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Movies that are filmed in some part in Arizona

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1. Assault in Paradise (1977)

PG | 90 min | Crime, Thriller

A Native American travels around a resort town, murdering cops and rich people with a high-powered crossbow, while demanding that the town's richest residents pay him money to stop the killings.

Director: Richard Compton | Stars: Oliver Reed, Deborah Raffin, James Mitchum, Stuart Whitman

Votes: 495

HAVE - UNreleased on Dvd ... as original OOP video release titled "Ransom" ... filmed in part at the famed McCune Mansion in Paradise Valley

2. The Uninvited (1944)

Not Rated | 99 min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

A composer and his sister discover that the reason they are able to purchase a beautiful gothic seacoast mansion very cheaply is the house's unsavory past.

Director: Lewis Allen | Stars: Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Donald Crisp, Cornelia Otis Skinner

Votes: 9,031

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd

3. Ring of Fear (1954)

Approved | 93 min | Adventure, Mystery

The Clyde Beatty Circus seems jinxed, falling victim again and again to apparent accidents which are actually the acts of a murderous saboteur. Mystery writer Mickey Spillane comes on the scene to solve the case.

Directors: James Edward Grant, William A. Wellman | Stars: Clyde Beatty, Pat O'Brien, Mickey Spillane, Sean McClory

Votes: 303

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

4. 3 Ring Circus (1954)

Approved | 103 min | Comedy

Jerry and Pete are two friends with no money, looking for some job. They finally find one as workers in a circus, but Jerry has different dreams. He wants to become a clown.

Director: Joseph Pevney | Stars: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Joanne Dru, Zsa Zsa Gabor

Votes: 625

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

5. The Way to the Gold (1957)

94 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

An old inmate tells his cellmate, who's up for parole, about the location of a 35-year old gold loot and the released convict goes looking for it in Arizona.

Director: Robert D. Webb | Stars: Jeffrey Hunter, Sheree North, Barry Sullivan, Walter Brennan

Votes: 50

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

6. The Broken Land (1962)

Approved | 60 min | Western

A cowboy rides into a small town that is ruled with an iron fist by a corrupt Sheriff. He becomes involved with a pretty young town girl and some residents who are trying to oust the ... See full summary »

Director: John A. Bushelman | Stars: Kent Taylor, Diana Darrin, Jody McCrea, Robert Sampson

Votes: 279

HAVE - UNreleased on Dvd

7. Lust for Gold (1949)

Passed | 90 min | Adventure, Crime, Western

Fortune seeker Barry Storm stumbles onto some clues that may lead him to the fabulous Lost Dutchman Mine, but others have tried and been murdered.

Directors: S. Sylvan Simon, George Marshall | Stars: Ida Lupino, Glenn Ford, Gig Young, William Prince

Votes: 936

HAVE - LOVE this one, great cast and wonderful footage of Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Have as 'officially released' dvd but also want to find on 16mm film!

8. Young Men in a Hurry (1963 TV Short)

30 min | Short, Comedy, Music

The Kingston trio portraying recent college graduates who are close friends and roommates, the three trade on their status as members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce to play music ... See full summary »

Stars: The Kingston Trio, Rodolfo Acosta, Ted Knight, James Milhollin

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

9. The Sound of Fury (1950)

Approved | 91 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

A man who is down on his luck falls in with a criminal.

Director: Cy Endfield | Stars: Frank Lovejoy, Kathleen Ryan, Richard Carlson, Lloyd Bridges

Votes: 960

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

10. Night of the Lepus (1972)

PG | 88 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

37 Metascore

Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the south-west.

Director: William F. Claxton | Stars: Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, DeForest Kelley

Votes: 3,942

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd ... really want to find on 16mm film too!

11. Cave of Outlaws (1951)

Passed | 76 min | Action, Drama, Romance

Released after serving 15 years in prison for train robbery Pete Carver being the only survivor of the gang goes looking for the loot in the caves where it was hidden.

Director: William Castle | Stars: Macdonald Carey, Alexis Smith, Edgar Buchanan, Victor Jory

Votes: 228

HAVE - UNreleased on Dvd

12. Arena (1953)

Approved | 83 min | Drama, Sport, Western

Rodeo rider's marriage is endangered because of his commitment to the sport.

