1990 Ranked Films

by TimMacAusland | created - 15 Apr 2017 | updated - 2 months ago | Public

The ranked list of 1990 films that I have seen so far.

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1. Goodfellas (1990)

R | 146 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

90 Metascore

The story of Henry Hill and his life in the mob, covering his relationship with his wife Karen Hill and his mob partners Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito in the Italian-American crime syndicate.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco

Votes: 949,450 | Gross: $46.84M


With Martin Scoresese working at the height of his directorial prowess, Goodfellas assembles a vivacious veteran cast in spinning one of the best crime sagas of all time.

2. Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)

G | 103 min | Animation, Adventure, Drama

83 Metascore

A young witch, on her mandatory year of independent life, finds fitting into a new community difficult while she supports herself by running an air courier service.

Director: Hayao Miyazaki | Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Minami Takayama, Rei Sakuma, Kappei Yamaguchi

Votes: 104,201


One of Studio Ghibli’s most whimsical and awe-inspiring efforts to date, Kiki’s Delivery Service oozes vivacious charm and effortless spirit.

3. The Hunt for Red October (1990)

PG | 135 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller

58 Metascore

In November 1984, the Soviet Union's best submarine Captain in their newest sub violates orders and heads for the U.S. Is he trying to defect or to start a war?

Director: John McTiernan | Stars: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, Sam Neill

Votes: 169,046 | Gross: $122.01M


An apt introduction to the Jack Ryan character and a thrilling Cold War tale to boot, The Hunt for Red October grasps onto audience attention and never lets go.

4. Ghost (1990)

PG-13 | 127 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

52 Metascore

After a young man is murdered, his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a reluctant psychic.

Director: Jerry Zucker | Stars: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn

Votes: 185,663 | Gross: $217.63M


Overcoming its potentially silly script with heartrending sentiment, Ghost gets by on the passionate chemistry between its stars and a wicked sense of humor.

5. Misery (1990)

R | 107 min | Drama, Thriller

75 Metascore

After a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse.

Director: Rob Reiner | Stars: James Caan, Kathy Bates, Richard Farnsworth, Frances Sternhagen

Votes: 171,596 | Gross: $61.28M


Taking a small-scale conceit and making the stakes feel huge, Misery is a slow-burn, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller with one killer performance from Kathy Bates.

6. Total Recall (1990)

R | 113 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

57 Metascore

When a man goes for virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real - or does he?

Director: Paul Verhoeven | Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside, Rachel Ticotin

Votes: 286,136 | Gross: $119.39M


Total Recall is almost too campy for its own good, but director Paul Verhoeven is able to make it thoroughly fun regardless, a quintessential Arnold Schwarzenegger flick.

7. Back to the Future Part III (1990)

PG | 118 min | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

55 Metascore

Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly learns about the death of Doc Brown in 1885 and must travel back in time to save him. With no fuel readily available for the DeLorean, the two must figure out a way to escape the Old West before Emmett is murdered.

Director: Robert Zemeckis | Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Thomas F. Wilson

Votes: 375,922 | Gross: $87.73M


Finding more story to tell without bogging itself down in wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey plotting, Back to the Future Part III is a less ambitious but more personable entry in the saga.

8. Die Hard 2 (1990)

R | 124 min | Action, Thriller

67 Metascore

John McClane attempts to avert disaster as rogue military operatives seize control of Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

Director: Renny Harlin | Stars: Bruce Willis, William Atherton, Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald VelJohnson

Votes: 321,811 | Gross: $117.54M


Essentially a carbon copy of its predecessor, Die Hard 2 keeps its formula fresh with reliably rough-and-tumble action.

9. The Godfather: Part III (1990)

R | 162 min | Crime, Drama

60 Metascore

In the midst of trying to legitimize his business dealings in New York City and Italy in 1979, aging Mafia Don Michael Corleone seeks to avow for his sins, while taking his nephew Vincent Mancini under his wing.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola | Stars: Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Andy Garcia, Talia Shire

Votes: 336,617 | Gross: $66.67M


By no means the final installment the trilogy deserved, The Godfather Part III largely manages to overcome some atrocious acting with powerful mood and storytelling.

10. Days of Thunder (1990)

PG-13 | 107 min | Action, Drama, Sport

60 Metascore

A young hot-shot stock car driver gets his chance to compete at the top level.

Director: Tony Scott | Stars: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall, Randy Quaid

Votes: 74,500 | Gross: $82.67M


Days of Thunder is often too on-the-nose, but director Tony Scott is able to frame the proceedings in such a way that’ll give audiences the rush they’re looking for.

11. Home Alone (1990)

PG | 103 min | Comedy, Family

63 Metascore

An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation.

Director: Chris Columbus | Stars: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard

Votes: 439,166 | Gross: $285.76M


Silly and zany but held together but an endearing performance from the young Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone will entertain up to the end.

12. The Exorcist III (1990)

R | 110 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

48 Metascore

A police Lieutenant uncovers more than he bargained for as his investigation of a series of murders, which have all the hallmarks of the deceased Gemini serial killer, leads him to question the patients of a psychiatric ward.

Director: William Peter Blatty | Stars: George C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller

Votes: 23,321 | Gross: $26.10M


Hugely benefitting from the return of writer-director William Peter Blatty to the franchise, The Exorcist III is more than able to provide worthwhile scares, even if it's not as absorptive as one would hope.

