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PLEASE NOTE: The first 10 are my top 10 in alphabetical order... and therefore no particular order. The next 40 are my bottom 40 in alphabetical order... and therefore no particular order. I think you get the idea :p

Approximately 20 of the titles listed below are sit-coms/comedy series'. The remaining 30 are all sketch/variety shows. I've always had this theory that Yanks are great at making movies, Poms are great at making sketches/sit-coms and Aussies are great at making celebrity interview/lighter side of the news/pop quiz/variety shows. Although I will admit that in recent years the Yanks have proven that they can give the Poms a run for their money... if they use animation. If Yanks aren't limited to using actors on a set in front of a studio audience, there's no limit to their hilarity. Animation allows them to stretch their funny bones. Think it, draw it, excel at it. That is my theory... it is mine... I own it and what it is too... and yes, I'm well-aware of how brainlessly bigoted I may appear at this juncture :p

By the way... several years before Gervais & Merchant created THE OFFICE and opened Yankee eyes to the possibility of canning "dead people laughing", there was another fly-on-the-wall mockumentary-style show that could be rather controversial at times. It too was set in an office with a main character who fancied himself for all the wrong reasons and who truly believed that he was popular among his co-workers when in reality he was only really liked by one nerdy "Yes Man" who was always keen to please his "Superior" whilst everyone else in the office merely mocked him and cringed at his awkward squirm-inducing antics. Even Harry Shearer couldn't resist dropping everything to join the party.

"Real men watch Ab Fab too!" MIKE MOORE - FRONTLINE

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1. The Adventures of Lano & Woodley (1997–1999)

30 min | Comedy

The bizarre misadventures of two no-hopers who share a flat

Stars: Colin Lane, Frank Woodley, Neil Pigot, Tony Rickards

Votes: 658


2. Breaking News (1994–1997)

30 min | Comedy, Drama

Based on the making of a fictitious Australian CURRENT AFFAIRS show, Frontline blends invented events with REAL LIFE events. A true reflection of THE TIMES we live in.

Stars: Rob Sitch, Jane Kennedy, Tiriel Mora, Alison Whyte

Votes: 890


3. Jimeoin (1994–1995)


Jimeoin is an Australian comedy series starring English-born Irish stand-up comedian and actor Jimeoin.

Stars: Jimeoin, Bob Franklin, Brian Nankervis, Glenn Robbins

Votes: 62


4. Kath & Kim (2002–2007)

Not Rated | 26 min | Comedy

A mother, her daughter, and their respective "hunks of spunk" negotiate life in suburban Australia.

Stars: Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorn

Votes: 2,788


5. The Librarians (2007–2010)

30 min | Comedy

What happens when you put a Catholic bigot with a panic disorder in charge of a library?

Stars: Robyn Butler, Roz Hammond, Heidi Arena, Stephen Ballantyne

Votes: 446


6. The Micallef Program (1998–2001)

30 min | Comedy

A skit-based comedy program, fronted by Australian comedian Shaun Micallef.

Stars: Shaun Micallef, Wayne Hope, Roz Hammond, Francis Greenslade

Votes: 302


7. Mother and Son (1984–1994)

30 min | Comedy

Arthur Beare is a 40 something son still living at home taking care of his senile mother Maggie. However no matter what he does he cannot seem to get ahead and is always coming unstuck, ... See full summary »

Stars: Ruth Cracknell, Garry McDonald, Henri Szeps, Judy Morris

Votes: 549


8. Stupid Stupid Man (2006–2008)

30 min | Comedy

Centres on the lives of the four men on the editorial team and the women that work in a mens magazine.

Stars: Wayne Hope, Matthew Newton, Sophie Katinis, Chris Leaney

Votes: 135


9. Summer Heights High (2007)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

The life of a public school epitomized by disobedient student Jonah Takalua, self-absorbed private school exchange student Ja'mie King, and megalomaniac drama teacher Mr. G.

Stars: Chris Lilley, Asolima Tauati, Iro Utaifeau, Zach Fa'atoe

Votes: 13,634


10. Wilfred (2007– )

25 min | Comedy, Drama

A depressed man is the only one who can see his girlfriend's dog as a full-grown man in a dog suit.

Stars: Jason Gann, Adam Zwar, Cindy Waddingham, Kim Gyngell

Votes: 2,487


11. Acropolis Now (1989–1992)

25 min | Comedy

The lives of the owners and workers at a Greek cafe in Melbourne.

Stars: Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris, Mary Coustas, Tracey Callander

Votes: 284

12. All Together Now (1991–1993)

25 min | Comedy

One-time Rock'n'Roll star Bobby Rivers discovers he has 15-year-old twins when his former lover dies in a plane crash. They and Tracy, the woman who looked after them when their mother was ... See full summary »

Stars: Jon English, Steven Jacobs, Jane Hall, Bruno Lucia

Votes: 147

13. Angry Boys (2011)

TV-MA | 29 min | Comedy

A mockumentary exploring the issues faced by young males in the 21st century - their influences, their pressures, their dreams and ambitions.

