The Wednesday Plays

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1. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Chariot of Fire (1970)

75 min | Drama

A prison visitor becomes involved with a convicted sex offender.

Director: James Ferman | Stars: Rosemary Leach, Jimmy Gardner, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Michael Wynne

2. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Emma's Time (1970)

80 min | Drama

Emma, who lived with an author for the last two years of his life, is involved in a television film about him.

Director: Alan Bridges | Stars: Michele Dotrice, Andrew Keir, Ian Holm, Pauline Yates

Votes: 8

3. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Sovereign's Company (1970)

78 min | Drama

A young man from an army family with a long tradition of honour and distinction goes to a military academy as an officer cadet and finds himself temperamentally unsuited to the life.

Director: Alan Clarke | Stars: Roland Culver, Gareth Forwood, James Cosmo, Stephen Sheppard

Votes: 42

4. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Wine of India (1970)

50 min | Drama

In the year 2050, advances in medicine have resulted in a need for population control. People reaching the age of 100 must submit to a government controlled euthanasia program. The story ... See full summary »

Director: Gilchrist Calder | Stars: Annette Crosbie, Brian Blessed, John Standing, Rosemary Nicols

5. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: No Trams to Lime Street (1970)

50 min | Drama

Three young merchant seamen from Liverpool take shore leave in their home city after three years away.

Director: Piers Haggard | Stars: Rosemary Nicols, Glyn Owen, Anthony May, Paul Greenwood

Votes: 8

6. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Cellar and the Almond Tree (1970)

80 min | Drama

A former poet, now a Communist Party official in the German Democratic Republic, becomes entangled in the political machinery of a state about to plunge into a succession of Stalinist purges.

Director: Alan Bridges | Stars: Celia Johnson, Peter Vaughan, Sydney Tafler, Patsy Byrne

7. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Boy Who Wanted Peace (1970)

75 min | Drama

Two Glaswegian youngsters are caught up in sectarian gang warfare.

Director: Pharic Maclaren | Stars: Laurance Rudic, Roddy McMillan, Joseph Brady, Jonathan Watson

8. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Italian Table (1970)

75 min | Drama

A junk dealer is caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between a woman, her husband and his mistress when they sell a piece of their furniture.

Director: Herbert Wise | Stars: Leonard Rossiter, Isabel Dean, Moira Redmond, Ronald Hines

9. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Nathan and Tabileth (1970)

75 min | Drama

A young man befriends an elderly couple, claiming to be their grandson.

Director: Barry Bermange | Stars: Albert van Dalsum, Nell Knoop, Wies Andersen, Cameron Miller

10. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Mad Jack (1970)

75 min | Drama

Second Lieutenant Siegfried Sassoon of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers protests the appalling and unnecessary sacrifice of men's lives in the First World War.

Director: Jack Gold | Stars: Michael Jayston, Michael Pennington, Clive Swift, David Wood

11. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Rest in Peace, Uncle Fred (1970)

60 min | Drama

A tragi-comic study of a Northern funeral.

Director: Michael Hayes | Stars: Susan Jameson, Corin Redgrave, Anne Dyson, Jack Watson

12. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Hunting of Lionel Crane (1970)

75 min | Drama

An army deserter hides out on a country estate but falls foul of the gamekeeper.

Director: Michael Tuchner | Stars: Robert Powell, Michael Robbins, Don Hawkins, Geoffrey Hughes

13. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Season of the Witch (1970)

70 min | Drama

A young woman quits her dull job in the typing pool, and goes off on a search for personal freedom.

Director: Desmond McCarthy | Stars: Julie Driscoll, Paul Nicholas, Robert Powell, Maurice Quick

Votes: 9

14. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: It Wasn't Me (1969)

60 min | Drama

A couple seek a desperate remedy to the problem of a burdensome parent.

Director: James Ferman | Stars: Frances Cuka, Ronald Lacey, Derek Francis, Harry Hutchinson

15. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Vortex (1969)

70 min | Drama

Young Nicky Lancaster must cope with the discovery that his socialite mother is a drug addict.

Director: Philip Dudley | Stars: Margaret Leighton, Alan Melville, Patrick Barr, Jennifer Daniel

Votes: 40

16. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Blood of the Lamb (1969)

80 min | Drama

A student architect and his black girlfriend set out from South Africa to Britain. On the voyage, the student shares a cabin with an enigmatic Austrian.

