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1. Cu Chulainn

180 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Filming

Follows the life of Cu Chulainn, the hound of Ulster.

Director: Ciaron Davies | Stars: John Paul O'Driscoll, Ciaron Davies, Kristine Kenina, Michael Cloke

2. Fae

Drama, Fantasy | Announced

A girl must off in a battle between "light" and "dark" to determine who she really is when she reaches the age of 16.

3. Sk8r Grrl (2020)

Fantasy | Post-production

A gang of skater girls use newfound magic to save New York City from a coven of reptilian witches.

Director: Rae Phoenix | Stars: Ximena Balmori, Akira Adel, Michael Holman, Marli Renée

4. Dark Thoughts (2016)

108 min | Action, Fantasy, Horror

A young woman finds herself thrown into a horrific struggle against the supernatural.

Director: Carrsan T. Morrissey | Stars: Abigail Van Patten, Ben Merz, Katherine Mayhew, Zach Rogers

5. Muleficent

Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery | Announced

A powerful witch's spell changes a lovely girl into a mule destined to die so that she will rise from its carcass before the world to rule as Pan's child bride.

6. Grieving

Crime, Fantasy, Horror | Post-production

Two Hitmen at different points in their life and careers, have one last job to do before going their separate ways. However, after finishing this job, they discover that they have each went... See full summary »

Director: Devin Hylton | Stars: Amy Boyatt, Steve Guynn, Corum Sanford, Amanda Collins

7. Goddess

Crime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | Announced

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Director: Alexander Kane

8. Dream Walker (I)

Drama, Fantasy | Announced

Alissa is a very bad girl with a very unique gift. June is a very good woman in a very unique situation. Together they become very uniquely Thelma and Louise...without the cliff.

9. Golden Axe

Action, Fantasy | Announced

Feature film based on the legendary SEGA video game.

10. Escape from Heaven

Comedy, Fantasy | Announced

In this edgy and outrageous, but ultimately reverent, comedy, adapted from the novel, a top-rated radio talk show host is called to Heaven to meet God, buddies up with Jesus, and returns to... See full summary »

Director: J. Neil Schulman | Stars: Adam Meir, Mark Gilvary

11. Estel: The Making of a King

Not Rated | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | Post-production

The film is set in Middle Earth after the events of The Hobbit. Aragorn, a young man prophesied to be the future king of Gondor, is growing up in an elvish household. He is set on a quest ... See full summary »

Director: Isaac Stitt | Stars: Johnathon Krautkramer, Alex Wank, Chanel Volpel, Isaiah McCormick

12. L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Fantasy | Post-production

Young Kansas farm girl Dorothy Gale is taken by a tornado to the marvelous Land of Oz. Together with her strange new friends, she will free the people of Oz from the rule of wicked witches and false wizards in her search for a way home.

Director: Clayton Spinney | Stars: Marie Rizza, Steven Lowry, Curt Rose, Rinn Critzer

13. Alice (in Wonderland)

50 min | Fantasy, Thriller | Announced

Alice (in Wonderland) is a modern re-imagining based on the works of Lewis Carroll. The film focuses on Alice Beaumont, who is haunted by the memories of her mother's tragic death. Now a ... See full summary »

Director: Lee Ferrier | Star: Malcolm Ray

14. The Land of Oz

Family, Fantasy | Announced

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Stars: Austin Ellen, Derby Hart, Zack Owens, Jake Getty

15. The Last Shepherd (2015)

E10+ | 94 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Amit is your run of the mill geek, a computer programmer who leads a perfectly ordinary life with the exception of repeating nightmares. To cheer him up his best friend Maya convince him to... See full summary »

Directors: Daniel Dar, Rotem Baruchin | Stars: Nir Kitaro, Roni Weissman, Uri Lifshitz, Adva Kimchi

Votes: 43

16. Amy and Sophia (2017)

Drama, Fantasy

Two troubled girls, who come together as friends through their imagination of art, creating their own fantasy world where they can finally be free.

