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2. Families

Horror | Announced

A family is hunted down by a group of angry cannibals after their car runs out of gas in the middle of a abandoned town in North of Texas, will they be able to escape the terrors that await them?

3. Sleepwalker (II)

Horror, Thriller | Announced

Plot unknown.

Director: Alexandre Aja

4. Untitled Blumhouse Horror 3

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown.

5. The Shee

Horror, Thriller | Announced

A woman on a remote island struggles with her troubled, tragic past.

Director: Ciarán Foy

6. Sprawl

Horror | Announced

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7. White Smoke

Horror | Pre-production

A neuroscientist is recruited by the Vatican to investigate a bizarre series of supernatural events.

8. Fossil Creek

Horror | Announced

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Director: Kevin R. Phipps | Star: Colleen Hartnett

9. Just Killing

Horror | Announced

"Just Killing" is a dark comedy slasher film that tells the story of several college students who hire a clown as a practical joke for their friend's birthday. Little do they know that the ... See full summary »

Director: Shalaan Powell | Stars: Alex Serrano, Melani Finney, Deion Dawodu, Shahzeb Hussain

11. Browse

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

A solitary man becomes convinced that someone hacked into all of his devices and that they're being used to manipulate and control him.

Director: Mike Testin | Stars: Sarah Rafferty, Lukas Haas, Chloe Bridges, Jocelin Donahue

12. Bathell

Horror | Announced

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Director: Harry Carpenter | Stars: Jerome DeMoro, Keith Thomas

13. Six66

Horror | Pre-production

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Director: Vaughn Higginbotham | Star: Vaughn Higginbotham

14. God's Godson

Horror, Thriller | Announced

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16. Death Is Good Business

Horror | Announced

Death is good business, and who doesn't love a good profit.

17. Sector 3 (II)

Horror | Announced

An awkward teen and his rebellious crush search for the truth behind the accident that claimed his father's life and unleashed an army of the living dead, while those responsible take ... See full summary »

Stars: Christopher Weite, Thatcher Johnson-Welden, Laron Wise

18. Silent Past

Horror, Thriller | Announced

After arriving at their summer rental, a family soon become victims of a gruesome intrusion that apparently isn't random.

Director: Christopher Beverly | Stars: Timothy Beverly, Andrew Kline, Cathy Hollon, Destiny Beverly

19. Motel from Hell

Horror | Announced

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20. Dead Restitution

Horror | Announced

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21. Dinin'

Horror | Announced

Three college girls stop at a roadside diner on their way to Las Vegas. But, after skipping out on their bill, they must try to escape the diner's owner who has more on his mind than the cost of the food.

22. Lavinia

Horror | Announced

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23. Curse of the Exorcist

Horror | Announced

True account of the supernatural and occult occurrences during the 1972-1973 behind-the-scene production of THE EXORCIST.

24. Dudleytown

Horror | Announced

Outsiders in a town of dirty secrets, the only way the Campbell brothers are able to win respect and purpose is to enter the forbidden haunted forest and find the truth they are seeking...or the truth their senses would have them believe.

Director: Brett Simmons

25. Book of Paul

Horror | Abandoned

In the rubble-strewn wasteland of Alphabet City, a squalid tenement conceals a treasure "beyond all imagining"-an immaculately preserved, fifth century codex. The sole repository of ancient... See full summary »

Director: Richard Long | Stars: Kenton Fridley, Christina Saragaglia, Matthew Dalton Lynch, Stan Buturla

26. Man on the Roof

Horror | Announced

Jennifer and her group of friends are stalked and terrorized by a mysterious man on the roof, Leading them into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Director: Mikel Ledesma | Stars: Elvis Clark, Jori Gill

27. Secrets of the Lost Souls

Horror | Announced

A couple's weekend getaway turns into a nightmare as they're terrorized by supernatural entities.

Stars: Sarah Alexandra Marks, Christopher Foran

28. 8086

Horror | Announced

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Director: Peter Schink

30. Hospice Scare

90 min | Horror | Announced

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Director: Robert Smith | Stars: Kevin Orosz, Robert Smith, Zach Horiates

31. Dead Gods

Horror | Announced

Anthology with a new horror twist. Details to be released later this year.

