Astrid Lindgren

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1. Pippi Longstocking (1998– )

TV-Y7 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The adventures of a strong ginger and her two friends Tommy and Annika.

Stars: Melissa Altro, Richard Binsley, Noah Reid, Olivia Garratt

Votes: 368

2. Madicken (1979–1983)

27 min | Drama, Family

Based on Astrid Lindgren's books. Madicken's life on Junibacken is filled with ups and down.

Stars: Jonna Liljendahl, Björn Granath, Lis Nilheim, Liv Alsterlund

Votes: 802

3. Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (1989)

30 min | Family

Based on the work of Astrid Lindgren. In a small village in Sweden, 1928, we follow a group of children living next door to each other.

Stars: Linda Bergström, Crispin Dickson Wendenius, Henrik Larsson, Ellen Demérus

Votes: 600

4. Ronja Rövardotter (1986–1987)

144 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Born on a stormy night Ronja begins her life as the heir to the leader of a gang of thieves deep in the Swedish woods. There is a lot of things to beware of in the forest not least other gangs. But as it turns out they are not all bad.

Stars: Hanna Zetterberg, Dan Håfström, Börje Ahlstedt, Lena Nyman

Votes: 1,048

5. Emil i Lönneberga (1974–1976)

25 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

The series tells stories from the childhood of a sometimes naughty, but very lovable and kindhearted young boy growing up on a farm in southern Sweden in the early 20th century.

Stars: Jan Ohlsson, Lena Wisborg, Allan Edwall, Emy Storm

Votes: 1,749

6. Rasmus på luffen (1986)

108 min | Adventure, Family

Rasmus, an orphan who lives at an orphanage with several children and his friend Gunnar. Rasmus and Gunnar is planing there escape to live there own lives. Only Rasmus succeeds. He pairs up... See full summary »

Stars: Allan Edwall, Erik Lindgren, Lars Amble, Stefan Delvin

Votes: 413

7. Pippi Longstocking (1997)

G | 75 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Pippi is a little girl who lives alone in her house, while her father is sailing the seas. With Pippi we meet her horse, her monkey and her two friends Tommy and Anika. Together they go on many journeys through the neighborhood.

Directors: Michael Schaack, Clive Smith | Stars: Catherine O'Hara, Dave Thomas, Melissa Altro, Carole Pope

Votes: 1,258 | Gross: $0.78M

8. Emil i Lönneberga (1971)

95 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

An 8 y.o. Swedish boy always gets into trouble despite good intentions and afterwards ends locked up in a shed. He lives on a farm (before electricity and cars) with his mom, dad, sister, maid, best friend the farmhand and an old woman.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Jan Ohlsson, Lena Wisborg, Allan Edwall, Emy Storm

Votes: 3,743

9. Madicken på Junibacken (1980)

82 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Madicken never means for anything to go wrong, but somehow it gets that way. Neither this time, when her little sister got a concussion, and it's not her fault that she puts a pea up her own nose.

Director: Göran Graffman | Stars: Jonna Liljendahl, Liv Alsterlund, Monica Nordquist, Björn Granath

Votes: 1,348

10. The Children of Noisy Village (1986)

87 min | Family

The story of the children who live in Bullerbyn, Sweden, through the spring and summer months.

Director: Lasse Hallström | Stars: Linda Bergström, Crispin Dickson Wendenius, Henrik Larsson, Ellen Demérus

Votes: 1,882

11. Ronja Robbersdaughter (1984)

126 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Borka and his band and Mattis's band of robbers are rivals. Birk, his parents and their band live in the wild in Mattisforrest. They move in to Metis-stronghold, which belonged to his ... See full summary »

Director: Tage Danielsson | Stars: Hanna Zetterberg, Dan Håfström, Börje Ahlstedt, Lena Nyman

Votes: 10,062

12. Rasmus på luffen (1981)

105 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Rasmus lives at an orphanage. He's OK, but wants a mom and a dad, and from time to time some comes to find a child, but they always chose little girls curls. Rasmus realizes he has to run away and find parents himself.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Allan Edwall, Erik Lindgren, Jarl Kulle, Håkan Serner

Votes: 2,011

13. More About the Children of Noisy Village (1987)

85 min | Family

There are only a handful of children living in Bullerbyn. This film follows their story through the fall and winter, picking up at the moment "The Children of Noisy Village" finishes.

Director: Lasse Hallström | Stars: Linda Bergström, Crispin Dickson Wendenius, Henrik Larsson, Ellen Demérus

Votes: 1,112

14. Ronja, the Robber's Daughter (2014– )

TV-Y7-FV | 25 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy

The story follows Ronja, a young girl whose father is the chief of a tribe of bandits. They live in a huge castle in the forest with the bandits. In this story Ronja encounters mystical ... See full summary »

Stars: Gillian Anderson, Teresa Gallagher, Rasmus Hardiker, Giles New

Votes: 592

15. You're Out of Your Mind, Maggie (1979)

104 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Madicken is a Swedish girl from the upper level family, growing up during the time of first world war which did not include Sweden. She lives happily with her family, experiencing the world and making brave and crazy things.