Director: Adam Lipsius | Stars: Julian Glover, Isla Blair, Joseph Millson, Denise Van Outen

Votes: 9

17. Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon (2018)

Not Rated | 110 min | Fantasy, Musical

When a man finds himself on trial in a courtroom haunted by his own demons, he must reckon with the guilt of his mother's death before it destroys him and the one he loves.

Director: Luke Shirock | Stars: Luke Shirock, Celine Held, David Andrew Macdonald, Michael Kostroff

Votes: 52

18. The Garden (III) (2017)

111 min | Fantasy

A study of a woman's journey, through fantasy and nature, to find the meaning of life and love.

Director: David Ferry Jr. | Stars: Kristen DeVore Rakes, Samson Snell, Michael Sheets, Monique Candelaria

19. Londinium (2016)


In the year 2018 a story unfolds of a man who is down and out and lost in the underbelly of urban London. As he is bullied by a rich passer by, all is not what it seems as he foretells the ... See full summary »

Director: Paul J. Lane | Stars: Paul J. Lane, Brian Croucher, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Tony Fadil

20. Lost Penny (2015)

Not Rated | 92 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy

Penny is plunged into an upside-down world in search of a father she's never met, only to discover a dark secret that will change her life forever.

Director: Mann Munoz | Stars: Rachael Winegar, Victoria Guthrie, Andrew Roth, Christopher Elliott

Votes: 6

21. King's Gambit (2015)

105 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

King's Gambit is an Independent, live-action feature film set in present-day Florida about Bryce, a man who uses a mystic journal to alter the world around him.

Director: Joseph Sayer | Stars: Blake Webb, Rebecca Galarza, Reggie Peters, Wade Hunt Williams

Votes: 5

22. Cult of the Vampire (2016)

77 min | Fantasy, Horror

Xandra, a rebellious vampire sets out on her own in pursuit of love and Rock 'N' Roll, but there is no escape from the long arms of the coven.

Director: Andrew MacKenzie | Stars: Iva Stelmak, Megan Porter, Christina Collard, Jinny Lee Story

Votes: 567

23. Amaru (2015)

70 min | Drama, Fantasy, War

A young revolutionary questions humanity and the chaos of war during socio-political upheaval in the fictional Latin American country of Caldera.

Director: Robert A. Cuadra | Stars: Monej Cruz, Vincent Leon, Brett Koontz, Ben Soriano

24. The Hybrid: Nue no ko (2015)

83 min | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

A young college graduate name Chiaki brings her friend Mai to visit her hometown called Nuegabuchi, a hot spring village. The village has many legends of a mysterious monster called nue. In... See full summary »

Directors: Toru Hano, Yoshio Kuratani | Stars: Honoka Ishibashi, Ken Yamamura, Mai Aida, Kazue Aoki

25. The M3rmaid from Marb3lla

PG-13 | Adventure, Fantasy, Romance | Announced

An artist fisherman has an encounter with a singing mermaid from Marbella who's in tour with a traveling Circus.

Star: Jorge Jimenez

26. Pulse (IV) (2017)

TV-MA | 84 min | Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

A gay disabled teenage boy changes into the body of a beautiful woman, so that he can be loved.

Director: Stevie Cruz-Martin | Stars: Caroline Brazier, Daniel Monks, Scott Lee, Sian Ewers

Votes: 80

27. What You Want Is Gone Forever (2015)

76 min | Drama, Fantasy

A poetic journey of three teenagers through a neon-lit, surreal world, where they experience loss, desire and detachment for the very first time.

Directors: Max Richert, Nils Keller | Stars: Martin Goeres, David Mullikas, Kyra Sophia Kahre, Marija Mauer

28. The Smoker and the Dame Who Wore Red Shoes

120 min | Fantasy | Post-production

A detective with a dark past, haunted by demons helps a woman search for her father and a magical book. A cross genre blend of sci fi, fantasy, film noir and comedy.