13. Hardware (1990)

R | 94 min | Sci-Fi, Thriller

The head of a cyborg reactivates, rebuilds itself, and goes on a violent rampage in a space marine's girlfriend's apartment.

Director: Richard Stanley | Stars: Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, John Lynch, Carl McCoy

Votes: 12,106 | Gross: $5.73M


Hardware finds a niche mix of science-fiction and horror, but it’s narratively obsolete and has some pacing issues down the stretch.

14. Flatliners (1990)

R | 115 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

55 Metascore

Five medical students experiment with "near death" experiences, until the dark consequences of past tragedies begin to jeopardize their lives.

Director: Joel Schumacher | Stars: Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin

Votes: 76,807 | Gross: $61.49M


Despite an intriguing premise and plenty of capable actors, the lukewarm approach to Flatliners leaves the film stuck in a lifeless purgatory.

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

PG | 93 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

51 Metascore

Four teenage mutant ninja turtles emerge from the shadows to protect New York City from a gang of criminal ninjas.

Director: Steve Barron | Stars: Judith Hoag, Elias Koteas, Josh Pais, David Forman

Votes: 80,807 | Gross: $135.27M


For prepubescent audiences only, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has some rip-roaring fun with the source material but lacks the comedic conviction it needs.

16. The Handmaid's Tale (1990)

R | 108 min | Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

In a dystopian, polluted right wing religious tyranny, a young woman is put in sexual slavery on account of her now rare fertility.

Director: Volker Schlöndorff | Stars: Natasha Richardson, Faye Dunaway, Aidan Quinn, Elizabeth McGovern

Votes: 8,061 | Gross: $4.96M


Despite working off the nuanced and insightful novel of the same name, The Handmaid’s Tale struggles to harness the tension and emotion inside its speculative fiction.

17. RoboCop 2 (1990)

R | 117 min | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

42 Metascore

Cyborg law enforcer RoboCop returns to protect the citizens of old Detroit but faces a deadly challenge when a rogue OCP member secretly creates a new, evil RoboCop 2.

Director: Irvin Kershner | Stars: Peter Weller, John Glover, Mario Machado, Leeza Gibbons

Votes: 77,850 | Gross: $45.68M


Minus the campy appeal that made its predecessor so striking, RoboCop 2 becomes the very thing it’s trying to satirize.

18. Child's Play 2 (1990)

R | 84 min | Horror, Thriller

37 Metascore

While Andy's mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, the young boy is placed in foster care, and Chucky, determined to claim Andy's soul, is not far behind.

Director: John Lafia | Stars: Alex Vincent, Jenny Agutter, Gerrit Graham, Christine Elise

Votes: 42,312 | Gross: $28.50M


Continuing the story but unsure where to take it, Child’s Play 2 has more killer doll antics but they’re nowhere near as effective or unsettling the second time around.

19. Predator 2 (1990)

R | 108 min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

46 Metascore

Amidst a territorial gang war in 1997, a sophisticated alien hunter stalks the citizens of Los Angeles and the only man between him and his prey is veteran L.A.P.D. officer, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan.

Director: Stephen Hopkins | Stars: Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Kevin Peter Hall, Rubén Blades

Votes: 138,839 | Gross: $30.67M


A slower, duller, urban sequel that doesn't know how to properly utilize its title alien, Predator 2 is stripped of nearly all vitality its predecessor had.

20. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990)

R | 85 min | Horror, Thriller

30 Metascore

A California couple and a survivalist encounter Leatherface and his family.

Director: Jeff Burr | Stars: Kate Hodge, Ken Foree, R.A. Mihailoff, William Butler

Votes: 13,124 | Gross: $5.77M


Forgettable whereas other sequels at least shine in their awfulness, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III cannibalizes the franchise into nothingness.

21. Rocky V (1990)

PG-13 | 104 min | Drama, Sport

55 Metascore

Reluctantly retired from boxing, and back from riches to rags, Rocky takes on a new protege who betrays him, as the champ's son must adjust to his family's new life after bankruptcy.

Director: John G. Avildsen | Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Sage Stallone

Votes: 120,727 | Gross: $40.95M


Stripping the title character of everything that made him so relatable, Rocky V is a bitter, unnecessary sequel that throws itself out of the ring quickly.

22. Graveyard Shift (1990)

R | 89 min | Horror

28 Metascore

In a very old textile mill with a serious rat infestation, the workers discover a horrifying secret deep in the basement.

Director: Ralph S. Singleton | Stars: David Andrews, Kelly Wolf, Stephen Macht, Andrew Divoff

Votes: 9,212 | Gross: $11.58M


With a slipshod screenplay downplaying its source material, Graveyard Shift and its shoddy acting is more likely to induce laughs than thrills, something not even some grisly creature design can make up for.

23. Captain America (1990)

PG-13 | 97 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Frozen in the ice for decades, Captain America is freed to battle against archcriminal The Red Skull.

Director: Albert Pyun | Stars: Matt Salinger, Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty, Darren McGavin

Votes: 10,626


Campy in the most laughable way possible, Captain America feels dated right from the get-go, rife with hokey dialogue and unexciting action sequences.

24. Troll 2 (1990)

PG-13 | 95 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

A family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by goblins in disguise as humans, who plan to eat them.

Director: Claudio Fragasso | Stars: Michael Paul Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie Young

Votes: 29,609


Earning its title as one of the best worst movies ever made, Troll 2 dives deep into ludicrous plotting and unconvincing production values.

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