Director: Göran Graffman | Stars: Jonna Liljendahl, Liv Alsterlund, Monica Nordquist, Björn Granath

Votes: 1,493

16. The Brothers Lionheart (1977)

106 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy

Brothers Jonatan and Skorpan lead a revolution against the tyrant Tengil in the magical afterlife land of Nangijala.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Staffan Götestam, Lars Söderdahl, Allan Edwall, Gunn Wållgren

Votes: 5,927

17. Karlsson on the Roof (1974)

99 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Karlsson is a very short, very portly and overconfident man who lives in a small house hidden behind a chimney on the roof of a very ordinary apartment building, on a very ordinary street ... See full summary »

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Lars Söderdahl, Mats Wikström, Catrin Westerlund, Stig Ossian Ericson

Votes: 1,720

18. Emil and the Piglet (1973)

97 min | Comedy, Family

Emil visit a country auction, help Lina pull out a tooth and raise his pig to do tricks.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Jan Ohlsson, Lena Wisborg, Allan Edwall, Emy Storm

Votes: 2,419

19. Lotta på Bråkmakargatan (1992)

74 min | Family, Comedy

Lotta is angry because she is considered too small to make all the fun things as her older siblings Mia and Jonas can do.

Director: Johanna Hald | Stars: Grete Havnesköld, Linn Gloppestad, Martin Andersson, Beatrice Järås

Votes: 1,249

20. Lotta 2 - Lotta flyttar hemifrån (1993)

83 min | Comedy, Family

A feisty five-year-old girl Lotta decides to move away from home. And no, she doesn't want to put on the stupid sweater.

Director: Johanna Hald | Stars: Grete Havnesköld, Linn Gloppestad, Martin Andersson, Beatrice Järås

Votes: 701

21. Nånting levande åt Lame-Kal (1989 TV Short)

27 min | Short, Family

Kal is ill, as a small child he had polio. Since then, he is paralysed and spends most of his time in bed. His mother is poor and has to work a lot. Therefore, she does not have much time ... See full summary »

Director: Magnus Nanne | Stars: Harald Lönnbro, Louise Peterhoff, Sophie Nanne, Robert Sjöblom

Votes: 21

22. Tjorven och Mysak (1966)

95 min | Family

Tjorven and the other children at Saltkråkan have received a play day in a gift. Uncel Melker will find himself ending up in the lake several times. The kids also have found an old ship ... See full summary »

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Maria Johansson, Stephen Lindholm, Kristina Jämtmark, Kajsa Dandenell

Votes: 484

23. Tjorven och Skrållan (1965)

93 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

The residents of Saltkråkan gets new problems when Malin and Peter get their first child - Skrållan.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Torsten Lilliecrona, Bengt Eklund, Louise Edlind, Torsten Wahlund

Votes: 836

24. Tjorven, Batsman, and Moses (1964)

92 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Vesterman has found a young seal in his fishing nets in the outskirts of the archipelago. When he comes back to the Saltkråkan island he gives the seal to Tjorven, who names it Moses. Peter... See full summary »

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Torsten Lilliecrona, Louise Edlind, Björn Söderbäck, Urban Strand

Votes: 863

25. Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane (1967)

95 min | Family

The children of Saltkråkan Island take a public ferry to visit a relative only to find that she has went to hospital. When they try to row back home they lose the oars and must take refuge ... See full summary »

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Kajsa Dandenell, Maria Johansson, Kristina Jämtmark, Stephen Lindholm

Votes: 699

26. Pippi's Adventures on the South Seas (1999)

G | 70 min | Animation, Family

A mysterious ship has sailed into Pippi's hometown and the Captain turns out to be her father. So it's off with her friends for a wild and wonderful, wind-blown adventure on the South Seas.

Director: Paul Riley | Stars: Börje Ahlstedt, Leif Andrée, Anders Beckman, Tomas Bolme

Votes: 279

27. Pippi in the South Seas (1970)

G | 86 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

With the help of her friends Tommy and Annika, Pippi Longstocking ventures to the South Pacific island Porto Piluse to rescue her father, who was captured by ruthless pirates.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson, Pär Sundberg, Beppe Wolgers

Votes: 4,479

28. Pippi on the Run (1970)

G | 94 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Fed up with their strict parents, Tommy and Annika run away from home, with their friend Pippi Longstocking to look after them in their long trek.

Director: Olle Hellbom | Stars: Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson, Pär Sundberg, Hans Alfredson

Votes: 3,236

29. Emil & Ida i Lönneberga (2013)

63 min | Animation, Family

An animated movie that follows the adventures of Emil, who lives on a farm in a Swedish village with his parents and little sister.