Director: Richard Fleischer | Stars: Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen, Harry Morgan

Votes: 187

HAVE - UNreleased on Dvd

13. The Lusty Men (1952)

Approved | 113 min | Action, Drama, Sport

Retired rodeo champion Jeff McCloud agrees to mentor novice rodeo contestant Wes Merritt against the wishes of Merritt's wife who fears the dangers of this rough sport.

Directors: Nicholas Ray, Robert Parrish | Stars: Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum, Arthur Kennedy, Arthur Hunnicutt

Votes: 2,265

'Officially' released on Dvd

14. Pray for the Wildcats (1974 TV Movie)

100 min | Thriller

Griffith plays a captain of industry who hires an ad agency (Shatner and Gortner). The agency tries to sell Griffith on a campaign shot in Baja, California. Griffith won't sign without all ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Michael Lewis | Stars: Andy Griffith, William Shatner, Robert Reed, Marjoe Gortner

Votes: 211

HAVE - UNreleased on Dvd

15. Psycho (1960)

R | 109 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

97 Metascore

A Phoenix secretary embezzles forty thousand dollars from her employer's client, goes on the run, and checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the domination of his mother.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin

Votes: 556,763 | Gross: $32.00M

'Officially' released on Dvd

16. The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973)

PG | 114 min | Romance, Western

Western story about a defiant wife who leaves her husband to take up riding with outlaws.

Director: Richard C. Sarafian | Stars: Burt Reynolds, Sarah Miles, Lee J. Cobb, Jack Warden

Votes: 1,233

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd ... really want to find on 16mm film too!

17. Cry for Me, Billy (1972)

R | 93 min | Crime, Western, Drama

Drifter falls in love with Indian girl, with tragic results.

Director: William A. Graham | Stars: Cliff Potts, Maria Potts, Harry Dean Stanton, Don Wilbanks

Votes: 94

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

18. Jesse (1988 TV Movie)

PG | 100 min | Drama

In Meredith, California (a very small town) there was no doctor (only once a week on Wednesdays would a doctor fly in) , so Jesse Maloney (a "Practical Nurse") would take his place for the ... See full summary »

Director: Glenn Jordan | Stars: Lee Remick, Scott Wilson, Richard Marcus, Priscilla Lopez

Votes: 42

HAVE - UNreleased on Dvd

19. Dead Beat (1994)

R | 93 min | Thriller

In 1965, Rudy, a Midwestern high-school kid, moves to Albuquerque; lonely and friendless, he's attracted to Kit, slightly older, with a car, his own apartment, and spending money. Kit loves... See full summary »

Director: Adam Dubov | Stars: Bruce Ramsay, Balthazar Getty, Max Perlich, Caleb Smith

Votes: 192

WANT - UNreleased on Dvd

20. The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968)

Not Rated | 82 min | Action, Drama

Driven by jealousy, the jilted leader of a female motorcycle gang instigates a sadistic reign of terror against her ex-lover and his new bride.

Director: Maury Dexter | Stars: Jeremy Slate, Diane McBain, Sherry Jackson, Ross Hagen

Votes: 341

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd ... really want to find on 16mm film too!

21. Chrome and Hot Leather (1971)

PG-13 | 91 min | Action, Drama

A Green Beret returns home from the Vietnam war to find that a gang of murderous bikers has killed his fiancee. He calls on several of his Green Beret buddies to come and help him take revenge on the gang.

Director: Lee Frost | Stars: William Smith, Tony Young, Michael Haynes, Peter Brown

Votes: 384

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd

22. Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

PG | 97 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

In rural Arizona, countless killer tarantulas are migrating through a farm town, killing every living thing in their path. The town's veterinarian will do everything in his power to survive the onslaught.

Director: John 'Bud' Cardos | Stars: William Shatner, Tiffany Bolling, Woody Strode, Lieux Dressler

Votes: 4,214 | Gross: $17.00M

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd ... really want to find on 16mm film too!

23. The Last Challenge (1967)

Approved | 105 min | Western

A deadly gunslinger travels to a town to shoot it out with a famed gunslinger turned lawman in a small town.

Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Glenn Ford, Angie Dickinson, Chad Everett, Gary Merrill

Votes: 866

HAVE - 'Officially' released on Dvd ... another would love to also own on 16mm film!

24. Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage (1993 TV Movie)

155 min | Drama

The story of Rosalie Bonnano, the daughter of a powerful New York Mafia boss who married the son of her father's rival, another powerful New York Mafia boss.

Director: John Patterson | Stars: Eric Roberts, Nancy McKeon, Ben Gazzara, Alex Rocco

Votes: 241

25. A Fire in the Sky (1978 TV Movie)

150 min | Drama, Sci-Fi

Astronomers discover a comet that they believe will crash into Phoenix, Arizona. They attempt to warn officials, but no one believes them.

Director: Jerry Jameson | Stars: Richard Crenna, Elizabeth Ashley, David Dukes, Joanna Miles

Votes: 370

26. Side Show (1981 TV Movie)

Unrated | 98 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A teenage boy runs away from home. He joins the circus but finds out that it's not all what it's cracked up to be. But then the boy becomes a witness to a murder, and he must try to stay out of the killer's way.

Director: William Conrad | Stars: Lance Kerwin, Connie Stevens, William Windom, Barbara Rhoades

Votes: 32


27. Night Games (1974 TV Movie)

74 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A Harvard-educated, big-city lawyer moves to a small Arizona town to set up practice. His first case is defending a beautiful socialite accused of murdering her husband.

Director: Don Taylor | Stars: Barry Newman, Susan Howard, Albert Salmi, Luke Askew

Votes: 62

WANT!! We've been to this Mission, it's a beautiful, sacred place.

28. Conundrum (1996 TV Movie)

R | 97 min | Thriller, Crime, Drama

Two cops who share a devotion to their work - and to each other - suddenly find themselves caught in a tangled web of unspoken passions, lies and accusations when they each become suspects in a brutal mob-style murder.

Director: Douglas Barr | Stars: Michael Biehn, Marg Helgenberger, Ron White, Peter MacNeill

Votes: 241


29. I Married Wyatt Earp (1983 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 100 min | Drama, Western

Based on the memoirs of Josephine Marcus Earp, a young opera singer from San Francisco, this docudrama tells the story of how she became the wife of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.

Director: Michael O'Herlihy | Stars: Marie Osmond, Bruce Boxleitner, John Bennett Perry, Jeffrey DeMunn

Votes: 64

WANT - Sonoita & Mescal ... need to visit!

30. Stay Tuned (1992)

PG | 88 min | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

A husband and wife are sucked into a hellish television set and have to survive a gauntlet of twisted versions of shows they find themselves in.

Directors: Peter Hyams, Chuck Jones | Stars: John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Jeffrey Jones, David Tom

Votes: 9,488 | Gross: $10.74M


31. Passage West (1951)

Approved | 80 min | Western

In 1864, six Salt Lake prison escapees join a wagon train headed for California but tensions between inmates and settlers complicate the perilous voyage.

Director: Lewis R. Foster | Stars: John Payne, Dennis O'Keefe, Arleen Whelan, Frank Faylen

Votes: 135

WANT - Must find - I'll never forget the scary trip to Oatman pulling the Airstream down those way too narrow drop-offy roads :o

32. How the West Was Won (1962)

G | 164 min | Western

56 Metascore

A family saga covering several decades of Westward expansion in the nineteenth century - including the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and the building of the railroads.

Directors: John Ford, Henry Hathaway, George Marshall, Richard Thorpe | Stars: James Stewart, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda

Votes: 17,294 | Gross: $46.50M

HAVE IT & LOVE IT - Another in Oatman

33. Roadhouse 66 (1984)

R | 90 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

An ex-rock and roll star teams up with a naive young man to set things right in a small town where the local thugs rule unchallenged.

Director: John Mark Robinson | Stars: Willem Dafoe, Judge Reinhold, Kaaren Lee, Kate Vernon

Votes: 640

WANT (but only for ...) Oatman!

34. Edge of Eternity (1959)

Approved | 80 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

In the 1950s, Arizona Deputy Sheriff Les Martin is pressured by his community to solve a string of mysterious murders around a mining ghost town in the Grand Canyon.

Director: Don Siegel | Stars: Cornel Wilde, Victoria Shaw, Mickey Shaughnessy, Edgar Buchanan

Votes: 618

WANT - released, need to get... sounds good, great cast & filmed in Oatman!

