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The acclaimed Norwegian film maker Arne Skouen was nominated to Oscar for Nine lives, and was four times selected to participate in the Cannes Film Festival's main proramme. Here's a rank of all his films except the one I haven't seen, which is put last until it's under my belt.

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1. Nine Lives (1957)

96 min | Action, Adventure, Biography

During World War II, nine members of the Norwegian Resistance trapped into a deadly Nazi ambush. Only one escapes on foot, and a fierce hunt through the ice desert has begun.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Jack Fjeldstad, Henny Moan, Alf Malland, Joachim Holst-Jensen

Votes: 1,564

2. Surrounded (1960)

89 min | Drama, War

From his secret radio transmitter in the tower of a woman's hospital in Oslo during WW2, Per keeps contact with London, while being sought after by the German occupiers. Based on true events about war-hero Knut Haugland.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Ivar Svendsen, Kari Øksnevad, Rolf Kirkvaag, Alf Malland

Votes: 28

3. Fire in the Night (1955)

96 min | Drama, Thriller

Tim works at a newspaper during day time, and is a pyromaniac at night. Only the newspaper's editor, which also is a childhood friend, knows about Tim's dark side. Until Margrethe also gets to know.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Claes Gill, Elisabeth Bang, Harald Heide Steen, Gudrun Waadeland

Votes: 79

4. Kalde spor (1962)

96 min | Drama, War

Wartime 1944. Oddmund stays at a remote cabin in the high mountains, about to lead 12 refugees out of the country. But he also awaits the most important person is his life, Ragnhild, which isn't coming.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Toralv Maurstad, Henny Moan, Alf Malland, Ragnhild Hald

Votes: 90

5. The Master and His Servants (1959)

83 min | Drama

After the play by Alexander Kielland about a bishop, Sigurd Helmer, which is accused of foul play after writing anonymous letters smearing his opponent. The accuser is his main rival and daughter's chosen fiancée.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Claes Gill, Wenche Foss, Georg Løkkeberg, Urda Arneberg

Votes: 66

6. Boys from the Streets (1949)

77 min | Drama

The movie takes place on Oslo's east side sometime during the twenties. It depicts the workers' environment by traditional elements like unemployment, strike, poverty, alcoholism, absent ... See full summary »

Directors: Ulf Greber, Arne Skouen | Stars: Tom Tellefsen, Ivar Thorkildsen, Pål Bang-Hansen, Svein Byhring

Votes: 233

7. Bussen (1961)

79 min | Comedy, Drama

Thorvald runs a local bus route, with a 1923-model bus nicknamed 'Gamla', in the Norwegian country side. Thorvald himself always takes time to make numerous stops along his route, to help ... See full summary »

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Leif Juster, Lalla Carlsen, Egil Hjorth-Jenssen, Tore Foss

Votes: 201

8. The Guards (1965)

91 min | Drama, Fantasy

A hand is pulling the emergency breaks on a train, and a young military recruit has his live all changed. Noone can answer a girl's question in court. What color are dreams? A gathering of destinies. Can anyone answer why things happen?

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Synne Skouen, Arne Aas, Bjørg Vatle, Rønnaug Alten

Votes: 32

9. Emergency Landing (1952)

100 min | Drama, Crime, War

An American bomber is shot down over the western side of the Oslo fjord during World War II, and survivors are hidden in a church by local citizens to escape German occupiers.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Henki Kolstad, Jack Kennedy, Randi Kolstad, Bjarne Andersen

Votes: 80

10. Pastor Jarman kommer hjem (1958)

91 min | Drama, Mystery

The good priest gets a mystery to solve on his way home by ship to Oslo. A crew member dies, with a final wish to help Makken, and deliver a gold watch to Lily. But Lily denies knowing the man, and is scared when she hears the name Makken.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Henki Kolstad, Henny Moan, Alf Malland, Rolf Søder

Votes: 31

11. An-Magritt (1969)

100 min | Drama

In Norway in the 1600s, An-Magritt is born as the result of a rape.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Liv Ullmann, Per Oscarsson, Wolf von Gersum, Claes Gill

Votes: 127

12. Daddy's Success (1964)

83 min | Comedy

A 17 year old psychology-loving student starts analyzing his father and draws awfully wrong conclusions. He tutors his siblings, shocking, and is forced to show that he is very capable of great accomplishments.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Sølvi Wang, Henki Kolstad, Carsten Winger, Jon Lennart Mjøen

Votes: 47

13. Om Tilla (1963)

77 min | Drama

The first film of a trilogy about mentally challenged children. "Om Tilla" is some kind of dream version on how mentally challenged can function in society.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Eva Henning, Toralv Maurstad, Wenche Foss, Synne Skouen

Votes: 31

14. Journey to the Sea (1966)

89 min | Drama

The third installment in Arne Skouens trilogy about mentally challenged children, in solidarity of the involved children and families.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Erik Bye, Synne Skouen, Frimann Falck Clausen, Bonne Gauguin

Votes: 25

15. Cirkus Fandango (1954)

87 min | Drama

Circus Fandango is a traveling workplace where everyone has to work together to make their living. A trade where occupational pride, commitment, but maybe also loneliness when getting old, like the clown Papa.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Arne Arnardo, Joachim Holst-Jensen, Ilselil Larsen, Toralv Maurstad

Votes: 44

16. Musikanter (1967)

80 min | Family, Comedy

A caretaker at a music academy is solving most problems for the young musicians, however not only the most appropriate way. But down inside he really has a dream of his own, which goes far beyond being the caretaker.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Leif Juster, Synne Skouen, Henki Kolstad, Henny Moan

Votes: 68

17. Barn av solen (1955)

73 min | Comedy, Romance

Careless youth flirt and court in the sun at the beach. Based upon a play by the director, which was so unhappy with the result, that he doesn't want the film shown anymore.

Director: Arne Skouen | Stars: Karen Randers-Pehrson, Finn Kvalem, Anita Rummelhoff, Henny Moan

Votes: 7

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