Director: Alan Bridges | Stars: Frank Finlay, Nicola Pagett, T.P. McKenna, Anthony Higgins

17. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Double Bill: The Compartment/Playmates (1969)

60 min | Drama

In the first part, an insane man boards a quiet railway coach and starts to annoy a patient man trying to read a paper with incessant small talk in an increasingly menacing manner until he ... See full summary »

Director: John McGrath | Stars: Marty Feldman, Joby Blanshard, Eileen Atkins, Diane Aubrey

Votes: 8

18. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: There Is Also Tomorrow (1969)

60 min | Drama

The commanding officer of a regiment handling nuclear missiles is shocked to see his daughter Sally on television taking part in a student demonstration.

Director: John Mackenzie | Stars: Glyn Houston, Jean Harvey, Ann Penfold, David Burke

19. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Happy (1969)

80 min | Drama

The story of an up-and-coming businessman.

Director: Marc Miller | Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Richard Vernon, Brenda Bruce, Leslie Sands

Votes: 7

20. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: All Out for Kangaroo Valley (1969)

70 min | Drama

Two young Australians on holiday in London find that the "old country" has its problems.

Director: Bill Bain | Stars: Sandra Gleeson, Mark Edwards, Kerry Francis, Vivienne Lincoln

21. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Sad Decline of Arthur Maybury (1969)

80 min | Drama

A schoolmaster takes to drink.

Director: John Gorrie | Stars: Roland Culver, Lally Bowers, Valerie White, John Ringham

22. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Close the Coalhouse Door (1969)

80 min | Drama

The history of the mining industry in the northeast of England is told through family drama, comedy sketches and song.

Director: Bill Hays | Stars: Dudley Foster, Alan Browning, Colin Douglas, Bryan Pringle

Votes: 11

23. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Mark II Wife (1969)

70 min | Drama

A woman who suspects her husband of having an affair reveals her suspicions at a party.

Director: Philip Saville | Stars: Faith Brook, Alethea Charlton, Roland Curram, Gwen Ffrangcon Davies

24. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Patterson O.K. (1969)

50 min | Drama

A story about growing up, falling in love and settling old scores in the unfriendly environment of a big city.

Director: Pharic Maclaren | Stars: Andrew Robertson, Roddy McMillan, Calum Mill, Virginia Stark

25. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Last Train through Harecastle Tunnel (1969)

76 min | Drama

A shy clerk suffers from his colleagues petty office politics and contemptuous treatment of him, but this weekend, as a deeply involved train spotter, the closing of an old tunnel is his ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Clarke | Stars: Richard O'Callaghan, Paul Brooke, Ian Reid, Robert Hartley

Votes: 50

26. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Blodwen, Home from Rachel's Marriage (1969)

75 min | Drama

The daughter of a religious Welsh family becomes the centrepiece of a bizarre student festival.

Director: Alan Cooke | Stars: Ann Beach, Gilbert Wynne, Megs Jenkins, William Squire

27. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Exiles (1969)

75 min | Drama

Three Trinidadians consider what it means to be exiles in an essentially white society.

Director: Herbert Wise | Stars: Errol John, Ester Anderson, Michael Griffiths, Lelia Goldoni

28. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Son of Man (1969)

90 min | Drama

Dennis Potter's controversial reading of the life of Christ, with Jesus portrayed as a hearty, fiery, well-meaning carpenter who believes that people should try to love their enemies rather... See full summary »

Director: Gareth Davies | Stars: Colin Blakely, Robert Hardy, Bernard Hepton, Brian Blessed

Votes: 68

29. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: A Child and a Half (1969)

75 min | Drama

A man enters into a correspondence with his colleague's eight-year-old daughter.

Director: Alan Bridges | Stars: Geoffrey Bayldon, Caroline Mortimer, Dinsdale Landen, Gillian Bailey

30. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Sling Your Hook (1969)

75 min | Drama

A group of coal miners from Nottingham go on their annual trip to Blackpool.

Director: Michael Tuchner | Stars: Michael Bates, Joe Gladwin, Patrick O'Connell, Jo Rowbottom

31. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Bam! Pow! Zap! (1969)

75 min | Drama

A young man bitterly regrets his part in an attack on a bank cashier.

Director: William Slater | Stars: Clive Revill, Pauline Delaney, Robert Powell, Neil Johnston

32. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: A Serpent in Putney (1969)

75 min | Drama

An off-beat romance in bed-sitter land.

Director: Geoffrey Nethercott | Stars: Tony Britton, Angela Browne, Frances White, John Alderton

33. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Big Flame (1969)

85 min | Drama

Dock workers under the threat of redundancy, work day and night in an attempt to keep employed by running the workforce themselves.

