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1. My Name's McGooley, What's Yours? (1966–1968)

30 min | Comedy

Sitcom concerened with the fortunes of a working class family in Sydney.

Stars: John Meillon, Judi Farr, Stewart Ginn, Gordon Chater

Votes: 21

2. Packed to the Rafters (2008–2013)

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Centres around Dave and Julie Rafter and their three children Rachel, Ben and Nathan. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the couple thinks that they are finally about to ... See full summary »

Stars: Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Michael Caton, George Houvardas

Votes: 1,625

4. E Street (1989–1993)

50 min | Drama

An Australian soap opera, set in a tough fictional inner-city district called Westside. The stories revolve around the local community there.

Stars: Cecily Polson, Les Dayman, Tony Martin, Vic Rooney

Votes: 115

5. Number 96 (1972–1977)

25 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Drama examining the lives of residents of a Sydney apartment block. Initial storylines focused on adultery, drug use, frigidity, rape, gossip, homosexuality, marriage problems, racism. The ... See full summary »

Stars: Pat McDonald, Jeff Kevin, Joe Hasham, Elaine Lee

Votes: 74

6. Neighbours (1985– )

TV-G | 22 min | Drama, Romance

Australian soap opera exploring the lives and relationships of the residents of Ramsay Street in Erinsborough.

Stars: Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher, Tom Oliver, Jackie Woodburne

Votes: 4,572

7. Home and Away (1988– )

22 min | Drama, Romance

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

Stars: Ray Meagher, Lynne McGranger, Emily Symons, Ada Nicodemou

Votes: 5,246

8. Blue Heelers (1994–2006)

60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The series primarily focuses on the daily lives of Victorian police officers working at a police station in the fictional small town of Mount Thomas.

Stars: John Wood, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, Lisa McCune

Votes: 837

9. All Saints (1998–2009)

60 min | Drama

With Ward 17 closed down, the team from All Saints face big changes as they are split up and some are moved to the fast paced world of the Emergency Department, headed by Director of Emergency Frank Campion.

Stars: Judith McGrath, Georgie Parker, Tammy Macintosh, Martin Lynes

Votes: 1,106

10. Wentworth (2013– )

TV-MA | 45 min | Crime, Drama

Bea Smith is locked up while awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband and must learn how life works in prison.

Stars: Kate Atkinson, Robbie Magasiva, Katrina Milosevic, Jacqueline Brennan

Votes: 15,638

11. Prisoner: Cell Block H (1979–1986)

50 min | Crime, Drama

The lives of women behind bars in a female prison.

Stars: Elspeth Ballantyne, Betty Bobbitt, Sheila Florance, Maggie Kirkpatrick

Votes: 1,627

12. Cop Shop (1977–1983)

50 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Life in a suburban Australian police station.

Stars: Peter Adams, Paula Duncan, Gregory Ross, Joanna Lockwood

Votes: 70

13. Homicide (1964–1977)

50 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The cases and crimes actioned by the Victoria (Australia) homicide squad, with many cases based of true events.

Stars: Leonard Teale, George Mallaby, John Fegan, Alwyn Kurts

Votes: 81

14. Division 4 (1969–1976)

50 min | Crime, Drama

This series was about the wide variety of cases dealt with by the Criminal Investigation and Uniform branches at Melbourne's fictional Yarra Central police station.

Stars: Gerard Kennedy, Chuck Faulkner, Frank Taylor, Terence Donovan

Votes: 68

15. Matlock Police (1971–1976)

50 min | Crime, Drama

Policing in a small rural town, popular in its day.

Stars: Vic Gordon, Paul Cronin, Michael Pate, Tom Richards

Votes: 58

16. The Sullivans (1976–1983)

30 min | Drama

Follows the Sullivan family during the Second World War.

Stars: Steven Tandy, Lorraine Bayly, Paul Cronin, Andrew McFarlane

Votes: 351

17. Solo One (1976)

30 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Paul Cronin as Senior Constable Gary Hogan, in the real country town of Emerald in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne.

