Spanish Noir

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1. Death of a Cyclist (1955)

Not Rated | 88 min | Crime, Drama

A couple having an affair strike a bicyclist with their car and do not offer aid out of fear of their relationship being exposed.

Director: Juan Antonio Bardem | Stars: Lucia Bosè, Alberto Closas, Bruna Corrà, Carlos Casaravilla

Votes: 3,138

2. Surcos (1951)

104 min | Drama

The struggles of a Spanish family as it emigrates from the country to Madrid circa 1950.

Director: José Antonio Nieves Conde | Stars: Luis Peña, María Asquerino, Francisco Arenzana, Marisa de Leza

Votes: 469

3. Brigada criminal (1950)

80 min | Crime, Drama

A young policemen witnesses a bank robbery which will become his first case. To catch the thieves he will infiltrate himself as one of the gang members. At first it works, but it won't be so easy afterwards.

Director: Ignacio F. Iquino | Stars: José Suárez, Soledad Lence, Alfonso Estela, Manuel Gas

Votes: 60

4. Contraband Spain (1955)

Not Rated | 82 min | Crime, Drama

Robin Hood star Richard Greene plays an agent who goes to the French-Spanish border to round up some smugglers and counterfeiters after his brother is murdered. He is helped by singer Anouk Aimee, who he falls in love with.

Directors: Lawrence Huntington, Julio Salvador | Stars: Richard Greene, Anouk Aimée, Michael Denison, José Nieto

Votes: 89

5. Black Crown (1951)

106 min | Drama, Mystery

An amnesiac woman discovers her past was that of criminal.

Director: Luis Saslavsky | Stars: María Félix, Rossano Brazzi, Vittorio Gassman, José María Lado

Votes: 94

7. Back to the Door (1959)

88 min | Crime, Drama

Tonight "The Golden Mouse Trap" is a crime scene sealed by the cops. Who stabbed young newcomer Patricia in the face? Her jealous workmate Lola? The pianist who might know her from before? The slick client with money to burn?

Director: José María Forqué | Stars: Emma Penella, Amelia Bence, Luis Prendes, Elisa Loti

Votes: 31

8. Captain Blackjack (1950)

90 min | Adventure, Crime

Along the Spanish coast, American smuggler Mike Alexander comes into conflict with human-trafficker Captain Nicarescu and both of them are tracked by undercover Spanish police inspector Carnero.

Directors: Julien Duvivier, José Antonio Nieves Conde | Stars: George Sanders, Herbert Marshall, Patricia Roc, Agnes Moorehead

Votes: 103

9. Una mujer cualquiera (1949)

89 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

A woman who has walked out of an unhappy marriage is unsuccessful trying to earn herself a new living and gets mixed with a man who is a murderer and tries to incriminate her.

Director: Rafael Gil | Stars: María Félix, Antonio Vilar, Mary Delgado, Juan Espantaleón

Votes: 40

10. El ojo de cristal (1956)

92 min | Crime, Drama

With the intention of stealing the compensation for a work accident, Enrique kills an old man. However, it turns out that he had not yet collected it, so he will try, then, to falsify the ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Santillán | Stars: Carlos López Moctezuma, Armando Moreno, Beatriz Aguirre, Carolina Jiménez

Votes: 74

11. Rififí en la ciudad (1963)

100 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Film based on the novel 'Vous souvenez vous de Paco'.

Director: Jesús Franco | Stars: Fernando Fernán Gómez, Jean Servais, Laura Granados, Antonio Prieto

Votes: 104

12. A sangre fría (1959)

80 min | Crime

Carlos is a poor but ambitious young man who lives in the outskirts of Barcelona. Desiring to improve his life and earn a lot of money, even through crime, he will suggest to an old friend ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Bosch | Stars: Arturo Fernández, Gisia Paradís, Carlos Larrañaga, Fernando Sancho

Votes: 86

13. A Glass of Whiskey (1959)

88 min | Drama

Víctor is a handsome boy, skeptical and lover of the pleasures of life. He has no job or benefit and lives on women without realizing that his behavior triggers dramas and disappointments, pain and hopelessness.

Director: Julio Coll | Stars: Rossana Podestà, Arturo Fernández, Carlos Larrañaga, Yelena Samarina

Votes: 55

14. Abel Sánchez (1947)

77 min | Drama

Joaquin Monegro feels a huge hatred for Abel Sánchez, who was once his best friend. Over the years, Monegro marries without love, and tries to have his children marry, but not forgetting Abel so far.