Director: Jason Wright

33. Take 1 (By One)

Horror | Pre-production

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Director: Valerio Zanoli

34. Murder Castle

Horror | Announced

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36. The Red Dahlia

Horror | Announced

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Director: Dan Ast | Star: Cory Driscoll

37. Shadow Slayer

Horror | Filming

A truly one-of-a-kind story. Revenge taken to the next level. This film is highly experimental, so much so that we believe it's never been done before.

Directors: Richard Chadwick, Andrew Pizzo | Stars: Julie Chapin, Loren W. Lepre, Mala Wright, Andrew Hunsicker

38. Haeger's Pass

Horror | Filming

Haeger's Pass follows four friends as they embark on a weekend camping trip, only to find themselves the target of sinister revenge.

Directors: Nicholas Ziolkowski, Morgan Banke | Stars: Casey Russell, Cesar Sanchez, Jennie Rosado, Zim Campbell

39. The Forsaken Ones

Horror | Announced

Two young couples fight to survive after finding themselves trapped in a house haunted by a devout child-killer vowing to relive the final night of her killing spree.

41. The Empties

Horror | Announced

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Director: Kristen Renee Gorlitz

42. Infectious (II)

Horror | Announced

Infectious tells the story of a group of girls who take a summer break in Amsterdam to party the weekend away. One of them meets one of the locals while waiting for a friend, only thing is he has other ideas of a party.

Director: Darren Lynch

43. Black Aura

Horror | Announced

There is nothing to fear.

Star: Michelle Romano

44. Do Not Watch

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Pre-production

Plot unknown.

46. The Lineage

Horror | Announced

A group of "daredevil" type college students were told to research and write about a legend of their choice. Instead of going with the typical "Bigfoot" or "UFO" thing they decided to do ... See full summary »

47. Social Murder

Horror, Thriller | Announced

Follow Amy Flynn through her day and see how easy murder can be with the help from social media.

Director: David Langill | Star: Timothy Patrick Quill

48. Thy Kingdom Come

Horror, Thriller | Announced

In the ultimate game of cat and mouse. The hunters become the hunted as they are forced into to play a game of survival.

Director: William Tims

50. Trailer Park Vampire Hookers

Horror | Announced

An off the grid trailer park provides the setting for this tale of a missing young lady submerged into a vampire subculture.

51. Dismember Dismember: The 5th of November

Horror | Announced

November 5th and at a local fireworks display, a gang of drunk teens plan a revenge prank on the organizer for humiliating them earlier that evening. Unfortunately the prank goes wrong, ... See full summary »

Director: Phil Charles Morrison

52. The Effects

145 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | Announced

Bridget and Cleavis are boyfriend and girlfriend on an anniversary camping trip with other friends when they become hunted by a merciless killer who has a dark connection to every single one of them which will force them to reveal their darkest moments.

Director: Matthew St Vincent | Star: Matthew St Vincent

53. Ella-Rose

Horror | Post-production

A young woman's grizzly past is exposed to her latest victim, as she reveals what really happened to her previous ex-boyfriends

Director: Rachel Tatham | Stars: Laura Hopper, Thomas Aldridge, Paul Sloss, Owen Llewelyn

54. The Devil Mr Brooks

Horror | Announced

A suburban family is subjected to a terrifying haunting.

55. Dead Room: Legend of the Chatterly House

105 min | Horror | Announced

3 friends end up at a backwoods Bed and Breakfast and confront a dark and evil past from the Civil War era.

