Latin American cinema in 130 films

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América Latina en 130 películas.

Esta lista esta basada en el libro del mismo título de Jorge Ruffinelli.

El libro es una selección de 130 películas del territorio latinoamericano que abarcan desde el periodo mudo hasta la actualidad.

Una de las reglas del autor fue no poner más de una película por director (eso explica la ausencia de más películas de la etapa mejicana de Buñuel o probablemente, de otras de autores más desconocidos). Se trata de una selección cuidada, completa y diversa, un recorrido por todos los países con predominancia de Argentina, Brasil y Méjico (aquellos con industria más fuerte) y por todas las miradas que contiene grandes películas desconocidas (sobre todo para extranjeros) y supone una genial guía de estudio para introducirse en este cine.

Latin American cinema in 130 films

This list is based on the book by Jorge Ruffinelli.

This book is a selection of 130 latin american movies that goes from the silent cinema until today.

One of the rules of the author was not to select more than one film by each filmmaker (that explains the absence of more movies from Buñuel's mexican period or probably from another more unknown movies)

It's a focused, complet and diverse selection, a walkthrough around all the countries but mainly Argentina, Mexico and Brazil (those with a bigger industry) and around all the styles and gazes that includes very rare and unknown films (especially to foreigners) and suposses a great guide to study and get into this cinema.

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1. El húsar de la muerte (1925)

65 min | Biography, Drama, History

The story of Manuel Rodriguez

Director: Pedro Sienna | Stars: Pedro Sienna, Clara Werther, Piet Van Ravenstein, Guillermo Barrientos

Votes: 105

2. Limite (1931)

Not Rated | 114 min | Drama, Romance

Three people sail aimlessly while remembering their past.

Director: Mario Peixoto | Stars: Olga Breno, Tatiana Rey, Raul Schnoor, Brutus Pedreira

Votes: 1,739

3. Ganga Bruta (1933)

82 min | Drama

A man kills his wife on their wedding night, after discovering she had been unfaithful. After being acquitted, he moves to the country, where he falls in love with an innocent girl.

Director: Humberto Mauro | Stars: Durval Bellini, Dea Selva, Lu Marival, Décio Murilo

Votes: 313

4. Let's Go with Pancho Villa (1936)

PG-13 | 92 min | Drama, War

The Mexican Revolution is on its way when six brave peasants, known as "Los Leones de San Pablo", decide to join Pancho Villa's army and help end the suffering in their community by ... See full summary »

Director: Fernando de Fuentes | Stars: Antonio R. Frausto, Domingo Soler, Manuel Tamés, Ramón Vallarino

Votes: 586

5. Outside the Law (1937)

90 min | Thriller

José Gola plays the delinquent, the son of a commissioner played by Luis Arata, who leaves prison to seduce who should be like a sister to him, a girl represented by Irma Córdoba raised and... See full summary »

Director: Manuel Romero | Stars: Luis Arata, José Gola, Irma Córdoba, Susy Derqui

Votes: 23

6. La vuelta al nido (1938)

77 min | Drama

Enrique, a gray office worker who lives a marriage already without passion begins to rethink his life when he receives an anonymous who says that his wife deceives him.

Director: Leopoldo Torres Ríos | Stars: José Gola, Amelia Bence, Cielito, Julio Renato

Votes: 44

7. Prisioneros de la tierra (1939)

85 min | Drama

By 1915, a contractor traveling to Posadas looking for new staff. Among the music and drinks in a bar and shipped to the mill. He is accompanied by a drunken doctor and his daughter. In the mill, injustices and cruelties are accentuated.

Director: Mario Soffici | Stars: Homero Cárpena, Raúl De Lange, Roberto Fugazot, Elisa Galvé

Votes: 118

8. Hay que educar a Niní (1940)

95 min | Comedy

Niní is an unemployed actress hired by two lawyers to pretend to be the daughter of a man of money. Lawyers try to blackmail him by inventing him an unrecognized daughter of a past affair. ... See full summary »

Director: Luis César Amadori | Stars: Niní Marshall, Francisco Álvarez, Pablo Palitos, Nuri Montsé

Votes: 62

9. You're Missing the Point (1940)

G | 112 min | Comedy

The boyfriend (Cantinflas) of the servant of a rich industrial man, gets into the house in order to kill a mad dog. Suddenly this man appears so the servant tells him that Cantinflas is his... See full summary »

Director: Juan Bustillo Oro | Stars: Cantinflas, Joaquín Pardavé, Sara García, Sofía Álvarez

Votes: 1,030

10. Story of a Night (1941)

92 min | Drama

A man returns to his village after a long time and meets his ex-girlfriend, now married to a husband in desperate economic situation. Based on the play "Mañana es vacaciones" by Leo Perutz.