Director: Carlos Serrano de Osma | Stars: Manuel Luna, Roberto Rey, Antonio Bofarull, Arturo Cámara

16. Camino cortado (1955)

82 min | Crime

Antonio is a nineteen-year-old orphan to whom his mother has left a huge fortune. Unfortunately his tactless tutor has undertaken to dispossess him - little by little - of his money. ... See full summary »

Director: Ignacio F. Iquino | Stars: Viktor Staal, Laya Raki, Albert Matterstock, Franz Muxeneder

Votes: 24

17. It Happened in Broad Daylight (1958)

97 min | Crime, Thriller, Drama

Having doubts about the guilt of the obvious suspect in the murder of an eight year old girl, a police detective decides to investigate the case on his own.

Director: Ladislao Vajda | Stars: Heinz Rühmann, Sigfrit Steiner, Siegfried Lowitz, Michel Simon

Votes: 4,178

18. Cita imposible (1958)

92 min | Crime, Drama

Rosario is unjustly condemned for a robbery committed in the Variety Theater, where she worked as secretary of businessman Gastón Leducq. When she leaves prison, she tries to prove her ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Santillán | Stars: Josefina Güell, Philippe Lemaire, Arturo Fernández, Luz Márquez

Votes: 41

19. Double Edged Crime (1965)

90 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Andrés, son of a famous pianist, discovers the corpse of a tuner killed in his shop, located in the basement of his house. Then a suspect leaves, but in the fear of possible reprisals he ... See full summary »

Director: José Luis Borau | Stars: Susana Campos, Carlos Estrada, José María Prada, Paul Eslheman

Votes: 66

20. ¿Crimen imposible? (1954)

98 min | Crime

A famous novelist is murdered in a closed room inside and out. Suicide is ruled out, as there are signs of fighting and the shot that killed him was in the back.

Director: César Fernández Ardavín | Stars: José Suárez, Félix Fernández, Nani Fernández, Ángel Picazo

Votes: 10

21. Carnival Sunday (1945)

77 min | Crime

The story of a crime is unwound during carnival days in 1910s Madrid in this atmospheric Spanish film.

Director: Edgar Neville | Stars: Conchita Montes, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Guillermo Marín, Julia Lajos

Votes: 163

22. Doubt (1951)

104 min

A newly remarried widow is accused of having murdered her first husband, who died from arsenical poisoning. Being her present husband a lawyer he takes charge of her defense.

Director: Julio Salvador | Stars: Conrado San Martín, Elena Espejo, Francisco Rabal, Mary Lamar

23. El expreso de Andalucía (1956)

80 min | Crime

The handsome Andrade, the undergraduate Miguel and a street vendor called 'El Rubio' plan to steal a shipment of jewelry traveling aboard the express train of Andalusia. But to carry out ... See full summary »

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta | Stars: Jorge Mistral, Marisa de Leza, Mara Berni, Vicente Parra

Votes: 56

24. Hay un camino a la derecha (1953)

96 min | Drama

Miguel, a quick-tempered sailor, is fired from his job and hardly finds another one to support his family as a harbor depot watchman. Unsatisfied, he will plan a robbery.

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta | Stars: Francisco Rabal, Julia Martínez, Carlos Otero, Manolo García

Votes: 42

25. Nada (1947)

76 min | Drama

Barcelona, in the forties. Young Andrea comes to town to start college in the midst of an oppressive environment and extreme poverty. She's staying at her aunt Angustias, along with other ... See full summary »

Director: Edgar Neville | Stars: Conchita Montes, Fosco Giachetti, María Denis, María Cañete

Votes: 103

26. Manos sucias (1957)

92 min | Drama

Miguel is a truck driver who dreams of owning a service station. To raise money he agrees to sabotage a truck of his boss' rival, which results in the death of its driver. Miguel gets his station but is haunted by what he did to obtain it.

Directors: José Antonio de la Loma, Marcello Baldi | Stars: Amedeo Nazzari, Lidia Alfonsi, Katia Loritz, Francisco Piquer

Votes: 26

27. Muere una mujer (1965)

95 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A salesman discovers that his wife has died under strange circumstances. Examining these circumstances it becomes obvious to him that they were mainly caused by himself.