Stars: Chris Lilley, Deborah Jones, Greg Fairall, Liam Keltie

Votes: 4,155

15. CNNNN: Chaser Non-Stop News Network (2002–2003)

30 min | Comedy, News

An Australian comedy program that satirises the news of the day, and how it is presented.

Stars: Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor, Julian Morrow, Dominic Knight

Votes: 343

And everything else that's Chaser-related.

16. The Comedy Company (1988–1990)


A sketch comedy series set in suburban Australia, featuring one-off sketches and regular appearances by characters including schoolgirl Kylie Mole (Mary-Anne Fahey), greengrocer Con the ... See full summary »

Stars: Mark Mitchell, Mary-Anne Fahey, Ian McFadyen, Glenn Robbins

Votes: 120

17. DAAS Kapital (1991–1992)

30 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

It is the end of history. Shitsu Tonka, the giant conglomerate of universal power, has placed the world's art treasures in a giant submarine, the Titanic II. Assigned to protect and ... See full summary »

Stars: Tim Ferguson, Richard Fidler, Paul McDermott, Paul Livingston

Votes: 69

18. Fast Forward (1989–1992)

46 min | Comedy

Withdrawing the bill moments before a planned vote signals a major setback for the President.

Stars: Michael Veitch, Marg Downey, Geoff Brooks, Steve Blackburn

Votes: 259

19. Fat Pizza (2003)

96 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

The life at a suburban Sydney pizzeria.

Director: Paul Fenech | Stars: Paul Fenech, Tahir Bilgic, Rob Shehadie, Bill Bentley

Votes: 3,303

20. Full Frontal (1993–1997)

Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

The series began screening shortly after the similar sketch comedy program Fast Forward (from which Full Frontal derived) ended. Full Frontal retained the same general format of Fast ... See full summary »

Stars: Glenn Butcher, Ross Williams, Kim Gyngell, John Walker

Votes: 320

21. Funky Squad (1995)

30 min | Comedy

Spot-on parody of 1970's cop shows sees the adventures of Funky Squad, an elite team of four young undercover cops who speak the language of the streets - young, hip, and in touch with the ... See full summary »

Stars: Santo Cilauro, Tim Ferguson, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy

Votes: 59

23. Hey Dad..! (1987–1994)

23 min | Comedy

Comedy series about a top architect, Martin Kelly, who gives up his business to cope with his three children when his wife dies. With the help of eccentric country cousin Betty, Martin soon... See full summary »

Stars: Julie McGregor, Robert Hughes, Sarah Monahan, Christopher Truswell

Votes: 299

24. Housos (2011–2013)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy

The series is a satirical parody of Australian residents, who are living in Housing Commission public housing.

Stars: Paul Fenech, Jabba, Elle Dawe, Kevin Taumata

Votes: 823

25. John Safran vs. God (2004)

25 min | Comedy

In his most ludicrously ambitious project yet, world-famous media hooligan John Safran scours the world in search of God... AND FINDS HIM.... Or, at least, a lot of folk who believe they have.

Stars: John Safran, Gavin Wood, Jonathan auf der Heide, Bob Larson

Votes: 373

And everything else that John Safran does.

26. Let the Blood Run Free (1990–1992)

30 min | Comedy

A satirical look at hospital-set, soap operas.

Stars: Jean Kittson, Brian Nankervis, Helen Knight, David Swann

Votes: 206

27. Luke Warm Sex (2016– )


A crash course in great sex. Each week Luke McGregor takes on a new challenge with the help of therapists, sex coaches and scientists, proving if someone as anxious as Luke can get better at sex, then anyone can.

Stars: Luke McGregor, Hamish Blake, Dave Lawson, Ryan Shelton

Votes: 73

28. Merrick & Rosso Unplanned (2003–2004)

23 min | Comedy

Based on the formula for a successful British show (Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned (2000)), Merrick & Rosso take questions from a studio audience about their experiences in life.

Stars: Merrick Watts, Tim Ross, Angry Anderson, Larry Emdur

Votes: 19

30. The Mick Molloy Show (1999)

120 min | Comedy

This short lived attempt at live variety crashed and burned in a spectacular fashion. The program was essentially a lazy Saturday night on the couch, with Molloy and a cast of regular '... See full summary »

Stars: Mick Molloy, Bob Franklin, Judith Lucy, Tony Martin

Votes: 23

31. The Norman Gunston Show (1975–1979)


A subversive parody of the established variety "Tonight Show" format, centering on a weekly roster of celebrity guests who were 'interviewed' by Norman Gunston.

Stars: Garry McDonald, Max Rowley, Abigail, Candy Raymond

Votes: 74

32. The Panel (1998–2007)

90 min | Talk-Show

A comedy show talking about the events from the week gone. Made by Australia's Working Dog and featuring guests each week. The team is known for the movie The Castle.