Director: Luis Saslavsky | Stars: Santiago Arrieta, Sabina Olmos, Sebastián Chiola, Felisa Mary

Votes: 41

11. La guerra gaucha (1942)

90 min | Drama, History, Western

The story of the irregular forces on the north of Argentina, fighting against the Spanish Crown for the independence.

Director: Lucas Demare | Stars: Enrique Muiño, Francisco Petrone, Ángel Magaña, Sebastián Chiola

Votes: 126

12. El retrato (1947)

75 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A repressed woman, unable to give love, is possessed by the spirit of his lewd grandmother.

Director: Carlos Schlieper | Stars: Francisco Barletta, Alberto Bello, Héctor Calcaño, Alberto de Mendoza

Votes: 31

13. Pueblerina (1949)

105 min | Drama, Romance

Aurelio Rodríguez is released from jail, and tries to start a new life marrying Paloma and working his land. But the local landowners, the brothers González, interfere with his plans.

Director: Emilio Fernández | Stars: Columba Domínguez, Roberto Cañedo, Arturo Soto Rangel, Manuel Dondé

Votes: 179

14. Calabacitas tiernas (1949)

101 min | Comedy, Musical

"Tin Tan" plays a broke man, who is trying to put a musical show to pay his debts.

Director: Gilberto Martínez Solares | Stars: Germán Valdés, Rosita Quintana, Nelly Montiel, Jorge Reyes

Votes: 224

15. Una familia de tantas (1949)

130 min | Drama

Rodrigo Catano seeks to impose in his family a Porfirian order. One day a door to door salesman, Roberto del Hierro, comes into the house to sell an American vacuum cleaner from the "Bright... See full summary »

Director: Alejandro Galindo | Stars: Fernando Soler, David Silva, Martha Roth, Carlos Riquelme

Votes: 239

16. Hardly a Criminal (1949)

88 min | Crime, Drama

A bank employee utilizes a legal loophole to conduct the perfect crime, planning to reap the rewards of his embezzlement following a six-year prison sentence.

Director: Hugo Fregonese | Stars: Jorge Salcedo, Sebastián Chiola, Tito Alonso, Linda Lorena

Votes: 136

17. La oveja negra (1949)

Not Rated | 104 min | Drama

The Trevino family tries to overcome the irresponsible behavior of Don Cruz, an erratic father with numerous defects that contrast with his son Silvano, a young kid man that is incapable of passing judgment on his own father.

Director: Ismael Rodríguez | Stars: Fernando Soler, Pedro Infante, Andrés Soler, Dalia Íñiguez

Votes: 322

18. Aventurera (1950)

101 min | Drama, Musical

Left alone after her mother runs off with another man and her father kills himself, Elena attempts to make a new life for herself in a new city. Believing he's a friend, Elena goes to ... See full summary »

Director: Alberto Gout | Stars: Ninón Sevilla, Tito Junco, Andrea Palma, Rubén Rojo

Votes: 509

19. The Young and the Damned (1950)

Not Rated | 80 min | Crime, Drama

A group of juvenile delinquents live a violent and crime-filled life in the festering slums of Mexico City, and the morals of young Pedro are gradually corrupted and destroyed by the others.

Director: Luis Buñuel | Stars: Alfonso Mejía, Roberto Cobo, Estela Inda, Miguel Inclán

Votes: 17,436

21. Beyond Oblivion (1956)

93 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

A man who deeply loves his wife, tears before his death by disease . After falling into despair, she embarks on a journey trying to forget but, in Paris, he meets a look-alike of his beloved.

Director: Hugo del Carril | Stars: Laura Hidalgo, Hugo del Carril, Pedro Laxalt, Eduardo Rudy

Votes: 173

22. Alias Big Shot (1961)

90 min | Drama

A young man whose dream is to become the next Carlos Gardel turns to a life of crime.

Director: Lautaro Murúa | Stars: Alberto Argibay, Walter Vidarte, Tônia Carrero, Lautaro Murúa

Votes: 66

23. Flooded Out (1962)

87 min | Comedy

Due to the flood of the river Salado, the Gaitáns, a poor family living in the North of Argentina, have lost their house. Forced to make multiple train rides in order to escape the rising ... See full summary »

Director: Fernando Birri | Stars: Pirucho Gómez, Lola Palombo, María Vera, Hector Palavecino

Votes: 92

24. La mano en la trampa (1961)

90 min | Drama

A woman uncovers the secret of her aunt's withdrawal from the world and arranges a confrontation with the man who jilted her.

Director: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson | Stars: Elsa Daniel, Francisco Rabal, Leonardo Favio, María Rosa Gallo

Votes: 175

25. The Old Young People (1962)

106 min | Drama

The frustrations felt by certain middle class youth in 1960s Argentina under the new presidency of Arturo Frondizi, one of whom works in the media, a criticism of the false moral values of that time.

Director: Rodolfo Kuhn | Stars: María Vaner, Alberto Argibay, Marcela López Rey, Jorge Rivera López

Votes: 57

26. The Shark Hunters (1963)

100 min | Drama

Aurelio is a shark fisherman who works on the coast of Tabasco, Mexico. He works hard and sends money to his wife and children that live in Mexico City. He seems very happy in the coast --... See full summary »

Director: Luis Alcoriza | Stars: Julio Aldama, Dacia González, Tito Junco, Amanda del Llano

Votes: 150

27. Barren Lives (1963)

Not Rated | 103 min | Drama

A poor family in the Northeast of Brazil (Fabiano, the father; Sinhá Vitória, the mother; their 2 children and a dog called Baleia) wander about the barren land searching for a better place... See full summary »

Director: Nelson Pereira dos Santos | Stars: Átila Iório, Maria Ribeiro, Orlando Macedo, Joffre Soares

Votes: 2,155

28. Black God, White Devil (1964)

120 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

Fictionalized account of the adventures of hired gunman Antonio das Mortes, set against the real life last days of rural banditism. The movie follows Antonio as he witnesses the descent of ... See full summary »

Director: Glauber Rocha | Stars: Geraldo Del Rey, Yoná Magalhães, Othon Bastos, Maurício do Valle

Votes: 3,872

29. Paula cautiva (1964)

95 min | Drama

An escort meets a man who visits his native Argentina after fifteen years of living in the United States.

Director: Fernando Ayala | Stars: Susana Freyre, Duilio Marzio, Lautaro Murúa, Fernanda Mistral

Votes: 32

30. The Guns (1964)

80 min | Drama

In an extremely poor region in the Northeast of Brazil, a group of soldiers try to stop the population from sacking a food deposit.

Director: Ruy Guerra | Stars: Átila Iório, Nelson Xavier, Maria Gladys, Leonidas Bayer

Votes: 429

31. Chronicle of a Boy Alone (1965)

79 min | Drama

CHRONICLE OF A BOY ALONE, is an indictment of a fascist regime running roughshod over its most vulnerable citizens, its children. Focusing on the bleak life of eleven-year-old bad boy Polin... See full summary »

Director: Leonardo Favio | Stars: Diego Puente, Tino Pascali, Cacho Espíndola, Victoriano Moreira

Votes: 576

32. The Hour and Turn of Augusto Matraga (1965)

109 min | Drama

Augusto Matraga is a violent agressive farmer who after being betrayed by his wife and trapped by several enemies is bitten up and left for dead. He is rescued by a couple of humble small ... See full summary »

Director: Roberto Santos | Stars: Leonardo Villar, Joffre Soares, Maria Ribeiro, Maurício do Valle

Votes: 127

33. São Paulo, Sociedade Anônima (1965)

107 min | Drama

A man lives in conflict as he deals with his friends and love interests against the backdrop of São Paulo.

Director: Luiz Sérgio Person | Stars: Ana Esmeralda, Eva Wilma, Otelo Zeloni, Walmor Chagas

Votes: 606

34. The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin (1967)

112 min | Comedy

The metamorphoses of Juan Quin Quin, in turns bullfighter, guerrilla fighter and sacristan.