Stars: Paul Cronin, Aileen Britton, Keith Eden, Andrew Cooke

Votes: 14

18. Skyways (1979–1981)

50 min | Drama

Pacific International Airport has five million passengers a year , and 800 people who work there; with Paul MacFarlane who is in charge.

Stars: Kylie Minogue, Bill Stalker, Ken James, Tina Bursill

Votes: 36

19. Skippy (1968– )

25 min | Adventure, Family

Sonny and his kangaroo Skippy live in Waratah National Park in New South Wales. Matt Hammond, Sonny's father is the park ranger. Skippy saves the day in many adventures.

Stars: Ed Devereaux, Tony Bonner, Ken James, Garry Pankhurst

Votes: 868

20. Glenview High (1977–1979)

50 min | Drama

Set in a Sydney secondary school located in a tough, under-privileged suburb; Greg Walker, the new English teacher has just transferred in from a country school.

Stars: Grigor Taylor, Rebecca Gilling, Elaine Lee, Ken James

Votes: 11

21. Rafferty's Rules (1987–1991)

50 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Michael Rafferty, who is a Stipendiary Magistrate, drives to work in an old blue VW Kombi van. He owns a cat named Rhubarb.

Stars: John Wood, Arky Michael, Simon Chilvers, Catherine Wilkin

Votes: 29

22. The Flying Doctors (1986–1992)

50 min | Drama

This series chronicles the events surrounding the activities of the Royal Flying Doctors Service, which operates its own aircraft -in this case from the base at Coopers Crossing, an ... See full summary »

Stars: Lenore Smith, Robert Grubb, Maurie Fields, Val Jellay

Votes: 673

23. A Country Practice (1981–1993)

60 min | Drama, Romance

Follow the highs and lows of the townsfolk of Wandin Valley. This drama TV series revolves around the daily happenings of a 'small town' rural Australian hospital, its doctors, nurses, ... See full summary »

Stars: Shane Porteous, Brian Wenzel, Lorrae Desmond, Joyce Jacobs

Votes: 436

24. The Young Doctors (1976–1983)

25 min | Drama, Romance

The lives, loves and medical complaints of the doctors, nurses and patients at Sydney's Albert Memorial Hospital.

Stars: Tim Page, Gwen Plumb, Judy McBurney, Michael Beecher

Votes: 77

25. The Aunty Jack Show (1972–1973)


A large, violent, masculine, mustached, boxing glove-wearing, motorcycle riding woman and her troupe of other off-beat characters.

Stars: Grahame Bond, Rory O'Donoghue, Sandra McGregor, Garry McDonald

Votes: 60

27. The Magic Circle Club (1965–1967)

30 min | Fantasy

In the Magic Forest, Fredd and Fee Fee Bear, Mother Hubbard, Max and Nancy live in a magic cottage. The local baddies, Sir Jasper Crookly and Gaspar Goblin, regularly try to make life difficult for them.

Stars: Nancy Cato, Tedd Dunn, Max Bartlett, John Michael Howson

Votes: 9

28. It's Academic (2005– )

30 min | Game-Show

Students from three schools answer various general knowledge questions from a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, geography, sport, pop culture and science. The winning school ... See full summary »

Stars: Simon Reeve, Lizzy Lovette, Mitchell Papenhuyzen, Anthony Callea

Votes: 21

29. Wonder World! (1979–1986)

24 min | Reality-TV

A hosted television current affairs program, about the world, and how it works from widgets to rock and roll.

Stars: Edith Bliss, Adam Bowen, Angela Catterns, Brett Clements

Votes: 16

30. Mr. Squiggle and Friends (1959–1999)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Mr. Squiggle is a marionette with a pencil for a nose, who visits his friends from his home at 93 Crater Crescent on the Moon, flying in his pet rocket (named Rocket).

Stars: Norman Hetherington, Rebecca Hetherington, Roxanne Kimmorley, Russell Taylor

Votes: 115

32. Wombat (1983– )

30 min | Family

Wombat was an Australian children's TV show produced at BTQ Channel 7 in Brisbane from 1979 to 1990. It was aired on weekday afternoons, and later Saturday and Sunday mornings, across Australia.