Stars: Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch, Kate Langbroek, Santo Cilauro

Votes: 182

33. The Paul Hogan Show (1973–1984)

50 min | Comedy

An Australian comedy show hosted by Crocodile Dundee Star, Paul Hogan.

Stars: Paul Hogan, John Cornell, Glenn Shorrock, Bryn Lee Stokes

Votes: 232

34. Please Like Me (2013–2016)

TV-MA | 29 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Josh comes to the realization that he is homosexual. With the support of his now ex girlfriend Claire, and his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh ... See full summary »

Stars: Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, John, Debra Lawrance

Votes: 12,287

35. Problems (2012)

26 min | Comedy

The hilariously mundane day to day life of Sam Simmons and the characters that surround him.....including the moths in his couch.

Stars: Sam Simmons, Anthony Morgan, Lawrence Mooney, Claudia O'Doherty

Votes: 210

36. Rove Live (2000–2009)

75 min | Comedy, Talk-Show

This was a variety, talk show that featured an ensemble cast, who presented various segments throughout the course of the show.

Stars: Rove McManus, Peter Helliar, Corinne Grant, Ryan Shelton

Votes: 677

37. Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures (2001–2018)

22 min | Adventure, Comedy

Slapstick mockumentary about an enthusiastic Aussie wildlife expert, Russell Coight, whose haphazard and inept adventuring style ensures that he is a danger to anything and anyone he meets, not to mention himself.

Stars: Glenn Robbins, Hermann Iberg, Tom Martin, Birgit Mildenberger

Votes: 1,025

38. Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell (2012–2019)

Comedy, News, Talk-Show

No-holds-barred news satire show presented by comedian Shaun Micallef that gleefully riffs on Aussie politics.

Stars: Shaun Micallef, Francis Greenslade, Emily Taheny, Tosh Greenslade

Votes: 492

39. Skithouse (2003–2004)

25 min | Comedy

Sketch Comedy series featuring some absurd characters, and Australian - oriented humour

Stars: Corinne Grant, Eddie Baroo, Elke Berry, Ingrid Bloom

Votes: 146

40. Spicks and Specks (2005–2018)

Comedy, Game-Show, Music

Adam Hills hosts this lighthearted music quiz show.The two teams are captained by Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough.

Stars: Adam Hills, Alan Brough, Myf Warhurst, Hamish Blake

Votes: 869

41. Squinters (2018– )

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Squinters follows commuters in peak hour transit as they drive to work. The title Squinters, refers to the fact that the commuters are facing the sun as they head east from Sydney's western... See full summary »

Stars: Sam Simmons, Justin Rosniak, Andrea Demetriades, Mandy McElhinney

Votes: 153

42. Swift and Shift Couriers (2008–2011)

25 min | Comedy

Swift and Shift Couriers is an Australian comedy series created by the writers of Fat Pizza. Based on a courier business in the western suburbs of Sydney, the business is run and staffed by... See full summary »

Stars: Ian Turpie, Amanda Keller, Paul Fenech, Melissa Tkautz

Votes: 447

43. Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (2009– )

Comedy, Game-Show

A game show where generation Baby Boomers, X and Y compete against each other to see who is the best. Each week the teams are headed by Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering and Josh Thomas ... See full summary »

Stars: Shaun Micallef, Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering, Josh Thomas

Votes: 386

44. Thank God You're Here (2006–2009)

60 min | Comedy, Game-Show

Thank God You're Here is about well known performers doing a scene which they have no idea what's going on. It may be a Roman dungeon, a boardroom or a late night talk show. The only thing ... See full summary »

Stars: Shane Bourne, Tom Gleisner, Daniel Cordeaux, Ed Kavalee

Votes: 1,016

45. Tuesday Night Live: The Big Gig (1990– )

60 min | Comedy

The series brought a number of new comedy acts to national prominence and made major stars of its host, Wendy Harmer, who later became a top-rating host on morning radio in Sydney, and the ... See full summary »

Stars: Glynn Nicholas, Ron Hitler Barassi, Eugene de la Hot-Croix Bun, Jock Cheese

Votes: 30

46. Upper Middle Bogan (2013– )


The story of two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. Bess Denyar is a doctor with a posh mother, Margaret, an architect husband, Danny Bright, and 13-year-old twins, Oscar and ... See full summary »

Stars: Annie Maynard, Patrick Brammall, Robyn Malcolm, Michala Banas

Votes: 1,522

47. Very Small Business (2008– )

30 min | Comedy

A smarmy, debt riddled, borderline con-artist teams up with a chronically depressed acclaimed journalist to try and keep his head above water.

Stars: Kim Gyngell, Wayne Hope, Emma Leonard, Ian Bliss

Votes: 223

48. We Can Be Heroes (2005)

30 min | Comedy

A group of Australians are nominated for the Australian of the Year Award.

Stars: Chris Lilley, Jennifer Byrne, Mick Graham, Chung Jade Koh

Votes: 2,395

50. Woodley (2012)

30 min | Comedy