Director: James Dean Simington

56. Moon Lane

Drama, Horror | Post-production

Two years ago, William Langston made a mistake that would affect the course of his life. Now, with a killer loose in his home town and his circle of friends falling away one at a time, ... See full summary »

Director: Keene McRae | Stars: Jacqueline Toboni, Kelley Mack, Austin Hébert, Brandon Sklenar

57. Tobacco Jack

Horror | Completed

A legendary figure brings terror to Tall Root County when twenty-two people disappear within the shadow hills. Nearly three decades later, people are disappearing once again. Lauren Abrams,... See full summary »

Director: Marc Dube | Stars: Kerry McGann, Robert Sciglimpaglia, JP Valenti, David Gere

58. Running from Fear

Horror | Announced

A group of friends go camping then everything changes when one of them abuses his girlfriend and leaves her to die. The friends leave her there not knowing that she is still alive. ... See full summary »

Director: Noey Rodriguez | Stars: Andrew Garica, Jamie Sanchez, Yash Joshi, Christina Wilson

59. Welshgate

Horror | Announced

The horrifying story of a young couple's final hours after they become stranded in a modern ghost town in Mississippi and its most iconic attraction: Welshgate State Mental Hospital, whose ... See full summary »

Director: Jason Cox

60. Scare Me (II)

90 min | Horror | Announced

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Director: Mark Borchardt | Stars: Mark Borchardt, Carey Borth, Andrew Swant, Kathy Malensek

61. The Being

Horror | Announced

After the passing of their grandmother, two brothers arrive at her home.Once there the brothers discover a mysterious wooden box and unwittingly release something evil inside.

62. From Darkness (I)

Horror | Announced

A 8 year-old girl is trapped underneath the rubble of a collapsed church. The struggle to save her becomes an around-the-clock story on the nightly news, as viewers pray for her rescue. ... See full summary »

Director: Guillem Morales

63. Night of the Clowns

Horror | Announced

You've seen Night of the Comet. You've seen Night of the Creeps. Now comes Night of The Clowns.

Director: Kevin Kangas

64. De Fördömda Den Mörka Hemligheten

Horror | Pre-production

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Director: Anders Ekedahl

65. Autumn Moon

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown.

Director: Randy R. Fabert | Stars: Lynn Lowry, Bill Oberst Jr., Iabou Windimere, Sonny Burnette

66. The Last House on Earth

Horror, Thriller | Announced

Years after the zombie-apocalypse, a group of sole survivors find themselves barricaded inside a house surrounded by the undead. The real terror begins when they find out someone has sabotaged their only means of survival.

Director: Jayant R. Harnam | Star: Vincent van Ommen

67. Occupied (II)

Horror | Announced

The Occupy movement spurs a family to move into an abandon house formally the residence of a serial killer. As the serial killer awaits execution on death row, they soon learn the house is already occupied.

68. Art of Darkness

Horror | Pre-production

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Stars: David Weisenberg, Angelica Ng

69. Bone Walker

Horror | Announced

It's not the darkness you should be afraid of... Seven friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind what lurks in the darkness.

Director: Tibor Takács

70. The Dyers Gate Cemetery (Working Title)

Horror | Announced

In order to be accepted as a member of a fraternity, a freshman has to spend a night in an old cemetery... on LSD.

Stars: Booboo Stewart, Nelly Castillo, Aldo Gonzalez

71. The Horror

Horror | Announced

Keffer Wilbur was never the smartest, coolest, most athletic or the smoothest kid in the neighborhood. In fact he was the exact opposite. Though he came from one of the most prominent ... See full summary »

72. Untititled 3D Horror

Horror | Announced

A detailed account exploring the darkness of pure evil as described in the New Testament Books of the Holy Scriptures.

Stars: Darin Brooks, Kelly Kruger, Matthew Ashford, Julia Denton

73. Dining in the Dark

Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

A young woman is trapped with a group of friends in a trendy, pitch-black dining in the dark restaurant where they are gruesomely killed one by one.

Director: Ivan Mena

74. The Doll House (VI)

Horror | Announced

A loving couple adopt 9 year old Alice, who has an obsession with a collection of vintage dolls, and discover she is hiding a terrifying secret.

75. Trick 'r Treat 2

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown. A sequel to the 2007 film 'Trick 'r Treat'.

Director: Michael Dougherty

76. Lights Out 2

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown. A sequel to the 2016 film, 'Lights Out'.

Director: David F. Sandberg

77. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

A group of friends are terrorized by a stalker who knows about a gruesome incident from their past.

