Czech sci-fi and fantasy: 1970s

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List of Czech fantasy and sci-fi films (+ some tv productions and tv series) from years 1970-1979

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1. You Are a Widow, Sir (1971)

97 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

After a soldier cuts off the arm of king's cousin, king decides to deactivate the army. Of course, generals don't like it at all and they try to kill the king. The assassin should be ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Iva Janzurová, Olga Schoberová, Eduard Cupák, Jirí Sovák

Votes: 645

Fantasy - set in a fictitious country with its own futu-retro fashion and design, possibly set in alternative history, astrology

Sci-Fi - genial scientist, brain and other organ transplantations, micro-bombs, artificial human body.


2. Devilish Honeymoon (1970)

93 min | Comedy, Crime

A charming senior lecturer Kostohryz (Vlastimil Brodský) is an unquestionable star of the Research Institute of the Chemical Factories, admired by men and loved by women. There are two ... See full summary »

Director: Zdenek Podskalský | Stars: Vlastimil Brodský, Jana Brejchová, Iva Janzurová, Jirina Jirásková

Votes: 47

Fantasy - very probably set in a fictitious country

Sci-Fi - genial scientist, person surviving an explosion


3. I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen (1970)

95 min | Sci-Fi, Comedy

This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the ability to have children. A summit meeting is held at the United Nations, ... See full summary »

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Jirí Sovák, Jana Brejchová, Lubomír Lipský, Iva Janzurová

Votes: 412

Sci-Fi - futuristic setting, time travel, rocket pistols, women with beards and men with boobs as a result of radiation, bizarre gigantic shaving machine, cat-android with a miniature camera in her eye, taking a selfie with a telescopic minicamera...


4. The Girl on the Broomstick (1972)

76 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Saxana has the enthusiasm, but lacks the right talent to become a witch. So she's kept in for 300 years - nothing unusual for a sorceress' school. Being bored, she skims through the ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Petra Cernocká, Jan Hrusínský, Jan Kraus, Vlastimil Zavrel

Votes: 1,041

Fantasy - witch, vampire, four-handed characters, people turning in animals or inanimate objects, flying on a broom...


5. Three Wishes for Cinderella (1973)

75 min | Drama, Fantasy, Family

Life changes dramatically for a Czech housemaid when the house driver gives her three magical hazel nuts.

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Libuse Safránková, Pavel Trávnícek, Carola Braunbock, Rolf Hoppe

Votes: 7,860

Fairy Tale/ Fantasy - fictitious kingdom, magical hazelnuts, possibly also an owl in a role of fairy godmother


6. Prince Bajaja (1971)

73 min | Family, Fantasy

The hero of this popular fairy tale is a young prince who, after the death of his parents, goes out into the world. During his travels he meets a magical talking horse and falls in love ... See full synopsis »

Director: Antonín Kachlík | Stars: Ivan Palúch, Magda Vásáryová, Frantisek Velecký, Gustav Opocenský

Votes: 132

Fairy Tale/Fantasy - fictitious kingdom, dragon


7. Na komete (1970)

74 min | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

When a comet passes the earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa with it. Carried along is a bunch of people. Among them Angelika, who just escaped from a ruthless weapon ... See full summary »

Director: Karel Zeman | Stars: Magda Vásáryová, Emil Horváth, Frantisek Filipovský, Cestmír Randa

Votes: 528

Sci-Fi - outer space, comet plucks off part of the Earth

8. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

Not Rated | 77 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Inspired by fairy-tales such as Alice in Wonderland and Little Red-Riding Hood, "Valerie and her Week of Wonders" is a surreal tale in which love, fear, sex and religion merge into one fantastic world.

