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1. Thy Neighbor's Wife (2001 Video)

R | 92 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A scorned woman plots revenge for her husband's suicide by integrating herself as a housekeeper for a dysfunctional Beverly Hills family to first alienate, and then emotionally and physically destroy them.

Director: Jim Wynorski | Stars: Kari Wuhrer, Jeff Trachta, Barbara Crampton, Melissa Stone

Votes: 650

2. Undercover Heat (1995 Video)

R | 93 min | Mystery, Thriller

A female cop goes undercover in a high price whorehouse to find a murderer and discovers she likes the assignment more than she should.

Director: Gregory Dark | Stars: Athena Massey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Meg Foster, Tom Tayback

Votes: 559

3. Private Obsession (1995 Video)

R | 103 min | Drama, Thriller

Emanuelle, a world famous fashion model, is held captive by Richard Tate, a crazed fan. Richard wants her for himself but Emanuelle uses her assets to try and escape.

Director: Lee Frost | Stars: Michael Christian, Shannon Whirry, Bo Svenson, Tony Burton

Votes: 417

4. Mirror Images II (1993 Video)

R | 92 min | Drama, Thriller

Shannon Whirry stars as Carrie and Terrie, a pair of twins who were separated in youth when their father murdered their mother and was in turn killed by his own bad twin daughter. Now the ... See full summary »

Director: Gregory Dark | Stars: Shannon Whirry, Luca Bercovici, Tom Reilly, Eva LaRue

Votes: 454

5. The Pamela Principle (1992 Video)

R | 95 min | Drama, Romance

During the holidays, Carl - who is bored of his marriage and jealous of his son's sexual escapades - soon begins an affair with twenty-something aspiring actress Pamela.

Director: Paul Thomas | Stars: J.K. Dumont, Kim Burnette, Tamara Landry, Troy Donahue

Votes: 160

6. Affairs of the Heart (1994 Video)

Unrated | 80 min | Drama, Romance

Josie Hart (Amy Lynn Baxter) is a columnist for advice-to-the-lovelorn and always ready with a sage observation for her readers. Alas, she's at a loss for words when she herself falls for ... See full summary »

Director: Ernest G. Sauer | Stars: Amy Lynn Baxter, Michael Montana, Angela Nicholas, Josh Bergen

Votes: 38

8. After Dark (2018 Video)

Not Rated | 235 min | Adult, Drama

Tori is about to serve a sentence for conspiracy to defraud the US government. But her outlook is to take what you can and gain experience as much as possible. Money, power and sex are the ... See full summary »

Director: Kayden Kross | Stars: Tori Black, Adriana Chechik, Janice Griffith, Ivy Wolfe

Votes: 28

10. BitterSweet (1999 Video)

R | 98 min | Romance, Thriller

A young co-ed who's just been release from prison for a crime she didn't commit plots her revenge against a former lover, who was the real culprit, with the help of a policeman.

Director: Luca Bercovici | Stars: Angie Everhart, James Russo, Eric Roberts, Brian Wimmer

Votes: 332

11. Bikini Chain Gang (2005 Video)

Not Rated | 80 min | Comedy

Jessie, a waitress in a sleazy bar, is framed for robbing the place and gets a five-year stretch in prison. The prison is run by a corrupt warden and a butch-lesbian head guard, and the ... See full summary »

Director: Fred Olen Ray | Stars: Beverly Lynne, Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, John Henry Richardson

Votes: 375

12. Behind Bedroom Doors (2003 Video)

R | 88 min | Drama

New-girl-in-town Abby is already dating two guys--one's a doctor, the other is running for district attorney. She also has some dirt on both of them--but when they find that she may ... See full summary »

Director: Derek Harvey | Stars: Nicole Sheridan, Chelsea Blue, Richard Lounello, Julia Kruis

Votes: 145

13. Carnal Sins (2001 Video)

R | 90 min | Drama, Romance

A young woman tries to find where her real love lies, in her ex, Dylan or a photographer named Jacob?

Director: Madison Monroe | Stars: Brandy Davis, Danny Pape, Anthony Skordi, McKayla Matthews

Votes: 156

14. Dangerous Invitations (2002 Video)

R | 100 min | Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Men and women hook up in different sections of a private resort.

