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1. 4 Devils (1928)

Passed | 100 min | Drama

Four orphans, raised by an aging clown, becomes a high wire act in a circus.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Janet Gaynor, Mary Duncan, Charles Morton, Barry Norton

Votes: 125

2. The Head of Janus (1920)

107 min | Horror

See everything in the book "Conrad Veidt on Screen" by John T. Soister (McFarland 2002), pages 109-113.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Conrad Veidt, Magnus Stifter, Margarete Schlegel, Willy Kaiser-Heyl

Votes: 88

3. The Divine Woman (1928)

80 min | Drama, Romance

[For 9 minute surviving fragment] Lucian, a soldier in Paris, is to ship out for Algiers at 9 that evening. He stops by for a last meal with his love, Marianne. He may be worried that when ... See full summary »

Director: Victor Sjöström | Stars: Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson, Lowell Sherman, Polly Moran

Votes: 330 | Gross: $0.54M

4. The Golem (1915)

60 min | Horror

In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers,... See full summary »

Directors: Henrik Galeen, Paul Wegener | Stars: Paul Wegener, Henrik Galeen, Lyda Salmonova, Rudolf Blümner

Votes: 1,011

4 min. fragment survives

5. Living Buddhas (1925)

Two scientists get entangled in the theft of a Holy Tibetan document, a Sutra. As they rescue a Tibetan girl, one is apprehended and the other recovers the Sutra.

Director: Paul Wegener | Stars: Paul Wegener, Asta Nielsen, Käthe Haack, Gregori Chmara

Votes: 15

7 min. fragmet survives

6. The Patriot (1928)

113 min | Drama

In 18th-Century Russia, the Czar, Paul, is surrounded by murderous plots and trusts only Count Pahlen. Pahlen wishes to protect his friend, the mad king, but because of the horror of the ... See full summary »

Director: Ernst Lubitsch | Stars: Emil Jannings, Lewis Stone, Florence Vidor, Vera Voronina

9. Satanas (1920)

60 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

A three-part historical film, with episode one taking place in ancient Egypt, the second is based on the Hugo novel, and the third episode takes place during the 1917 Russian revolution.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Fritz Kortner, Sadjah Gezza, Ernst Hofmann, Margit Barnay

Votes: 51

10. Evening - Night - Morning (1920)

50 min | Drama

Cheston, a millionaire, is looking after Maud, a beautiful woman from the 'demimonde'. Her brother, Brilburn, forces her to ask her rich admirer for an expensive piece of jewelry. Cheston buys a precious pearl necklace.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Bruno Ziener, Gertrude Welcker, Conrad Veidt, Carl von Balla

Votes: 25

11. Marizza (1922)

50 min | Drama

All men are under lovely Maritza's spell.Tired of working for the old woman Yelina, who forces her to cajole customs officials to help the smugglers, she flees and finds work at Mrs. Avricolos' farm.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Tzwetta Tzatschewa, Adele Sandrock, Harry Frank, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

Votes: 49

13. min fragment survives

12. The Hunchback and the Dancer (1920)

50 min | Horror

Wilton, a hunchback, who was always scorned and ridiculed by women, returns from Java a rich man after having discovered a diamond mine. He romances Gina, who is on the rebound from a ... See full summary »

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Sascha Gura, John Gottowt, Paul Biensfeldt, Anna von Palen

Votes: 45

13. Desire (1921)

59 min

A young Russian dancer in Geneva returns to Russia, where he falls in love with a grand duchess. He is arrested but manages to escape.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Conrad Veidt, Gussy Holl, Eugen Klöpfer, Margarete Schlegel

Votes: 43

14. Emerald of Death (1919)

54 min | Drama

Thomas von Weerth lives as the last descendant of an aristocratic family in the decayed castle. He is fascinated by the picture, 'The Boy in Blue', which shows the so-called Death Emerald.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Ernst Hofmann, Blandine Ebinger, Margit Barnay, Karl Platen

Votes: 36

15. The Tower of Lies (1925)

Passed | 70 min | Drama

After his beloved daughter leaves for the city to pay off his debt, an old farmer goes mad when her letters become less frequent and it is suspected she may be using her body to get the money.

Director: Victor Sjöström | Stars: Norma Shearer, Lon Chaney, Ian Keith, Claire McDowell

Votes: 56 | Gross: $0.22M

16. London After Midnight (1927)

Passed | 69 min | Horror

The abandoned home of a wealthy man who supposedly committed suicide five years earlier is taken over by ghoulish figures - could they be vampires?

Director: Tod Browning | Stars: Lon Chaney, Marceline Day, Henry B. Walthall, Percy Williams

Votes: 1,131 | Gross: $0.52M

17. The Way of All Flesh (1927)

94 min | Drama

After a robbery, a happy bank clerk loses own identity and has been presumed dead.

Director: Victor Fleming | Stars: Emil Jannings, Belle Bennett, Phyllis Haver, Donald Keith

Votes: 117 | Gross: $0.86M

19. A Daughter of the Gods (1916)

Passed | 180 min | Drama

A sultan agrees to help an wicked witch destroy a mysterious young lady, if the witch will bring his young son back from the dead with magic.

Director: Herbert Brenon | Stars: Annette Kellerman, William E. Shay, Hal De Forest, Marcelle Hontabat

Votes: 28

21. The Great Gatsby (1926)

Passed | 80 min | Drama

Nick Carraway, a young Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbour, the nouveau riche Jay Gatsby. He is ... See full summary »

Director: Herbert Brenon | Stars: Warner Baxter, Lois Wilson, Neil Hamilton, Georgia Hale

22. Treasure Island (1920)

76 min | Adventure

Young Jim Hawkins is caught up with the pirate Long John Silver in search of the buried treasure of the buccaneer Captain Flint, in this adaptation of the classic novel by Robert Louis ... See full summary »

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Shirley Mason, Josie Melville, Al W. Filson, Wilton Taylor

Votes: 26

23. The Devil's Passkey (1920)

130 min | Drama

The wife of an American playwright in Paris becomes ensnared in the seductive wiles of an American Army officer, but her devotion to her husband convinces the officer to try to extricate ... See full summary »

Director: Erich von Stroheim | Stars: Sam De Grasse, Una Trevelyn, Clyde Fillmore, Maude George

Votes: 9

24. The Golem and the Dancing Girl (1917)

Horror, Comedy

As a practical joke, an actor impersonates the screen monster he made famous. Complications ensue.

Directors: Rochus Gliese, Paul Wegener | Stars: Paul Wegener, Lyda Salmonova, Rochus Gliese, Wilhelm Diegelmann

Votes: 27

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