Director: Jaromil Jires | Stars: Jaroslava Schallerová, Helena Anýzová, Petr Kopriva, Jirí Prýmek

Votes: 7,330

Fantasy - fictitious country with its own fashion and social rules, rejuvenation, mingling of fantasy and reality, vampires, people turning in animals, witchcraft, magical earrings


Fantasy/Horror - premonitions of something what eventually really happens, levitation


10. The Devil's Elixirs (1973)

96 min

Young seminary student Franziskus (Benjamin Besson) has been ceremonially ordained. He wants to escape the harshness and injustice of the world and devote himself to the service of God in ... See full summary »

Directors: Brigitte Kirsten, Ralf Kirsten | Stars: Benjamin Besson, Jaroslava Schallerová, Andrzej Kopiczynski, Milena Dvorská

Votes: 17

Fantasy involving witchcraft and alchemy in some way, I guess. But I haven´t seen it yet.

11. Jak se budí princezny (1978)

83 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

The king Dalimil and the queen Eliska waited to see a longed-for offspring - a daughter Ruzenka. But Eliska's envious and bad sister Melánie curses her. When Ruzenka becomes 17 years old ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Jirí Sovák, Vladimír Mensík, Milena Dvorská, Frantisek Filipovský

Votes: 461

Fantasy/Fairy tale - fictitious kingdom, magic, curse, stopped time, witch-like character.


12. The Prince and the Evening Star (1979)

86 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

The old King (Vladimír Mensík) is not satisfied with his four children. It is high time for the Princesses to get married and for the Prince to assume the reign. Once the King sets out to ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Juraj Durdiak, Libuse Safránková, Vladimír Mensík, Radoslav Brzobohatý

Votes: 645

Fantasy/Fairy tale - fictitious kingdom, magics, evil warlock, personofications of Wind, Sun, Moon and Morning Star, duplication of one character, people changing their shape...)


13. Morgiana (1972)

106 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Klara and Viktoria are sisters. Their father dies, leaving most of his property to Klara. When Klara becomes involved with a man that her sister loves, Viktoria begins to plot her murder.

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Iva Janzurová, Josef Abrhám, Nina Divísková, Petr Cepek

Votes: 861

Fantasy/Semi-Horror - no supernatural elements at all, but it´s set in a fictitious country with its own fashion and social hierarchy. There is also some coquetry with a fortune telling.


14. Beauty and the Beast (1978)

91 min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

In this gothic rendition of the classic fairy tale, a merchant's youngest daughter is held prisoner by a mysterious winged beast.

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Zdena Studenková, Vlastimil Harapes, Václav Voska, Jana Brejchová

Votes: 994

Fantasy/Fairy Tale/Horror - fictitious kingdom, monster, curse, possibly also ghosts. Strong use of horror aesthetics.


15. The Ninth Heart (1979)

90 min | Fantasy, Horror

A poor student must rescue an ailing princess from the castle of an evil magician, who's preparing a rejuvenating elixir from the stolen hearts of nine children.

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Ondrej Pavelka, Anna Malová, Julie Juristová, Josef Kemr

Votes: 166

Fantasy/Fairy Tale/Horror - fictitious kingdom, rejuvenation, alchemy, evil warlock, rapid aging...

16. Kocicí princ (1979)

79 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

The castle custodian Král is moving to a new place of work with his wife, son Radek and a five - years old daughter Terezka. Radek takes his cat Líza with him. A fully loaded truck moves ... See full summary »

Director: Ota Koval | Stars: Pavel Hachle, Zaneta Fuchsová, Winfried Glatzeder, Jana Andrsová-Vectomová

Votes: 50

Fantasy/Fairy Tale - definitely set in a fictitious kingdom, but I haven´t seen it.

17. How to Drown Dr. Mracek, the Lawyer (1975)

96 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

There are still water spirits among us. One group lives in Prague, led by Mr. Wassermann, who is using his wife's family as servants. All they need is their old house near the river. But ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Jaromír Hanzlík, Libuse Safránková, Frantisek Filipovský, Milos Kopecký

Votes: 1,000

Fantasy/Sci-Fi - watersprites, people turned in animals and inanimate objects, eccentric scientist with a serum turning people in fish, ghosts (or more precisely, souls of drowned people), immortality, magical stick...


18. Coz takhle dát si spenát (1977)

86 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

Two swindlers get to prison for alcohol theft. After an exit from prison they are employed for theft of the device for regeneration of old cows. The owner of salon wants to use devices for rejuvenation. But something went not so.

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Vladimír Mensík, Jirí Sovák, Iva Janzurová, Michal Kocourek

Votes: 598

Sci-Fi - rejuvenation machine, rapid aging, miniaturization


19. Monkey's Playtime (1978)

87 min | Comedy, Fantasy

The fisherman Fuksa fishes in the creek an old bottle and he sells it to innkeeper Merta. When Merta opens it, a genie appears, who can fulfill all his wishes.

Director: Milan Muchna | Stars: Josef Kemr, Josef Vinklár, Vladimír Dlouhý, Monika Hálová

Votes: 75

Fantasy - genie, people turning in chimpanzees


20. Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea (1977)

93 min | Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Jan is a decent, boring man, living a decent, boring life as a rocket designer. When his adventurous twin brother dies in a breakfast accident, Jan decides to impersonate him, unwittingly becoming a part of a Nazi time travel conspiracy.

Director: Jindrich Polák | Stars: Petr Kostka, Jirí Sovák, Vladimír Mensík, Vlastimil Brodský

Votes: 1,015

Sci-Fi - alternative history, time travel, anti-aging pills, paralyzing spray that turns people green and motionless, liquidating dishwasher


21. Cirkus v cirkuse (1975)

131 min | Comedy, Family

To Moscow have arrived the participants of the international conference of the zoophilologists and also the international jury which is to elect for the world festival the best performance ... See full summary »

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Evgeniy Leonov, Natalya Varley, Aleksandr Lenkov, Leonid Kuravlyov

Votes: 78

Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Eccentric scientist trying to communicate with animals.

22. The Little Mermaid (1976)

84 min | Family, Drama, Romance

The little mermaid rescues a prince from drowning and falls in love with him. To be with him, she makes a deal with the evil sorceress: her beautiful voice against a life on land. It seems ... See full summary »

Director: Karel Kachyna | Stars: Miroslava Safránková, Radovan Lukavský, Petr Svojtka, Libuse Safránková

Votes: 589

Fantasy/Fairy Tale: Fictitious kingdom, curse, mermen and mermaids, witch


Fake Fantasy: kid believes that boyfriend of his sister is a vampire.


24. Arabela (1979– )

30 min | Comedy, Fantasy

Princess Arabela, the daughter of the King of the fairy tale world escapes before the revenge of a cunning and deceitful magician Rumburak and leaves the world of fairy tales. She meets ... See full summary »

Stars: Vladimír Mensík, Stella Zázvorková, Jirí Lábus, Alena Karesová

Votes: 1,152

Fantasy/Fairy Tale/Sci-Fi: Fictitious kingdom, people turning in animals, inanimate objects or other people, magical ring, magical coat, crystal ball, flying on broomstick, talking animals, robotic wolf, character shooting nails out of his fingers etc., etc. Hundreds of various fantastic elements, really.


25. Golden Hair (1973 TV Movie)

74 min | Family, Fantasy, Musical

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Director: Vlasta Janecková | Stars: Jorga Kotrbová, Petr Stepánek, Jirí Holý, Ladislav Pesek

Votes: 213

Fairy Tale/Fantasy: Fictitious kingdom, back from dead, talking with animals, curse, magical potion.


26. Killing the Devil (1970)

77 min | Comedy, Fantasy

She (Jirina Bohdalová) is approximately forty-years old, intelligent and attractive, but, unfortunately, lonesome as one could be. She handles her life quite well, but whenever nostalgia ... See full summary »

Director: Ester Krumbachová | Stars: Jirina Bohdalová, Vladimír Mensík, Ljuba Hermanová, Helena Ruzicková

Votes: 87

Semi-Fantasy: The leading male character may or may not be a devil, while the leading female character may or may not be a witch. It really depends on interpretation.


27. Pan Tau (1970–1978)

30 min | Family, Adventure, Comedy

The children's series reintroduces on the screen Mister Tau the charmer, along with his double, Uncle Alfons. It is impossible to tell them apart, and the cases of their mistaken identity ... See full summary »

Stars: Otto Simánek, Frantisek Filipovský, Jirina Bohdalová, Vladimír Mensík

Votes: 437

Fantasy, some elements of Sci-Fi: A mysterious silent oldschool gentleman with a magical pothead, who can change his size.


28. The Secret of Steel City (1979)

85 min | Adventure, Sci-Fi

Two scientists use their inherited fortune differently. One designs a beautiful town called Fortuna, while the second builds huge factories to make munitions known as Steel City.

Director: Ludvík Ráza | Stars: Jaromír Hanzlík, Martin Ruzek, Josef Vinklár, Jan Potmesil

Votes: 224

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - I haven´t seen it for ages, but it´s adaptation of Jules Verne´s novel The Begum's Fortune.


29. Operation Bororo (1973)

90 min | Sci-Fi

A man and a woman from a different planet come to the Earth to get a cure for a disease that is apparently threatening to eradicate their civilization. It can only be stopped by a drug made... See full synopsis »

Director: Otakar Fuka | Stars: Svatopluk Matyás, Bozidara Turzonovová, Karel Augusta, Karel Belohradský

Votes: 81

Sci-Fi: Extraterrestrial, camera in glasses.


30. Hroch (1973)

95 min | Comedy, Fantasy

The bank officer Bedrich Hroch is sent by the bank director to the zoo, which asked an allocation of one and half kg of gold for a gold tooth for a hippo. During the check up of the hippo's... See full summary »

Director: Karel Steklý | Stars: Oldo Hlavácek, Helga Cocková, Svatopluk Matyás, Helena Blehárová

Votes: 29

Fantasy: Most probably set in a fictitious country. A man is eaten alive by a hippo a communicates with the outside world from inside of the animal´s stomach.


31. Talíre nad Velkým Malíkovem (1977)

89 min | Sci-Fi, Comedy

A model Communist village is visited by a flying saucer. One of the most bizarre Normalisation films, the lowest point in the work of a good director.

Director: Jaromil Jires | Stars: Vlastimil Brodský, Jan Tríska, Iva Janzurová, Míla Myslíková

Votes: 31

Sci-Fi: Extraterrestrials.


32. Darling, Are We a Good Match...? (1975)

98 min | Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Marta (Jana Brejchová) and Viktor (Vlastimil Brodský) celebrate the tenth anniversary of their wedding half-heartedly. They both think they don't suit together. While visiting Marta's ... See full summary »

Director: Petr Schulhoff | Stars: Jana Brejchová, Vlastimil Brodský, Regina Rázlová, Josef Bláha

Votes: 101

Semi-Sci-Fi: A dating computer plays an important role in the story.


33. I'll Be Good, Old Man! (1979)

86 min | Comedy

To the intolerant and bloody-minded Prague actor Bergner (Milos Kopecký) is the lead in Moliere's Misanthrope which he is studying now as tailor-made. On top of that he is malicious and he ... See full summary »

Director: Petr Schulhoff | Stars: Milos Kopecký, Alena Vránová, Ladislav Pesek, Frantisek Filipovský

Votes: 94

Semi Fantasy: A character who may or may not have some magical powers.


34. Hrabe Drakula (1971 TV Movie)

76 min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

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Director: Anna Procházková | Stars: Ilja Racek, Jan Schánilec, Klára Jerneková, Jirí Zahajský

Votes: 38

Horror/Fantasy: Vampires, telepathy, communication with animals. Quite faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker´s Dracula.


35. Long Live Ghosts! (1977)

85 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Trespassing gang of boys encounter a ghost in the ruins of a castle. When they rescue the ghost who is caught in a trapset, they become allies in a fight to prevent ruins from being turned into mushroom farm by the city authorities.

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Dana Vávrová, Jirí Procházka, Jirí Sovák, Vlastimil Brodský

Votes: 534

Fantasy: Ghosts, magics, gnomes, invisibility.


36. Adele's Dinner (1978)

102 min | Comedy, Crime, Fantasy

When the famous detective Nick Carter visits Prague, he becomes involved in strange case of a missing dog and even stranger carnivorous plant. He becomes convinced that he is standing ... See full summary »

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Michal Docolomanský, Rudolf Hrusínský, Milos Kopecký, Václav Lohniský

Votes: 1,348

Sci-Fi: Eccentric scientist, trying to humanize plants. Also a detective with handful of steampunk props.


37. Ulysses and the Stars (1976)

81 min | Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi

It is the year 2000. The parents of twelve-year-old Péta are worried about the boy. He has made a flying machine on the model of a bird, but it crashed when he tested it and he broke his ... See full summary »

Director: Ludvík Ráza | Stars: Jaroslava Obermaierová, Alois Svehlík, Gustav Bubník, Gabriela Hyrmanová

Votes: 44

Sci-Fi involving outer space and extraterrestrials, but I haven´t seen it for ages.


38. A Thousand and One Nights (1974)

88 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Stories from the three-year journey of the world-famous Sinbad.

Director: Karel Zeman | Star: Jan Tríska

Votes: 204

Fantasy/Fairy Tale: Fictitious countries, monsters, curses...


39. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1978)

73 min | Animation, Fantasy, Horror

A young boy becomes an apprentice for a mysterious sorcerer, working at the sorcerer's strange and sinister mill where secretive black magic is being taught and performed at a very heavy price.

Director: Karel Zeman | Stars: Ludek Munzar, Jaroslav Moucka, Christian Brückner, Friedrich Schütter

Votes: 893

Fantasy/Horror: Evil warlock, people turning into animals, flying people, black magic...


40. Fantastic Planet (1973)

PG | 72 min | Animation, Sci-Fi

On a faraway planet where blue giants rule, oppressed humanoids rebel against their machine-like leaders.

Director: René Laloux | Stars: Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Drake, Eric Baugin, Jean Topart

Votes: 22,110

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: I haven´t seen it yet.

41. Miss Golem (1972)

96 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

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Director: Jaroslav Balík | Stars: Jana Brejchová, Jan Tríska, Martin Ruzek, Josef Somr

Votes: 28

Sci-Fi: A scientist invents a machine allowing something like cloning. Possibly also Fantasy, since it seems to be set in a fictitious country.


43. Joachim, Put It in the Machine (1974)

95 min | Comedy

A sincere provincial young man, Frantisek Koudelka (Ludek Sobota) leaves to work in Prague. For the trip he buys a computer made horoscope with biorhythms charts, marked according to his ... See full summary »

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Ludek Sobota, Marta Vancurová, Vera Ferbasová, Josef Dvorák

Votes: 1,063

Minor semi-sci-fi element: The hero manages his life according to a fortune telling scheme called "kondiciogram".


44. Abenteuer mit Blasius (1975)

79 min | Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

Ten-year-old Frantisek is traveling to Leipzig to visit his German friend Egon. On the train, he shares the compartment with three men. One of them, the bearded, hefty Blasius is polite but... See full summary »

Director: Egon Schlegel | Stars: Leos Sucharípa, Wolfgang Greese, Norbert Christian, Mario Wojtyczka

Votes: 15

Sci-Fi - robot. I haven´t seen it.

45. Automatic (1973)

4 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A humorous story warning against too much mechanization and automation. The hero of the picture works in a factory producing automatic machines. During the lunch break he lets the machines ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Bedrich

Votes: 11

Sci-Fi - a short cartoon about a man trapped in over-technized world.


46. Krabi (1976)

12 min | Animation, Short, Horror