Stars: Gayle Blakeney, Gillian Blakeney, Jamie Dunn, Laurel Edwards

Votes: 17

33. Romper Room (I) (1963–1988)


A preschool program created by Bert and Nancy Claster (USA), franchised in Australia, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Australia first produced it at ATN-7 Sydney in February 1963, hosted by Susan Jamieson.

Stars: Susan Jamieson, Helena Bailey, Patricia Godfrey, Craig Walker

Votes: 23

34. The Tarax Show (1957–1970)

60 min

Live Children's TV Show, presenting cartoons and featuring sketch comedy, competitions and variety entertainment.

Stars: Norman Swain, Joff Ellen, Geoff Corke, Ernie Carroll

35. The Henderson Kids (1985–1986)

50 min | Drama, Family

A brother and sister move to a Melbourne suburb where they have an old block of land belonging to their ancestors. In the meantime they build friendships, adventures and dangerous ... See full summary »

Stars: Annie Jones, Kylie Minogue, Nicholas Eadie, Paul Smith

Votes: 104

37. Hey Hey It's Saturday (1971–1999)

120 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Music

Hosted by Darryl Sommers, Hey Hey was a variety show, featuring sketches, performances, a talent show of sorts, and an array of celebrity guests, ranging from Australian television stars, to actors in big Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Stars: Russell Gilbert, Daryl Somers, David Strassman, Larry Emdur

Votes: 191

38. Acropolis Now (1989–1992)

25 min | Comedy

The lives of the owners and workers at a Greek cafe in Melbourne.

Stars: Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris, Mary Coustas, Tracey Callander

Votes: 290

39. Alvin Purple (1976– )

30 min | Comedy

A waterbed salesman who is irresistible to women gets a job as a gardener in a convent

Stars: Graeme Blundell, Chris Haywood, Dawn Lake, John Ewart

Votes: 29

40. The Comedy Company (1988–1990)


A sketch comedy series set in suburban Australia, featuring one-off sketches and regular appearances by characters including schoolgirl Kylie Mole (Mary-Anne Fahey), greengrocer Con the ... See full summary »

Stars: Mark Mitchell, Mary-Anne Fahey, Ian McFadyen, Glenn Robbins

Votes: 122

41. Hey Dad..! (1987–1994)

23 min | Comedy

This is Australia's longest running comedy series, following the hilarious adventures of top architect Martin Kelly, who gives up his business to raise his three children. And the kid next door Nudge.

Stars: Julie McGregor, Robert Hughes, Sarah Monahan, Christopher Truswell

Votes: 307

42. Mother and Son (1984–1994)

30 min | Comedy

Arthur Beare is a 40 something son still living at home taking care of his senile mother Maggie. However no matter what he does he cannot seem to get ahead and is always coming unstuck, ... See full summary »

Stars: Ruth Cracknell, Garry McDonald, Henri Szeps, Judy Morris

Votes: 556

43. Above the Law (2000)

Drama, Romance

Life for the residents of an apartment complex that has a police station on the ground floor.

Stars: Alyssa-Jane Cook, Scott Burgess, Bridie Carter, Jolyon James

Votes: 17

44. Against the Wind (1978)

50 min | Drama, History

Mary Mulvane, an 18 year old Irish girl, is transported to New South Wales for seven years for doing little else than protecting her own property. She must endure the horror of transport to... See full summary »

Stars: Mary Larkin, Kerry McGuire, Jon English, Warwick Sims

Votes: 739

45. Always Greener (2001–2003)

50 min | Comedy, Drama

Every city-dweller daydreams sometimes about dropping out of the rat-race and moving to the country. Every country-dweller wonders what it might be like to try their luck in the "Big Smoke"... See full summary »

Stars: John Howard, Anne Tenney, Michala Banas, Daniel Bowden

Votes: 242

46. Bluey (1976–1977)

90 min | Drama

Bluey was set at Melbourne's Russell Street Police Headquarters (Victoria, Australia), with "Bluey" Hills heading his own squad ("Department B"), due to his inability to work within the existing police squads.

Stars: Lucky Grills, Gerda Nicolson, John Diedrich, Ken Goodlet

Votes: 42

47. Chopper Squad (1977–1979)

50 min | Drama