Directors: Alicja Jaworski, Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin | Stars: Astrid Lindgren, Gustav Föghner, Tilda Ramde, Allan Svensson

Votes: 78

30. Karlsson on the Roof (2002)

G | 77 min | Family, Animation

A beautiful, wise and fairly fat man at his best age - that's Karlsson on the Roof. And he isn't very shy. His door sign says "The world's best Karlsson". One day he just flew threw the window into Little Brothers bedroom.

Director: Vibeke Idsøe | Stars: Börje Ahlstedt, William Svedberg, Pernilla August, Allan Svensson

Votes: 358

31. Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus (1997)

78 min | Family, Crime

Three kids in a small town pursue a group of kidnappers.

Director: Göran Carmback | Stars: Totte Steneby, Josefin Årling, Malte Forsberg, William Svedberg

Votes: 344

32. Nils Karlsson Pyssling (1990)

75 min | Family, Fantasy

7-year-old Bertil's parents are at work and Bertil are home alone and bored. He is the only child in the family since his sister Martha died of an illness. But everything changes when he ... See full summary »

Director: Staffan Götestam | Stars: Jonatan Lindoff, Oskar Löfkvist, Britta Pettersson, Charlie Elvegård

Votes: 959

33. Kajsa Kavat (1989)

34 min | Short, Family

Kajsa gladly helps her grandmother to sell candy canes at the market square. But one day grandmother suffers from a sore leg. Kajsa has to take care of the candy cane sales all by herself.

Director: Daniel Bergman | Stars: Majlis Granlund, Mathilda Lindgren, Harriet Andersson, Birgitta Andersson

Votes: 175

34. Peter och Petra (1989)

76 min | Family

Peter and Petra are two young children. Two small, small children. No bigger than two little dolls. They belong to the Little People, but their mother and father also think that the Little People need to learn to read and write.

Director: Agneta Elers-Jarleman | Stars: Anna Carlsson, Per Eggers, Björn Gedda, Henric Holmberg

Votes: 175

35. Hoppa högst (1989)

28 min | Short, Family

The boys Albin and Stig have competed with each other, practically since the day they were born. Now it's time again - in a jump competition.

Director: Johanna Hald | Stars: Markus Åström, Ramses del Hierro, Lena T. Hansson, Suzanne Reuter

Votes: 120

37. Gull-Pian (1989)

27 min | Short, Family

A touching tale about a little girl (Eva), her mean cousin (Berit) and her uncaring aunts. Eva's mother is in the hospital and might not make it, and her aunt's aren't exactly making it ... See full summary »

Director: Staffan Götestam | Stars: Zara Zetterqvist, Hanna Alström, Ewa Roos, Cecilia Haglund

Votes: 81

38. Go'natt herr luffare (1988)

30 min | Short, Family

The children are left alone at home with the explicit instruction not to let anyone enter. But the door is left unlocked, and a homeless hobo enters...

Director: Daniel Bergman | Stars: Björn Gustafson, Peter Hall, Stina Lindmark, Astrid Bräne

Votes: 97

39. Pelle flyttar till Komfusenbo (1990)

26 min | Short, Family

When Pelle is unfairly accused of having taken his father's pen, he decides to move to Komfusenbo.

Director: Johanna Hald | Stars: Mattias Johansson, Lena Endre, Krister Henriksson

Votes: 24

40. Allrakäraste syster (1988 TV Short)

30 min | Short, Family

Barbro becomes lonely after her brother is born and her family is pre-occupied with the newborn. In her lonelyness she finds out that she has a twin-sister who lives underground.

Director: Göran Carmback | Stars: Elin Elgestad, Ulla Elgestad, Anki Lidén, Helge Skoog

Votes: 168

41. Astrid Lindgrens jul (2005 Video)


A collection of well-known Christmas scenes from a number of classic screen versions of Astrid Lindgren's beloved children's books. "Astrid Lindgren's Christmas" includes scenes from "Pippi... See full summary »

Stars: Grete Havnesköld, Kristina Jämtmark, Inger Nilsson, Jan Ohlsson

Votes: 24

42. Becoming Astrid (2018)

123 min | Biography, Drama

71 Metascore

Biopic of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, the author of numerous children's books and creator of Pippi Longstocking.

Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen | Stars: Alba August, Maria Bonnevie, Trine Dyrholm, Henrik Rafaelsen

Votes: 4,282 | Gross: $0.12M

43. Ingen rövare finns i skogen (1989)

28 min | Short, Family

Peter has been out in the woods and played robbers. It was a long time since Grandma asked him to come in and now it's dark.

Director: Göran Carmback | Stars: Daniel Rausch, Maja Holmberg, Per Oscarsson, Birgitta Valberg

Votes: 32

44. Agatha Raisin (2014– )

Not Rated | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

The Cotswolds-based PR guru turned amateur sleuth returns for a series of comedic murder-mysteries based on the books by M.C. Beaton.

Stars: Ashley Jensen, Matt McCooey, Mathew Horne, Jamie Glover

Votes: 2,585

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