Director: Edward Holzman | Stars: Antonio Aguilar, Jacy Andrews, Angel Cassidy, Scott Coppola

Votes: 143

15. Erotic Secrets (2007 Video)

Unrated | 82 min | Comedy

On their way to a Hollywood party, five women are momentarily stuck in an elevator. To pass the time, they entertain each other with stories of their sex lives or lack of same. In the vein ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Band | Stars: Monica Huntington, Dana Keller, Lisa Marie Hall, Mandell Maughan

Votes: 26

16. Fifty Shades of Erotica (2015 Video)

120 min | Drama

Fifty theatrical trailers for classic erotic movies.

Votes: 8

17. Four Lovers (2011 Video)

7 min | Short

I really love and enjoyed the movie. Quite an excellent movie. As a kid I've always thought that being happy was enough, but in real life nothing is never enough, even the moment when we ... See full summary »

Director: Hyunsoo Park | Stars: Jonas Grosserhode, Rebekah Kowalski, Charis Joy Jackson, Kayla McKenzie Moore

18. Intimate Deception (1997 Video)

R | 101 min | Drama

Charlie is an artist in a slump. He is constantly harassed by his "step-father-in-law," Bob Masters, about his having shot a burglar in the recent past. When Charlie and Jennifer decide to ... See full summary »

Director: George Saunders | Stars: George Saunders, Nicole Gian, Lisa Boyle, Dan Frank

Votes: 94

19. Illicit Sensations (2000 Video)

83 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A successful architect, Robert has a tumultuous love life, which his wife, Michelle does not know -- do not know, but suspects. Who turns the novel, with Robert? Bridgett, Elizabeth, or ... See full summary »

Director: Eric Gibson | Stars: Ava Vincent, John Drew, Tina Tyler, David Lawrence

Votes: 54

21. Love Exchange (2001 Video)

Unrated | 90 min | Drama, Romance

Upon moving into their luxurious new home in an affluent neighborhood, a married couple are soon befriended by their neighbors and introduced to the world of swinging and lurid sex.

Director: Madison Monroe | Stars: Holly Sampson, Taylor Moore, Monique DeMoan, Eddie Jay

Votes: 30

22. Married People Only! (2005 Video)

Not Rated | 74 min | Comedy

A romantic comedy about a single man seeking a married woman and a single woman seeking a married man. Somehow, someway, the two are matched up. Needless to say that neither are ready for a... See full summary »

Director: Khari Ajene | Stars: Khari Ajene, Ryan B., Shannon Denton-Brown, Terry Holden

23. Married/Unmarried (2001 Video)

102 min | Drama

Obsession and doubt control four friends' relationship.

Director: Noli | Stars: Paolo Seganti, Ben Daniels, Gina Bellman, Kristen McMenamy

Votes: 96

24. My Best Friend's Wife 2 (2005 Video)

82 min | Drama

Doug is happily married to perfect Jenny, so when he is called away on business, he wants to make sure she is well provided for. Who else could he turn to but his best friend, Jeff, whom he charges to satisfy Jenny's every desire?

Director: Christopher Murphy | Stars: Akira Lane, Allysin Chaynes, Dru Berrymore, Frankie Cullen

Votes: 26

25. Married People, Single Sex: The Return (2002 Video)

R | 96 min | Drama, Romance

Three married couples hit the realization that the passion has disappeared from their marriages. What lengths will they go to in order to spice up their sex lives?

Director: Chanda Fuller | Stars: Beverly Lynne, Eric Hackett, Dawn Arellano, Jonathan Van Erik

Votes: 50

26. Naked Betrayal (2002 Video)

R | 74 min | Drama, Thriller

A gambling lord causes a young poker player to get deeply in debt. The young man soon finds himself in a world where willing women are as easy to get your hands on as a freshly dealt hand.

Director: Rachel Gordon | Stars: Micah Bradshaw, Jason Riann, Jack Henry, Nikki Fomosa

Votes: 64

27. Passionate Deceptions (2005 Video)

81 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Add a Plot

Director: Dante Giove | Stars: Belinda Gavin, Todd White, Tamara Landry, Isabella

Votes: 189

28. Privè (2002 Video)

85 min | Drama, Romance

Francesca (Dana Ceci), a wealthy lady can not sexually satisfied with her husband, Massimo (Danilo Quintilli). She starts acting in porn movies through a friend of hers, Michele (Roberto ... See full summary »

Director: Bruno Mattei | Stars: Dana Ceci, Danilo Quintilli, Hugo Baret, Claudia Taylor

Votes: 39

29. Passion Betrayed (2009 Video)

Not Rated | 45 min | Drama, Romance

A dramatic portrayal of a young married couple that are living with issues of trust and betrayal, in a world that tempts with seduction at every turn.

Director: Bob Bragg | Stars: Beverly Lynne, Ted Monte

Votes: 10

30. Swerve (2012 Video)


In a future post-apocalyptic California, the new frontier is a vast nano-contaminated Zone cut off from the all-connected Grid and the ceaseless flows of bodies and information outside its borders.

Director: Zach Horton | Stars: John Diehl, Beth Grant, Caroline Do, Janelle Marra

Votes: 57

31. Trail of Passion (2003 Video)

88 min | Romance, Thriller

Rene, a simple country girl, travels to the city to rekindle an old love affair with Texas-raised Trent. But her dreams of love and romance are shattered when she is plunged into bizarre ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Savage | Stars: Felicity Andersen, Kevin Hopkins, Susanne Hausschmid, Justin Foster

Votes: 68

32. Wicked Temptations (2002 Video)

Unrated | 86 min | Thriller

With a name like Sam Sharp, people expect a detective -- not a gorgeous woman. For the most part, Sam's cases are pretty tame, so when she receives a request to track down the sexy young ... See full summary »

Director: Eric Gibson | Stars: Monique Parent, Keri Windsor, Frank Harper, Daniel Anderson

Votes: 131

33. X2000: The Collected Shorts of Francois Ozon (2001 Video)

Not Rated | 63 min | Drama

Three naked couples sleep, make love, and awake in an empty skyscraper littered with millennium party debris in one of four provocative shorts from France's most acclaimed young director, Francois Ozon. (French with English subtitle)

Director: François Ozon | Stars: Margot Abascal, Pascale Arbillot, Aylin Argun, Denise Aron-Schropfer

Votes: 93

34. XConfessions Web Series (2018 Video)


Emma and Olivia are two ex-pats living in the sunny, vibrant city of Barcelona. Recording themselves every week for their explicit podcast, they read aloud the sexual stories and fantasies of their listeners, and of each other.

Director: Erika Lust | Stars: Karina Kolokolchykova, Melina Matthews

Votes: 14

35. Stolen Kisses (2001 Video)

TV-MA | 85 min | Drama

Max and Karen (Tracy Ryan) seem like a normal happily married couple, but in reality are undercover agents working for different governments. Their sexual relationship develops with new neighbors Melinda (Renee Rea) and Phil.

Director: Paul S. Parco | Stars: Tracy Ryan, Robert Eastwood, Renee Rea, Brad Bartram

Votes: 82

36. Sexual Intentions (2001 Video)

R | 95 min | Drama, Romance

Matthew is young and ambitious, a businessman already achieving success. Although he is experienced in the matters of sex, he was never prepared for Valerie. She is a revolution in all ... See full summary »

Director: Edward Holzman | Stars: Scott Anthony Gould, Tracy Ryan, Sebastien Guy, Bobby Johnston

Votes: 88

37. Tender Is the Heart (2001 Video)

Not Rated | 84 min | Drama

A doctor falls in love with his patient, a beautiful tennis star who has just been diagnosed with a condition from which she could die if she doesn't have an operation.

Director: Paul S. Parco | Stars: Jennifer Gayle, Tracy Ryan, Toby Miller, Todd Holliday

Votes: 164

38. Married People, Single Sex: Urban Adultery (2002 Video)

R | 84 min | Drama, Romance

Three young couples struggle with issues of fidelity and marriage in this tale of romance and betrayal.

Director: Chanda Fuller | Stars: Jeremi Handrinos, Carla Negri, Joe Green, Stacy Troiano

Votes: 50

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