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This is a list of Television series of which we have at least one episode in our video library.

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1. Studio One in Hollywood (1948–1958)

60 min | Drama

A pinnacle of the Golden Age of Television, "Studio One" presented a wide range of memorable dramas and received eighteen Emmy nominations and five wins during its prestigious nine-year run... See full summary »

Stars: Betty Furness, Paul Brinson, Paul Branson, Mary Sinclair

Votes: 185

2. Johnny Jupiter (1953–1954)

30 min | Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Ernest P. Duckweather, a general-store clerk, invents an interplanetary television set, thus developing a friendship with a puppet named Johnny Jupiter.

Stars: Wright King, Gilbert Mack, Cliff Hall, Pat Peardon

Votes: 30

3. Climax! (1954–1958)

60 min | Drama

This was an anthology series that presented a different story and different set of characters on each episode. It ran from 1954 to 1958 and featured Casino Royale of James Bond fame that lead to a feature film of the same name.

Stars: William Lundigan, Art Gilmore, Mary Costa, Harry Townes

Votes: 155

4. Flash Gordon (1954–1955)

30 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Space hero Flash Gordon and his crew of the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation patrol space, battling space monsters, power-mad alien dictators and other threats to the stability of the universe.

Stars: Steve Holland, Irene Champlin, Joseph Nash, Henry Beckman

Votes: 202

5. Captain Z-Ro (1955– )

30 min | Sci-Fi

From his secret laboratory, Captain Z-Ro and his associates use their time machine, the ZX-99, to learn from the past and plan for the future.

Stars: Roy Steffens, Bruce Haynes, Jack Cahill, Richard Glyer

Votes: 38

6. The Star and the Story (1955– )

30 min | Drama

Each show features a different star or stars in this dramatic anthology produced by the successful team by Four Star Productions, there are many young actors that went onto bigger things.

Stars: Henry Fonda, Hugh Sanders, Hillary Brooke, Robin Hughes

Votes: 29

7. One Step Beyond (1959–1961)

Approved | 25 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Produced at the same time as the more well-known The Twilight Zone (1959), this series was an extension of the tradition of radio horror and supernatural dramas such as Light's Out, The ... See full summary »

Stars: John Newland, Robert Douglas, Olan Soule, Will J. White

Votes: 1,107

8. Thriller (1960–1962)

50 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that originally told ordinary tales of crime and mystery, but later became a showcase for gothic horror stories, many of which were based on works ... See full summary »

Stars: Boris Karloff, Richard Peel, Henry Daniell, Lillian O'Malley

Votes: 1,124

9. Space Angel (1962– )

Not Rated | 30 min | Animation, Family, Sci-Fi

Scott McCloud is the Space Angel, a secret agent for EBI (Earth Bureau of Investigation) on board the spaceship Starduster fighting hard to protect the solar system.

Stars: Ned Lefebver, Margaret Kerry, Hal Smith, Johnny Coons

Votes: 69

10. Caillou (1997–2010)

TV-Y | 30 min | Animation, Family

An imaginative four-year-old boy learns life lessons and discovers new things with his friends and family.

Stars: Evan Smirnow, Ellen David, Jennifer Seguin, Merlee Shapiro

Votes: 2,204

12. Clutch Cargo (1959– )

4 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The adventures of a pilot who takes on dangerous assignments.

Stars: Richard Cotting, Hal Smith, Margaret Kerry, Emil Sitka

Votes: 174

13. Tales of Tomorrow (1951–1953)

25 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

Anthology series featuring both classic and modern sci-fi themes.

Stars: Leslie Nielsen, Cameron Prud'Homme, Edgar Stehli, Theo Goetz

Votes: 256

14. Lights Out (1946–1952)

30 min | Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Lights Out was an extremely popular American old-time radio program, an early example of a network series devoted mostly to horror and the supernatural, predating Suspense and Inner Sanctum... See full summary »

Stars: Frank Gallop, Jack La Rue, Mercer McLeod, Leslie Nielsen

Votes: 113

15. General Electric Theater (1953–1962)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Drama

An American anthology series, with a new episode and different actors and actresses each week. Hosted by Ronald Reagan, the series was sponsored by General Electric's Department of Public Relations.

Stars: Ronald Reagan, Don Herbert, Nancy Reagan, Lee Marvin

Votes: 225

16. Captain Fathom (1965– )

30 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

The adventures of Captain Fathom and his submarine, the ARGONAUT. His crew-members are Cookie, Ronnie, Scotty, Miss Perkins and Flip the porpoise (sounds familiar). Like Cambria's earlier ... See full summary »

Star: Warren Tufts

Votes: 22

17. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (1954– )

26 min | Family, Sci-Fi

Cruising the galaxy in his space ship "The Orbit Jet" Space Ranger, Rocky Jones, Vena Ray, and 10 year-old Bobby defend the Earth and themselves against space-bound evil doers.

Stars: Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Scotty Beckett, Robert Lyden

Votes: 154

18. Lunar Jim (2006– )

Animation, Family

Lunar Jim is a stop-motion animation series that transports preschoolers into an exciting world of discovery, fun and adventure. Lunar Jim lives in Moonaluna - a place much like any other, ... See full summary »

Stars: Trine Glud, Ben Zelkowicz, John Davie, Gil Anderson

Votes: 81

19. The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu (1956– )

30 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Dr. Fu Manchu, evil genius and possessor of seemingly unlimited financial resources, has pledged to bring about the downfall of western civilization to avenge unknown wrongs of the past. ... See full summary »

Stars: Glen Gordon, Lester Matthews, Clark Howat, Carla Balenda

Votes: 90

20. The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1950–1952)

30 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Ellery Queen was a mystery writer who assisted his father, a detective with the New York Police Department, in solving murders. Queen's methods were arcane and intellectual rather than ... See full summary »

Stars: Florenz Ames, Lee Bowman, Rex Marshall, Hugh Marlowe

Votes: 33

21. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962)

TV-14 | 25 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Series of unrelated short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy about people of different backgrounds committing murders, suicides, thefts, and other sorts of crime caused by certain motivations, perceived or not.

Stars: Alfred Hitchcock, Harry Tyler, John Williams, Patricia Hitchcock

Votes: 13,371

22. Rheingold Theatre (1953–1957)

23 min | Drama

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. narrated, produced, and frequently starred in this anthology series, which presented everything from drama to mystery to farce.

Stars: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Christopher Lee, Ron Randell, Barbara Mullen

Votes: 45

23. Burke's Law (1963–1966)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Amos Burke was a Los Angeles chief of detectives who was also a millionaire with a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, a mansion, and a high-wheeling lifestyle. This series was noted for its ... See full summary »

Stars: Gene Barry, Gary Conway, Regis Toomey, Leon Lontoc

Votes: 628

24. The Cases of Eddie Drake (1952– )

30 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A filmed half-hour detective series, nine episodes of which were originally produced in 1949 by CBS but never aired on that network. DuMont bought the films and produced four more episodes ... See full summary »

Stars: Don Haggerty, Patricia Morison, Lynne Roberts, Lucia Carroll

Votes: 12

25. Checkmate (1960–1962)

60 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Don Corey and Jed Sills operate Checkmate, Inc., a very high priced detective agency in San Francisco. Helping them protect the lives of their clients is British criminologist (once an Oxford professor) Carl Hyatt.

Stars: Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot, Ken Lynch

Votes: 215

27. Colonel March of Scotland Yard (1954–1956)

30 min | Crime, Drama

Colonel March of The Department of Queer Complaints investigates unusual cases, locked-room murders, and mysteries concerning the supernatural.

Stars: Boris Karloff, Ewan Roberts, Eric Pohlmann, Phil Brown

Votes: 145

28. The Court of Last Resort (1957–1958)

30 min | Crime, Drama

The Court of Last Resort was founded by Erle Stanley Gardner in the 1950s. The team sought to reveal whether someone already found guilty might really be innocent. The show dramatized the ... See full summary »

Stars: Lyle Bettger, Carleton G. Young, Robert H. Harris, S. John Launer

Votes: 35

29. Decoy (1957–1958)

30 min | Crime, Drama

New York City policewoman Casey Jones' assignment to fight crime often entails her going undercover in some of the seediest and most dangerous parts of the city.

Stars: Beverly Garland, Frank Campanella, Joseph Sullivan, Ed Holmes

Votes: 141

30. Dick Tracy (1950–1952)

30 min | Drama

Intrepid detective Dick Tracy tangles with a bizarre rogue's gallery of villians. But as always our stoic officer of the law, virtuous to a fault, proves himself up to the task of putting the criminals behind bars.

Stars: Ralph Byrd, Joe Devlin, William Woodson, Dick Elliott

Votes: 98

31. Dragnet (1951–1959)

30 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Sgt. Joe Friday and his partners methodically investigate crimes in Los Angeles.

Stars: Jack Webb, Ben Alexander, Olan Soule, Vic Perrin

Votes: 1,609

32. Treasury Men in Action (1950–1955)

30 min | Crime, Drama

A squad of Treasury Department agents, headed by "The Chief", go after counterfeiters and other criminals who commit crimes that fall under the Treasure Department's jurisdiction.