Director: Mario Camus | Stars: Alberto Closas, Gisia Paradís, Tomás Blanco, Mara Goyanes

Votes: 35

28. No dispares contra mí (1961)

80 min | Thriller

David is a young man of twenty-five and law student who feels an enormous reluctance to everything around him. This attitude will lead him, in a sterile way, to shut himself up without any ... See full summary »

Director: José María Nunes | Stars: Ángel Aranda, Ángela Bravo, Fernando Cebrián, Ramón Durán

Votes: 18

29. Los ojos dejan huellas (1952)

100 min | Drama, Crime

Martin, a perfume seller coincide with his former classmate and bright, Roberto, who has left her lover planted tonight. Roberto Martin accompanies her home and meets his wife Berta, which ... See full summary »

Director: José Luis Sáenz de Heredia | Stars: Raf Vallone, Elena Varzi, Julio Peña, Fernando Fernán Gómez

Votes: 99

30. Red Fish (1955)

100 min | Crime

One night of storm, Hugo and Ivón arrive at a hotel in Gijón (Spain) accompanied by the son of the first one. They go out to see the sea raging and, shortly after, Ivón returns asking for ... See full summary »

Director: José Antonio Nieves Conde | Stars: Arturo de Córdova, Emma Penella, Félix Dafauce, Pilar Soler

Votes: 200

33. A tiro limpio (1964)

86 min | Crime

In this noir film, two outlaw men, Martín and Antoine, get in touch with Román in order to obtain machine guns and a fourth men for a robbery, in the Barcelona of the 60s.

Director: Francisco Pérez-Dolz | Stars: José Suárez, Luis Peña, Carlos Otero, Joaquín Navales

Votes: 106

35. Young Sánchez (1964)

90 min | Drama, Sport

It is the portrait of the life of an amateur boxer who falls into the hands of a cruel manager while turning into professional.

Director: Mario Camus | Stars: Julián Mateos, Luis Romero, Carlos Otero, Sergio Doré

Votes: 49

36. Agguato a Tangeri (1957)

92 min | Crime, Drama

An American police detective's investigation into a series of murders leads him to drug smugglers in North Africa.

Directors: Riccardo Freda, Jorge Grau | Stars: Edmund Purdom, Geneviève Page, Gino Cervi, José Guardiola

Votes: 20

37. Los atracadores (1962)

109 min | Crime, Drama

The film is divided into three parts: 'Restlessness', 'Violence' and 'Death', to explain the motivations, evolution and defeat of three young misfits from Barcelona who end up being robbers... See full summary »

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta | Stars: Pierre Brice, Manuel Gil, Julián Mateos, Agnès Spaak

Votes: 77

39. El arreglo (II) (1983)

103 min | Thriller

After two years inactive, the inspector Crisanto is reintegrated into the service. The first case he will have to solve, apparently very easy, gets complicated. His friend Deputy ... See full summary »

Director: José A. Zorrilla | Stars: Eusebio Poncela, Isabel Mestres, Pedro Díez del Corral, Mamen del Valle

Votes: 40

41. Apartado de correos 1001 (1950)

90 min | Crime

Barcelona, 1950. A man is killed in front of a Police station. The case is given to two agents, a skilled veteran and an eager young one, who team to solve it while bit by bit their efforts... See full summary »

Director: Julio Salvador | Stars: Conrado San Martín, Elena Espejo, Tomás Blanco, Manuel de Juan

Votes: 110

42. Distrito quinto (1958)

94 min | Crime, Drama

Five men commit a robbery and flee each by their side. Later they meet in a local to distribute the money. While they wait for Juan, who is the one who takes the booty, each of them begins ... See full summary »

Director: Julio Coll | Stars: Alberto Closas, Arturo Fernández, Jesús Colomer, Carlos Mendy

Votes: 85

43. Puzzle (1986)

Not Rated | 93 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

A bank robbery goes wrong. The robbers, two of them unemployed family men, take two hostages, one of them needing heart medication, and leave them in an apartment, tied to a bomb. The ... See full summary »

Director: Lluís Josep Comerón | Stars: Patxi Andión, Carme Elias, Héctor Alterio, Antonio Banderas

Votes: 41

44. Carnival of Crime (1962)

TV-14 | 83 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Mike, an architect, is married to Lin, a beautiful and unfaithful woman. Returning from a trip, he finds she's disappeared. When he tries to locate her, he also learns about her many ... See full summary »

Director: George Cahan | Stars: Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alix Talton, Tônia Carrero, Luis Dávila

Votes: 87

45. Adela (2000)

103 min | Thriller

Bolivia, 1945. Two murders have been committed in Hotel Central, the inhospitable meeting point of the mixture of indigenous, Creole and European people who live in San Jacinto, a city of ... See full summary »

Director: Eduardo Mignogna | Stars: Eulàlia Ramon, Grégoire Colin, Martin Lamotte, Mario Gas

Votes: 21

46. El crack (1981)

131 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Private detective Germán Areta gets a terminally ill client who wishes to see his long lost, runaway daughter before he dies. But when Areta starts looking into case, it leads him to the ... See full summary »

Director: José Luis Garci | Stars: Alfredo Landa, María Casanova, Manuel Tejada, Miguel Rellán

Votes: 1,067

47. El crack dos (1983)

115 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller