Official list - GERMANY - Films made during the Third Reich banned by the Allies after WWII

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(In German: Liste der unter allierter Militärzensur verbotenen deutschen Filme)

After Nazi Germany unconditional surrender in 1945, the Allied Control Council responsible for film censorship issued a list of German and Austrian films forbidden to be shown to the general public, to prevent the propagation of Nazi ideology.

As of today, I have only seen 4 of the 175 films (2.29%)

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1. Achtung! Feind hört mit! (1940)

102 min | Drama, History, Romance

This is the war and everybody in Germany should beware : the enemy is listening. One family in particular had better be even more careful than the average citizen of the Reich : the ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Maria Rabenalt | Stars: René Deltgen, Kirsten Heiberg, Lotte Koch, Michael Bohnen

Votes: 28

4. Alarm auf Station III (1939)

96 min | Crime

During the Prohibition the US government has been just as successful at stopping drinking as they have been in the War on Drugs. Customs Officer Arne Kolk is determined to stop the alcohol smugglers at any price.

Director: Philipp Lothar Mayring | Stars: Gustav Fröhlich, Jutta Freybe, Kirsten Heiberg, Hans Nielsen

Votes: 9

8. Das alte Recht (1934)


Nazi propaganda film extolling the virtues of "Erbhofgesetz", a law that decreed that the oldest son in a farming family would always inherit the farm.

Director: Igo Martin Andersen | Stars: Edith Linn, Bernhard Goetzke, Hans Kettler, Fritz Hoopts

9. The Making of a King (1935)

91 min | Drama

The story of the stormy relationship between King Friedrich Wilhelm and his son, who later became known as King Frederick the Great of Prussia.

Director: Hans Steinhoff | Stars: Emil Jannings, Werner Hinz, Leopoldine Konstantin, Claus Clausen

Votes: 72

18. Bismarck (1940)

118 min | Biography, Drama

A biographical film of Otto von Bismarck, the Prime Minister of Prussia, and how he and his policies - including aggressive war - helped to unite Germany.

Director: Wolfgang Liebeneiner | Stars: Paul Hartmann, Friedrich Kayßler, Lil Dagover, Käthe Haack

Votes: 151

19. Der Choral von Leuthen (1933)

91 min | Biography, Drama, History

The story of the rise to power of King Frederick II (aka "Frederick the Great") of Prussia of his military campaigns to make Prussia a major power in Europe.

Directors: Carl Froelich, Walter Supper, Arzén von Cserépy | Stars: Otto Gebühr, Olga Tschechowa, Elga Brink, Harry Frank

Votes: 41

20. Die Degenhardts (1944)

93 min | Drama

A stuffy old civil servant is forced to retire during World War II, but when his son, a Navy submariner, is lost at sea and his city is heavily bombed by English bombers, his old patriotism... See full summary »

Director: Werner Klingler | Stars: Heinrich George, Walter Bechmann, Robert Forsch, Herwart Grosse

Votes: 17

28. Bismarck's Dismissal (1942)

110 min | Drama, History

A sequel to 1940's "Bismarck", Bismarck is dismissed by an under-pressure Wilhelm II. Then the treaty with Russia is in peril as the leader is left with the dilemma of who could complete Bismarck's work.

Director: Wolfgang Liebeneiner | Stars: Emil Jannings, Margarete Schön, Christian Kayßler, Theodor Loos

Votes: 53

29. Der Etappenhase (1937)

110 min | Comedy, Romance, War

This Forum Film Company comedy from Germany, directed by comedian Joe Stoeckle, focuses on a group of German soldiers billeted behind the lines in a captured French town during WW I, and ... See full summary »

Director: Joe Stöckel | Stars: Aribert Mog, Hermann Erhardt, Günther Lüders, Alfred Maack

Votes: 10

31. Der Fall Brenken (1934)

88 min | Drama

Shots fall at night at Gussersee Hotel. Hermann Brenken, general manager of a large company, is attacked. Newspapers hype up the case and offer a reward for its clarification.

Director: Karel Lamac | Stars: Walter Steinbeck, Hans Brausewetter, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Genia Nikolaieva

35. Refugees (1933)

87 min | Adventure, Drama, War

Propaganda film detailing the plight of ethnic Germans, known as "Volga Germans", in the Soviet province of Manchuria.

Director: Gustav Ucicky | Stars: Hans Albers, Käthe von Nagy, Eugen Klöpfer, Ida Wüst

Votes: 47

37. Fridericus (1937)

97 min | Drama

In 18th century Europe, King Friedrich II of Prussia leads his army through the seven-years-war with neighboring states, and after numerous near defeats, eventually brings a victorious army back to Berlin.

Director: Johannes Meyer | Stars: Otto Gebühr, Hilde Körber, Lil Dagover, Agnes Straub

Votes: 46

38. The Brigands (1940)

102 min | Drama

Friedrich Schiller - The triumph of a genius.

Director: Herbert Maisch | Stars: Heinrich George, Lil Dagover, Horst Caspar, Friedrich Kayßler

Votes: 57

39. The Fox of Glenarvon (1940)

91 min | Drama

An English peace judge in an Irish district is married to an Irishwoman. She is a caring patriot. He is heavily indebted by a life of luxury, and doesn't shy away from dark deeds to maintain his lifestyle.

Director: Max W. Kimmich | Stars: Olga Tschechowa, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Ferdinand Marian, Elisabeth Flickenschildt

Votes: 10

41. Geheimakte W.B.1 (1942)

91 min | Drama, War

Nazi propaganda film showing the development of the German navy's submarine fleet.

Director: Herbert Selpin | Stars: Alexander Golling, Eva Immermann, Richard Häussler, Herbert Hübner

44. Die Geliebte (1939)

98 min

Lieutenant von Warp falls head over heels for Terese. He wants to marry her and is willing to give up his career in the Imperial Army to be with her. After he gets to know about a past ... See full summary »

Director: Gerhard Lamprecht | Stars: Willy Fritsch, Viktoria von Ballasko, Karl Martell, Grethe Weiser

Votes: 9

45. Germanin - Die Geschichte einer kolonialen Tat (1943)

92 min | Drama

Story of German medical missionaries helping the natives in Africa.

Director: Max W. Kimmich | Stars: Peter Petersen, Luis Trenker, Lotte Koch, Albert Lippert

Votes: 23