Stars: Walter Greaza, Ross Martin, Tom McKee, John Stephenson

Votes: 39

aka: "Federal Men"

33. Man Against Crime (1949–1954)

30 min | Action, Drama, Crime

Mike Barnett is the title character, a bright and tough private detective in New York. This very violent show was broadcast live until 1952.

Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Nita Talbot, Henry Lascoe, Mildred Natwick

Votes: 61

aka: "Follow that Man"

34. Front Page Detective (1951–1953)

30 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A newspaper columnist who helps police solve especially difficult mysteries. The title derived from a popular mystery magazine of the same name.

Stars: Edmund Lowe, Paula Drew, George Pembroke, Norman Budd

Votes: 24

35. Gang Busters (1952– )

30 min | Crime, Drama

True crime stories and their investigations are dramatized.

Stars: Robert Bice, Mike Ragan, Myron Healey, Don C. Harvey

Votes: 47

36. I'm the Law (1953– )

30 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Lieutenant George Kirby is a New York City detective whose jurisdiction appeards to cover a wide area. Whether it's murderers or thieves he approaches every situation prepared to deal violently with the criminals.

Stars: George Raft, J. Anthony Hughes, June Vincent, Lawrence Dobkin

Votes: 27

37. The Lawless Years (1959–1961)

30 min | Crime, Drama

Barney Ruditsky is a New York City police officer in the Roaring '20s who fights organized crime. The show was loosely based on the real life Rudisky who was a New York police officer ... See full summary »

Stars: James Gregory, Robert Karnes, John Dennis, Norman Alden

Votes: 54

38. Lock Up (1959–1961)

30 min | Crime, Drama

Cases taken from the files and case histories of renowned Philadelphia defense attorney Herbert L. Maris.

Stars: Macdonald Carey, John Doucette, Joan Granville, Olive Carey

Votes: 68

39. The Lone Wolf (1954– )

30 min | Adventure

Michael Lanyard is a debonair gentleman who travels the world solving crimes and getting lawbreakers arrested. He operates on the edge of what is legal and occasionally finds time to romance the beautiful women he encounters.

Stars: Louis Hayward, John Doucette, Burt Mustin, James Anderson

Votes: 81

40. The Man Behind the Badge (1953–1955)

30 min | Crime, Drama

Stories taken from the files of various law-enforcement agencies, including city, county and state police, park rangers, military police, etc.

Stars: Norman Rose, Charles Bickford, Joel Aldred, Paul Brinegar

Votes: 45

41. Man with a Camera (1958–1960)

30 min | Crime, Drama

Former combat cameraman Mike Kovac is now a freelance photographer in New York City, specializing in difficult and dangerous assignments where he can get the kinds of pictures that other ... See full summary »

Stars: Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Ludwig Stössel, Michael Harris

Votes: 162

42. Mannix (1967–1975)

60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Mannix worked originally for Wickersham at Intertect and then struck out on his own, assisted by Peggy Fair (whose cop-husband had been killed) and Police Department contact Tobias.

Stars: Mike Connors, Gail Fisher, Ward Wood, Ron Nyman

Votes: 2,335

43. Martin Kane (1949–1954)

30 min | Drama

Private detective Martin Kane works in New York solving crimes. Depending on the year, Kane was either smooth and suave or hard bitten and the cooperation he received from the police ... See full summary »

Stars: Walter Kinsella, Nicholas Saunders, King Calder, William Gargan

Votes: 33

45. Michael Shayne (1960–1961)

60 min | Crime, Drama

Michael Shayne is a private detective who solves crimes in Miami, Florida.

Stars: Richard Denning, Herbert Rudley, Jerry Paris, Patricia Donahue

Votes: 55

46. Mr. & Mrs. North (1952–1954)

30 min | Comedy, Mystery, Romance

Jerry and Pamela North live in Greenwich Village in New York City. Jerry is a mystery magazine publisher who thinks he is a good amateur detective. He and his wife investigate various crimes and solve them before the police do.

Stars: Richard Denning, Barbara Britton, Francis De Sales, Lowell Gilmore

Votes: 138

47. Public Defender (1954– )

30 min | Crime, Drama

Bart Matthews defends the poor and others who cannot afford an attorney. All episodes are based on actual cases from across the country.

Stars: Reed Hadley, Herschel Graham, John Close, Brick Sullivan

Votes: 58

48. Racket Squad (1950– )

30 min | Crime, Drama

This series dramatizes confidence games which fall under the jurisdiction of Captain John Braddock.

Stars: Reed Hadley, Hugh Beaumont, Keith Richards, Griff Barnett

Votes: 87

49. Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957–1960)

30 min | Action, Crime, Drama