Director: Ciaron Davies | Stars: Ciaron Davies, Fionnuala Collins, Sean Simon, Shane Wearen

29. Dark Cupid (2020)

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | Post-production

Kit is a young, easy going girl who is destined to find love, only for it to be ruined by the dark Cupid herself.

Director: Khu | Stars: Khu, Eric Roberts, Deanna Grace Congo, Mikki Padilla

30. Desperate Ghosts (2018)

96 min | Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Inhaling a hallucinogenic drug can give the impression that the woman looks exactly like his ex-wife, but Paul discovers the scam and tries to rescue the kidnapped woman.

Director: Pascal Ilie Virgil | Stars: Alan O'Silva, Edurne San Jose Eraso, Ion Ionut Ciocia, Francisco Vazquez

Votes: 6

31. Epicurus (2015)

12 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy | Completed

A young girl uses her creativity and imagination to overcome the violence inflicting her family and learns to break free of her indulgent fantasies.

Director: Nikki Barba

32. Peregrina (2017)


After a near death experience, a young woman begins an initiatic and mythic journey through the Andes looking for balance with nature in a three thousand years-old ceremonial center.

Director: Carlo Brescia | Stars: Marisel La Rosa, Ana Zavala Ríos

33. The Cure (II) (2015)

15 min | Short, Fantasy, Horror

One evening, a mysterious visitor pays a visit to a drug addict, bringing her a miracle cure for her addiction.

Director: Xavier Mesme | Stars: Nicolas Buchoux, Caroline Fauvet

Votes: 12

34. Fancy Free (2015)

75 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | Completed

A man's life get ruined by a Femme Fatal.

Director: Takefumi Tsutsui | Star: Ryo Iwase

35. Knee


On the night of her high school graduation, Harmonie "Knee" Paulson's abusive father beats her mother. Knee steps in and the fight escalates. After smashing a bottle over her father's head ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Besson | Stars: Bruce Clifford, Soso Franchot, Jae Greene, Larry Ledrich

36. The Fairy

Fantasy | Announced

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Director: Richard Gunn

37. Debbie and the Devil

80 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | Filming

Two children escape a routine school shooting and hide out in a movie theater run by Satan (aka Mr. Red) where they are shown three different horror films.

Director: Naz Red | Stars: Destiny Austin, April Showers, Katherine Swallow, Michael Q. Schmidt

38. Halcyon Dreams (2015)

73 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

A group of interconnected individuals are on a journey of various 'states' of heaven, hell and purgatory to rediscover their lost childhood dreams and aspirations.

Director: Han Rhyu | Stars: Hanimal Chin, Armando DuBon Jr., Hunter Fite, Heather Morrow

40. Dance Bitch Dance

Fantasy | Post-production

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Director: Maureen Catbagan | Star: Anna Lakomy

41. Sequela (2015)

97 min | Fantasy, Mystery

A street photographer finds himself in a mind bending world of the past, present and future as he delves deep into the psyche of a mysterious writer.

Director: Iman Azar | Stars: Arman Ghafouri, Lauren Stewart, Erin Stewart, Angela Christine

Votes: 68

42. Day of the Stranger (2019)

Drama, Fantasy, Western

A surreal, funny and tensely dramatic Western that laments on the acid western of the 1970's.

Director: Thomas Lee Rutter | Stars: Gary Baxter, Gary Shail, Richard Rowbotham, James Taylor

Votes: 12

43. Dark Circus (2016)

87 min | Fantasy, Thriller

Struggling with her aimless existence, a young woman is taken to a parallel universe full of bizarre characters and transgressive rituals. A story of transformation, a trip to the inner self, from deepest desires to darkest nightmares.

Director: Julia Ostertag | Stars: Annika Strauss, Nikolai Arnold, Louis Fleischauer, Florian Gysin

Votes: 52

44. Starcrosssed

Fantasy, Romance | Announced

Two soul mates, who have only met in their dreams, must find each other on in order to defeat dark forces.