Director: Julio García Espinosa | Stars: Júlio Martínez, Erdwin Fernández, Adelaida Raymat, Enrique Santisteban

Votes: 94

35. Todas as Mulheres do Mundo (1966)

86 min | Drama, Romance

Womanizer suddenly finds a woman who makes him change the way he looks at women. He falls in love, and believes she is in fact all women in one. Because of that, he has to face an important... See full summary »

Director: Domingos de Oliveira | Stars: Leila Diniz, Paulo José, Flávio Migliaccio, Joana Fomm

Votes: 318

36. Lucía (1968)

160 min | Drama

Traces episodes in the lives of three Cuban women, each named Lucía, from three different historical periods: the Cuban war of independence (with Spain), the 1930s, and the 1960s.

Director: Humberto Solás | Stars: Raquel Revuelta, Eslinda Núñez, Adela Legrá, Eduardo Moure

Votes: 681

37. Memories of Underdevelopment (1968)

Not Rated | 97 min | Drama

A Cuban man cycles through his repressed opinions and memories as the threat of foreign invasion intensifies and the rest of his family retreats to Miami.

Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea | Stars: Sergio Corrieri, Daisy Granados, Eslinda Núñez, Omar Valdés

Votes: 3,499 | Gross: $0.03M

38. Invasion (1969)

123 min | Drama

A group of men led by an old man trying to stop an invasion of the city of Aquileia. The invaders are introducing a machinery for a mass invasion, but the invasion is absolute and impossible to define.

Director: Hugo Santiago | Stars: Olga Zubarry, Lautaro Murúa, Juan Carlos Paz, Martín Adjemián

Votes: 527

39. Brief Heaven (1969)

84 min | Drama

Young and correct Paquito meets a girl on the streets of Buenos Aires. They spend some time around the city, while discovering the outgoing and enigmatic character of Delia.

Director: David José Kohon | Stars: Alberto Fernández de Rosa, Ana María Picchio, Gloria Raines, Zelmar Gueñol

Votes: 72

40. Killed the Family and Went to the Movies (1969)

78 min | Drama

There are many concurrent plots in this film. The main one being the one in which a desperate guy kills his parents with an open razor and then goes to the movies. At the same time, other ... See full summary »

Director: Júlio Bressane | Stars: Márcia Rodrigues, Renata Sorrah, Antero de Oliveira, Vanda Lacerda

Votes: 359

41. Jackal of Nahueltoro (1969)

95 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

The real story about an illiterate murderer, educated in prison, where he reflects on his actions days before he died.

Director: Miguel Littin | Stars: Nelson Villagra, Shenda Román, Marcelo Romo, Héctor Noguera

Votes: 864

42. Macunaima (1969)

Not Rated | 95 min | Fantasy, Comedy

Our story begins with Macunaima's miraculous birth to an old woman in a tiny jungle settlement. Born full grown, he discovers his life's purpose which leads him and his family/followers on ... See full summary »

Director: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade | Stars: Grande Otelo, Paulo José, Jardel Filho, Dina Sfat

Votes: 1,474

43. The Red Light Bandit (1968)

92 min | Crime, Thriller

The story of a famous Brazilian criminal, called The Red Light Bandit because he always used a red flashlight to break in the houses during the night. Working alone, he also used to rape his female victims.

Director: Rogério Sganzerla | Stars: Helena Ignez, Paulo Villaça, Pagano Sobrinho, Luiz Linhares

Votes: 1,122

44. Reed: Insurgent Mexico (1973)

124 min | Biography, Drama, War

A dramatization of John Reed's newspaper accounts of the Mexican Revolution. Considered the first real film in Mexican cinema to be made on the Mexican Revolution.

Director: Paul Leduc | Stars: Claudio Obregón, Eduardo López Rojas, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Juan Ángel Martínez

Votes: 157

45. The Castle of Purity (1973)

110 min | Drama

The story of a disciplined and sexually driven man who keeps his family isolated in his home for years to protect them from the "evil nature" of human beings while inventing (with his wife)... See full summary »

Director: Arturo Ripstein | Stars: Claudio Brook, Rita Macedo, Arturo Beristáin, Diana Bracho

Votes: 1,249

46. Little White Dove (1973)

125 min | Comedy, Romance