Star: Josh Scott Bentley

78. Don't Breathe 2

Crime, Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

The Blind Man returns to terrorize more unsuspecting people.

Director: Rodo Sayagues

80. Among Us

Fantasy, Thriller | Announced

An anthropologist and natural witch battles an evil mystic after she comes into possession of a haunted vase.

Director: Kavi Raz | Star: Elisha Kriis

81. Wake (III)

Action, Thriller | Announced

A man returns home for his brother's wake on a remote island that comes under siege during his stay there.

Stars: Piper Perabo, Cameron Monaghan, Ben Kingsley, Ellen Burstyn

82. Wolf in the Wild

Crime, Thriller | Announced

A young man raised by his friend's family discovers that his father may be a violent criminal.

Star: Claire Holt

83. Ripper

Crime, Horror, Mystery | Announced

In modern day New York City, a series of slayings greatly resembling the Whitechapel murders are baffling police and the public alike. As the NYPD attempts to solve the mystery of the New ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Gibrall | Stars: Catherine Corcoran, Lynn Lowry, Otto Sanchez, Vito Trigo

85. The Craft

Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Post-production

A group of high school students form a coven of witches. A remake of the 1996 film, "The Craft".

Director: Zoe Lister-Jones | Stars: Michelle Monaghan, Cailee Spaeny, David Duchovny, Gideon Adlon

86. Demon House

Horror, Thriller | Announced

A family living in a home in Indiana discover strange, demonic occurrences that convince them and the community that the house is a portal to hell.

Director: Lee Daniels

87. I Saw the Devil

Action, Horror, Thriller | Announced

Following an unspeakable tragedy, a rogue secret agent seeks revenge against a serial killer through a demented game of cat and mouse.

Director: Adam Wingard

88. The Mountain (I)

Horror | Announced

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Director: Bradley Parker

89. Friend Request (II)

Horror, Thriller | Announced

Five girl friends received a Friend Request from a dead girl, whom ever accepted is found murdered.

90. Shrooms 3D

Horror | Announced

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91. She Only Comes at Night

Horror | Announced

A family vacation turns nightmarish when they move into an isolated cabin in the woods.

Director: Juan Felipe Orozco | Stars: Manolo Cardona, Danny Radhames Vasquez Castillo

92. The Birds

Horror, Thriller | Announced

A remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller about a flock of birds that take over a quiet Northern California town.

93. Jessica Lives

Horror | Announced

After being attacked, raped, slashed, shot, and left for dead by a cold-blooded gang, Jessica recovers and reaps vengeance, releasing an embedded hostility and anger pent up for years from ... See full summary »

Director: Natalie Peri | Stars: Natalie Peri, Thomas J. O'Brien, Charles C. Brooks, Darren Lav

94. The Haunting of Eastern State Penitentiary

Horror, Thriller | Announced

A team of Paranormal Investigators go to the most haunted prison on the planet, Eastern State Penitentiary, to disprove and logically explain why people say it's "haunted."

95. Route 69 (II)

Horror | Pre-production

A family of 5 heads out on a holiday vacation. After discovering a shortcut, they wind up broken down on Route 69. When a man happens along and offers assistance, they are relieved, until they discover they are being hunted one by one.

Director: Michael Giannantonio

96. Hellraiser

Horror | Announced

Reboot of the 1987 horror film about an evil creature who is summoned from another dimension.

97. The Called

Horror | Announced

Two boys' childhood Ouija games end in horrific tragedy. As adults they realize that whatever they conjured up was more sinister and demonic than ever imagined. And now it's back to finish what it started.

Director: Niall Johnson

98. The Night Stalkers

Horror | Announced

Bodies stack high when a group of hooligans break into a tiny unassuming grocery store and end up the newest victims of a family of depraved and sadistic serial killers.

99. The Tunnel: Dead End

Horror | Announced

Years after the events in the first film, Tangles' sister is determined to answer once and for all what happened to her brother in the gloomy underground tunnels.

Director: Carlo Ledesma

100. Exorcism on Crooked Lake

Horror | Announced

A team of exorcists are asked to save a young pregnant woman and her unborn child, but must face off against a satanic cult in order to do so.

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