Director: Ken Loach | Stars: Norman Rossington, Godfrey Quigley, Peter Kerrigan, Ken Jones

Votes: 52

34. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Birthday (1969)

75 min | Drama

A woman unwittingly springs a surprise at her sister's 27th birthday party.

Director: Claude Whatham | Stars: Rosemary Leach, Angela Pleasence, Clive Swift, Georgina Ward

35. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Apprentices (1969)

75 min | Drama

A portrait of the life of some Northern apprentices.

Director: James Ferman | Stars: Barrie Rutter, Anthony Phipps, Allan Swift, Kathleen Lee

Votes: 5

36. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Doctor Atkinson's Daughter (1969)

75 min | Drama

After a year as a Volunteer Service Overseas worker, a young woman returns home in search of love and understanding.

Director: Gilchrist Calder | Stars: Raymond Huntley, Peter Barkworth, Fanny Rowe, Jennifer Hilary

37. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Smoke Screen (1969)

70 min | Drama

A successful advertising executive who promotes a brand of cigarettes is reproached by his family when his mother contracts terminal lung cancer.

Director: Donald McWhinnie | Stars: Lally Bowers, Stephanie Bidmead, Gemma Jones, Edwin Richfield

38. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Fabulous Frump (1969)

70 min | Drama

A fashion editor competes for the affections of a designer with their new male model.

Director: Peter Hammond | Stars: Sheila Steafel, Peter Butterworth, Donald Churchill, Patsy Rowlands

39. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: On the Eve of Publication (1968)

55 min | Drama

An author hosts a dinner party to celebrate the publication of his new novel.

Director: Alan Bridges | Stars: Leo McKern, Michele Dotrice, Thorley Walters, Rosalind Knight

40. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: A Beast with Two Backs (1968)

71 min | Drama

Part of the BBC's celebrated 'Wednesday Play' series of the 1960s, this early work by Dennis Potter is set in an isolated New Forest community in 19th Century Britain. A young local girl is... See full summary »

Director: Lionel Harris | Stars: Patrick Barr, Denis Carey, Laurence Carter, Madeleine Newbury

Votes: 24

41. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Nothing Will Be the Same (1968)

60 min | Drama

A family becomes increasingly suspicious of the relationship between the mother and a mysterious stranger who starts to follow her around.

Director: Peter Hammond | Stars: Patrick Magee, Bernard Lee, Gwen Cherrell, Tessa Wyatt

42. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: A Bit of Crucifixion, Father (1968)

75 min | Drama

A doctor advises a woman not to proceed with her latest pregnancy, contrary to her strict Catholic upbringing.

Director: Geoffrey Nethercott | Stars: Walter Fitzgerald, Valerie White, Margery Mason, Alan Lake

43. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome (1968)

50 min | Drama

A talk-show host is required to examine his conscience and also the ethics of "good television".

Director: Claude Whatham | Stars: Robert Hardy, Michael Robbins, Ralph Ball, Ruth Trouncer

44. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Lower Largo Sequence (1968)

50 min | Drama

A man seeks his inner island.

Director: Pharic Maclaren | Stars: Patrick Allen, Isobel Black, Calum Mill, David Kinnaird

45. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Mooney and His Caravans (1968)

75 min | Drama

A couple move to a caravan park, where the owner is a petty dictator.

Director: James Ferman | Stars: John Alderton, Diana Bishop, David Prowse, Jerry Holmes

46. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Anyone for Tennis? (1968)

75 min | Drama

Garry committed suicide to escape disgrace and imprisonment. Does he now have the chance to change the circumstances leading to his downfall?

Director: Claude Whatham | Stars: Clifford Evans, Rachel Kempson, Joseph O'Conor, Ernest Clark

47. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: Charlie (1968)

75 min | Drama

James has come in search of his feckless older brother, Charlie, to ask him to come home and settle down.

Director: Michael Hayes | Stars: Barrie Ingham, Julian Glover, Mary Chester

48. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: A Night with Mrs. Da Tanka (1968)

75 min | Drama

A lonely bachelor, seeking his long-lost sweetheart at a boarding house, meets a serial divorcée.

Director: John Gorrie | Stars: Jean Kent, Geoffrey Bayldon, Arthur Lowe, Peter Bathurst

49. The Wednesday Play (1964–1970)
Episode: The Gorge (1968)

75 min | Drama

A teenage boy reluctantly accompanies his ghastly family on a coarse bank-holiday day out to local beauty spot and tourist trap, the Cheddar Gorge.

Director: Christopher Morahan | Stars: Billy Hamon, Constance Chapman, Reg Lye, Neil Wilson

Votes: 17