45. Resonance (III)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

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46. Untitled Snow White Project

Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

A new twist on the Snow White fairytale.

Director: Michael Manasseri | Stars: Guoqiang Tang, Mary Antonovich

47. Anna: The Movie (2015)

45 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

The adventures of a talented but unlucky young actress.

Director: Daniele Misischia | Stars: Arianna Bonardi, Riccardo Camilli, Claudio Camilli, Giada Caruso

48. Eyes of the Moon (2015)

59 min | Fantasy, Western

In search of the divine feminine, on a quest for forgotten wisdom

Directors: Bryn McKay, Divine Femininity

49. Red Moon (I)

Fantasy | Announced

After seeing his family murdered in cold blood, a young man seeks revenge against a pack of vicious werewolves in a post-apocalyptic future.

Star: Carlo Carere

50. Under Influence (2016)

75 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Portrays the mysterious and psychotic journey of the actress Julia Gordon during the shooting of a motion picture entitled 'Being Kate Winslet'.

Director: Sidney Leoni | Stars: Halla Ólafsdóttir, Steven Wendt, Christine De Smedt, Mariana My Suikkanen Gomes

51. Principle

115 min | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | Pre-production

A brother-sisterhood story set in present day. When a zombie become friendly enough to protect human from the invasion of werewolves. Do human appreciate it?

Director: Raed Abbas | Stars: Loren Peta, Doug Coleman, Paul Van Beaumont, Daniel Kayne

52. Die Toten reiten schnell (2015)

75 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

In a not too distant future a young girl travels through an abandoned country - the forbidden frontier - and meets people who have also an obscure life history. Whether a hitchhiker who has... See full summary »

Director: Lukas Väth | Stars: Chiara von Galli, Christian Harting, Jeroen Engelsman, Mika Metz

54. Boston Nightly: Long Term Parking (2015)

Not Rated | 74 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Boston Nightly is the dogged bounty hunter morphing between two worlds and the girlfriends trying to kill him.

Director: Paul Bright | Stars: Tony Bottorff, Gary Lee Mahmoud, Natasha Straley, Lisa Sosa

55. The Crow

Action, Crime, Fantasy | Announced

A year after he and his fiance are murdered, Eric is brought back to life by a mystical crow.

56. Abnormal Attraction (2018)

Not Rated | 107 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

In a world where mythical creatures are real, monsters and humans are forced to coexist; and as prejudice and insecurity pulls everyone apart, three separate storylines manage to come together.

Director: Michael Leavy | Stars: Leslie Easterbrook, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Ron Jeremy

Votes: 2,557

57. The Dead Princess

Fantasy, Horror | Announced

Lonely and disaffected teenage girl Astrid Phillips learns that she is the last in line of a European house of nobility, only to find that the grand estate she inherits is haunted by the ghost of a dead Spanish princess.

58. Snow: Daughter of Daylight

Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi | Announced

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59. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

PG-13 | 133 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

73 Metascore

Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City.

Director: Jon Watts | Stars: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei

Votes: 476,764 | Gross: $334.20M

60. Avatar 2 (2021)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Filming

A sequel to Avatar (2009).

Director: James Cameron | Stars: Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver

61. Velocity

114 min | Action | Announced

A disgraced USAF pilot infiltrates a secret air combat tournament as a spy for the USA.

62. Avatar 3 (2023)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Filming

Sequel of Avatar 2 (2021). The plot is unknown.

Director: James Cameron | Stars: Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Michelle Yeoh

63. Mesopotamia

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | Announced

Plot unknown.

