the first-rate filmmaker behind
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Tom Cruise Returns to the Sky in the First Trailer For Top Gun: Maverick

Maverick is back, baby! Top Gun star Tom Cruise surprised Comic-Con attendees in San Diego on Thursday when he unexpectedly stopped by Hall H to unveil the trailer for the sequel to the beloved 1986 film, officially titled Top Gun: Maverick.

While not much is known about the plot right now, Cruise is clearly reprising his role as the United States Navy's elite fighter pilot made famous in the original. In the upcoming film, the character is quite a bit older than we last saw him, but it seems Maverick is still a high-flying captain whose superiors want him to quit stalling and climb the career ladder already. On top of wrestling with those career responsibilities, a potential romance with Jennifer Connelly, new trainees, and more.

Watch the first trailer for the film above - which also stars Jon Hamm, Lewis Pullman, and Ed Harris - before it flies into
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Keenen Ivory Wayans Replaces Saladin Patterson as Showrunner on Tracy Morgan’s ‘The Last Og’

  • The Wrap
Keenen Ivory Wayans Replaces Saladin Patterson as Showrunner on Tracy Morgan’s ‘The Last Og’
In Living Color” creator Keenen Ivory Wayans is taking over for Saladin Patterson as showrunner on “The Last O.G.” for the Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish-led TBS comedy’s upcoming third season.

The Turner-owned network made the announcement during the Television Critics Association’s press tour Wednesday, also revealing Wayans will direct four episodes of “The Last O.G.” Season 3.

This marks the second showrunner switch the series, co-created by Morgan and Jordan Peele, has seen since its inception. Patterson took over for original showrunner John Carcieri before Season 1 premiered.

“I’m thrilled and excited to be working with such a great cast, team of producers and reuniting with Tracy Morgan,” Wayans said. “Together we’re all going to take the show to the next level.”

Also Read: Tracy Morgan's 'The Last Og' Renewed by TBS for Season 2

“We can’t wait to see where Keenen takes this series next,
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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Blu-ray Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Casper Van Dien, Jackie Earle Haley, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Ed Skrein, Keean Johnson | Written by James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis, Robert Rodriguez | Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron collaborate on this sci-fi action adventure that’s intended to kick-start a franchise. The effects work and the action sequences are both spectacular, but the derivative plot feels like a video game version of a dystopian Ya romance novel.

Based on the Japanese manga series Gunnm (by Yukito Kishiro), the story is set in the year 2563, three centuries after an apocalyptic war, where the majority of the survivors live in Iron City, beneath a floating metropolis known as Zalem. When Doctor Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) finds the core of a young female in a scrapheap, he attaches her to a cybernetic body and reboots her, naming her Alita
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Comic-Con 2019: Titan Comics Announces Prequel Graphic Novel Snowpiercer: Extinction

Before Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer adaptation (based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige) finds new life as a TV series on TBS in 2020, Titan Comics announced at Comic-Con a new prequel graphic novel, Snowpiercer: Extinction, that will explore the origin of the train holding the final survivors of Earth in the frozen post-apocalypse.

Written by Matz with artwork by Jean-Marc Rochette (artist of the Le Transperceneige graphic novel), Titan Comics will release Snowpiercer: Extinction in September. We have the full press release with more details from Titan Comics, as well as the cover art and preview pages from Snowpiercer: Extinction, and in case you missed it, watch the trailer for the Snowpiercer TV series and visit our online hub to stay updated on all of our San Diego Comic-Con coverage!

Press Release: Titan Comics are thrilled to be publishing Snowpiercer: Extinction, a brand-new prequel graphic novel set before
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Snowpiercer: TBS Releases Trailer for Sci-fi Thriller Series

"Never forget who you are." TBS just released the first trailer for their new TV show, Snowpiercer.

Based on the 2013 film, the sci-fi series takes place years after Earth has become a frozen wasteland and the human survivors live on a massive train that circles the globe. The cast includes Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, and Lena Hall.

Read More…
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Snowpiercer Panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2019

Tai Freligh covers the Snowpiercer panel at Sdcc…

TBS brought its highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer to San Diego for Comic-Con International 2019, unveiling a first trailer for the new series, as well as hosting a panel featuring stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Lena Hall and Steven Ogg and executive producer and showrunner Graeme Manson.

Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation based on the acclaimed movie of the same name. The series was renewed for season two prior to the season one premiere.

Snowpiercer is produced by Tomorrow Studios (a joint venture between Marty Adelstein and ITV Studios), along with Cj Entertainment, who produced the original film.
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See Daveed Diggs in First ‘Snowpiercer’ TV Adaptation Trailer

It’s been a long time coming for TBS to release their TV adaptation of Bong Joon-ho’s 2014 film Snowpiercer. The new version, coming in the spring of 2020, stars Daveed Diggs in Chris Evans’ role as a man trapped on a continuously moving train containing the remains of humanity.

In the first trailer for the series, released during San Diego Comic-Con, where some first-look footage was also shown, viewers get a glimpse of an icy dystopian world where people have to keep moving on a train so as not to freeze to death.
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Snowpiercer TV series gets a first trailer from Comic-Con

During its panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the first trailer was released for TNT’s Snowpiercer, the upcoming small-screen adaptation of Bong Joon Ho’s 2013 post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature; watch it here…

See Also: First-look images from Snowpiercer TV series featuring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs

Set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, the series centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. As it does, issues of class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival are raised.

Snowpiercer features a cast that includes Jennifer Connelly (Alita: Battle Angel), Daveed Diggs (Blindspotting), (Alison Wright (The Americans), Mickey Sumner (Frances Ha), Susan Park (Ghostbusters), Iddo Goldberg (Peaky Blinders), Katie McGuinness (Dirty Filthy Love), Lena Hall (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Annalise Basso (Bedtime Stories), Sam Otto (Jellyfish), Roberto Urbina (Narcos), Sheila Vand (Argo), Jaylin Fletcher (Saturday Church) and Rowan Blanchard
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Snowpiercer Comic Con TV Show Trailer: Jennifer Connelly is the Voice of Authority in a Wasteland [TBS, Sdcc 2019]

Sdcc 2019 Snowpiercer Trailer TBS‘ Snowpiercer TV show trailer from the 2019 San Diego Comic Con has been released and stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park, and Rowan Blanchard. Plot Synopsis Snowpiercer‘s plot synopsis: based on the film by Joon-ho Bong and the graphic novel by Jacques [...]

Continue reading: Snowpiercer Comic Con TV Show Trailer: Jennifer Connelly is the Voice of Authority in a Wasteland [TBS, Sdcc 2019]
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