35. Foxfire (1955)

Approved | 92 min | Action, Drama, Romance

In Arizona, during the 1950s, privileged white girl Amanda Lawrence marries half-Apache mining engineer Jonathan Dartland who dreams of finding gold in an old abandoned Apache mine.

Director: Joseph Pevney | Stars: Jane Russell, Jeff Chandler, Dan Duryea, Mara Corday

Votes: 346

HAVE - great movie, watched several times and never realized filmed in Oatman, must re-watch. And has finally been 'officially' released too :)

36. Arizona Mining Towns (2009 Video)

30 min | Documentary, Short, Western

Explore the Arizona mining towns of the early 1900's. Set to music with no narration, this video tour travels to the historic districts of Bisbee, Tombstone, Jerome, Oatman, Clifton, Superior, Mayer, & Humboldt.

Director: Troy Wilson

WANT - and then want to visit each spot! Filmed in Oatman and will never forget that fun but frightening trip!

37. The Time Crystal (1981 TV Movie)

97 min | Action, Family, Adventure

A lad finds himself magically sent back to ancient Egypt where he and the young King Tut team up to stop their evil and overly ambitious elders.

Director: Ron Howard | Stars: Chris Barnes, Hans Conried, Vic Tayback, Olivia Barash

Votes: 106

38. Thunder Run (1986)

PG-13 | 90 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Charlie, a Korean War veteran, is driving a truck which is transporting plutonium from Nevada to Arizona. But there are a bunch of terrorists who want to steal the stuff...

Director: Gary Hudson | Stars: Forrest Tucker, John Ireland, John Shepherd, Jill Whitlow

Votes: 259 | Gross: $0.15M

WANT - directed by Ron Howard and written by his dad Rance... and filmed in Oatman - hell yes I want to see this!

39. Relentless (1948)

Passed | 93 min | Romance, Western

Framed for a murder he didn't commit, a cowboy must stay one step ahead of the law as he hunts for the real killer.

Director: George Sherman | Stars: Robert Young, Marguerite Chapman, Willard Parker, Akim Tamiroff

Votes: 263

40. Ten Tall Men (1951)

Approved | 97 min | Action, Adventure, War

During the Rif War in Morocco, the French Foreign Legion's outpost of Tarfa is threatened by Khalif Hussein's tribes but Sergeant Mike Kincaid devises a plan of survival until the arrival of French reinforcements.

Director: Willis Goldbeck | Stars: Burt Lancaster, Jody Lawrance, Gilbert Roland, Kieron Moore

Votes: 789

41. Apache Drums (1951)

Approved | 76 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A gambler is thrown out of a western town, but returns when the town is suddenly threatened by a band of marauding Apaches.

Director: Hugo Fregonese | Stars: Stephen McNally, Coleen Gray, Willard Parker, Arthur Shields

Votes: 531

42. Drum Beat (1954)

Not Rated | 111 min | Adventure, Western

In 1872, Indian fighter Johnny MacKay is appointed peace commissioner for the California and Oregon territory but he faces tough opposition from the renegade Modocs led by their chief Captain Jack.

Director: Delmer Daves | Stars: Alan Ladd, Audrey Dalton, Marisa Pavan, Robert Keith

Votes: 710

43. Gunman's Walk (1958)

Approved | 97 min | Western

A powerful rancher always protects his wild adult son by paying for damages and bribing witnesses, until his crimes become too serious to rectify.

Director: Phil Karlson | Stars: Van Heflin, Tab Hunter, Kathryn Grant, James Darren

Votes: 1,378

44. Wish Man (2019)

Not Rated | 107 min | Biography

One boy's wish changed a man. One man's wish changed the world.

Director: Theo Davies | Stars: Andrew Steel, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo

Votes: 652

45. Return of the Rebels (1981 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama

An aging motorcycle gang assemble for a twenty-five-year reunion to help out former member Mary Beth, a widowed operator of a popular campground which is being threatened by a band of arrogant groupies.

Director: Noel Nosseck | Stars: Barbara Eden, Don Murray, Christopher Connelly, Michael Baseleon

Votes: 127

HAVE - Filmed in Parker AZ ... parts at campground we've camped at several times :)

46. The Mountain Road (1960)

102 min | Drama, War