Stars: Weston Cage Coppola, Ron Ely, Daniela Lavender, Laura Meakin

64. Legend of Dark Rider

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Pre-production

A Legend passed down from generation to generation. The Dark Rider, a rapacious beast no man has survived. But the brute behind the legend is a tortured soul with one mysterious and ... See full summary »

Director: Titus Paar | Stars: Vernon Wells, Yohanna Idha, Dragomir Mrsic, Andreas Cahling

65. Yellow Brick Road (II)

Animation, Fantasy | Announced

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Director: Leigh Scott

66. Black (I)

Fantasy, Mystery | Announced

Book 1 or 0 depending on the Circle Series, the physical manifestations of Good vs. evil, Thomas being shot in the head, falls unconscious and wakes in the far future in a civilization of ... See full summary »

Star: Jane May

67. Wonderland (2019)

120 min | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

A small boy's adventure in Wonderland as he searches for his father. A dark fantasy full of things that go bump in the night.

Director: Ciaron Davies | Stars: Ricardo Mexas, Fionnuala Collins, Ciaron Davies, Mark Davis

68. Wicked (II)

Fantasy, Musical, Romance | Pre-production

The story of how a green-skinned woman framed by the Wizard of Oz becomes the Wicked Witch of the West; feature film based on the Broadway musical.

Director: Stephen Daldry

69. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 (2021)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | Pre-production

The third installment of the 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' series which follows the adventures of Newt Scamander.

Director: David Yates | Stars: Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller

70. Starbright (2020)

Fantasy | Post-production

A young orphan escapes the realities of her life by fantasizing about, and then entering, a fairy tale world.

Director: Francesco Lucente | Stars: John Rhys-Davies, Ted Levine, Elisabeth Röhm, Christine Ebersole

71. Nocturne (I) (2016)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

While preparing for a prestigious concert, a troubled pianist discovers that he is composing a spectacular masterpiece in his sleep.

Director: Erik Paulsen | Stars: Marte Ingvild Stordahl, Patty Pajak, Ulrik Tangen, Martha Standal

72. Set Me Free: Vol. I (2016)

101 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A troubled young woman runs away from home, unaware from the outside world that she has been missing and presumed dead for 20 years.

Director: Kris Smith | Stars: Nina Taylor, Steve Carroll, Kim Waters, Ann-Marie Doggett

Votes: 730

73. Schadenfreude

100 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery | Post-production

Jeremy O'Reilly, the self-important presenter of a TV news show, returns to a clueless East End community where a prank leads to the murder of a beautiful local actress and a savage Press that demands to know, "Who killed Paige Boston?"

Director: Simon Pickup | Stars: Ian McKellen, Steve Sweeney, Ronald Pickup, Virginia Denham

74. Lost Girls (2020)

R | 95 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

67 Metascore

When Mari Gilbert's daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. Her search brings attention to over a dozen murdered sex workers.

Director: Liz Garbus | Stars: Amy Ryan, Thomasin McKenzie, Gabriel Byrne, Lola Kirke

Votes: 9,343

75. Blue (I) (2015)

R | 97 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

A mysterious young man suffering a rare blood disease that colors his skin blue meets a young woman who looks beyond his unusual appearance as she struggles with dark secrets of her own.

Director: Charles Huddleston | Stars: Drew Connick, Michele Martin, Kenny Johnson, Sean Bridgers

Votes: 51

76. Finding Julia (2019)

PG-13 | 118 min | Drama, Mystery

In Manhattan, Eurasian acting student Julia Chamonix (Ha Phuong) is unable to enjoy the privileged life she shares with her doting father (Andrew McCarthy). Haunted by the tragic early ... See full summary »

Director: Igor Sunara | Stars: Ha Phuong, Andrew McCarthy, Richard Chamberlain, Kieu Chinh

Votes: 55

77. The Paper Boat (I) (2015)

Crime, Drama, Mystery

A brother and sister struggle with his health, an actress tries to stop prostitution, and an immigrant looks for a future as his girlfriend slips into insanity. A tragic accident brings them all together and reveals how they are connected.

Director: Los Angeles Barea | Stars: Daniel Wilkinson, Linda Bella, Steven Eckholdt, Burt Culver

78. The Suite (2017)

103 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller